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2015年3月 6日 (金)

UFO-1、エゼキエル書には(未確認飛行物体:UFO)の詳しい観測記録が数多く記述されています!In the book of Ezekiel (unidentified flying object UFO) of many more observations are described!

2019/ 1/ 22 追記top-page, 2019/10/27 bilingual
It is Ezekiel book that is super famous for the description which seems to be "UFO (unconfirmed flying object) or alien" comes out a lot. Let's read this Book of Ezekiel with you from today.

UFOも宇宙人も過去に度々地上に現れて歴史干渉(指導)をして来られた』ことを確信している者です。 科学の目を通して、改めて聖書を熟読すれば、きっとその証拠が見付かる(明らかに出来る)はずです。お付き合い下さい。
I am neither a pastor nor a priest. But God is the only one who believes, and he is convinced that UFOs and aliens have often appeared on the earth in the past and have been able to interfere in history. If you read the Bible through the eyes of science, you will surely find evidence of it. Please keep me company.
【 エゼキエル書、第Ⅰ章1節~
 30年四月五日に、私がケパル川のほとりで、(バビロン)捕囚の人々の内にいた時、天が開けて、神の幻を見た。The heavens opened and the vision of God was seen when I was on the banks of the Kepal River and within the prisoners of the captivity on April 5, 30. ... 】
 この一行だけでも、科学する者に取っては衝撃的な事なのです。これを『白昼夢だ』なんて断言する方が似非(エセ)科学者だと言わざるを得ません。日時もしっかりしているし、場所もハッキリしています。 今から2千数百年前の事件ですよ
天が開けて、」は「突然、大空に,大きな飛行物体が現れ、」と読み替える事が十分可能です。It is a shocking thing for the person who does science only by this one line. I have to say that it is a similar scientist to affirm that this is a daydream. The date and time are solid and the location is clear. It is an incident two thousand hundreds of years ago from now, "the heavens open" is enough to be replaced with "Suddenly, a large flying object appears in the sky."
"Illusion of God": As an "unidentified flying object" for people at that time, it is most natural to express it. In previous UFO eyewitness accounts, he said, "The glory of God has appeared!" And, it is expressed in the other side of the Old Testament. Try to kick "Glory of God" in the Internet search. In the chapters and chapters of the Bible, there is this word "glory of God"!

【… これはエホヤキン王の捕え移された第五年であって、その月の五日に、〈主の言葉〉がケバル川のほとり、カルデアびとの地でブジの子祭司エゼキエルに臨み、〈主の手〉がその所で彼の上にあったThis was the fifth year of King Jehoyakin's capture, and on the fifth day of the month, the Word of the Lord faced Ezekiel, the son priest of Buji, on the banks of the Kebal River, in the land of Caldea, and was on him in the place.
現代も含めて古今東西の世界中の宗教者/預言者/占師/(禅宗を含む)悟りの人&最先端の多くの科学者は、言葉が力を持っていると確信しているのです。In this sentence, the only thing you care about is the word of the Lord. Let me explain it a little bit. Many enlightened and cutting-edge scientists from all over the world, including modern times, and all over the world, including modern times, are convinced that language has power.
言葉には魂があり、それを〈言霊〉と昔から称して来ているのです主の言葉〈主の手〉の所を、〈UFO〉と置き直してみて御覧なさい。あっという間にそっくりそのまま、21世紀のUFO記述になってしまいますでしょ。 第1節の文章と、第2節の文章とは、同じ事を2回繰り返してあるだけなのですよ。
Words have a soul, and they have been calling them "words and spirits" for a long time. Look again at the word of the Lord, the hand of the Lord, with a UFO. It will be a UFO description of the 21st century as it is in a flash. The text of section 1 and the text in Section 2 are just repeating the same thing twice.

【 私が見ていると、見よ、激しい風と大いなる雲が北から来て、その周囲に輝きがあり、たえず火を吹き出していた。その火の中に青銅のように輝くものがあったAs I watched, the fierce wind and the great clouds came from the north, and there was a glow around it, and the fire was constantly blowing out. There was something shining like bronze in the fire. 】 
 ジェットエンジンの炎青っぽい光の炎)を噴射・噴出していたのですね。そうとう大型のUFO母船のようです。北の方向からエゼキエルの居るすぐ近くまで、急接近して来たみたいですね。You were injecting and ejecting the jet engine's flame (the flame of blue light). It seems to be a large UFO mother ship. It seems to have approached rapidly from the north direction to the immediate vicinity of Ezekiel's presence.
またその中から四つの生き物の形が出てきた。その様子はこうである。彼らは(ひと:生き物)の姿をもっていた。おのおの四つの顔を持ち、またその各々に四つの翼があったMoreover, the shape of four living things came out from it. The appearance is like this. They had the form of a living thing. Each had four faces, and each of them had four wings.
(小型のUFO)は、前後にも進むし、左右にも同じように進みます。四方に同じ顔を持っているのが最も合理的なのでした。I (Hiro. Oyama) has been developing a new headlamp at a company called Stanley Electric for 30 years, and although it is a little more about the style of cool cars, in recent years the car "face of the car seen from the front" and "" The face of the car seen from the back" is designed to look somehow the same. (It seems that the style is somehow settled.) It's just the difference between moving forward and backward.)
(Small UFO) moves forward and backward, and proceeds to the left and right in the same way. It was most reasonable to have the same face in all directions.

