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2016年9月19日 (月)

オバマ大統領へ「核の先制不使用宣誓を断念するならノーベル平和賞を返すべきです」President Obama "to abandon the nuclear predecessor no swearing if you should return Nobel Peace Prize"

Description: letter addressed to Obama, President Obama planned "Pre-emptive nuclear-free oath that as one of Hiroshima citizens to please, is.
 Obama last month, the President to be assassinated, prepared on courageously Hiroshima welcome us. I am one of the Hiroshima City in Hiroshima Prefecture. English speech you bring excitement and hear, eyes became heated. The forceful hugs greetings settlement with survivors of the sincerity of your came through. Thank you very much.

 You was brought seeking to have an extraordinary desire for world peace, particularly nuclear disarmament, from shortly before he became President eight years ago, as President. Dangers in the country by the assassination of President Lincoln, President Kennedy, also assassinated was enough, but still you visit Hiroshima, atomic bomb anniversary of 8/6 was "threatening world peace how nuclear weapons?' about the world. I thought at that time was to "Says Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for work with the mission and you played". It is felt as that.

Becomes a personal matter, I 8/13 ~ 22, eight days went with his wife to travel to three countries of Northern Europe. It was one week after President Obama visited Hiroshima's departure. It is a fjord landscape after the Oslo, President Obama has found a photo when you were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.



 Asked by Nobel's will, is not only the Nobel Peace Prize in Sweden Stockholm, awarded a neck City Hall in Norway. Shortly after he visited Hiroshima and photos best deserves the Nobel peace prize ceremony for Obama's big picture I thought to be honest. (This chocolate was sold only at Stockholm's City Hall) was a Nobel Prize medal of expensive chocolate also made strenuous efforts 2 cans (20) buy a souvenir. And friends in the neighborhood and walked proudly.

 3 o'clock in the beginning of September still had the excitement of travel to the Scandinavian TV NHK "abandoned the oath President Obama leading nucleus of obsolete pattern!" That story flowed. Pretty much zero. While I thought "I will lie", create and post blog writes once every two days I feel the resentment seething watching NHK news emergency coverage within the bowels of adventurous light world (Hiro. Oyama  大山), to blame President Obama and United States citizens Because emergency calls were made.

NHK reported the emergency "Mo gave Obama nuclear predecessor obsolete oath '?" This is shocking news. Surely the newspapers tomorrow morning will be a busy, and while I try searching for articles on the Internet and I was surprised.
What, might, "Abe's Cabinet ahead of the nuclear non of oath to abandon." and is found the fact that pressure seems to be hung. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the area is wrong I can say (mad heads). I was speechless!

 President Obama and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attended the Hiroshima atomic bomb anniversary. It is 3 days later joined to the Nagasaki Atomic bomb anniversary. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is "Obama me abandon the oath of obsolete nuclear predecessor, President" and seems to have been responsible for work it is. Do not know what mad head.
Immediately, I was adding a comment submitted my blog. "Obama says, our United States citizens, a sorry please. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and their cronies was crazy. Obama the President, Abe "is no way other than world peace initiative began leading nucleus without swearing to" taught them." and was sent back to add your comment.


 Blogs that I sent through the Pentagon during the day were delivered to your caller I immediately realized. Is in the "Analytics" from outside of Japan dozens of times had access.  We guess computer information agency of the Chinese Government and Israel's Intelligence Agency also acknowledged.
But it is. It is a Japan national access number is not increased at all. Is a truly sad story, but political parties in Japan except NHK journalists, the importance of totally aren't even aware of it.

 It is, of course, Nagasaki Prefecture and Hiroshima Prefecture people amounted to fly into a rage. I was mad 'Prime Minister Shinzo Abe came to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic bomb ceremony what?' Sit-in and hunger strike came there are signature activities in 71 years, but CUZ liberal regime of bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki Prefecture to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe understood mathematically impossible. It is and also 2-tung Lier was vomiting only were all disappointed.

