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2016年8月 3日 (水)

井山裕太はAI碁に勝てない!2目置き碁の必勝法。ミニビッグバンから次のミニビッグバンまでの計算をスパコンは計算済み!Computed until the next big bang mini supercomputer is calculated from big bang mini. 大日如来の手の上で遊ばせて頂く。

 2020, 5/30 Unfortunately, there seems to be no other way left to coexist with the new coronavirus. Let’s play on the hands of the Great Sun(God).

投稿: コロナウイルスは大自然神からの贈り物 2020/ 5/30

 The new coronavirus is a gift from the Great God. You may think it's an unscrupulous statement, but apparently it's the truth of the matter. Yuta Iyama can't win AI go forever. I wrote the second place of go four years ago, but i read it again and thought, "The degree of convergence of the global uproar of coronavirus is well predicted".  All the events in the world, including various games, are happening in the two-order rule (Fibonacci sequence rule). I want to live a meaningful life while understanding the minute in this rule of nature. No matter what kind of virtuous person you are, one or two percent make mistakes. Like Prime Minister Abe, i want to avoid the stupidity of continuing to make a series of mistakes! Post: Coronavirus Is a Gift from The Great God | May 30th, 2020


Summary: in the game world ahead winning games and after winning games. The winning difference just there is slight. So after receipt of your handicap "If greedy strikes a solid win in the competition in that across various easy explains.
The other day, participated in the go competition. In one year, and who had not bout despite could win twice in six matchups. Write what acquired at that time.
Black beat always first to say (1), 2 go handicaps is big mistake even if that! Skill and experience is the world with the capability of an acorn. It is not 2 be hit ago the win black (no big mistake each other as long as).  The mistake in what happen. So mistakes inadvertently when a greedy heart you.
If you had hit 2 go handicaps among professional players, (2), how to put the 2 course WINS. And the difference is on average to converge on the 11th.  Well 2 go handicaps, such attempts almost never. It was actually in the Edo period, no 5th half handicap rules. Without a handicap rule does the go game, "thank you very much, ahead of [Black] winning percentage is higher, it was.
Results there, professional Shogi players (it was decided to the priest) between each other dozens of times attempts repeatedly tried "predecessors [Black] for is expected to win a few stone 5-6 in ' and came to know it is.  Since then, "5th half-embedded rules out manipulation", did go was struck. So if the ability is taller than Acorn 碁敵 (gogataki: battle friend) and played in 2 go handicaps, black has winning is obvious.
But IGO is the game. To play "who set out to make sure win" is not interesting at all. This is where rules if the obvious difference of ability to adjust as much as the odds go handicaps, and Dan certification system was.
Very well made, five-bout matched to go handicaps for the 4th time place people against people of the first rank, and it is. People rank 2 and rank 5 and join the tournament in 3rd place go, this game much, with really interesting even if it sees in the side.
However, often encounter situations sometimes have a cunning person, saying "I have no power of single-stage' in 2段 place, coming out on the go tournament will all win prizes. It is watching this and leave a bad aftertaste. It is not really is and how to strike the opponent with the fool and go handicaps and twice hit.

Go Tournament next year, the boost rank one runner-up winner of grade two. Down grade two people at the same time, five races, five defeats, a booby prize, so this should be established. By lowering the amount of winning prizes should be established is a booby prize. The booby prize "of the need go tournament rules, such that people who push down one rank, and there will be.
〔因みに、大都市部や本因坊 秀策 の地元:因島では4級の私が、田舎町では1級や初段の人に対抗できるのでした〕
Apart from the people who rank goes down, Dan falls down is pleasant but the not so local go tournament, Dan escalation happening frequently. [According to local urban and Honinbo Shusaku: was in Innoshima in fourth grade I can oppose 1st and the first stage in the rural town of] is the source which caused differences in professional Shogi rank and the rank amateur players.  And, because it has become the cause go tournament, Rookie of the year will go more and more interesting one. Many people are suspicious of isn't it?
Look for non-go game. Surprisingly enough, the game is likely due to better (better meddle to) lose a lot. For example, chess and Shogi, it is mathematically provable it. As long as the first 仕掛’shikaketa’ game does not start.  And contraptions that look after the performer without succumbing would work out the best move is. So there is a greater probability of becoming the second player winning the game.

「コンピュータが先行する場合もあるじゃあないか?それでもコンピュータの方が圧倒的な勝利を収めているのは何故か?」という声が聞こえてきました。 お答えしましょう。
Clearly indicate this incident occurred in recent years. And Yes play with computer and chess Grandmaster, chess, just. "Even if the previous computer is good? why do still has an overwhelming victory for computer?"  I heard that voice. Let's find out.
That splash, but computer is practically in the form of Rusty because of it is. It is only speaking in kendo, I first out is. Capture the moment came a sword several times to fit in a little miss is we strangled in silk FLOSS is the computer.

