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2016年5月30日 (月)

第88話、〔1〕と〔∞〕が対応するという(数)のお話。[1] and [∞] to meet the (number) of your story is.

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    from Hiroshima Hiro. Hiroo Oyama
1〕と〔∞〕が対応するという数のお話です。 〔というの字を横に寝かせたような絵文字があります。これは無限大と人々から呼ばれている正の数のことです。この無限大という数は1個2個と数えられるのでした。

Today's talk is "[1] and [] corresponding" that is a story of the number. [] that have emoticons laid down next to the figure-8. This is positive from the people known as "infinite". This infinite number 1 piece 2 pieces and was counted. I'll have the example easy, convincing manner.
Whatever it is, come up with the largest number of try putting M. Smallest number in mind, you wanted to do so have at the M [1] means the Division value.
(M: maximum number of), [1], (1 / M: minimum number.)
 数Mは人によって様々な値が考えられますが、この関係式 M  1/M = 〔1〕は何時でも成立します。この値にという絵文字を与えただけの事なのでした。即ち、3つの数の間には、
= /:無限大〕=〔1/〕です。 分かり易しいでしょ。
M may be varied by the equation M x [1 / M] = [1] is satisfied at any time. The value that was because it gave the picture. Namely, during the three numbers [: infinity], [1], [1 /: infinitesimal] that has to do. Write-once again,
[infinitesimal] = 1 / [
: infinity] = [1 / ] is. Easy to understand, right?
〔2〕という数は、思いつく最大数Mで割り算しても掛け算しても、〔1〕の2倍にしかならない数のことを〔2〕というのです。 ちょっと話が飛び過ぎました。
Now [2] that let's define number. [2] that multiplying and dividing the number hit maximum number M, [1] for not only doubled the number of [2] that of the is.  Little too much flying story. Sort of geometric progression. It is for example,..., 1/16,1/8,1/4,1/2, [1], 2, 4, 8, 16,... of time increasing x game, small number of, [1] refers to the number of passes and goes on to a large number of. In this case [5] that define the number and the … 5/16, 5/8, 5/4, [5/2], 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, ... that thing will be. The sequence number of the geometric progression must be [5] to go through.
 今は倍々ゲームですから、2倍していますが、この掛けている数のことを比例定数と呼び、通常〔r〕で表し、何回〔r〕を掛けたかの回数を〔n〕として、〔r^n〕と算数では表現します。 これで無限大を定義してみましょう。
It is the same no matter how large the number M whatsoever. -,-, M/16, M/8, M/4, M/2, [M/1],, usually called the constant of proportionality are multiplied by a number that is a 2 x 2 M, 4 M, 8 M, 16 M,... is the twice twice game now and then, but [r] in represent the times [r] or multiplied by the number of [n] as [r^n] And is expressed as arithmetic.  Now let's define infinity. Infinity [] and, infinity/r^4, /r^3, /r^2, /r^1, [], r^1, r^2,..., and makes is that of digits. [Infinity: ] and, from a much larger number of linearly [r], It was convinced that one must pass from said Division, the very small number of repeated multiplication, because increasing the number of.
Now, the sequence number of this geometric progression of one nature. From the larger numbers from the smallest. Multiplied by our order. Any multiplication results [^2] and will be?

 〔∞/r^4〕x〔∞r^4  〔∞^2
〔∞/r^3〕x〔∞r^3 = 〔∞^2
〔∞/r^2x〔∞r^2 = 〔∞^2
〔∞/r^1x〔∞r^1 = 〔∞^2
  そこで、改めて、∞ = 1 と置き直してみましょう。
/r^4, /r^3, /r^2, /r^1, [], r^1, r^2,...
/r^4] x [r^4] [^2]
/r^3] x [r^3] = [^2]
/r^2] x [r^2] = [^2]
/r^1] x [r^1] = [^2]  Would you have been?
 So, once again,
= 1 and let's again place. Then Presto, 1 /r^4 a 1 /r^3, 1 /r^2 the 1 /r^1, [1], 1r^1, 1r^2, 1r^3, 1r^4 sequence of course went back.
実は、大ありなのです。 「光」に限らず、この世界のあらゆる物質が、上記の話と密接で不可分に出来ているのですから
 2016 /30 Hiro. Oyama (大山宏)
What you say and say
[1], no matter how large the number:
again, even the number of [1] and at such time and place that [1], new [] and infinitely small new [1 /] with things being sandwiched between.
[2] and is the center of all the numbers in the world [1] in some things.
 "Story of light, lamp technology, what kind of relationship is what?" Is the question.
 It is a fact, contemporaries.  Is any substance in this world that made close and integral to the story above and not limited to the "light";
 "Your destiny stars are twinkling in the somewhere in the sky" is a romantic story, but it'll mathematical proof (them to). 2016 5 / 30 Hiro. Oyama


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F・・「時間軸の矢」「等時間面」Arrow of time, Equivalent-surface of time」カテゴリの記事



ところで話は変わりますが、そもそも論として人差し指で丸を作って覗いても光が曲がっているようには私には見えません。 光が曲がるというのは巨大な質量とか何か別の要因があると思っています。


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« 鬼の首を取ったフィボナッチ坊や〔続き〕Fibonacci-boya getting the Head of Devil. Hiro. Oyama | トップページ | [1] and [∞] correspond to it (the number) is a story.1 and ∞ are directly coupled. Hiro. Oyama »