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2016年4月10日 (日)

Discovered the Essence of Life.Seismic tomography. The binary world. Hiro. Oyama

Summery:"Humans, of course, from the tiny single-celled organisms big life of Earth are cosmic life's microscopic particle life universe and consists of Binary-Rule of all, Cosmo life forms also said." This fact (hypothesis), mathematician: while quoting Dr. Heisuke Hironaka's are discussed in plain.

Discovered the Essence of Life to poke in ”Knowledge Discovery (Dr. Heisuke Hironaka)” Seismic tomography. The binary world.

 There was writing said Dr. Heisuke Hironaka who is a mathematician was awarded the "fields" award known as the Nobel Prize of mathematics, but in the book "Knowledge Discovery", the essence of life to poke. We will quote a little bit.
For exampleRecently the tomography (computed tomography) and analyze such changes in detail, such as the structure of the human brain and the blood flow towards the shooting technique that it has developed. But examining and consulting the details cannot be solved so many remain in the human brain. Nerve cells that have interesting characteristics, only clearly respond to stimulus exceeds a limit. Mind burst neurons were excited to inspire all. Also exceeds the limits of certain exciting nerve cells react to sudden excitement shark who is out of the stimulus, not woken up only gradually.(トモグラフィー(断層撮影法)という撮影法が発達し、人間の頭脳の構造や、血液の流れ方など、細部の変化が分析できる様になった。・・神経細胞は、ある限界を超える刺激にだけはっきりと反応。神経細胞がすべての刺激に興奮していたら頭の中は破裂。また神経細胞は刺激がある一定の限界を超えると急に反応し、その興奮のさめ方は刺激がなくなって徐々にしかさめていかない。)】
 Dr. Hironaka is citing examples of his application to tomography CT-SCAN, but we got using seismic tomography (computed tomography) was applied to the internal structure of the Earth by chance, data had come useful wrinkles of the Earth (mountains and trench) analysis was. On Hironaka's is a mathematician from joined with "for example" in the story, talk about the life sciences is very kind of you presented to us is being cited, but another interesting fact.
"nerve cells are clearly reacts to the stimuli exceeding the limits only."
"exceeds the limits of certain exciting nerve cells react rapidly and not woken up only gradually, is shark toward the excitement out of the stimulus."
 These made me important fact shows for us.

in other place of his book,
"human animals (different from the robots and computer) forget which."
in addition to the "remember that momentarily reminds him not only remain in the deep psychology and some exciting animals.' That kind that he mentioned.