 71年間も核廃絶を訴えて来たが、日本政府は、オバマ大統領が平和への第一歩である「核の先行不使用の宣誓」さえも、止めてください、と圧力をかけた?これでは、早晩、核戦争は確実に起きますよ。安倍首相は大バカ者だと言わざるを得ません。 日本の恥ですが、オバマ大統領、安倍首相に平和への第一歩(ABCAの字)が核の先行不使用の宣誓であることを教え諭してやって下さいませんか。
 Has appealed against nuclear weapons for 71 years, but Japan Government is President Obama is a first step toward peace is a leading core with no oath even, please turn it off and put pressure on?. Sooner or later, nuclear war, it happens absolutely. Not to say Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is stupid.
Would you mind doing taught that Japan's shame, but President Obama, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ahead of nuclear no oath is the first step to peace (A in ABC alphabet)?
I learned to swear an oath on the Internet ahead of free countries has five major core holding around the country. It's a China. Other four countries [United States United Kingdom France Russia] is not a first strike with no oath. This is threatening to other countries, threats and intimidation that is unmistakable.


"On the nuclear issue now have justice for China. It is to abandon the nuclear predecessor obsolete oath President Obama will once again declaring that America is not an arch villain.
If you going to really give you the Nobel Peace Prize will return to Sweden for the correct behavior. 

 He do not understand he's under the pretext of nuclear development in North Korea now has Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, are Britain France Russia is my country 'nuclear threat to keep calling to other countries" that cannot understand.
You were a's been to eight years to get rid of the threat only became the only nuclear superpower United States President Obama's initiative to steer the ship, cut off.

 Under such circumstances the only radiation exposure country Japan Prime Minister's "don't swear an oath of obsolete nuclear row" are against President Obama, have multiplied the pressure, or Obama himself that he wondered at a guess.

 2016年9月20 大山宏
 I expect ‘Abe-no-mics’ has been voted the Liberal Democratic Party, but I threw in the towel. Peace is important, such as bringing up a child welfare problem than the reconstruction of the economy. Peace is threatened, no meaning. Nagasaki Prefecture and Hiroshima Prefecture people easily bear, bear and bear, first step in the Elimination of nuclear weapons "nuclear predecessor obsolete oath" will go as planned, so once again please.  9/20/2016 Hiro. Oyama


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President Obama 核宣誓への手紙 Letter from Hiroshima」カテゴリの記事


I like this post, enjoyed this one thank you for putting up. No man is wise enough by himself. by Titus Maccius Plautus. kgafcdeddagk
訳:この記事は気に入った。楽しめました。投稿してくれて有難う。自分自身から「自分は賢い人」なんて言える人はいませんな。by Titus Maccius Plautus. kgafcdeddagk

投稿: Johne123 | 2016年10月18日 (火) 14時11分

 These when he read a letter of Mr. Obama, "so far without Clinton would win. Declaration of non-use nuclear first strike later to serve. "And so easy to determine. I have been waiting and now someone in a mental hospital in contrary to expected, Clinton was torn. All of the major changes of the world situation is know. It is really the world what be radically changed by only a few. Will occur in the near future is nuclear war. You think I should accept, is that God has elected and then resigned again, these days. 2017 6 / 01 Hiro. Oyama
 核戦争は近い将来起きるでしょう。神様が選ばれることなのですから、これも甘んじて受け入れるべきなのかな、と考えたりする今日この頃です。2017 6/01 大山宏

投稿: | 2017年6月 2日 (金) 04時49分

 According to one reliable fortune teller, president Obama will soon return the Nobel Peace Prize he received 10 years ago to the Nobel Foundation in Sweden (or Norway). Before that, nuclear abolition was going on in a blitz, and the Foundation said, "It's not necessary. You have contributed greatly to the abolition of nuclear weapons in the transition that is no longer president. Thank you very much. It is appropriate to leave the Nobel Peace Prize awarded.  Thank you very much for your hard work." It's truly wonderful to be in heaven.' Amen!
 ある信頼できる占師によると、近いうちに、10年前に貰ったノーベル平和賞を、スウェーデン(or ノールウェー)に在するノーベル財団に、オバマ大統領がお返しする事態になる、とのことです。 その前に、核廃絶は電撃的に進行していて、財団は、「その必要はありません。あなたは、大統領でなくなった移行でも、大きく核廃絶に貢献して頂きました。有難うございました。ノーベル平和賞は受賞したままにしておいて下さるのが適切です。本当にご苦労様でした」という運びとなるでしょう。
 天の采配って、まことに素晴らしいですね。 アーメン!

投稿: Obama will return Nobel Prize | 2019年9月15日 (日) 16時28分




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