« Big-Bang〔ビッグバン〕 and Crustal abundance〔地殻存在度〕への極大宇宙(Infinity)・極小宇宙(Infinity small world)からの影響。Hiro. Oyama | トップページ | 「早速質問?」爆笑問題『なぜビッグバンは2回だと言えるのですか?』"Questions?" "you can say why big bang is twice? ' »

2016年7月 2日 (土)

COSMIC ABUNDANCE(宇宙存在度)をフィボナッチ実数列で時空間圧縮してみたら、Hiro. Oyama

SummaryFibonacci transforms Fis^4 as summaries of the series of Fibonacci numbers real, to examine the Cosmic Abundances came. This analysis could end up in the State just after the Creation (Big Bang). And shortly after that State only "light" chaotic condition that happens in the world, and in book of Genesis of the Bible "light!" and found that exactly correspond.
要旨 シリーズとしてフィボナッチ数列を実数化して編み出したフィボナッチ変換Fis^4 を用いて、宇宙存在度を調べて来ました。今回の分析で、天地創造(ビッグバン)直後の状態に行き着くことが出来ました。その直後の状態とは「光のみ」が混沌世界の中で発生した状態であり、聖書の創世記「光あれ」と正に対応していることが分かった。

光世界の冒険 もそろそろクライマックスです。まずは次の図表をご覧ください。Adventures in the 'Hikari'(light) world is climax soon. See the following chart first.
 This figure is ever talk came to "Summary and Figure". Ago presenting the conclusions of a principle is first beginning to leave some comments.
No.-nucleus on the left... and there alongside the typical elemental symbol.
To the right, continue from the bottom in turn stacked there side by side.

[Cosmic Abundanceです。
 中央のコラムは、左コラムの数値にフィボナッチ変換Fis^4 を施したものです。
そして右コラムは、中央コラムに再度フィボナッチ変換Fis^4 を施したものです。
 The Middle three digits is the Cosmic Abundances. Represents the distribution of the atomic nucleus of three sets with a natural collapse before freshly hot from the oven.
 Left column flanked by large numbers of our closer to world feel, and have almost respond with atomic nuclei and elemental.
 Central column transform Fibonacci numbers in the left column to Fis^4 is made of.
And the right column is the center column again Fibonacci transform Fis^4 is made of.

 結局のところ、右コラムは、左コラムの数値にフィボナッチ変換Fis^8 を施したことになるのですが、その結果は、 [0][1]しか現れて来ないのです。
 At the end of right column transform Fibonacci numbers in the left column to Fis^8, that is, but as a result [0] and [1] but is not coming up.
After the Creation of [immediately after the big bang]: a did not exist but the light. Only light [1], and in other chaos [0] to because it contained all. Over time after the big bang space-time one stable state now. The State is the Central column. In its stable state, Old Sun [former Sun] Supernova [small big-bang] is that immediately after the failed State was left column.

 次の図は、先月紹介した[地殻存在度] の絵です。
Read on for more. The following illustration is a crustal abundances (Crustal Abundance) of the picture.
 So the other day I spoke this [crustal abundances] of painting is teeth missing was the picture feels as surreal, or by going. It may be that Old Sun used the supernova evidence is generally familiar thin. Occurrence of results time elapses from the left column shown in the first drawing of this picture is the surface becomes prominent by the natural decay of the nucleus was.
 先日もお話ししたように この〔地殻存在度〕の絵では、歯抜けが起こっていたりして、現実離れしてようにも感じられる絵でした。昔太陽が超新星爆発した証拠ではあるのですが、一般的にはなじみが薄かったかも知れません。
 Incomplete, immediately after the big bang, the still unstable in many atomic nuclei [nucleus of freshly hot from the oven] was the drawings showed the first pictures of cosmic abundances of many Many present.
So far based on several months of study results (Fibonacci Law faithfully following) was reached back in time accurately, we tried the picture immediately after the Big Bang!

 This piece is any distribution number in the left column shows that, even in the right column. For example, in the left column [crustal abundances], were assigned numbers in any table, even appearing in the right column [0-1] table, you wonder?
 Any table also nuclear No. 1-244, showing that all mixed in the real world there's.
 いずれの表も 原子核No.1244に分解して表示していますが、現実の世界では全て入り混じって存在していますね。

 So in the left column [1] large numbers of forced decomposition, even showing the left column [0] and one [1] drawn only three and the same [equality].
To represent the infinite number of [
] "symbol is used. And the infinitely small is [1 / ] and is represented with these figures to redraw, and looks like the following.

 Namely, and the conditions immediately after the big bang, "present only light and others as Dark-material chaos reigns in the world ' that is.  That "was scientifically proven the correctness of the Bible's book of Genesis 1: 1".

 As it turned out let you organize.
(I). The universe we live in is since the big bang, creation of two [Fis^4 converted Fibonacci] by things have arisen.
「聖書の創世記第1章1節 の正しさが科学的に実証できた」ということになります。
Ⅰ、我々の住んでいる大宇宙は、ビッグバン以降、回の天地創造Fis^4 フィボナッチ変換〕によって生じている事。


 今日は ここまで にしておきましょう。
(II). We have up to now used an original solar Supernova 4,700,000,000 years ago were at each planet of the solar system and asteroid is created at the same time.

 So all much the same value generation's attempt to analyze ingredients meteorite various components, and composition of Mars, Earth's surface still come, everyone and [4.6-5 billion years ago] that it would was.
  Today we keep so far.

2016 7/02  Hiro. Oyama (大山宏)

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« Big-Bang〔ビッグバン〕 and Crustal abundance〔地殻存在度〕への極大宇宙(Infinity)・極小宇宙(Infinity small world)からの影響。Hiro. Oyama | トップページ | 「早速質問?」爆笑問題『なぜビッグバンは2回だと言えるのですか?』"Questions?" "you can say why big bang is twice? ' »






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« Big-Bang〔ビッグバン〕 and Crustal abundance〔地殻存在度〕への極大宇宙(Infinity)・極小宇宙(Infinity small world)からの影響。Hiro. Oyama | トップページ | 「早速質問?」爆笑問題『なぜビッグバンは2回だと言えるのですか?』"Questions?" "you can say why big bang is twice? ' »