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2009年7月 9日 (木)

相対性原理では”太陽が地球の周りを回っている想定も可 "The Sun turns around the Earth! (Introduction to hyperbolic) 双曲線の紹介。

Abstract: it is using Einstein's theory of relativity can explain for the first time, the principles of sundials. It is a sundial is perfectly based on Einstein's principle of relativity.


こと日時計を説明するためには、「地動説」は不便なのです。この世は全て相対的なものであり、太陽も宇宙の中では動いているので、今回は この方便 を許してもらいましょう。地球の周りを太陽が回っている》とさせて下さい。
 Galileo and Copernicus's, I'm sorry. That is inconvenient "Copernican theory" to explain the Sundial. This world is all relative, and Sun in the universe is moving let we allow "this expedient". "Around the Earth orbiting the Sun. " and let me. Well ladies and gentlemen, today we talk about "Sundial" is.
 我々の仕事(光)に関係ないや とは思わないでくださいね。日時計は光を活用していますし、大昔の人が最初に考え出した精密な"幾何光学装置"なのですから。( ヘッドランプの中でも日時計で使われている"曲線や曲面"が活躍しているのです)。
 最初は棒を地面に垂直に立てたのでしょう。その内に、北極星の方向に棒の方向を傾ければ、棒の影が季節によっても変化しない と、気が付いたのでしょう。(公園などでちょくちょく見かける日時計は、どれも北極星の方向に棒が傾けてあります)。
"And nothing to do in our work (light). "And, I don't think. By utilizing optical clock, now figured out first and the primitive man, is a precise "geometrical optics". (Among the headlamp used in clock is taking an active part "curves and surfaces".
 ) Will at first in the vertical position the stick on the ground.  Would be realized and if in its tilt a direction of the stick in the direction of the Pole Star, the shadow of the stick does not change by season. (Often seen in the Park, including sundials, which also must tilt rod in the direction of the pole star.)
夏は太陽が高く、冬は低い。 冬には、棒の影が長くて、先端(点)は、棒の位置から遠く離れた所に出来ます。その先端(点)は、どんなカーブ(軌跡)を、一日で描くのでしょうか?

May was concerned about the motion of the rod end (point)? Summer sun and the winter low. In the winter, the long shadow of the stick, end (point) is far away from the pole position. End (point), no curves (trajectories) draws in one day?
 It is to go along with "hyperbolic".

何故、双曲線?』 を説明するのは意外に難しい。そこで、地球の周りを太陽が円軌道で回ることにして(天動説です)、その大きな円軌道と、棒の先端(点)とで、コーン(円錐)を想定します。その円錐を平面で切ると、双曲線が現れるのです。《この双曲線に沿って棒の先端(点)は移動して行くのです。》
"Why the movement along a hyperbolic curve?" very hard to explain. So make it around the Sun in a circular orbit around the Earth, (Ptolemaic) in the top bar with its large circular orbit (the point) and the Cone. It is appears that Cone in the plane and hyperbolic. "Is this hyperbolic along tip of the rod (point), go to."
誰ですか、『 円錐(コニック)を切ると、楕円カーブも放物カーブも現れて来るのに、どうして 双曲線 だと、言い切れるか?』 と、(心の中で)思った人は?
その疑問者に対して、お答えして置きましょう。( 他の人は暫く聞き流して下さい!)それは、
②、”楕円”や”円”が現れるように平面を設定することが出来ますか?  現実的には無理でしょう?
 Who? "Cone (CONIC) and elliptic curve is parabolic curves are also coming up, why is hyperbolic, and say what? ' and people (in your mind)? Answer to its question, put by. (Please seriously while others!) (Located parallel to generatrix) established the plane
(1) and emerges a parabola, as it is, is easily able to shadow (?)
 In would be difficult to observe the movements of the rod tip point?
(2) the 'oval', how can "circular" appears to set the plane? It would be practically impossible?

 Put the plane between the Sun and the point (or vertex of the cone) and q planes (a square board) shadow" can point only, Sun point plane (Board) of, even if in the summer if you placed the order, we shadow was somehow observed in winter sun plane points You will end up with? It is not appearing "hyperbolic" only if you make a sundial in real-world conditions. Here is the geometric (of mathematics) and geometrical Optics (Science) is interesting, and significant differences in.
『 どうして? なぜ? と思ったこと 調べてごらん! 自分でネ!おもしろいこと見つかるよ!』(田中耕一)
『 理科はね、自分でやってみると、とても楽しいものですよ。』(小柴昌俊)
でも、ちょっとヒント : 数年前にノーベル賞を一緒にもらった人達です!

"How come? Why? Look it up you ever wanted! You ne! you'll find interesting! ' (Koichi Tanaka, Nobel Prize in Physics) "It is very enjoyable, and the science is right, do it yourself. ' (Small Masatoshi koshiba: Nobel Physics Prize) it is a term some people recently became famous, said. "Tanaka's who?' " Koshiba's who? " Believe it or not does not say that is, while you are reading this blog! But a little tip: people got together a few years ago Nobel Prize!
PSSeriously "to illustrate hyperbolic trajectories, the above "geocentric", requires some further "leap in thinking".
2つ目は、自分の眼の前にある棒の先端点は、地球表面に存在するのですが、”太陽は、その先端点を中心に”円軌道を描いて運行している地球も、その先端点を中心に回っている )と想定する事。
 The first of these is 150 million km Sun-small place compared to the distance between Earth and the size of the Earth (RADIUS 6400 Km) and the Sun (about 100 times Earth's) negligible, so ignore. Second one is in front of my eyes is the tip of a rod in the Earth's surface is "Sun is that tip in mind mainly" thing to assume circular orbit (Earth is that tip in mind revolves around) that operates.
 これに対して、自分(観測者)と、平面(板)と、棒の先端(点)とは、観測できる大きさで、"存在する" と考えるのです。この想定の下で初めて ”双曲線軌跡”が証明できるのです。
 頭がクラクラするような錯覚に陥られたなら、理科を楽しむ素質 大いに有!です。
何故ならば∵ここに書いた記事は、アインシュタインの相対性原理に完璧に基づいているのですから。∵ Can be observed and the tip of the (Observer) and the plane (Bulletin Board), Rod (point), by contrast, size, it "exists".  It is under this assumption can be proved "hyperbolic trajectory" for the first time. Nature was been the head spins, if you enjoy the science very much Yes! is.
Is the article written here is perfectly based on Einstein's principle of relativity.


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