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2011年8月26日 (金)

Kim and Mun CHEONG 金正恩とムン大統領が一緒にノーベル平和賞を受賞する秘策。 Get the Nobel Peace Prize together!  拉致家族の完全返還と日朝韓3国相互不可侵条約締結へ。"We were taken off the ladder by going up to the second floor."梯子を外された案里克行。

TOPICS 2020/ 9/01 Top-Page for Abe &Trump
:The other day (2020/8/ 9) Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Day (Festival of Peace) had many things that struck my heart. Even that stubborn and stubborn Prime Minister Abe was interested in suppressing what the United States had said with its shoulders. I could see that you were thinking about retiring!
先日(2020/ 8/ 9)の長崎原爆記念日(平和の祭典)は、心を打つものが多々ありました。あの頑固で意固地な安倍総理でさえ、これまでの米国の肩を持った発言を抑えていたのが興味深く感じられました。《 引退(引き際)を考えておられるのが察せられました!》引退は早ければ早いほど良いでしょう。The more late you are, the more disgraceable evaluation articles will be written in your history books. Thank you very much! I wrote this article on Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Day on August 9th. Just two weeks later, Prime Minister Abe retired. Mr. Abe seems to have had an idea, too. 遅れれば遅れるほど、歴史書に不名誉な評価記事を書き連ねられることになることでしょう。ご愁傷様です!』という記事を書いたのが、8月9日の長崎原爆記念日でした。そのわずか2週間後に、安倍総理引退劇となりました。安倍さんも観念なさった模様ですね。案里克行の両名はさしずめ『2階に上がらされて《はしごを外された》』という状態ですな。拘置所の中までは刺客を送り込む度胸は無いのです。「安倍総理から何でもありでやれ、と指示されました」と喋っちゃいなさい、潰瘍性大腸炎再発を理由にして早々に逃げ出したのですからね。Both of Katsuyuki ANRI are in a state of "We were taken off the ladder by going up to the second floor". I don't have the courage to send a assassin into the jail. "Prime Minister Abe told me to do anything," he said, because of the recurrence of ulcerative colitis.
  2019 02/15
2020/ 9/01 Top-Page
金正恩とムン大統領が一緒にノーベル平和賞を受賞]する秘策があります。あなた方はきっと耳を傾けて聞いて下さると思います。例によって要点を箇条書きにしましょう。[Kim and Mun CHEONG with the Nobel Peace Prize awards to secrets. I asked, you'll listen. The bullet points.
1金正恩の方から『拉致家族全員を即、お返しする用意がある。それと同時に日本と平和条約を電撃的に締結したい』という意志を《ムン大統領経由で》日本政府に伝えるのです。From Kim's "kidnapped family members give back immediately, but be prepared to. At the same time want to conclude peace treaties with Japan blitzed "that is to communicate to the Japan Government, via the Moon President."

The other day (2020/8/ 9) Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Day (Festival of Peace) had many things that struck my heart. Even that stubborn and stubborn Prime Minister Abe was interested in suppressing what the United States had said with its shoulders. I could see that you were thinking about retiring!

 To contact the Privy and Deputy Prime Minister ASO taro, Japan nation moving practically be ignored since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is "the naked King" is.
Mr. Koizumi is influential, but still too young. Yukio Edano, want to do instigators, but not together. Deputy Prime Minister ASO Taro is best as a negotiating partner.

 Get American forced to withdrew from the far East, signed a peace treaty at the same time in Japan and Korea and North Korea, three, right? To determine the economic blockade United Nations also? Kim Jong-UN "disarmament" get maximum results are [Japan-North Korea-Korea] is the conclusion of a peace treaty. Concomitantly, will come with a bonus is economic issues. United States, China, Russia, [Japan-North Korea-Korea] weren't trying to counter to the conclusion of a peace treaty.
金正恩とムン大統領は一緒にノーベル平和賞を受]することになるでしょう。それに麻生太郎殿が加えられるかどうかは、このブログを読んでおられる皆さんが決めて下さるのではないかな、と思っています。 早々
 Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Kim and Mun CHEONG together would be. It added the Taro Aso and God decided who read this blog, you are in, or hope. Early
 2019 02/15 renewal by Hiro. Oyama

 北朝鮮が核兵器を廃棄することは永遠にないと思っています。いったん手に入れた技術を手放すようなことはこれまでの彼らの行動から見てあり得ないでしょう。Would North Korea abandon nuclear weapons forever I hope not. Would be letting technology once and cannot see from their past behavior.
また拉致被害者の問題も体制が崩壊でもしない限りこのまま未解決となる公算が大です。 叔父を殺し兄を暗殺した冷酷な独裁者が支配する国ですから、通常の感覚では理解不能です。
Also the issue of the abductees is collapse also is likely unless it would be outstanding. Country dominates the ruthless dictator who killed his brother assassinated uncle, in the usual sense is incomprehensible.
金正恩はヨーロッパで教育を受けて西洋の自由民主主義は理解しているはずですが、それでも周囲の勢力が担ぐ神輿の上で飾り人形のように存在しているに過ぎない。 少なくとも私の目が黒いうちは無理だと考えます。
On Kim Jong-UN was educated in Europe, should have understanding of Western liberal democracy, but still forces around the ‘Mikoshi’
in decorative figurines; I think it was impossible at least in my eyes the black out.

