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2009年10月12日 (月)

第63話、グラフのマジック magic of the chart (K/T boundary 境界)科学者も時々嘘をつく。 Scientist, sometimes to lie. 8/06 2018

高間大介(NHK)様 ・・・ 今日は「グラフのマジック」という”お話”をしましょう。
Daisuke Takama (NHK) '. Today is "a chart Magic" talk. Is that if they publish their test and measurement data, as scientists and engineers is not a, but they couldn't help in (?) Tend to combine a chart to their convenience. Will make a difference in how much I show here first.
 「図説 地球の歴史」(小泉格著/朝倉書店)という本の中に引用されていたものを、転載させて頂きました。
the discovery of Iridium anomalies and Iridium concentrated collection of
Figure 1 shows locations of meteorite craters and volcanic activity on late Cretaceous dinosaurs became extinct around the continent distribution map, and at the same time, it seems. What was cited in the book "the illustrated history of the Earth" (Koizumi's personality by Asakura publishing) to reprint the gave. 
 アカデミズムでは「恐竜は隕石が地球に衝突した事で絶滅した」という重要証拠の一つとして扱っているグラフ図なのです。 その隕石衝突位置は、ユカタン半島北端であって、図の中で「シスル(170Km)」と記述してある所です。
 This is the diagram as one of the important evidence that the "dinosaurs became extinct by the meteorite crashed into the Earth" covered in the academic. It is a meteorite collision position is the Yucatan Peninsula at the northern end, and "thistle (170 Km)" described in the diagram. (170 Km) the crater diameter, is estimated at diameters of 1020 Km meteorite is dozens and collided at a speed of Km / s.

 Great teachers in NASA are told that "Oh, it is?" And I will. Please wait a minute. Data of this figure is really supportive Thistle meteorite impact hypothesis?

 図2は、図1の右端を切り取って、左端に移動しただけです。(太平洋が一個所にまとまるように移動してみました)。 シスルクレータは、この図でも中央に位置しています。
 Cut the right side of Figure 1 to Figure 2, moved to the left. (Pacific, converge to 1 move I tried).  Thistle crater lies in the Middle again. Each region is a done deal, so I calculated average in each region.
太平洋 Pacific Ave.=139 (Max.= 330, Min.= 5 )
ニュージーランドNew Zealand = 120
北米・中米North America and Central America
_______ Ave.= 37 (Max.= 43, Min.= 32 )

南大西洋 South Atlantic
        Ave.= 28 (Max.= 95, Min.=  1 )
ヨーロッパ Europe Ave= 70 (Max.= 197,  Min.=10 )

 変でしょう? 隕石が衝突したという中米・北米のイリジュウム量は、他の地域より多くはなく、むしろ少ない方ですね。
Isn't it funny? It is a rather small, not Iridium of North America and Central America that the meteorite hit, more than in other regions. Obviously a lot of Pacific including New Zealand?
 Figure 2, "[the Thistle meteorite impact on the Yucatan Peninsula] and [dinosaurs] and the correspondence is not likely. Is a world-wide catastrophe is the central source of rather looks is available in the Pacific rim region." that suggests that a.
 これが、「グラフのマジック」です。 先入観念があってデータをまとめると、逆の結論に導かれる(導く事が出来る)という好例でしょう?
 (高名な学者先生方もすっかり(NASAに)だまされてしまってますね)  くわばら、くわばら。
 ついでですので述べておきますが、6500万年前の大陸分布地図は、重宝でした。図2は、「灼熱の氷惑星」の高橋実説をしっかり援護射撃(傍証)してくれていると思います。 天体Mが頭突きを喰らわせたのは、ポリネシア辺りでした。3000年という長い旅路の途中で幾つかの隕石を集め、地球まで運んで来ていた模様ですね。

(参:K/T境界とは、白亜紀と古第三紀の境界の事で、この時 恐竜が絶滅しています) 大山宏
 This is the magic of the chartGuided by the conclusions of preconceived, organize data and vice versa would be a good example that (can lead)?  Heaven forbid that it (eminent scholars who in the (NASA) had been gone!).
 Note by the way so is 65 million years ago continental distribution map was useful.
 Would figure 2 is because of Minoru-Takahashi's "burning ice planet" firm enacted (provides some support) and thanks for that. Celestial m head-butt-Munch contact had, was the Polynesia area. It seems some meteorites collected in the middle of a long journey of 3000 years, was into the Earth. (See in old No. 3 tertiary and Cretaceous boundary: K/T boundary and the extinct dinosaurs at this time)  Hiro. Oyama


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