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2016年8月19日 (金)

回転によって重力が生まれる訳 “Exploration of translation comes gravity by rotation.”expedition team;3トン探検団

"When you rotate the stand piece is why?"
"All things are relative, when he is reluctant sleep, forced to get up and forcibly tried to rotate and turn your world to retaliate. This Newton's,
"law of action and reaction" and said it "
"that? of the relevant law of action and reaction, was not the principle of carts on the reaction force on hand carts of?"


"It is a very good example, but it's the same principle works for rotation,"
“I didn't know. But I like Energton’s description. That disgusting piece is, to even the score, or I like stone heart is like speaking to.
"Reluctant" by Newton, it is explained how, for everyone?"
"The law of inertia, and he expressed. It's described as "If not a new power, act object to what the movement continues'. This is the "law of
"Energton: you are calling that a top which is sleeping, asleep forever. Or to retaliate against opponents to backwards, loath to give the rotation and translation"
"But not the feeling of turning the piece, we at all were even backwards. If you would? "

"Man he is the pieces turned legs on the ground, from turning. He is only a backlash from the received retribution that message on the ground. Above all, come to planet Earth's counter attack was roused a sleeping piece and turning "
"You got bigger. That top strikes the stone's Earth ~?"
"That's right. Ago Fibonacci boy hurled teacher monkey wrench in the skating rink. Threw the slippery water-ice on the Fibonacci boy’s body is rotated and will. Hadn't that rotate once, standing on the ground.

"Did not rotate on the teacher threw a driver in the beginning, do not"
"It's small rebound to give momentum to a lighter one (M). Even though the friction is not only is slightly present. So during the driver unwittingly in the Fibonacci boy's body was able to stop only. It's big that reactionary and attempt to be as heavy as the monkey wrench (M) to force (acceleration
α). Newton found that this force (F) is the wind that F = M α.
"It was the law of inertia, wasn’t it?”

「それが、慣性の法則 だったのね。」
"Maton-Chan is so easy to get convinced, but I'm not yet convinced. I can't believe he wouldn’t take revenge if he turned the small piece, in turned in the opposite direction the Earth "
"Rotational speed of the Earth a little as he could try an experiment. Do you try it?"
"Such experiments don't we could, we'd no energton is messed up, You wish to say."

"We have 8 billion people on Earth. You've got a United action to people all over the world, the month in universal time day time minutes just eastward just five steps walked, and lobbied at the United Nations. And ask all drivers of the car in the world, as well as that same time, the car please move toward the East" that it's taking command. Once, 5 seconds slow Earth's rotation speed can be measured. It's everyone, act together to cause the rotation of the Earth changed.


"Certainly, you're right. He'd come back immediately, however, stopped the Union action to restore the Earth's rotation speed it."
"Big planet it’s heavy! No doubt so much this year after moving!”
"See what as principle to fire rockets. You can make much impact if calculated accurately. You got this you can do easily. And affect only this computer it too easily.

"However should an effect appears in the direction of the plate before, changing the rotation of the Earth."
 "what's that?" 
"Have you heard the story of Wegener's theory of Continental Drift. 14 plates, surrounding the Earth's surface cm/year number of- would have heard of it are moving at a speed of about 10 Cm/year "
"Yeah, plate tectonics, or suspicious plume tectonics or one of those guys."
" are you'll take Fibonacci-boy(kid) happiness, and hardly denied in or don't'
"However, the continental plates are moving in a certain. Each plate velocity have been measured accurately. They are reluctant plates floating on the liquid mantle of everyone you 10 steps toward the East in unison, make sure that the time and move toward the West. Sluts and peel off the skin burns.

ウェゲナーの大陸移動説って話しを聞いたことがあるだろう。 14枚のプレートが地球表面を取り囲んでいて、年間数センチ~10Cmくらいのスピードで動いているという話を聞いたことがあるだろう」
"If we think about it's scary story. Offset is always whatever everybody moves from the Earth is always moving as follows. But oh, can we do remember our heart everyone, unified action, and move even mountains. It is pointed at 2000 years ago by Jesus Christ! "
"You well remembered that indeed that is written in the Bible. Not believe the metaphor just a priest, pastor, to not: "because the mountain moving faith even if entering the sea' that modern science can explain ‘not impossible’ and became."
"If simulate calculation was wrong, didn’t go Chiaki Mukai and Takuya Onishi astronauts to the space station, waveton, you understand?"

"I've understood. The pieces turn so let's return to tell. Energton say that turning the piece is turned in the opposite direction around
the surrounding pieces of the same phenomenon, it."
"That's right. It is made up of micro world or gathered millions Galaxy universe, even the world's. Even before this, the Galaxy "spoke as if
spinning like one solid piece that would be?"
"The standing stones that are pulled by centrifugal force from the spinning it was a fake? You said keeping that figure has been pulled in for centering mind power from galaxies to fly does not span of also a fake?"