 These are the words brilliantly suggested the essence of life. In other words,
Man, not to mention little Monad from big life of Earth are cosmic life's microscopic particle life universe and consists of Binary of all, Cosmo life body also said it.(人間も、単細胞生物も、地球という大きな生命体も宇宙という生命体も、極微の素粒子生命体も、宇宙というコスモ生命体も全て2進数で成立。》
It could be (while Hironaka said there is no God) has been suggested.
 Let's add a description just a little bit.
Would be easy to think of one single-celled organism.
1)、Single-celled organism that reacts to stimuli beyond certain limits only.
  ⇒There are limits, not react to it (i.e. [0]: zero reaction) & a limit value react to more than (i.e. [1]: 1 reaction)
This fact only and clearly means, ”
 Behavior of single-celled organisms are consisted with binary-system( 0 and 1)” 単細胞生物の行動は、0と1との2進数で成り立っている。
 If you are single-celled organisms to stimuli received forever continues to respond (excited) had burst during the head.永遠に興奮し続けていれば頭は破裂 Human is very good at forgetting. But Who is that (remember) are stored in depth psychology.人は深層心理には蓄積されている(覚えている)
2)、The binary response, it's only happening exponentially, (Fibonacci sequence), the mathematical (and philosophical) is organized.その2進数的反応が指数関数的に(フィボナッチ数列的に)起こっているだけだ、というふうに数学的(哲学的)に整理できる。
 From multicellular organisms, including human beings is the aggregate of many single-celled, that life is "just Binary(2進数法) reactions happening exponentially, (Fibonacci sequence)." That led to a true mathematical and beautiful conclusion.人間を含めて多細胞生物は、多数の単細胞の集合体なのですから、その営みは《2進数的反応が指数関数的に(フィボナッチ数列的に)起こっているだけ。》
 This mathematical conclusion: "organism of binary number
of response activity exponentially, (Fibonacci sequence) running only 's" that bacteria-, going beyond the range of human Earth, Galactic lifeforms-to begin big bang to galaxies, space life forms are completely true as. And in the mitochondria in the cells for chromosome of electrons in atoms and molecules, protons neutrons and Mesons, even for subatomic particles, like (will be a mathematical and philosophical conclusions) is true.
 Discovery of 'knowledge discovery' theme to say Professor Hironaka book "knowledge discovery"(1982; Shunzei's publishers in Japan) through publication who that is, but could in the Prefecture, don't you think?
 Einstein's "E = MC ^ 2" well academically is wonderfully straightforward, beautiful thing is, it further concluded that "life is running exponentially, (Fibonacci sequence) binary activities of life ( 2進数法) ", suggests learning beautiful and wide range of applications, I collapsed. 
 I'm clearly going to test this hypothesis.
 A study of the New Testament and old testament also was not wasted. Hobby easy lamp technology talk series and the scorching Takahashi's “Ice Planet” is my divorce trouble also absorbed in the piano at all, waste was not.
 It is appreciated. 2016 4 / 10  Hiro. Oyama

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   「光世界の冒険」大山宏拝〔Hiro. Oyama〕

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(1)宇野豊著「農は過去と未来をつなぐ」 2010年8月20日、第1刷発行
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(4)「私は黒人奴隷だった。フレデリック・ダグラスの物語」はジュニア向けとは思えないほどの深い内容があり、感動致しました。思わず読み直している内に、H・O 様へのお返事が遅くなってしまいました。大変失礼致しました。
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« Know-How for happiness.幸せへのノウハウ。相模原障害者施設への侵入・大量殺傷事件に接して。Bordered by the invasion of the Sagamihara disabled persons and mass killings. | トップページ | 広中平祐「学問の発見」の中で、生命の本質を発見。地震波トモグラフィー。2進数世界。 »



 Kohsei publishing company of Mises. It is Saito, for a long time. That clause to be busy in the non-fiction novel manuscript of the long journey to find Angel and UFO reading carefully, thank you very much. In 2016 summer sent the manuscript and the exploitation by the end of December with "better tell you what is... ' that was attentive guidance, I received. That novel: journey to find Angel and UFO is decided to be mothballed after all.
 By publishing "sad? ' to be have many too! and decided. But the books have received guidance from the Saito at that time, the content is about to be published just now able to reflect during the "Fibonacci Sonny talks about tadpoles universe of ' theory '". I believe it's taught as 'readers ' point of view, to write" importance of Saito SAMA to take me (Hiro. Oyama). Thank you.
 In the future, never, thank. “Heisuke-Hironaka”by 'knowledge discovery' is a timeless classic, had thought meet by chance I have now has been "tadpole Cosmology ' presentations.
 There is the received we reprinted as the top post as a 3/2018 article.  Book now rapidly away from books, paper is a fixed staff I know so now I can be published in fiscal year committed. Taking your company may be in different genres of books that we published blog all most of the contents of the book. If you look at us, greatly appreciated.
 Also, would like saying "If this theme * * companies can not the' guidance is unexpected and happy. Only a selfish thing I wrote.  KOHSEI's publishers and our development in the future and Saito wish from the heart. "Light world adventure" Oyama Hiroshi cult [Hiro. Oyama.
 佼成出版社のMises. Saito様、お久しぶりです。その節はお忙しい中、ノンフィクション小説「天使とUFOを探す旅」の長文の原稿を丁寧にお読み下さり、有難うございました。
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