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2014年7月 7日 (月)

雷の通り道: Path of the lightning. Stone; pressure to generate electricity. 圧力がかかると発電する石。Sabo Engineering: There is a word for earth and stone flow, but earth and stone should be treated with fluid dynamics.

Sabo Engineering: There is a word for earth and stone flow, but earth and stone should be treated with fluid dynamics. The stone wall of 2 meters or more needed to be assembled with a tilt.
I told you that the back mountain of my house has been a "lightning path" for a long time, but let me tell you the most recent performance data.
☆1, in order to create a new cemetery after the death of his father Tetsuo, my mother removed the roots of the bamboo bushes and piled them up on a concrete block. Many tons of concrete were tilted year by year and turned over with a large acoustic sound. It cost a lot of money to repair.
☆2, a month before the lump of the concrete with that one ton turned over, I lost my balance while riding on it, fell 3 meters down, and suffered a fracture accident that cracked several sternums and the bones of my left arm.
☆ 3, A tomboy of the K family bought an electric wheelchair, was going through the thunderous street, fell into a deep ditch, and met a fracture accident. It took me a few months to heal. It happened six months after I suffered a fall fracture accident.
☆4, The K house has a stone wall near a high vertical 20 years ago, but its sturdy stone wall is gradually tilting. It is a state that seems to fall (collapse) toward the field of our house in 100 years. It can be seen that the cracks in the road are often repaired with concrete cement and tormented so as not to stand out. The stone wall should not be assembled vertically. The stone wall of Kiyomasa Kato's Kumamoto Castle collapsed, didn't it? In addition to withstand soil and water pressure, it is necessary to assemble it at a certain angle. However, the place where a large stone wall perpendicular to force was assembled, and it was a way of thunder. It's a scary story, isn't it?
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I would like to say a single mention from the cheap igniter. Not only piezoelectric elements, but also "hitting stones" have been there for a long time. It is said that fires are more likely to occur due to global warming, but fires are originally more likely to occur. It is said that they only care about lightning strikes, but I want you to pay attention to the principle of hitting stones again. There is always tremendous pressure on the earth.
The stone rubs, and the spark flies by a little splash. This is the principle of hitting stones. I want you to keep in mind that the principle of this firestone is easy to work on the way of thunder. It is a ploy of the similar non-scientist in the West that the world has fallen into the state that the foolish deed of carrying out the CO2 reduction measures is cut off only by the warming of the earth. No matter how human beings make efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, CO2 will continue to increase. Don't be deceived by false scientists. However, politicians who are merchants of the death know it, and it is people who are worse.
In order to put an end to this, it is said that the new coronavirus (mutant corona) has been sent in by God. If you're sent in to chastise an irreverent humanity that can't know a minute, you should be grateful to Corona. At the very least, if World War III can be avoided by this, thank you.
As a cheap igniter, there is another problem. In recent years, China has continued to offer "cheap or bad" products, and 100 yen lighters have changed to poor products. When I bought a carton of cigarettes, the lighters that were in the hands of consumers with the additions (services) were poor and were no longer used immediately.
Something similar happened with men's pants with the 'Gunze' mark. Immediately, the fabric stretched out and it was not usable. Don't mark such products as 'Gunze'!
Recently, even if you buy a carton of cigarettes, a simple igniter is not serviced! The tobacco tax is rising without knowing the ceiling. If you're bullying your family with just such laws and regulations, you should secure tax revenue by doubling the taxes on coffee, which is the same luxury item. I spoke on behalf of my family.
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 Is it the path of Thunder do you know? It was a little hollow on a hill behind our House restaurant (small pass). There was the famous highway 375, runs from the old, prone to traffic accidents (famed notoriously arcane passages). Jump over the hill from the car is falling. Next door pass was narrow backyard past several cars raining come was so.
 たまらなくなった県は、国道を6m下げる大工事を20数年前に数年がかりで実行し、車がウルトラC級のジャンピング事故は無くなりました。 雷の話でしたね。

 Curiously, the old lightning path of this pass. The thunderous roar of big rumbling and at the same time this morning also, interrupted sleep I was. Even now, "shiny, rumbling, and" is doing. Rather than falling on the mountains on both sides, want to pass over, in response to falling from a strange.
 ある時、峠わきに立っているS家に雷が落ちたそうで、その時は、火の玉が転がりまわったそうでした。アインシュタインのE=MC^2で、雷の光エネルギーが物質Mに変瞬間身して、火の玉の姿になっていたようです。 だいたい、火の玉を見たら、その人は死ぬことに相場が決まっているのですが、不思議とこの村では生きている。
 In fell's House at one time, standing beside the pass was struck by lightning, the fireball was turned rolling. Einstein's E = MC^2, Thunder light energy is mass M to weird moment, as had been the fireball. Roughly, if he saw the fireball, is destined to die price, but he is living in the village of wonder this.
Toyosaka, was en route to the Saijo, Kure district; Metro station called "Miwa-375" way. At the halfway point between Miyoshi city and Kure city, 375 route is a little hilly is. "400 m above sea level.", and this above sea level is the same as the height of the Hiroshima Airport.
三次も広島空港も霧の名所として有名ですが、豊栄町ではめったに霧は発生しません。 本当に、私の住んでいる村〔豊栄町〕は不思議な村なのです。
Both cubic and Hiroshima Airport is famous as the mist attraction in Toyosaka, rarely fog does not apply; Village where I live, [Toyosaka-Cho], is a mysterious village. With independent, once observed that should be invisible Sun rises above the horizon, would not, I (Hiro. Oyama) is thinking about.
 この記事を書いたのは今から5年前の2014年ですが、最近、『日本 超古代文明のすべて(日本文芸社)』を読んでいて、突然に地響きを伴った大きな雷音がしたのです。そこで、はたと気が付きました。『なあんだ、石の圧電効果なんだな』って気が付いたのでした。
Wrote this article is five years from now, but recently, "Japan super ancient civilization all (Japan literary Inc.)' reading, suddenly to was accompanied by rumbling Thunder sound. Then suddenly we found ourselves. "With a piezoelectric effect, stone's ' I had noticed.
 You have heard of piezoelectric elements. It is a device used during the digital clock. "Element expands and contracts when voltage is applied. Device of voltage and adds pressure to reverse ' of the thing. He first discovered / reported this phenomenon seems to be Francis hitching. "And a half inch (13 mm) on each side of large quartz crystals added 1,000 pounds (453 Kg) of pressure and a resulting 25,000 volts" that had reported the shocking content.
"Japan super ancient civilization all ' that I'll have to copy sentences reading. It goes without saying that charged electrical energy in underground pressure, atmospheric pressure up to unimaginable if the stone circle pyramid was built by the rock of the granite quality overall was in.
 Accumulated static electricity to make up the pyramid mountain and stone circles, the whole "electromagnetic fields" be also to drain toward the sky and reaches a critical point, possible. Alternatively, you could supply and demand control and keep a balance, suck electricity from the sky and vice versa. ...
 This "Japan super ancient civilization all ' that book is now published in more than 20 years ago. Recently a series of jumbo jet crash, become an issue, but there were many helicopter accidents in the past. Age was a lot of publicity as the familiar waters also had a frequent casualty has been reported since ancient times. Custom little people look at things through the eyes of science even wear them even if you "attitude in real life utilizing piezoelectric elements sometimes going on around us that even if" not repeat the tragic accidents like this didn't have to be.
 I would have noticed this is the Boeing Company. If a cynical view, "is publishing it's already there, but not on the business of the United States. I will conceal ' the death merchant Buri is he performing here?

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