【 その足は真っ直ぐで、足の裏は小牛の足の裏の様であり、磨いた青銅のように光っていたHis feet were straight, the soles of his feet were like the soles of a small cow's feet, and they glowed like polished bronze.
 If you think of a lunar lander or a planetary probe, and you think of its feet, you can say that this observational description is a very natural expression.

【 その四方に、その各々の翼の下にひと(生き物)の手(の様な形の物)があった。On all sides, under each of its wings was the hand of a person (a creature in the shape of a living thing). 】
【 その四つの者(生き物)はみな顔と翼を持ち、翼は互いに連なり、行く時は回らずに、各々の顔の向かうところに真っ直ぐに進んだAll the four had faces and wings, and the wings were in line with each other, and they went straight to each other's faces, without turning when they went.
If it is a disk-shaped UFO, the wings are connected to one. The following sentences, "Don't turn when you go," will be refreshed if you supplement the following words. "(The wings are turning, but the body) didn't turn, but went straight in the direction of the face facing in a certain direction."

【 顔の形は、各々その前方に(ひと:生き物)の顔を持っていた。四つの者は右の方に、獅子の顔を持ち、四つの者は左の方に牛の顔を持ち、また四つの者は後ろの方に、鷲の顔を持っていた。彼らの顔はこのようであった。The shape of the face each had the face of the face (person: creature) in front of it. The four had the face of the lion to the right, the four had the face of the cow on the left, and the four had the face of the fox in the back. Their faces were like this.
 車のデザイナーさんは、自分の設計中の車をカッコ良く見せるために、車の顔に色々と表情を織り込まれます。いかにも精悍そうな表情とか、優しそうな表情、強そうな表情、頼もしそうな表情、怖い表情、…。 そんな飛行物体が目の前で、音も立てないで激しく前後左右すれば、それは大型の生き物に見えますよ。23千年前の人々が知っている動物の顔に例えると、素晴らしい例え方だと私には思えるのですが、如何?
The car designer is woven into the car's face with a variety of facial expressions to make the car look cool. It is a scary expression such as a expression that seems to be truly fearless, a gentle expression, a strong expression, a expression that seems to be reliable, and a scary expression、...。 If such a flying object is in front of you and you turn forward and backward without making a sound, it will look like a large creature. It seems to me that it is a wonderful analogy when compared to the face of an animal that people know a few thousand years ago, but how?
 It's a bit confusing, but four UFOs at that time were flying around. The four-person person is replaced with four UFOs. If you look in the Hebrew Bible, it must have written so (the translation into the Japanese Bible is probably inappropriate).
【 その翼は高く伸ばされ、その二つは互いに連なり、他の二つをもって体を覆っていたThe wings were stretched high, the two were in line with each other, covering the body with the other two.
It's a bit difficult, but let's interpret it as follows. The wing was extended for a long time, the two were in a row and the donuts were put out, and the other two were covered in capsules at the top and bottom of the donut. If you look at the Hebrew Bible, you should be able to translate it like this (maybe so).
【 彼らは各々その顔の向かうところへ真っ直ぐに行き、霊の行くところへ彼らも行き、その行くときは回らないEach of them goes straight to the other side of their face, and they go where the spirits go, and they do not go when they go. 】... It seems to turn when moving, but it might be a claim that "Actually does not turn". It's been a long time, so let's continue tomorrow. February 27, 2015 Hiro. Oyama
… 移動する時に回りそうなんだけど、”実は回らない”との主張でしょう

 2015/ 2/27  Hiro. Oyama 広 大山
(2019 122)時点にて94歳であり、もう1ヶ月後には95才になります。老人ホームで約8年過ごしていますが、先日ドエル会長やドエル施設長に対して『福祉行政のあり方に関して』とうとうと自分の意見/見解/心の内etc.を述べる(説教)するほどに元気でした。《ちっともぼけてはいません》。母(澄子)の父は、裁判長も長年勤めたこともある裁判官なのでした。兄二人は帝国大学(東大/京大)の卒業生という家庭に育ちました。終戦直前に広島県賀茂郡豊栄町清武のド田舎に移転し、五反百姓に汗を流しつつ義父母を介護/看護して来た経験を持っています。
 Today was the birthday of my birth mother (Sumiko). She is now 94 years old as of January 22, 2019, and will be 95 years old another month later. I spent about eight years in a nursing home, but the other day I was so energetic that I would like to express my opinion/view/mind etc. to Chairman Doel and the director of the facility, Doel. I'm not at all blurred. My mother's father was a judge who had worked for many years as a judge. My two older brothers grew up in a family of graduates of Imperial University (University of Tokyo/Kyoto University). Just before the end of the war, I moved to the countryside of Kiyotake Toyoei-cho, Kamo-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture, and i have experience of caring and nursing my parents-in-law while sweating on the five-anti-peasants.
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