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2009年10月 2日 (金)

環太平洋異変(氷塊置場、海水面が上昇した訳)Pacific incident (ice bin, sea level rose translation)

灼熱の氷惑星殿へ、・・・ 【環太平洋異変】は現代に最も近い直接衝突事変だろうとの論が段々まとまってきました。6700万年前の白亜紀を終わらせた事変だと思いますが、その時の氷塊積上げ に関して、規模を概略イメージさせて頂きます。
 To the ice planet, scorching... [trans-Pacific accident] a direct collision incident would be the closest to the modern theory came together gradually.  I think that incident ended the Cretaceous period of 67 million years ago, but then ice will make general image scale for accumulating. Judging by the approach path and Pacific Mountain scale, pattern, stacked a huge mass of ice in Antarctic continent plate on the North American plate on the southern U.S., is Pacific.  Tropics melt immediately, the first 1000 m sea-level rise and rise in average temperature. The mass of ice in the middle latitudes and related climate change represented by Milankovitch cycles while had still several 1000 meters sea level rise step by step, will. Today's blog is to suggest that the story, I gather.

Blue_backs_fp  40年ぐらい前のデータ(F.P.シェパード著「海の中の大陸」講談社)ですが、この絵は氷河期での証拠が見つかった最大範囲が示されています。
 Data about 40 years ago (F. P. Shepherd by Kodansha "continent in the sea"), this picture shows found evidence in the ice age the maximum range.  You can see Greenland are distributed mainly in fairly extensive glacial traces. Can you imagine directly immediately after the collision, Arctic, North Atlantic range mountain of ice was.


Photo この図も北極を中心として描いた地図です。この地図範囲のほとんど全て、衝突直後は氷で埋まった模様ですね。
 This is a map depicting the Arctic as this figure is.  It seems to map ranges almost all buried in ice immediately after the collision. It seems equally around the Antarctic continent plate: the celestial M direct hit immediately after ice pile up was.

南極プレートの大よその大きさ も分かりますし、グリーンランドやカナダ楯状地辺りで氷が長期間融け残っていた 事も、想像が容易です。
 Both pictures (set map) is a distribution map of the earthquake happened in Antarctica and the Arctic area. In Greenland and Canada shield-shaped area around the ice remained long to melt, and you know the size of the Antarctic plate are easily imagined.

 In the figure 1 is the Aleutian trench or Kuril-Kamchatka trench in the vicinity, and in other regions compared to much larger number of earthquakes occur. Of course, after the Pacific plate, by celestial M more than few hundred Km move at the moment and that is 10 cm / year, followed and sit beneath the Eurasian plate, earthquakes are the sequelae (post-mortem phenomena) from. (For the moment moved hundreds of kilometers a few days will show the evidence in the blog post)


 例の【プレート移動速度地図】です。太平洋プレートに大量の氷塊がまず積み上げられると、後から後からと押し寄せる氷塊群は(前に障害物があるので)前には進めず左右の北米プレート・南極プレート・更には後方の南米大陸プレート上に膨大な氷塊群として積み上がって行く事が、貴方にも もう容易に想像付くことでしょう。
 It is plate movement] speed map for example. Since the first stacked large amounts of ice on the Pacific plate, and later from the surging mass of ice (obstacle in front) is reached before, between the North American plate and the Antarctic plate behind the South American continental plate on the  Would be more easily stick to your thing go up as a huge mass of ice, but imagination. If your globe is in the globe again sure try.
[Taiwan to Easter Island circle] as a surface, [southern Greenland, and in the continent of Antarctica and may target location. The size of the Antarctic plate is three times the area of the current Antarctic continent.  Move copy target that area completely and wholly enters Amazon basin and throughout Europe? Of course in the Indian Ocean behind them large mass of ice about the same amount of overload increases. It was temporarily getting more mass of the ice in the Pacific, from very close to global freezing conditions.

 (後のブログで明らかにしますが)、地下数百Kmの厚さで全球面に渡って、熔融マグマ層が出来ているのですから、大陸地殻は ちょっとした力で容易に 動ける(動き続けられる)状態なのです、特に太平洋プレートは。
《 だから今も、各大陸は数㎝/年で動けている!》
 However, from the opposite side area of the Earth, the ice didn't masonry will hemisphere freeze should say that. (Obviously the blog post), but is made of ground hundreds of kilometers thick molten magma layer over the entire sphere of the continental crust is a little easier to move in force (to move) is a condition, especially the Pacific plate. "So now also has organized number of cm / year in each continent!" immediately melt the ice accumulated on the Equatorial water, melted gradually comes to middle latitudes as ginger, figures on total 1000 meters sea level rise, led to the current sea level. Pace to surge in sea levels clearly obsolete in the steep slope of the Japan trench.  This is a translation was erosion landform that stretches toward the Japan trench.
 Re-post your ‘Boso-Izu-oki’ submarine topographic maps [maritime security agency channel, 1997].

その海水準が急上昇していくテンポは、日本海溝の急斜面に、はっきりと残されています。それが日本海溝に向かって伸びている浸食地形 だったという訳です。
 インターネットのGoogle地図で、この辺の地形は詳細に見ることが出来る時代になりました。 千島カムチャッカ海溝・日本海溝・伊豆小笠原海溝・マリアナ海溝と詳細に調べていくと、1000メートル単位「海進」が進んで行った歴史を読み取ることが出来ますよ。
ナスカプレート・ココスプレートが逆方向に、5㎝/年の速度で移動をしているのは、天体M衝突時の行き場のない氷塊が中南米を衝突点(ミクロネシア)から遠ざける方向に押し出して行った勢いの後遺症(事後現象)であると解釈できるのです。  大山宏
 Google map of the Internet with the terrain of this area become can be seen in detail.  You can read the history along the Kuril-Kamchatka trench, Japan[H1] - trench, ‘Izu-Ogasawara trench’ or Mariana Trench and examining in detail, and "transgression" went in the 1,000meters. Plate movement rates map] to the back. Speed of 5cm/y with moving in the opposite direction, the Nazca plate and the Cocos plate is the aftermath of the momentum went out to celestial M collision unfocused mass of ice away from the impact point (FM) Latin America (post-mortem phenomena)  In can be interpreted as that is. Hiro. Oyama


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