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2016年8月31日 (水)

爆笑問題:宇宙空間の次元解析‘principle of the speed of light constant' 村山斉・佐藤勝彦両先生へご参考までに。Dimensional-analysis, Similarity-law, KJ-method.

  2020/ 9/ 23 renewal for you
Overview: Even mathematically pure physical I see speed of light constant principles explained accurately, and super friendly. Is challenging that analysis has become highly effective excellent analytical science analysis method description.
"Professor Fibonacci, ‘principle of the speed of light constant’ and ‘E=MC^2' of about dimensional analysis provided in these documents, easy please tell us, again."
" Yeah you're right. Describing as a taught master's degree in 1 minute, just easy as can be satisfied in the elementary and middle school students, briefly spoke. Kinda hard for anyone who's interested in science would be from the exercises again?”
"So that not just the Fibonacci Professor to speak of what is? In the example form of school books, speaking teacher. Next exercises we will unravel one after another, it's is what is?"

"It's quite interesting idea. Let's try that trick. First of all is an example, but it's enough talk ago that content, since it's like recording.”
“So nice. it is fine. One review we pricked up our ears and listen."
“Then let’s start. I came to speak first is as an example like: 2 months ago. See for example of common sense used in the shipbuilding industry is a technique of dimensional analysis. Not sure in advance when building large oil tankers and cruise ships, but we can't. A chance number 10 billion JPY billions invested in is build on an ad hoc basis and eyes can't. You were so bad, making the model blindly, to experiment. To exert very much when a water tank experiment is called dimensional analysis. With E=MC^2, explain. It is set in Unit.
E=MC^2 で説明しましょう。単位を合わせるのです。
Use the unit of work from E is energy. And work. ”When the mass M distance with some force (F = Mα), (L), amount of work” of says that. Here is that the acceleration α as a unit (L/t^2) are.
 So, E=MC^2 identities is
  [E] = [FL] = [M・L/t^2・L]
  ⇒ [M・(L/t)^2] ≡ [M・C^2]
said, E=M C^2 identities (physical how world's formula) is the equation, it becomes.  E=MC^2 is so it can be proven correct.
仕事とは、『ある力(F=Mα)で、ある距離(L)だけその質量Mを動かした時、その仕事量』のことを言います。ここでαとは加速度のことです単位としては(L/T^2) です。ですから、E=MC^2 の恒等式は、
  [E] = [F・L] = [M・L/T^2・L]
   ⇒ [M・(L/T)^2]≡〔M・C^2〕
だとなって、 = M C^2 という式が恒等式(どの世界でも成り立つ式)であることになる。E = M C^2 の正しさはそうやって正しいことが証明出来るんだ。
Well watching the last two paragraphs of dimensional analysis in here.  (Remove M) and then reduced from both sides this M is common to each side, so the L/t ≡ C, if speed of light is constant in what world, what maximum world go, also went to the ultra-micro-small world, "Length [L] of rate of change with Time [T] of a constant rate of change' in suggests that there is.
Namely, using the principles adopted by the speed of light constant Einstein's "time in the world in the world the length has shrunk, [T] also shrink,' that things become.  Is a ship model test fit the unit based on such review, running in a reduced-size model," did I like this?"
ここで次元解析中の最後の2つの項をよく見て下さい。Mが各辺で共通してあるので、このMを両辺から約分して(取り除いて)みると、 L/T≡C となるので、光速がどの世界でも一定であるならば、どのような極大世界に行っても、また極ミクロの小世界に行っても、『長さ〔L〕の変化率と時間〔T〕の変化率とは常に一定』であることを示している。
"Yes it is. So you did. Was presented when we first visited this navel Museum June beginning two months prior to that."
"So now I spoke the example. It is now solving the exercises lol issue's two-. With the principles; the speed of light constant C≡L/T, note as much as possible to come up is problematic.”
"Teacher, it's one in the ‘KJ 100 labels adage’ not the same"
"Attentive flair. You are right. It is from the truth is only one closer to the truth in any way you can. Don't gripe, yes the label 20 export."
「さあ、例題はしゃべりましたよ。こんどは爆笑問題さんの二人が、演習問題を解く番です。光速一定の原理C≡L/T で思いつく事を出来るだけ多く述べて下さい」
1,"C is the speed of light that you know. It was going to go at speeds of 300,000 Km per second,"
2," around the Earth 7.5 turns got to. They know this in elementary school."
3,"the light reaches the Earth from the Sun 8.3 minutes that such calculations"
4," I wish I was going to be until the end of the distance from the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy to represent in the distance light could fly on the one-year. It is a principle of the speed of light constant."
5," distance of the farthest reaches of the Galaxy or universe, Milky Way, 13,700,000,000 light-years or 13,800,000,000 light years away or just do not."
6," Flying orbiting electrons around the atomic nucleus, but even that observation it is impossible, but I'm sure. But 300,000 Km/sec to fly around in that small nucleus, and tens of thousands of times? It multiply million? "
7,” the "don't do stupid calculation. Not turn out, only tangentially out."
8," but will actually orbiting electrons. There's some strange quibble physicists around, ‘It did not, but It's actually running. Not in the world of atoms and nuclei, based on principle of the constant speed of light, if it weren't the case, it would! Principles and the real truth in what kind of world that was somewhere in."
9," 7.5 turns on Earth become 7 rotating half-out, photons or electrons or electromagnetic wave, because it can be around the atomic nucleus is coming. UN? "
10, "that's right. In the world of electrons, atoms, nuclei size 300,000 Km/sec, It was not flying at the speed of light. Light with that speed of light is something near a nuclear was "just passing between!"
6「原子核の周りを電子は回っているけど、あれだって、観測は不可能だけど、飛んでいることには違いない。でも、30万Km/sec のスピードであの小さな原子核の周りを飛ぶとすると、何万回?何億回飛び回れるんだ?」
10「そうだよ。電子や原子や原子核サイズの世界では、30万Km/sec なんて光速では飛んでいないのだよ。そんな光速を持った光は、原子核のそばなんかあっという間に通り過ぎていくだけなんだ!」