It is a small world chess and Shogi (2進 of the world), so all the game already remember computer. Therefore, it is a sure victory moments you miss someone. Saying "don't talk "example" in the world of the human, rather than computer and professional game?" answer for sure.
 その典型例とは野球ですかね。ソフトボールの試合でも同じことです。 先に点と取った方が、そのまま圧勝してしまった、というゲームと、先に点を取られたけれども、後で逆転劇が演じられたゲームを較べた場合、あなたはどちらの試合が面白かったと思いますか?
The classic example is the baseball I guess. It
is the same softball game. Voyager who took a point away, has overwhelmed the game and points taken away, but later played comeback games, interesting game which you think?
Not to celebrate both teams, WINS either after a seesaw game was deployed to?  Lopsided game in the poor, after the video recording is something is not right. It is reflected the mistake at the end, and do your best to reject both slight Miss, and miss a win.  Won unilaterally in countless dramas here is, don't make the mistake at all and I know how to win games, "underwhelming" of is is common to all humans playing the game. Man hopped adversity is a repeat game to feel joy in a knockout to win, savoring the feeling of accomplishment.
Consider the example of Olympic wrestling match. Take a look at a wrestling match is most likely planted ago you lose it. "By setting the first loss from that, has contributed just JAB and scolding from the referee will be rated. "Cozy up from not fighting just to not get attacked early" said, admonishing you get. Funny, ‘seoi-nage’, the opponent hurled large scenes, right, watch the Judo competitions.
 特に無差別級で、小柄な選手が、捨て身の戦法で相手の大男を投げ飛ばす場面は痛快です。実力が伯仲しているレスリング選手同士では、このような鮮やかな勝利はありえないのですが、柔道にはこれがあるのです。ですから面白い。 先に仕掛けた方が惨めな負けを喫する確率は高いのですが、不利を承知で仕掛けないことには、勝負は付かないのでした
 どうです。実力が伯仲した者同士では、先に仕掛けた方が負ける確率が高いという真理が厳然とそこに存在しているでしょう。 納得して頂いたところで、囲碁の話にもどりましょう。
Petite players fling against man in desperation tactics, in particular weight Division is delightful. This is such a brilliant victory impossible among wrestling athletes are challenging, but is in Judo is.  So funny.  It was without the game is started from a miserable first planted probability is high, but against 仕掛’shikakeru’ at that. Whether it is.  But the truth is most likely planted ago relatives were challenging, you lose and would exist there. Go back to IGO- game, where we agree.
他のゲームと異なって、囲碁では先に置いた方が盤面を制する確率が高いのでした。その上で更にもう一目先行して置かせてもっらっているのが2目置き碁です。 2目も先に置かせてもらっているのですよ、勝てない訳はないのです。
It was most likely dominate the Board placed first on the go, different from the other games. On top of that even is already at first sight followed by put to. et is 2 go handicaps is that. It is also 2 to ask let me put is can't be beat.
その世界の広さは、縦横に 19 X 19 = 361、という世界です。そこに、白石か黒石を置き並べているだけです。だから組み合わせの数は、2^361(2の361乗)です。 その計算値を皆さんにお示ししようと思って、関数計算機を叩いたところ、どういう訳か、計算機が動かなくなってしまいました。
Also have you realize that the world of go is 2進 number of world? The world wide is 19 X 19 = 361 the world aspect. Is there place ranking Shiroishi or stones; So the number of combinations is 2^361 (^: square) is. Stuck for some reason, the computer where I show you the calculated value and a function calculator.
(実際に私の手元で起こったことなので、使用した関数計算機の機種とメーカー名を書いて証しにしておきます。Canon F-502G です。キャノン株式会社殿、このブログを読まれたら速やかに対処された方がいいでしょう。)
"Let there be? '  It's as computer displays '0' where I tried three or four times, has been responding to input. Sounds like broken computer when trying to predict the computation over more than. Cheap computer shows "error" and could initiate runaway is that with a straight face, but I don't know whether or not "it's nothing that I can't do, I think a fancy calculator. And apparently committed suicide. (Function calculator using which actually happened in my hand, so model and manufacturer name to write the testimony. It is a Canon F-502G. After Canon Inc., read this blog if addressed promptly. )
 Give up that computer was a Goner, let's jump to the conclusion of this blog. In EXEL 2 ^ 361 to calculate, as is to be expected. 4.7 x 10^108 came back the answer. This base-10 number represented as

