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2016年7月16日 (土)

電磁力って何?⇒「銀河は全て左巻き。それは横着な大自然の姿」Galaxies are all left-handed. It is very lazy nature’s appearance.

 《 銀河は全て左巻きです。それは非常に横着な大自然の姿です。》
: Spiral galaxy is left-handed or dextral without a debate swirling over the Internet. But my conclusion is that the left-handed is this difficult in our description. So from the description of the familiar deep electromagnets and electromagnetic force in plain theory behind for the last time axis T direction of rotation lead you to go.
Galaxies are all left-handed. It is very lazy nature’s appearance.

右手の法則左手の法則って聞いたことがあるでしょ? 電磁力ってのは電気を流したとき現れる磁石の力(ちから)のことです。馬蹄形(ばていけい)だとか棒磁石などは小学校の理科の時間で見せてもらい、それで鉄片をくっ付けて遊んだことがあったでしょ。あれですよ、今日のお話しは。
 小学校によっては、『電磁石を作ってみよう』とか言って、鉄の棒にエナメル線を何十回となく巻き付けて、電池の電流を流して面白く遊んだ、という経験をさせてくれました。あのエナメル線の巻き方に左巻きと右巻きとがあるのですが、気が付いていましたか? Do you have heard of electromagnetic force? Would you have heard the law of right and left hand rule? The electromagnetic force is refers to the power of the magnet. Horseshoe-shaped and what you could see at the time of the elementary school science such as bar magnets, that adorn the shingles. Whatever it is, I will talk about today.  By elementary school "Let's make a magnet' or to say, dozens of times wrapped around the wire to the Iron Rod, battery current, played fun, experience for you. It has left-handed and dextral without that enameled wire winding?


中学校の理科の時間には"フレミングの左手の法則""フレミングの右手の法則"として紹介してあります。どっちが"右手の法則"であり、どちらが"左手の法則"なのか、記憶するのに困ったものです。 Not only the experience of "which wrapped around was the same'. However, there actually is. "Connect the electrode on either side" in what is decided either left-handed or dextral without. Compass use in survival game to make sure it'd sure using [magnet always points to the North], is the elementary school teacher taught so far. Middle school science time are listed as the "Fleming's left hand rule", "Fleming's right-hand rule". To remember which one is "right hand rule", "left-hand rule" which is what the trouble is.  That's where I will memorize the following; In the "Motor" has three-voiceless-letters, corresponds to the LeFT( three-voiceless-letter). It is felt we're corresponding 2x2=4: four-voiceless -letters on the RiGHT, on the other hand, the Dam power plant is a two-voiceless-letters. (Memorization technique is too hard to translate them into English!)

この覚え方は日本人にしか通用しない覚え方ですよ。 Is direction around the shaft of the motor (3 characters): Yes, through a law of the hand is left (three characters). That indicate the direction the current flows, on the other hand, plants that add torque force when making electrical and "→ dam (2 letters) (2x2=4 characters) right hand law." so. (Sorry for my poor interpretation.)  What the question is?  "Right hand, left hand what law? How useful is that?" that question?  Well, don't speak it, not to stand. Having heard the word "electro-magnetic force". "electro" is that the direction of the flow of electricity, from (+) towards (-) the flow of promise.  It is supposed that flows toward the South Pole [S] from the North Pole [N] in the direction of the magnetic field lines "magnetic", causing the magnet to decide things. And the "magnetic power" is force direction work [from] [points to push things forward], to work.

 何々、質問ですか?  『右手、左手って何の法則なのか?どうやってその法則が役に立つのか』という質問ですか。そうですね、それを話さないことには、役に立てようもありませんね。


 固定磁石で磁場を作っておいて、そこに電流を流した時に、その通電された物体が移動しようと動くものはモータですね。モータは3文字ですから、自分の左手を見るのです。 そして、モータの力の働く方向を親指に充てて、「電磁力」と唱えるのです。すると、中指→「電」、人差し指→「磁」、だから、親指が→「力」の働く方向だと知ることが出来るのでした。これが『フレミングの左手の法則』です。
 It is of "indicating the direction thumb works of power "it's" is the strongest force in the five fingers of the hand, thumb. And motor is running and trying to move the energized object when current passes through it, make the magnetic fields with a fixed magnet. The word ‘motor’ has a three-voiceless-letter, so from your left-hand to see. And the work force of motor direction thumb use "magnetic power" and cast. then the middle finger→[electric direction], index finger→"magnetic-field-direction", and then thumb→"force’s work-direction”, so you can find direction work of "power". This is the "Fleming's left hand rule'.  "Or what a hassle positioning things?' hearing a voice, so let me explain. Now what did please try it with your right-hand. Orientation and the work force of the entirely opposite direction will? So you get high scores and remember "motor has three-letter from left (three letters) of law 'S' science test is. Dam power plant's representatives make electricity. Dam has two-double-character.→2 characters, then don't use the "right hand rule" from the word ‘right’ has two-double-letters.


