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2016年7月22日 (金)

「生涯最大の不覚」。宇宙項は入れなくて良かったのだ。Lifelong 'Greatest Imprudence" of enlightenment is correct! Staff put the cosmological. Einstein, Fibonacchi坊やは語る。

Summary: "space is expanding" universe theory is taught in hours of natural science of junior high school students. Einstein's E = MC^2 expressions also taught at that time is described as a theory of the recent picture, but recently
is just confused confusion over description. "Arcane research results from ordinary guys, so you should believe. Will be saved if you do" that seem to conceal posture, such as tried in the form as I talked, satisfied in the elementary and middle school students.
概要:「宇宙は膨張している」という宇宙論は、中学校の理科の時間に教えられます。アインシュタインのE=MC^2 の式もその頃教わるのですが、最近の宇宙論として絵図付きで説明されている事は、混乱に混乱を重ねるばかりの説明です。「難解な研究結果だから、お前たち凡人は信じなさい。そうすれば救われます」という姿勢が見え隠れしているように思える、というお話しを小中学生にも得心のいくような形で展開してみました。
"Lifelong greatest imprudence" and, E=MC^2 is famous as a word Einstein derived the formula knows that the visible universe is expanding Hubble's observations, confessed recently showing signs of reviving the cosmological or.... These days elementary particle physics and Astrophysics, which they expanded fictional story cuz is invisible to the general public we did. Most funny is the "vacuum is actually dark matter and dark energy are awash with" causing the self-contradictory, puzzling story Physicist who vigorously promoted the materialism, denying (ignored) the approach to the material world of the mind and spirit, reached the conclusion that "vacuum has been filled with the energy of infinity or strange not to be" was wrong first hypothesis! "nothing other than the confession. This logic is the logic to point out that even elementary school children.
 「生涯最大の不覚」とは、E=MC^2 の式を導き出したアインシュタインが「宇宙が膨張しているように見える」というハッブルの観測結果を知って、告白した言葉として有名ですが、近ごろその宇宙項が復活の兆しを見せているとか・・・。


 It "becomes nothing came of our own is not' or 'and, self-consistency has proven, suspicion and fear: "lost my position, will lose our jobs or not', for help in though, and a quirks multiverse in particle hypothesis also will be miserable appearance are their quirks while concerns about where the long pathetic as having a hearing.
アインシュタインは『宇宙は膨張も縮小もしているはずはない』という宗教者ではないかと見紛うほどの信念を持って一般相対性理論を展開し、EMC^2 も導き出したにもかかわらず、うっかり「宇宙項」を自分の論文に付け加えたのでした。
 From this point of view, it is the simplicity of Einstein is admirable. IPT Einstein "not sure are swell or shrink space'
religion ' is not what faith, expand the general theory of relativity, E=MC^2 is also derived, even though inadvertently added his paper "cosmological" because. Without this approach, what scientists do. You physicists forget this humble
attitude, and barman practically humanities scholars who, political scientist, the various religious leaders and is attributed to the 'same tarred' unconscious?
 Talking about dry mouth, I was tight. Is the Fibonacci sequence as a real column in the round before handling any proven "Calculator calculations (even schoolchildren know arithmetic) as the micro-world and the Galactic space is similar". Elementary and middle school students so they can see it with their own eyes the wave vertically to the neck is clear conclusions were drawn from it. It is a mathematical conclusion it is clear.
 In it, E=MC^2 be used Einstein's formula. Results Fibonacci boy is this expression examined from the viewpoint of dimensional analysis ", and principle, the speed of light constant
 "directly proportional to the elasticity of the three axes, which expands the time axis(T)" that's ' that was found.  Did guide, "small world, milky way space and similar” at the same time, it did.
 その中で、E=MC^2 なるアインシュタインの式も使いました。フィボナッチ坊やはこの式を無次元解析の観点から検討してみた結果、『なあんだ、光速一定の原理とは”空間3軸の伸び縮みに正比例して時間軸(T) が伸縮している”ということなんだ』ということが分かったのでした。
 Results from recent space observations and evidence that comes out one after another. Future proof material will come out more and more. If you had to list off.  Newton special [which gave birth to the universe (2011 1/15) Takamori Keisuke] reading, I thought, "has derived a spatial axis is bent using the speed of light constant principle that Einstein had not made aware of the time axis is directly proportional to the space axis, 3-axis, to stretch the fact that it's a ' and was.
 Immediately saw the Hubble observations, had not made the recognition for "inadvertently added the cosmological
life greatest imprudence was ' and showed great remorse.
 Here is an interesting blog post.
別冊〔宇宙はどうやって誕生したのか(2011 1/15) 高森圭介〕を読んでいて、ふと思いました、『アインシュタインは光速一定の原理を用いて空間軸が曲がっていることを導き出したにも関わらず、時間軸が空間軸3軸に正比例して伸び縮みしている事実は、認識出来ていなかったのだな』と思ったのでした。