 Thank you for your reply comment immediately. (Stands, interests, or both) people certainly standing beside the United States so far is miyamo with similar feelings and "nuclear war is either going to happen. But I want to survive, but... ' and you believe. This is the tragedy of France (nihil) story.
It is suffer few 1 billion people were devastating, and nuclear war, and killed millions of people at the moment. Will of the North Korean people should believe "this is also good, and think a little different.
Please try thinking, Hey, stand in the position of the people of North Korea / Korea. They are the same Koreans. Who killed compatriots will play each other?? they "United States-China and Russia" in is proxy war came is strong for 60 years. And to discuss, not even to have been.
United States troops and resident in Japan and Korea as well — "wonder have been made hostile to the forced ' of that is obvious if you look at the history stood. Korea sometimes hostile to Japan country of "inability to resist the United States belly taking it out in the Japan National ' and you see an answer?
Waking up three, "Japan-Korea-North Korea" for was thought necessary, tying the three-way peace treaty before. United States, China, Russia, kill don't lose to compel each other cause, to withdraw. Peace will come to you.
Solve base problems, problems of food and economic problems in Japan Korea or North Korea as a souvenir (reward), under the praise
of countries around the world, in three-way is given! Become a trusted relationship to reduced investments in the arms industry in countries around the world at the same time, which will be allotted to the peace industry and to cherish each other each other, it opens the way to real peace.

Because it is this blueprint, even Kim to abandon nuclear weapons should be, he is not the devil.  Not rather the devil, the Trump President (at this time)? You again (back to basics), would you reconsider?
2019 2/24 Hiro. Oyama(ひろ.おおやま 大山宏)

(参考) 2018/09/26 ブログ
blog ”Soma's uncle and aunt. Horse riding for the first time.” Below is the article comparison of changes before and after.

実例として、『相馬のおじさんおばさん 初めての乗馬』という、私が今から7年前の 20110826 07:00分に発信したブログを用いて説明しましょう。
(原文は、《 後半部 》に移動する形で添付してありますので、後で『確かに、これはノウハウだ、秘伝の業だ!』ということがあなたにも確認できるようにしてあります。後で開いて見比べてみて下さい)。
 I'll tell you how to find people around the world what innocuous half-page or less blog posts and reading (mysteries, know-how, secret plan, technique, crib, trot, the bible of politics). As an example, "soma uncle aunt for the first time riding ', I now 7 years ago 8/26/11 07: Let's blog: 00 submitted by. (In the original [read more] after because they are attached in the form to move ", indeed it's know-how and business secret! ' I have said that you can see your way. Then open the compare).

 This is know-how, hiden "cheat sheets" from the list.
 [1] to change the category (to shift). It is to shift to the category name... your blog most often taking access.


[2] to change the title to someone who wants to read the most frequently-used words. ... For example, the fact that horse riding for the first time in moving from leaving, soma before uncle aunt, for example, in the earthquake and the written words in the affected areas, that is.
[3] at the same time, making the title rough words most people have interest in the current. ... Response to the earthquake, for example, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also failed? "add the words at the beginning of the title is.
4英語の文字を最初に付す・・・自分のブログ記事を世界中の人々に読んで欲しいならば、タイトルの最初の言葉は、英単語のつづりを記すべき。・・・,例えば、韓国・北朝鮮はアメリカ抜きで国内統一に成功!という方向に世の中を導きたければ、『金正恩とムン大統領は一緒にノーベル平和賞を受賞?? トランプはひとり蚊帳の外?』という文章にタイトルを変更するのです。上記の文章をWindows-10 付属の自動翻訳にかけると
Kim and Mun CHEONG won the Nobel Peace Prize together? Trump is one out of the loop! という文章が瞬時に得られます。
[4] attached to the first letter of the English. ... My blog articles to people around the world want to read if the first word of the title should sign the spelling of the word. For example, Korea and North Korea in the United States without national unity successfully! "if world mislead you want North Korea and Korea President won the Nobel Peace Prize together! Trump is one change the title out of the loop, so that it is. Above automatic translation, and Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize along with North Korea and Korea President! Trump is one out of the loop. It is.

 Old newspaper articles by these changes yourself issued 7-years ago, people all over the world vying to become, like reading, depicting their dream come to realize that it is. There is evidence of the pudding. I "cheated" and even a look at running. Go change during the great world! God bless!!

 相馬のおじさんおばさん 初めての乗馬
 母の縁戚捜しははばかられた。探しても無駄であろうとも思われた。辺り一帯がじゅうたん爆撃を受けたかのような がれきの荒れ地 が拡がっていた。

8発信したブログ『相馬のおじさんおばさん 初めての乗馬』でした。この8年前の記事をあなたも読んでくれる事になったでしょ。
2019 02/18 ⇒ 2020 06/26 again for you
   renewal by Hiro. Oyama


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Nobel Prize ノーベル賞はあなたでも狙える。[二度とない人生だから]は私の辞書に無い。」カテゴリの記事


TOPICS : 昨日(2020/ 8/ 9)の長崎原爆記念日(平和の祭典)は、心を打つものが多々ありました。あの頑固で意固地な安倍総理でさえ、これまでの米国の肩を持った発言を抑えていたのが興味深く感じられました。《 引退(引き際)を考えておられるのが察せられました!》引退は早ければ早いほど良いでしょう。遅れれば遅れるほど、歴史書に不名誉な評価記事を書き連ねられることになることでしょう。ご愁傷様です!

投稿: 核廃絶が近々成る模様 | 2020年8月10日 (月) 00時18分




この記事へのトラックバック一覧です: Kim and Mun CHEONG 金正恩とムン大統領が一緒にノーベル平和賞を受賞する秘策。 Get the Nobel Peace Prize together!  拉致家族の完全返還と日朝韓3国相互不可侵条約締結へ。"We were taken off the ladder by going up to the second floor."梯子を外された案里克行。:

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