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2016年6月20日 (月)

「川の流れのように宇宙は存在している」という不思議な一致。"River flows in the universe is there" a strange coincidence.Hiro. Oyama

Summary: talk of 'summary' of the Infinite and Infinitely small world studies utilizing the Fibonacci Word real meaning to the elementary and middle school students use calculators and EXEL, E = MC^2 means, Time and Space [TXYZ] have to talk gently about the way to verify the fact that stretch.
本文日本人なら誰でも知っている美空ひばりの歌’の1つに、「川の流れのように」という歌があります。実に良い歌で、私も「ひばりコーラス」で時々歌うのですが、ある時ふと、『そうだ。大自然という宇宙は、川の流れの様に 時空間(TXYZ) が経過して行っているのだ!』と、気が付いたのでした。
 Anyone know if the Japanese 'misora's song' one, "follows the flow of the river" that have a song. Is a really good song, I sometimes sing with our chorus, sometimes by chance, "said. Universe that nature is like a river flow spatio-temporal (TXYZ) has passed go! 'And, I've noticed. Using this [chemical dictionary, a prestigious scientific book 'proves' will show. First, look at maps of the following. It is of the mighty Nile River. "Very similar." And, don't you?
 これを、[理化学辞典] という権威ある科学の書物を使って、証明して見せましょう。
 ビクトリア湖(Lake Victoria)に端を発して、数多の支流の水を集めながら次第に川幅を増し、地中海に注いでいくその流れは、”雄大”の一語に尽きるでしょう。この科学の目を通して見れば地中海(Mediterranean Sea) さえも、ナイル川(Liver Nile)の一部に思えてくるほどです。Boils down to "majestic" 1, the flow stems from Lake Victoria (Lake Victoria), collecting numerous tributaries water the river increased, will pour into the Mediterranean Sea. If, through the eyes of this science, Mediterranean, is apparently part of the Nile. And the workings of its global nature and the "elements of the nuclear cosmic abundances" is similar to geometry that is strange? There should be some reason. "Not funny" is.
そして、その地球規模の大自然の営みと、”原子核や元素の宇宙存在度COSMIC ABUNDANCE)”とが幾何学的に似ている、というのですから不思議でしょう? 何か理由があるはずです。無ければおかしい』のです。

 The following illustration is a Fibonacci boy discovered space law. That stretch the space-time is that catching as a major trend.
This table is showed by weight in terms of the cosmic abundance of elements. Most of the elements in the universe are hydrogen and helium that clarified scientifically. Towards the lighter elements are aligned from the furry 'follows the flow of the river' heavy elements. At the bottom, to come together and connected to the note.

Like the River Nile to 'table 1' because the long long figures, folded in half and arranged. It is touching the bottom. Find an image at the head.  Could we image the jar or bottle gourd type, such as "keyhole" [pot]. Anyway, is somehow bottle that the actual
appearance of the space is.

 Let's get back to the story of the Nile River. In the upper reaches of the Nile River tributaries have much many, came were collecting water from the vast area. Spread its vast area, upstream of the Delta at the mouth of the such.
 このことからすれば、上流の広がりこそが〔水素1H やヘリウム4He〕に対応するような気もしてきます。
From this is the upstream spread [1H hydrogen and helium 4He] to come to feel like. "Light starting from small elements, forever chained to a maximum world, flowing, natural, and 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144,... It was to be consistent with the characteristics of the Fibonacci sequence and suddenly flew, to maximize and fly.
 次の図は、極大世界極小世界とを逆転して見せた比較表です。いい加減な誤魔化しの戯言(ざれごと)をやって見せているのではありません。しっかりと「理化学辞典(1935年 4/15 第1版発行)」で明らかにされている資料を基に、算術計算にて割り出した表(Table) です。
The following illustration is a comparison table showed the reverse and the maximal and minimal worlds. I'm not showing I somehow irresponsible nonsense (fond). And "chemical dictionary (1935 4/15 issued the first edition)" in the table (Table) was calculated in mathematical calculations, based on article have been revealed.
 この表で分かる衝撃的な事実をお話ししましょう。この表は、『Xeクセノン以下には、各種レアーメタル・タングステン・白金・金・水銀・鉛・ウラン・トリウムなどがありますが、その全ての重金属の総重量〔宇宙存在度:COSMIC-ABUNDANCE〕が、56Fe鉄のみ(Only the Iron)と同一量ですよ』、ということを示していたのでした。Let's talk about shocking facts in this table. This table is "Xenon, following various rear metal, tungsten, white, gold, mercury, lead, uranium, thorium, but total weight of all heavy metals [cosmic abundances: COSMIC-ABUNDANCE], only 56Fe iron (Only the Iron). And it is the same amount ", that had shown that it was.
 Indeed, as a result of scientific reasoning so far "the atomic nucleus of a half size collapsed, and in the end [iron] to seems to be astringent. "And that was said.  However, it hadn't crossed the area, estimated. This fact is fact, that "ten years before World War II, already as a scientific observation dictionary listed was" so you.
アインシュタインが唱えた〔E=MC^2〕 という式の正しさも、中学高校生が自分で確かめることの出来る世の中が21世紀だったのでした。フィボナッチ実数列を使った変換処理ってすごいでしょ。
   2016 6/20  00:03  Hiro. Oyama (大山宏)
Einstein's general theory of relativity proposed during "the evidence was published in the dictionary of chemistry. Our scientists noticed that fact alone." It is meant to.
 Einstein objected [E = MC^2] that was the 21st century world of correctness of the expression is sure in their junior high school. 
Amazing transformations using the Fibonacci Word real, right? 2016 6/20 00:03 Hiro. Oyama
2019 3/27 rewrite Hiro. Oyama