"Wow, lol problem, you wrote only 10 sheets of labels, Katsuhiko SATO, Hitosi Murayama( Lawrence) were also unthinkable conclusion reached, it's not?"
"Fibonacci boya big teacher training result is."
"You could convince the principle in the small world of the speed of light constant. Look so describes the principle of the constant speed of light from distant Galaxies,"
11," principle of the speed of light constant in the world of atoms and nuclei size speed 300,000 Km/sec in the world we are living with an analogy has been established at a rate much smaller than. That means that the principle of the constant speed of light in the world exceeds the size of the Milky Way as proportional to the Galaxy size, time axis extends good's,"
12," isn't it time scale have to be roughly proportional to its size depends on a certain distance and speed, can run in seconds from the Galactic size length if? "
13, ”see that?, and the speed of light from the Galaxy cannot be observed only to the point where, by any chance, typical dimensions becomes 5 billion light-year or 10 billion light-years long. And will be proportional to its length, the longer time scale has established the principle of the constant speed of light? "
原子や原子核というサイズの世界での光速一定の原理は、我々地球人が住んでいる世界での光速30万Km/sec よりもはるかに小さい速度で成立していると類推がついた。ということは、銀河のサイズを超える世界での光速一定の原理は、銀河サイズに比例したように、時間軸の目盛りが伸びればいいということだよな」
 Your reasoning power is outstanding. Physicist's to shame. You're exactly right. From childhood on, Einstein's theory of relativity figured out so that you had measured or measure the length of the Earth's space for about 100 years until today. Pitfalls are the constant representative noticed, because according to the length of time axis tick mark intervals is growing. They were taking a NAP for 100 years! I'm.  It's that even Einstein realized in his later years, but he did not dare quibbles. Quietly, "lifelong greatest imprudence was' say, tongue out, showed the antics!
 君たちの推理力は抜群だね。物理学者は顔負けだよ正にその通りだよ。要はね、アインシュタインが相対性原理を考え出した頃から今日までの約100年間は、地球の物差し長さでもって、宇宙を測っていたという訳だ。落とし穴は、代表的な長さが長くなるにしたがって、時間軸の目盛り間隔も伸びているのだってことに、気が付かなかった。彼らは100年間居眠りしていた!って訳だよ。 アインシュタインも晩年には気が付いたのだけど、あえて強弁をしなかったという訳だ。静かに、『生涯最大の不覚であった』と言って、舌を出しておどけてみせたのさ。
"Is the dimensional analysis and the way it was. I could once again "
" still I don't know? How far we praised?"
"Would be invisible to the eye is the time axis. The invisible scale we could see in my mind. We’ve got it. It be complimented by the Fibonacci Professor's."
" is enough. Some insightful, and sees things "
 Up there in the end, you realize it. It's not speaking physicist, well you guys just like to reach, so far.
“Teacher, do you think, ‘among physicists around the world who, thus noticing?’”
"Most likely will be, Dr. Katsuhiko Sato. A Professor Hitoshi Murayama will be the next.”
“See why the 2 people's no. 1 and no. 2, is expected to do?"
", Blogged about it, I have to book cites massaged their students read this blog," Professor Sato (Professor Hitoshi Murayama), book and your name popular flying Internet world.' I tell people exactly because I. From the teachers went relegated to position cannot be ignored, and likely to be taken, as their job is to think about seriously. "
 2016 8/31 Hiro. Oyama (大山宏)
"Fibonacci teacher recently, parallel English and Japan blog is the outgoing come are from world-wide, and world is narrow. May foreigners for example Jewish physicist most up to's' "there is no want to be a. Good experimental physicist even Geophysicist, astrophysicist who, from the very first ‘found!’ And you want to please raise your hand!”
 "that means "God only knows"; what it would.”
2016 8/31 Oyama, 2020/ 02/23 renewal 

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« 「宇宙が拡大している」ってのは嘘だったの?宇宙項の正負と[ZERO].Say "Space is expanding" to Lawrence was lying? Sign(±) of the cosmological and [0]. | トップページ | ダークマターやダークエネルギーは独楽回転の亡霊であることの証明。Dark matter and Dark energy is proof of ghosts in the top rotation. »