 From Einstein's general theory of relativity proposed at that time, they said "Too difficult, can be understood from this theoretical physicists around the world in person at will number of people'. At the same time this theory continues said "the most beautiful mathematical' also has.
 It's string theory revive the concept "In my life was the greatest imprudence" contrite that Einstein's cosmological cosmologist falls in this space recently, is to expand the "multiverse" deceives the world, Yue that they entered.
 Far from the idea of the akirehatete, are not.
"It's funny, funny!" and not really say much to them is a strange reason.
From Newton supplement gave reprint the figure two.
The first figure is the correct picture. Second illustration is shown in elementary school "this picture of a lie! ' said.


 This is a look at this diagram, elementary school students are described, sometimes they feel "it's true that a picture would'.
 However, regarding the following picture, elementary school children "Ah, kindergarten children will's picture of a cartoon depicting the monkey is ' they think.

  Found a difference between the two pictures?
 Look at everyday landscapes similar try against their own experiences and the first picture:  "picture of the shape of the universe", "like that scene, but I can't remember. It's natural, and would feel.
 Against it, but about the second picture: "microcosm is unpredictable", at a glance it then they think "Never seen pictures of such an appearance. To speak when I was in MOM's MOM picture of feeling as the picture looks like there in the belly of the mother, but led in the umbilical cord and had his mother somehow, I knew. I can paint that picture, and if you want, but here's something weird ', is the lower grades of elementary school children.



 If you think "silly" if your child or children in the neighborhood, "which in the real picture, which is a picture of a lie or guess ' or to say, please try listening. 
 Not to take the statistics, 95% certain femininity in this hypothesis is correct and will attest. Finds the former elementary school children is real, despite the two paintings "based on the same general principle of relativity came in would be" a drawn picture by the latter "picture of a lie.  Childish paintings "and decide it is.
 What is the difference?

 Answer a former picture does not contradict the principle of the constant speed of light, whereas the latter speed constant in principle said all time are not proportional to the length contraction, because it ignores background is.
Because it is so contradictory experiences the baby too inexperienced. Had past lives alone, is inexperienced in the past from "No. Fake!" they were judging.

 2016 7/22  Hiro. Oyama(大山宏)
 Kids are honest. Did you not have a story similar to this tale, somewhere?
 It was a fairy tale called "the naked King".
Large reflect the "I was really the King of that fairy tale naked" with you if, you are worthy to be called according to Einstein scientists. I hope that 'In my lifetime, it's greatest imprudence’  in the confession.

 2016 7 / 22 Hiro. Oyama


« 爆笑問題「電磁石の実験で使う右ねじの法則を先に説明して」"explain right-handed screw rule in electromagnetic experiments, Fibonacci-boy. | トップページ | 「内容証明郵便とは?」「ちょっといじめ過ぎじゃない?フィボナッチ大先生」頑固率・素直率・宇宙論?Little too much bullying not, Dr. Fibonacci? stubborn, obedient and cosmology? 署名活動を成功させる秘訣(ノウハウ)紹介。 »



Einstein´s regretment is New understanding. Certainly he should thought so, I`m think. I`m lookinf gorward of you.

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« 爆笑問題「電磁石の実験で使う右ねじの法則を先に説明して」"explain right-handed screw rule in electromagnetic experiments, Fibonacci-boy. | トップページ | 「内容証明郵便とは?」「ちょっといじめ過ぎじゃない?フィボナッチ大先生」頑固率・素直率・宇宙論?Little too much bullying not, Dr. Fibonacci? stubborn, obedient and cosmology? 署名活動を成功させる秘訣(ノウハウ)紹介。 »