EXEL で 2^361 を計算させると、流石です。4.7x10^108 という答えを返して来ました。
It is long. Actually ordered, alternating Shiroishi or stones, or the moments surrounding the stone it is taken and goes out outside the Control Panel, such as a basic rule, so don't mix up here, but  This one is wow you divided into modern computer memory can be as was. Narrowly escaped the winless professional Shogi players are lucky non-nothing more. And the next play, professional players have finalized the almost 4-game losing streak that was.
Watching this game, huh, not so interesting. So programmers are "about how to win a fourth consecutive victory. I'm look like losing sometimes. Then I that I admired and loved by many, and are forced to thrash.  Do not confess to never ginger, the programmer is already on my computer, with this law could even did. It is this computer has ability to formation of the clusters of galaxies can be calculation in a short period of time, starting from the elementary particles world.
This means what? "Do not need to worry whether or not to be, what you will eat tomorrow, and smooth.  It to the number of hairs of the hair on your head, on the contrary it is predictive calculation at the moment of the big bang "is like because it means that the. Terrifying the world right.
It is noticed that indigenous peoples (エイリアン:Alien) stopped the fight.  Enjoyed the battle to stop the world had enjoyed a period of interglacial about 30,000 years. And the fourth is just before the ice age, into space and temporary shelter with a.
今から2000年前にも彼らはやって来て、「何を食べようか、何を着ようかと思い悩むな。空の鳥を見よ、They neither toil, no spin, but your heavenly father feed them.彼らは骨折り仕事もしないし紡ぎもしない。しかし天のお父様は彼らを養っているではないか」とイエスに教えさとさせたのでした。
And the "world history" taught to people who sometimes come back to Earth, barely survived. From now on they came 2000 years ago, "worry about what to eat, what to wear. Behold the birds of the air, They neither toil, no spin, but your heavenly father feed them. "And so he admonished taught him.

Once again, off I go talk. The theme was a victory of 2 go handicaps. Knowhow can show only two. Know-how 1: not in their hands, to take offense when someone came up to you. Know-how 2: that way as long as we stay away from the opponent's stones. Expertise 3: patiently and replay of the will to self-destruction put the opponent in the hard (stiff), tight are kept to ensure that.
 2016 8/1  Hiro. Oyama(大山宏)
Still, trained champion will beat you down. It is at that time, good reflection in humility. And keep in mind countless hands of trained the champion hit the opponent next time to fortify.  Next time without 2 nor 3, just ahead of the curve to beat should be. 2016 8 / 1 Hiro. Oyama

《 Comment コメント Comment 》
 井山裕太に関してのプロフェッショナル(仕事の流儀 NHK)をやっていましたが、21世紀のAI碁は既に読み切っているのですから
I'm professional about Yuta Iyama (NHK style work) AI go for the 21st century is already out of all completely calculated, so unless Iyama Yuta is ahead of the curve (black), never go AI cannot win.
Handy cap (transfer-out) is now seven second half, in the near future this 10 second half changes rules will be. Even out, under rule challenged the AI go Yuta Iyama, ‘Shiroishi’ with 10 first half, feuding defeat would best masters finish. Yuta Iyama (took the first move) with stones or feuding won best performance is.
If you got the stones, so for the computer can be calculated ago the fight is a combination of all, victory is sure go game of the 21st century is. At the moment, if the computer got to Yuta Iyama struck somewhere on Board 1 "win!" It is for sure. It is going to win if you go condemning the mistake that always make a judgment mistake as hoe Iyama Yuta after that. Scary times right?
As a game is not interesting at all, so the AI go WINS should not be too much. Not lost in moderation, and from around the world go go AI (computer) (die) kicked out of go world. That is why we programmed "get lost sometimes moderately cute cute'. This is top secret top secret in the programmer's, but can you believe?
大自然の神には勝てません。この失敗したり成功したりする人生を人間は楽しもうではありませんか。 2進数の神様(大自然神)は微小世界から巨大な宇宙世界までを統べているのです。神様を改めて受け入れるべき時代が21世紀なのだと納得しませんか
 2019年1月21日 Hiro. Oyama(ひろ.おおやま)
In a perfect human being is a living thing, even to make mistakes once in a while. Therein lies the fun of life is. You and I are 1 ~ 2% fail to result in. It is so fun. You cannot win on the nature of God. He enjoyed life and succeed or fail but why not. It is the binary of God (Divine Nature) are all up to a huge universe world from the micro-world. Not convinced of 21st century age should receive him again? Oyama Hiroshima 1/21/2019 Hiro. Oyama

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