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2017年6月27日 (火)

村山斉殿へ「間違いだらけの宇宙論」を読んでホーキング博士は「ブラックホールは存在しない」と主張し始めた様ですね。”The New Static Cosmology”佐藤勝彦殿、船久保公一殿。

概要:「間違いだらけの宇宙論」を書かれた永田博一氏は暗殺 ? された模様です。しかし『ブラックホールは存在しない。ビッグバン宇宙論も虚しい空論』という論説は今も世界中の心ある科学者の中に生き続けています。
Summary: Dr. Hiroichi Nagata; “the New Static Cosmology” was assassinated, wasn't he? However, the "black hole does not exist. Big bang theory also empty speculations," that op-ed now lives in mind scientists around the world.

続きを読む "村山斉殿へ「間違いだらけの宇宙論」を読んでホーキング博士は「ブラックホールは存在しない」と主張し始めた様ですね。”The New Static Cosmology”佐藤勝彦殿、船久保公一殿。"

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2017年6月25日 (日)

村山斉殿へ『点にしか見えない銀河や星が放つ十字光が暗示するものとは?』 重力レンズ効果。偏光。十字輝線。Cross light. Gravitational lensing. Polarized light.. Cross line.

Description: a huge cross star stands during a NASA photo of the light from distant galaxies. Light mysteries are solved by Polarized light effects and gravitational lens effects connected with the huge cross. Gravitational lensing of the Earth and the solar system there is.
A giant NASA photos taken with the telescope, and shows a surprising things.

Because air density of the Earth is shaken, and learned of glittering stars when I was a kid. It was once the star becomes small when it peeps into the telescope. "A little bit strange?' That is what I thought. Because "of the density fluctuations in air to look too good, because if the stars themselves left and right back and forth swaying?' And is wanted in the child's mind.
Observatory photo technology has improved, even the amateur photographer, pictures of the universe precisely can take now. The halation said it seemed that are actually galaxies, supernova explosions after gas spread to, halation of old images and changed a lot came on. Photo: NASA offers got let me used in teaching other parents visiting day photo [enlarged view of] is.
    図2:部分拡大図 Fig.2:enlarged view of Fig.1

続きを読む "村山斉殿へ『点にしか見えない銀河や星が放つ十字光が暗示するものとは?』 重力レンズ効果。偏光。十字輝線。Cross light. Gravitational lensing. Polarized light.. Cross line."

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2017年6月23日 (金)

重力圏と重力場との違い。月と地球は連星?逆さ富士のすそ野。【4-5】 Difference between gravity and gravitational field. Moon and Earth's triple? The foot of upside-down Mt. Fuji.

概要:小学生の児童を相手に、フィボナッチ先生が、連星の軌道や、その重力圏のお話しをしています。逆さ富士も出て来るし、相撲の土俵の例を引きながら、重力圏と重力場の違いを面白おかしく話しています。 Elementary school children to the Fibonacci teacher binary orbits and gravitational sphere talk has. Come out upside-down Fuji and, citing the example of the sumo ring funny talk about difference between gravity and gravitational field.
 以前に、人工衛星を二つに分けて考えて、その衛星が地球の周りを回ることをアインシュタイン思想で説明しました(第3章 人工衛星の心?)。衛星の近日点通過時点速度Vの大きさによって、その衛星が楕円軌道を回るのか、双曲線軌道をたどっていくのかの違いが現れるのでしたね。今日は、「連星」に関してその軌道がどうなるのかという話をしようと思います。
 Einstein's thought discussed ago dividing into two satellites that the satellite rotates around the Earth第3章 人工衛星の心?Artificial satellites in mind and the mind?" ). It was a difference depending on the satellite perihelion passage at speed V, around an elliptic orbit with its satellite, or hyperbolic trajectory to follow. I'm going to talk about that today, "binary" its orbit if it comes.

続きを読む "重力圏と重力場との違い。月と地球は連星?逆さ富士のすそ野。【4-5】 Difference between gravity and gravitational field. Moon and Earth's triple? The foot of upside-down Mt. Fuji."