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高校の物理や化学の授業ではそういうものは使われていなかったと記憶しています。おそらく世の中の大部分の人がそうだと思います。The existence of the physical and chemical dictionary, idle did not know. To remember what was not used in the teaching of high school physics and chemistry. Probably most of the world's people think so.
 さて、太陽の核融合では、水素がヘリウムに変化し、ヘリウムが鉄に融合しています。鉄は非常に安定した原子なのでこれを上回る融合は起きないとされています。壮年期の太陽は上記のように順調に発達していてこの先数億年は安泰でしょう。Now, solar fusion, changes hydrogen to helium, helium is fused into the iron. Has exceeded this iron is highly stable atomic fusion does not occur. In the above Prime Sun developed steadily ahead of this will secure several hundred million years.
 存在〔質量〕そのものがエネルギーという特殊相対論は哲学の世界にも大きな影響を与えました。今や哲学・数学・物理それぞれの世界が互いに影響し合ってその論理は発展しています。素粒子物理学では理論が先行しあとで実験の観測によって裏付けられるという状況です。今のところ、次々に理論屋の予想が証明されています。Present [mass] gave the impact to the world of philosophy is the theory of special relativity that energy itself. Now philosophy, mathematics, and physics respectively of the world affect each other and each other, that logic has developed. Is the situation that preceded the theory in particle physics, later backed by experimental observations. So far, the forecast of theory has been proven one after the other.
Is our daily world, Newtonian mechanics can do 10 minutes by intellectual curiosity is discussion of microscopic quantum mechanics until from the macrocosm. Fun time has come.

miyamoさん、コメント有難う。 あなたのおっしゃる通り、面白い時代がやってきましたね。しかも、インターネットが普及して、居ながらにして日々の世界情勢から、銀河宇宙の情報まで、素人の私たちが新聞を読む如くに知ることが出来、それに対して自分自身の意見を地球の裏側まで届けることが出来るのです。21世紀って本当に素晴らしい時代だと思います。生きていて良かった!後世の人々に「21世紀の時代は素晴らしい時代の幕開けだった!」と言ってもらえるよう、頑張りましょう。
You're right, is interesting here. Moreover, the spread of the Internet, away from the everyday world, Galaxy universe information until we laymen's read the newspaper like can be delivered halfway around the world to their own opinion against it, knowing that it is. I think the 21st century is truly a great era. Good live! to posterity "dawn of great age is the age of the 21st century was!" As a perceptive and go for it.
Well, as you pointed out, we noticed that the important. 'Evolving hydrogen helium in the Sun's nuclear fusion, helium is fused into the iron' certainly is happening nuclear fusion in the Sun, but it is part of the life of the stellar Star (transient behavior). I think with this story in the entire universe that this and the big bang and that itself was unreasonable since 100 years ago.
Dark energy is first space exists in the Fibonacci sequence, was uneven. ⇒, in some places, the dark energy explosion (ex. supernova explosion), that microcosm that the milky way was born.
The Galaxy came consists Fibonacci numbers in the hundreds of billions of individual stars and Stardust. At the periphery of the Galaxy past sidereal Sun from now 4600000000 years ago, supernova explosions and, currently in progress.
We on earth are a number of meteorites falling off, but it is the debris once the Sun exploded, the current Sun (now Sun) is in the middle with the youthful, high density integrated hydrogen to helium and going to fusion.
2018年内に出版できるように、ご協力よろしくお願いいたします。 サンキュー!  miyamoさんへ。 大山宏より
This is based on Einstein's thought all is the late Minoru Takahashi, I believe that steady-state universe theory. So a supernova explosion called the big bang mini will be born from small 13700000000 years ago, cosmic big bang hypothesis is a lie.  Was a mere theory!, I'm sure. It is once again proposing this hypothesis and prove our mission is not what I think. You can publish in the year 2018, so your cooperation will be appreciated.
Thank you for Mr. miyamo. from Hiro. Oyama

投稿: miyamo | 2018年2月 1日 (木) 21時43分




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