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2009年10月18日 (日)

北米大陸の地質年代。The geological age of the North American continent.

灼熱の氷惑星殿、・・・ 北アメリカ大陸にはアパラチア炭田というのが一つのポイントになりそうです。山脈や海溝など「爪跡分析」と合わせて検討してみましょう。
Burning ice planet of the... on the North American continent Appalachian coalfield that at one point became so. Fingernail analysis such as mountains and trenches and tailored look.

 世界の地質年代を現わしたものです。「図説 地球の歴史(小泉格著)」の口絵1をコピーさせて頂きました。
 これまでに赤みの強い地域(アンデス山脈・ヒマラヤ山脈・南極大陸・グリーンランドetc.)を検討して来ました。年代で言えば、2億年前頃以降現代までの比較的現代に近い時期に形成されたであろう地域を主に検討してきたのです。 It is showed the geological age of the world. Frontispiece of history of the illustrated guide to Earth (written by Koizumi's case) was allowed to copy. So far in the area of redness (Andes, Himalaya mountains, Antarctica, Greenland, etc.) I came to consider. Speaking in the eighties, 200 million years is mainly studied the region since relatively close to the modern period to the present day was formed in May.

 この赤みの強い地域を取り除きつつ北アメリカ大陸に注目すると、『北アメリカ大陸は非常に古い地層から比較的新しい地層が何枚か重ねられた大陸』であることが分かります。 While eliminating this area to focus on the North American continent, and "North American continent stacked several relatively new stratum is from a very old geological continent ' in the can.
 これら内陸部の古い地層を取り囲むように、3方向太平洋側・大西洋側・北極海側から、3億年前程度の地層が乗っかって来ているのが分かります。 It is the record of the geological age of the North American continent was included in a book.  In the middle of the 2 billion years ago and older strata are distributed extremely 4 billion years ago.

 As the surrounding 900 million years-has distributed about 1600000000 years of (the Appalachian mountains 9-formed 1200000000 long ago it can be seen). These you can see around the older strata of the inland from three sides (the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic Ocean) 300 million years ago about geological sit come.
 アパラチア大炭田が乗っかっている場所は、9~12億年前の地層の上ということですね。 この安定地層の上に、周辺の広大な地域に渡って繁茂していた大森林の樹木が集積され、横積み状態で石炭化したのだということなのでしょう。
 石炭紀末期は、2.8億年前であり、『(いずれかで起こったと思われる)ニアミス衝突時に、石炭は積み上げられたはず。』という高橋説は、層序学的にみても納得できるところですLocation is on the large coal fields of Appalachia is 9 1200000000 years ago on it.  It might be that's integrated onto a stable stratum was thickly across a vast area around the forest trees and the stacked with coal. End of the Carboniferous period is 280 million years ago, and "near-miss collisions (which seems happened in either), coal should be stacked.' That Takahashi theory the stratigraphy is acceptable even if it sees in science.Photo_6

 このデボン紀末期の事件が氷惑星(天体M)直接衝突ならば、次のようなストーリーが成り立つでしょう。 This Carboniferous is about 80 million years period, and with great flourish plant age. And is one of the five major mass extinction event of experiencing ago. (Late Devonian) happened at the end of the Devonian period ice planet (celestial M) direct impact if such stories are true will.

 In direct collision of celestial bodies at the end of the Devonian, a vast continent was struck and the flora and fauna great happened to abrupt global cooling at the same time. However, rotation axis at the time of the [Amazon to Indonesia] (the North American continent was in the inside latitude region) were on the axis, so soon melted the ice build-up, made great flourish vegetation.  (This growth period followed 80 million years). At the end of the Carboniferous period suddenly celestial M again and rolled over come the misses collision [Noah-type incident] and uprooted vegetation swept away.  Where flow received large amounts of plants, gathered and integrated, with charcoal, coal is that Appalachia, big (because of Minoru Takahashi). This story, both a chronological period of reasonable natural flow.
 「石炭紀末期のニアミス衝突(天体Mの進入)は、どの方向からか?」 ⇒ 残念ながらこれら地図からは読み取れないのです。北米のこの地域だけでも 3方向(太平洋側・大西洋側・北極海側)から直接衝突があった様子であり、それ以降にも、【環インド洋異変】・【環太平洋異変】などの"とばっちり"も、この地域に及んでいます。
 "Miss clash in the late Carboniferous (celestial M approach) or from any direction?" Unfortunately these cannot be read from the map it is.  And in this part of North America alone had directly hit from three sides (the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic Ocean) later, [Indian Ocean incident], [trans-Pacific accident: a how "by-blow" also covers this area.  So I drowned late Carboniferous celestial M approach track evidence that is. Uncertainty orientation will remain (consider the establishment of large coal field), what is not judging any hypothesis other than above [Takahashi hypothesis] is the most reasonable, and appropriate.
 「オルドビス紀末期にも、5大絶滅事件が起こっている様子だが、これについては?」⇒ 地球規模の大異変であることには間違いありませんが、この地域のものかどうかは(ここに掲げた資料だけでは)判断しかねます。
 "From the late Ordovician to the five major mass extinction event is happening, but it's about?"  → has no doubt that the great changes in the global, whether this region cannot be judgment (outlined in this article alone). Cambrian to late, late Cambrian, the incident, such as the end of the Jurassic period over with 600 million years, will directly impact was about 10 times. Directly impact of every ice and Earth moved to come the sea was increasingly expanding deeply and widely.
 氏は、「灼熱の氷惑星」の中で、『・・、海の拡大していくスピードは、当初想定していた以上に、近年早まって来ているように感じている。』と述べておられることを付け足しまして、今日の話を お終いにします。 大山宏
 Takahashi's quote is "collision frequency of near misses, including twice in 100 million, percentages" in reasonably good line had been estimated, and it can be concluded. Said, "burning ice planet" in the ", and have felt in recent years premature to come to further speed the expansion of the sea, was originally intended ' and to tell you that he is talking about, talking about today's discussion. Hiro. Oyama


« インドプレートの瞬間移動の時期.The India plate is moving moment when time was what? | トップページ | マグマオーシャンが冷却し,地球の地殻が形成される姿を想像。Imagine the magma Ocean cooled the Earth's crust is formed. »

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« インドプレートの瞬間移動の時期.The India plate is moving moment when time was what? | トップページ | マグマオーシャンが冷却し,地球の地殻が形成される姿を想像。Imagine the magma Ocean cooled the Earth's crust is formed. »