"With damn good Energton, I've said from the observed centrifugal force and directed centering mind power is if it sees a local star together in the milky way that suits pulled each other, but all things are relative. For example, people rope elevator hanging out while they freefall ride space walk and have to feel that. The Earth rotated, but stay on the ground and spinning together whether or not are turning to each other, they felt physically nothing.
"You again started close description, Energton. I'm more a good description for Waveton, I'm gonna make. That, remember, ago talking about upside-down top didn't. Continue and rotate when you rotate the pieces, for it. So was to stay as far away from those trying to disturb the rotation. Turn the piece in outer space, and the surrounding environment are turning to pieces and the opposite direction. Environment is to disturb the rotation of pieces. Of thin air, which keeps in place the thin air in space. Certainly the piece slightly but they want to move are joining forces, such as weaker rotation, so reluctant to its power and avoid, but It then joined the force does not move the pieces that It wants to go. So pieces were to rotate in its place in that spaceship.
 That balanced power and affecting the environment around the piece, say what I mean and have to reverse and fasten the pieces there, the piece is going to be. Reasons that made piece spinning spacecraft experiment."

"It's excellent. But if at that time, the astronaut; Takuya Onishi of the iron gently closer, piece it unwilling to be repulsive Mayer, of what the description would be? "
"It happened closer to the mass of iron that was, throughout the ship's rotation and the rotation of the piece was balanced, but a part of the
spacecraft partially brought the stones from those phenomena. It ran away to avoid a spinning spacecraft in substance counteracts the rotation of the piece as a whole, but individual parts have a rotational force each subtly so, unusual approach rotating body is reluctant to mass of iron approach."

"Maton-Chan, that do not become so that spacecraft in the law of universal gravitation does not consist of? isn't that antigravity is observed in the spacecraft to be?"
"You noticed both of you good. Rotating a small force of gravitation is working between the things around it's that was. Things have different rotation between the universal gravitation of the normal and its force is much greater than the usual."

"I can do even more good description. Of spinning spacecraft in all things is if it sees from the piece. To minimize the potential energy when moving iron part of a spaceship in the mass, including the rotation, you must take the balance (still does not move the center of gravity). But away from ship's Center of gravity closer to the stone mass of iron is that there's no way. Was also a move that piece, he seemed to be avoided, but that will not change much of the ship's Center of mass and center of gravity of the piece I. Gravity (gravitation) and rotational forces are that closely related inseparable! "

"Maton-Chan, you great! You are great. Takuya Onishi astronauts realized that I wonder?"
“See's Ohnishi-San were astronauts, extravehicular activities often experience. So it was already about to balance the spacecraft body and move the robot arm to move in the opposite direction slightly. I think he would be realized the truth when the iron mass closer to the piece quietly pointed to Fibonacci.”
"But why the guys at NASA and aerospace physicist who made a big fuss of it. I wonder "

The reason is following. A rotating relative to nothing less than the force thing between the pulling force is small. By pulling force is tending fields due to its rotation!: this meaning is not recognized by them; the reason. This observations contradict the law of universal gravitation, so be seems, then of the many physicists who see that shouldn't. It's insane. Takuya Onishi astronauts unfortunate experiment" that it's broke.”
「フィボナッチ坊やはともかくとして、大西卓也宇宙飛行士の裁判はどうなるのかしら。宇宙飛行士の資格はく奪ってことにならなければいいけど、、。」  2016 8/15  Hiro. Oyama(広.大山)
"Adults it's people in real trouble. It's like ‘King of the nude' fairy tale isn’t."
" It's more than that. It looked like it was in the past. It was necessary to accept the Copernican theory people confirmed in the Ptolemaic system, much blood would be shed. It's the scientist named Bruno ‘burned at the stake, symphonies'. It's done speaking ago this story."
"Apart from Fibonacci-boya, Takuya Onishi astronaut trial will happen? But astronaut qualifications abridgment is that I have.…”

 2016 8/15  Hiro. Oyama(広.大山)


« 村山斉殿、光が曲がる事実は簡単に確認できる。夏休み宿題向きの理科実験? Fact bends the light you can check easily. Science experiments for summer vacation homework. | トップページ | 「観光たっぷり北欧周遊8日間の旅(HIS主催)」 , "Plenty of Scandinavian tour Tourism travel 8 days". Fine but I was rhe man! 私はやっぱり晴れ男!ノルウェーで2晩続けて妖精が出現! »

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