『電気を起こす代表はダム発電だな。ダムは2文字。→2文字は右(みぎ)が2文字だから「右手の法則」を使うと間違いを起こさない。 実はね、大学の教授を務める高名な物理学者や天文学者の中にも、この法則が分かっていない人が多くて、銀河の回転方向が左巻きか右巻きかなんて議論はナンセンスだ』なんて暴論を吐く人が多いのです。その人は、「数学回りが左手の法則に該当している」という事実を認識できていない人なのです。同時に「時計回りが右手の法則に該当している」ということも理解できていない人だということです。  Actually, this law does not know during the eminent physicist Professor of the University and astronomer who many, many people make "debate whether the direction of rotation of the Galaxy is left-handed or dextral without it's nonsense, it's an absurd remark is. That person is, who does not recognize the fact "around the mathematical rule falls". It is that people do not understand that clockwise corresponds to the right hand rule at the same time.

この写真は、主婦の友社が発行された「宇宙のしくみ(2010 3/31)」からコピーさせてもらったものですが、銀河を裏側から見たとして描かれている写真です。北半球にて台風を上空から写した写真を思い出して頂けると容易に判定できるはずです。

銀河は裏から見えるものもあるじゃあないか。表から見たら時計回りであっても、裏から見えている銀河は反時計回りに観測できるのだから、銀河には左回りも右回りもないよ』なんて暴論を吐いている書士は、豆腐の角に頭をぶつけて死んでいただいた方が世のため人のためですよ"I know. I know that is clockwise ' and you thought why the Galaxy's left hand around that does not recognize what? "Galaxy is visible from behind the scenes while others do not. Clockwise from the front's Galaxy, even looking from the back can be observed in the counter-clockwise direction and then in the milky way not both clockwise and counterclockwise ' Scrivener's spewing absurd hitting your head on the corn of soft-cream, who died for is for the world.

さて、前置きが非常に長くなりましたが、銀河の回る方向は、全て左回りなのです。たとえ、銀河の裏側から地球に光が届いていたとしても、台風の渦巻き流れの画像にひっくり返して左巻き表示をして見せるのが、正しい科学者の姿勢です。もしくは、『この銀河は裏面を地球に向けています』とかのコメントを付けるぐらいの配慮はすべきです。 College graduates, or teacher said in the note mentioned Word, so who is who caused this kind of mistakes are often found on the Internet. It is in a counterclockwise direction around the Galaxy now, without further ADO quite long now, but that all. This is the stand of the upside down image of the spiral flow of the Typhoon even from the other side of the Galaxy to Earth were carrying light, even a left-handed view showing the right scientists. Or "this Galaxy to Earth looking back' or should care enough to comment..

 To see the first photo, you should seem to be "not too familiar with the universe publishing company ’Shufu-no-tomo-sha’, that mistake will'. However, specializing in Cosmology had been Lawrence is that he made this mistake. Mr. Hitoshi Murayama is a leading particle physicist in the world far from Japan.  This photo (NASA) offer what seems to be. It will not, have the perception that NASA officials and many other have left (around the math) Galaxy universe.
 Confusing don't have negatives of Camera. There are negatives inadvertently turned over and burned, alternates between clockwise and counterclockwise. From taking pictures of the Typhoon is over, this careless mistakes happen as often [frequently] happen in space observation data is not.  Far more essential than pitfalls.



上下左右が入れ替わらない望遠鏡[ガリレオ式望遠鏡]や双眼鏡方式のものもどこかへんぴな観測所にはあるかも知れませんが、倍率がどうしても低くなるので、現実的ではありません(どこを探してもないでしょ)。この2つの理由が重なって、反時計回りで表示された銀河の写真が散見されて、混乱を招いているのでした。 It is a problem when you peeped at the telescope. Swapped sides in the telescope, will be observed. Real may be located somewhere remote and other binoculars and telescope up and down left and right changed each other. [Galileo type telescope, observatories, but scale it less, so is not (look for where you probably don't).  Are some pictures of the Galaxies appears in a counterclockwise direction, overlap the two primary reasons was causing confusion.

日常生活で観測される全ての自然現象が(上から見て回る方向を観測する関係上)左回り[左巻き]として観測されるのです。トラクック競技のトラックの回り方も、スケーターがスピン回転する時に回る方向も全て高得点が出せる回り方《左回り》をしています。この話を持ち出すと議論が長くなるのでよしましょう。 再度繰り返します。銀河は全て左巻き[左回り]なのでした。
 では何故、左回りなのでしょうか。 Is a repeat, but for Galaxies are all left-handed. This is a hard fact. It is all natural phenomena in everyday life can be observed as left-handed (observe the direction seen from the top, turn on).  Direction of skaters spin around track rider track, walking around, but all put out the high score is around left-handed a long discussion to bring up this subject, so let's. Once again. The Galaxy are all left-handed [counterclockwise] so.
  So why are left-handed?

