« 大宇宙のビッグバンは嘘!超新星爆発はミニビッグバンです!〔微小な異次元世界、現世、極大の異次元世界〕の3者は相似形。Universe and the big bang is a lie! Big bang mini is a supernova explosion! "micro-dimensional world, worldly, maximal-dimensional world] of 3 is similar. | トップページ | [置かれた場所でさきなさい]は、哲学・心理学・物理学の融合に光を与える書となりそうです。This gives light to the fusion of philosophy, psychology and physics. »

2017年4月13日 (木)

宇宙背景放射もハッブルの法則もアインシュタイン思想を支持する証拠であって、ビッグバンを支持するものではない!It is not evidence for the cosmic background radiation is Hubble's law Einstein thought that supports the big bang!

"Observations of cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) not rated?" The answer for a question.
"3 K cosmic background radiation was discovered in 1965 by American Penzias and Wilson. Evidence is the discovery of the cosmic background radiation, the steady state theory has become lost. And 100 years of the big bang and inflation theory research is continued. Hiro. Oyama-San, you are that the big bang is even or are you doing trying to deny "that question.
 ビッグバンは存在しませんでした。但し、超新星爆発が起こる事や、超大型の爆発で銀河が出来たことは多くの天文学者が観測されている通りです。それら多くの超新星爆発時の光の波長が伸びに伸びて、地球上で観測されたのが宇宙背景放射だろう、と推定しています。  もしそうだとして計算し直したとしても『100150億年前に起こった超新星爆発の名残りが宇宙背景放射である』と、宇宙背景放射の解釈が取って代わるだけでしょう?
Let us answer, only the point without fear of misunderstanding. The big bang does not exist. However, the supernova explosion occur, and that galaxies in an extra-large explosion is as has been observed by many astronomers. Those estimates would be cosmic background radiation of wavelength of Explosive Nucleosynthesis for more growth in the observed on Earth. If so, recalculated the "100-remnants of a supernova explosion in the 15 billion years ago, in the cosmic background radiation" and will only replace the interpretation of the cosmic background radiation?
Lisp in previous difficult to find that I may have. The "cosmic background radiation is far from the Milky Way galaxy far more 100-billion years why it was observed as a microwave light arrived! ' With assessment. Let me explain a little.

"Let's light-years 15 billion sphere RADIUS. In the area of the spherical distributed Galaxy. One of the Galaxy aboard a UFO and movement at the moment to try out your. In there I RADIUS 15 billion light bulb the recognition (spreading seen on Earth the same sight?). It is a light was born from was its frontier Galaxy B Atomic molecular world 15 billion years are part of Earth's Milky Way Galaxy A up coming travel all the way. Will become increasingly stretched the wavelength λ, reaches the Galaxy A microwave."
"Why grow wavelength λ?" Once again the question that. The answer is shown below.
 ということは、C-black C〔地上で観測される光速度〕という事です。
In recent years, the existence of a black hole is probable, and came in the limelight. This black hole is light even in presence of the swallow and the light from this black hole in even that you can't come out, and it is. I guess if black holes are further dimensions lower than the Atomic molecular size very small dimensional world. However, in its interior there is a light speed [C-black] have a busy should be flying.  And "can borrow energy from the black hole, to come out from the black hole (hawking)" with that. That means C-black < C [speed on the ground: that is.
Cn とすると、当然のことながら、〔C Cn〕ということになります。
The conclusion of one of Einstein's principle of relativity: "there is something greater than light speed C?There is." of receive honest answers "or where it is? ' Let originates the question. Then another Einstein in the can even easily imagine "it exists in the world of beyond the beyond the event horizon (higher-dimensional world)". Cn to the speed of light in a different dimensional world, and of course, [C < Cn] that it will be.
『なぜ、光速C30万Km/sec という一定値として観測されるのか?』という疑問は当時の人々も一様に持っていました。それに対する私の答えは、
30万Km/sec としか観測されないので、その光速Cを基準として移動物体の全てのスピードを測る、という約束事を決めたからだ」、ということになるのです。
"Why the speed of light C is 300,000 which is observed as the Km/sec constant value?' Is the question people at that time had in uniform. My answers to it, "Einstein at that time, to measure the speed of light on the ground and 300,000 Body decided to promise not observed and Km/sec, so the speed of light C, relative measure with all the speed of a moving object", that it would is.
C-black Cn とで挟まれたCが3段階ぐらいに分かれているとしてもちっとも不思議ではありません。
  C-black C ” C ’ C Cn
事象の地平線あたりの遠い宇宙の端での光速をCとして、その内側に存在する銀河宇宙内部の光子移動の速度は、CではなくてC ’C ’C)であろうと推定できます。
C ”C ” C ’ C )ということになります。

 光速Cは従来30万Km/sec だと思っていたでしょうが、そのイメージが崩れ去ったでしょ。速度が速くなれば、その分だけ波長は伸びていくのです。
World we live in is a higher-dimensional world and is sandwiched between the world of different dimensions of black holes and to. Let us through the world of these three criteria, again measure the speed of light in that measure. Then C sandwiched in between C-black and Cn are divided in 3 stages and least surprising is not. C-black < C "< C ' < C < Cn, namely, (1), Galaxy universe inside of light at the edge of the event horizon around the distant universe exists inside C as photons move speed, C is not C ' (C ' < C), can be presumed to be. (2), in addition to atomic molecular size-photons move in the small world of nuclear size is not a C, C"(C" < C ' < C) that things will be. How do? Is the speed of light C conventional 300000 in thought and Km/sec, though, the image can be alone. It is a speed faster, the wavelength increase.
"Summary" Let's. Light Atomic molecular size is determining the frequency ν of the birth has been released into the larger world, produced in a smaller world. Faster velocity V from the wavelength λ is the value after dividing the speed V with frequency ν, the wavelength λ is to grow in direct proportion. Light therefore, born in the microscopic world of atoms and molecules in the edge of distant galaxies in the universe are we in the eyes of the Earth lives in the Milky Way Galaxy "where wavelength is growing!?" I had observed.
Light from within our Milky Way Galaxy, are living in the end distant galaxies in space people "wavelength λ is growing!?" and you can observe. This is a principle of relativity itself? Einstein announces that 100 years ago, as a "special relativity". And on acceleration α and extends this idea, developed in the "general relativity", "curved space-time is like!" What is said.
という具合に、「村山斉様 佐藤勝彦様 堀源一郎様。銀河の端では光速は大きくなっている様子。ビッグバンは嘘だった?At the edge of the Galaxy, the speed of light seems bigger. The Big Bang was a lie?」
   2017 4/11 Hiro. Oyama


« 大宇宙のビッグバンは嘘!超新星爆発はミニビッグバンです!〔微小な異次元世界、現世、極大の異次元世界〕の3者は相似形。Universe and the big bang is a lie! Big bang mini is a supernova explosion! "micro-dimensional world, worldly, maximal-dimensional world] of 3 is similar. | トップページ | [置かれた場所でさきなさい]は、哲学・心理学・物理学の融合に光を与える書となりそうです。This gives light to the fusion of philosophy, psychology and physics. »





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« 大宇宙のビッグバンは嘘!超新星爆発はミニビッグバンです!〔微小な異次元世界、現世、極大の異次元世界〕の3者は相似形。Universe and the big bang is a lie! Big bang mini is a supernova explosion! "micro-dimensional world, worldly, maximal-dimensional world] of 3 is similar. | トップページ | [置かれた場所でさきなさい]は、哲学・心理学・物理学の融合に光を与える書となりそうです。This gives light to the fusion of philosophy, psychology and physics. »