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2016年9月 6日 (火)

あの細い竜巻が何故重い船まで天高く吸い上げられるの?That slender tornado but why heavy ship or be sucked up sky high?

That slender tornado but why heavy ship or be sucked up sky high?

Physicists explain in theory "power siphon to sea water and fish and boat, why tornadoes occur or, it frequently occurs in various places,” and take it.
It is in fact clear as “Mud to me. Will not explain because I do not know of physicists around the world who are", and he will reply.
Or you should be get a reply said "it is accountable in the eyes of the movement of the Typhoon and Typhoon wind, Tornado theoretical explanations and the why is not possible'.

 People who do not understand that Fleming's left hand rule is like the physicist.
That is why they as you can tell, "is a high lift the heavy gravity defying gravity at that, is high in the sky a suck-up roofs of houses and boats in the tornado, spinning around and the same phenomenon you teacher' and is a tell.
 In this description, "I see. If you say you're right' and he answered soft Einstein class head teacher is. The blinding appearance while repeating the mystification and the unseemly explanation usually don't do this, that would be. And that's a sneak look at a library or Internet, but in between them why not relieved with chest.
 Because there are no books written about why such force has tornado or anywhere in the world, it's the lie of qualitative description apart.
 This is a fake academic hypothesis, why did a range of fold mountains are typical examples of the lies about the cornered or crustal movement why happens that plate tectonics plume. Still parading explained that as irresponsible, because there is peace.
Not with 30 or 40 you'll find evidence that show elementary and junior high school, and the orogenic movement theory is true, even though teachers tried to withdraw the false theory. The contemporary Torah scholar-how loathsome comes out.
 Maruyama Shigenori Professor of Tokyo Institute of technology that he warmed up?
In the Wikipedia article is below.
"Maruyama Shigenori, Japan advocated the plume tectonics geologist's. Tokyo Institute of Earth life specially appointed Professor, Okayama University Earth material Science Research Center Professor,” or is he barman goose still stick out, so that he is.
 Where is concerned.
Well, such a stubborn teachers leave, you learn the space between the world spinning through that we live in.
『丸山 茂徳は、プルームテクトニクスを提唱した日本の地質学者。東京工業大学地球生命研究所特命教授、岡山大学地球物質科学研究センター特任教授』

 "Spinning" know the game? What??
"Too busy studying, it is not ' do.
That's too bad. But, if you want to wear a real study, travelers looking for old toy shop, top should be put in hand. It should have bought two sets.
 It is convenient if you're left-handed. There are right-handed friends from spinning test easily. If you are right handed, look for friends in the classroom. Find a left-handed friends, go to the far end of the room next to the classroom and is spinning experiment.

"To run the top turn test, focusing on what?' It is the question.
Previously told you, "the 3.5 turns, time ± 0.5 sec expands, stretching it' and, explained that there was. Also skater Mr. Hanyu Yuzuru, "the rotation during the little time progresses slowly was like feeling' was thanks for answering interview. It is sure that effect at the top. Is a real experience.

  "Results from the expected ' is. It is not playful. Life I have forgotten how to learn while enjoying life is lonely. But the request subject, let's say the hypothesis a bit.
1. Likely spinning turned left-handed people, continue to turn for a long time.
2. Better diligent practice a right handed person turn the top with his left hand and with your left hand turned tops for a long time continue to turn to be.
3. Until you are familiar with the left hand top is quite hard to turn, but the one is gripped, and be ", longer running.'".
By the way, a good will. First of all, please try playing.
Summer lab report is of outstanding awards without mistake, to set aside the top turn experimental record, and was surprised it, such as data.
 What, "not too late. Try it! '
It is.? You surely can be found an excellent physicist.

 One more thing, spinning experiments suggest. There's the adult fighting top or top spinning competition games. Proud to be invincible top turn player is not that left-handed people played it, I've tried it, but if a substantial practice.

I were repeating the experiment, makes the equipment turn top counterclockwise (CCW) to scientifically examine its merits.
 "Or what to do?'
 Is the question. In troubled times it is not worth doing well, know the results it is sad.
"If this is true, the world is turning over! is worth a try in good ' about greatly behave it.

 I'll say one thing. "Principles of flying saucer flying you in spinning you can find might be' one more I'll say the meaning of some practical applications.
"Helicopters often occurs than for some reason, the plane crash is. This is the grim reality. Is crash causes afterthought explanation and stated that as a matter before it, thank you very much many accidents than airplanes tend to ' is to reveal this root can contribute greatly to the aviation industry.

To reproduce the experiment, but truth (hypothesis) still has "Top" is taught from a person that will interest by half. Find out for yourself, is going "if by any chance this invention Prize in the ' best thinking and you are thrilled that there is unbearable.


 2016 9/5 Hiro. Oyama (大山宏)
 That exhausted look, all the world, seniors have a large face, a academic society has less charm. This is the "Copernican shift" is the actually possible even now.
Representative is the black hole and dark energy, dark matter, and in Whitehall, STAP cell Obokata Haruko and ESP( SP, PK) of like lying and is.
 People tried, under the liberty's victory is the smile era.
 2016 9 / 5 Hiro. Oyama

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« ダークマターやダークエネルギーは独楽回転の亡霊であることの証明。Dark matter and Dark energy is proof of ghosts in the top rotation. | トップページ | Shinzo Abe is the King naked! 'Shigeru Ishiba' should win the Prime Minister definitely!石破茂氏が逆転勝利し総理大臣に就任すべきであった! 2018/09/20 added article »

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« ダークマターやダークエネルギーは独楽回転の亡霊であることの証明。Dark matter and Dark energy is proof of ghosts in the top rotation. | トップページ | Shinzo Abe is the King naked! 'Shigeru Ishiba' should win the Prime Minister definitely!石破茂氏が逆転勝利し総理大臣に就任すべきであった! 2018/09/20 added article »