 Answer is clear. From small, it has left-handed rotation energy consumption compared with dextral without is. From other words take up less time is left-handed, which saves time is. It is a nature usually is, do not want to change. The nature always chooses preferably place the kind energy consumption, less so.

  Have previously carried interviews with skaters that Yuzuru Hanyu, I wrote based on pure scientific thought. If left-handed rotation, dextral without spinning more than able to score high, had talked to Yuzuru Hanyu, he said, "feel slow the progress of the time while turning the time stopped for a moment, like' I [Fibonacci boya am I], but the truth is.
If go is suspected, try at turning stone or earth Sesame in so you can scientifically make sure try. Make clockwise hard on elementary school grounds from careful, dangerous antics.
 Well this is it. (Was a long preamble). It is that dozens of light years away, invisible as a point in galactic rotation is left as to whether or not know, anyway, spinning.



(XYZT)の中において、T軸が『ひょっとしたら、回転軸[回転スピード]に対応しいるのではないかな』と思われた人も多いと思います。 私はフィボナッチ変換[Fis-coef (係数)変換]を検討している内に、その事に気が付きました。
 The diameter of the Galaxy spatial axis (XYZ) can be observed as (1/ ), but only speed even though it can be measured. I think many people seemed "If by any chance the shaft rotation speed for taxing that? ' and not T-axis in a 4-dimensional space-time (XYZT) from this fact. I consider the Fibonacci transform Fis-coef (factor) in, that I was. "Spinning the Galactic space is like one solid piece. Not correspond to simple elements and atomic nuclei, it is one big unit?' and you think agrees with the observations of modern astronomy.


2016/ 7/16 ⇒ 2024/ 4/12  
大山 宏 It is invention and discovery "has noticed the obvious' it becomes. It seems the universe existence of nuclear data still kept a lot of truth. 
Praying that appear superimposed study carefully and take your time, and I continue sequential send live, you can claim that it followed me....

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確かに南半球では台風は右巻きに観測されます。我々の多くは北半球に住んでいますので、日常的に目にする北半球の台風の姿を上空から捉えた姿で自然を表現し、説明に使用しました。 Hearing a voice of protest in the southern hemisphere around the Typhoon are dextral without! ' that". Certainly in the southern hemisphere will be observed dextral without the Typhoon. Express nature as they caught sight of the typhoons in the northern hemisphere to see on a daily basis, so many of us live in the northern hemisphere, from the sky, has been used to describe.

 電磁石を南半球に持ち込んで、北半球で流したと同じ方向に電流を流してごらんなさい。N極の出来る方向は北半球での実験時と同じでしょ。南半球では磁場の流れが逆転しているのです。だから、南半球で上空から台風を観測すると右巻きに見えるだけのことです。 Electromagnet in the southern hemisphere the shed in the northern hemisphere and in the same direction current passing through a look!. Experiment in the northern hemisphere the same orientation can be pole? Is the magnetic field is reversed in the southern hemisphere. It just seems a dextral without observing the Typhoon from the sky in the southern hemisphere and so is.

投稿  2017年3月27日 

 It is based on Fleming's left hand rule, the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere from anywhere. It went out into space, experiment with the same thing. The basic conventions of mathematical physics is mathematics around (left-handed). This is a problem I forget the basic rules of Physics Mathematics cosmologist. By:
2024/ 4/12  Hiro..Oyama  大山宏

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 Fibonacci Sonny's good name. It's defined by human language is imperfect, but offer better human life. Too small, please be happy in.
何方からのコメントか知りませんが、日本語でのコメントなので日本人の方でしょう。有難うございます。今後共、フィボナッチ坊やのブログ内での活躍をご期待・ご声援下さるように、お願い致します。 私は幸か不幸か、今もって38才なのでした。歳を取っている暇さえないのです。運命(天命)って不思議なものですね。貴方様の今後のご活躍を期待し祈っております。Good Lack!大山宏
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一つ面白い事がありました。金星は、皆と逆に回ってる? いや一緒かな? 倒れてるから もしかしたら一緒かな?
全宇宙が右に少し回ろうとしてら時間が止まるのかなと、時間が止まって欲しいと思ったことが有りましたが、エネルギーが必要だということで、逆に老けそうだなとかエネルギー使いすぎてとか 右に回れば時間が遅くなるかなとかだから、老けないかとか

たまに、逆に回る変な銀河がいたりしてとか面白いなと思いました。決まってるんじゃないかと 思ったんです。
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