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2017年6月21日 (水)

量子トンネル効果のアインシュタイン的解釈。Interpretation using Einstein's ideas about the quantum tunneling effect.

 スピンは1/2 とか -1/2 とか、の整数倍で定まっています。このスピンは小宇宙の中の全ての物質中で同期して時を刻んでいます。だから、「量子トンネル効果はそう見えるだけです。天地創造以降から現在まで、スピン時間は完全同期しているのです。瞬間移動で情報が伝わったように見える量子トンネル効果は、情報が伝わったのではなくて、元々そういう時の流れの中でその様な現象が起きました」、というだけの話なのです。》
First let's say its new interpretation. "Spin 1/2 or-1/2 of the recordable drive in integers x. Synchronized in all material in this spin, chopping the time. So you see only the quantum tunneling effect it seems. Since the universe creation until now, spin time in perfect synchrony that is. Seen information that was transmitted by quantum tunneling, information is transmitted, not originally within such time happened that such behavior ", that only the story."

In the detailed description.  Is that what you had before you telling us that the big bang was actually the first hydrogen nuclei and electrons can the first nucleus and electrons. It's time. Is the electron has spin, but its spin is determined at the beginning of time. So the spin time is right bang after far 13,700,000,000 years long time constant is. It is syncing. Is the evidence? Let's list the facts to back it up.

続きを読む "量子トンネル効果のアインシュタイン的解釈。Interpretation using Einstein's ideas about the quantum tunneling effect."

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2017年6月19日 (月)



続きを読む "銀河系とアンドロメダ銀河の衝突合体論は変〔空論では?〕"

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2017年6月16日 (金)



続きを読む "ブログ活用のノウハウ・秘伝。Google検索活用術"

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地磁気Q&A殿へ 大陸プレートが瞬間移動させられている証拠。Pacific plate moment be moved is the evidence.

Summary: discuss the origin of the Hawaiian Islands that everybody knows (hot spots) and geological data, based on the Pacific plate teleportation and is was fact. And the Earth's magnetic pole and pole reversal while damping vibration phenomenon causing 14 plate movement and were inextricably interrelated. Geology textbooks will be rewritten significantly in the near future.

続きを読む "地磁気Q&A殿へ 大陸プレートが瞬間移動させられている証拠。Pacific plate moment be moved is the evidence."

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2017年6月12日 (月)

ダイナモ理論の盲点:地磁気とプレートテクトニクスとの関係。Blind spots of Dynamo theory. 地磁気Q&A殿へのお手紙。

Summary: there is a causal relationship between things, cause and resulting confusion is rampant in the world of science and technology, the head of junior high school students and the general public to be in chaos. And the pole is not an exception for the phenomenon of geomagnetic pole to reverse.
Dynamo theory to explain the magnetic phenomena had big catch (blind spots).

続きを読む "ダイナモ理論の盲点:地磁気とプレートテクトニクスとの関係。Blind spots of Dynamo theory. 地磁気Q&A殿へのお手紙。"

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2017年6月10日 (土)

"Axis of the Earth's geomagnetic field"「地球の地磁気の軸」は太平洋プレートの移動ベクトル回転軸に一致!Match the Pacific plate moving vector rotation!

2020 05/21 top page for you 
Summary: Earth's magnetic field was described as a Dynamo effect so far, but the driving force was unknown. Whether I was aware
early on is made from folded mountains of the Sahara and all over the world and deep trenches, such as burning ice planet, but believe it or not formed until the Earth's geomagnetic field (magnetic field) and I was surprised.

1900年 - 地磁気北極は78.6N 68.8W、地磁気南極は 78.6S 111.2E
1990年 - 地磁気北極は79.1N 71.1W、地磁気南極は 79.1S 108.9E
2005年 - 地磁気北極は79.7N 71.8W、地磁気南極は 79.7S 108.2E
2010年 - 地磁気北極は80.0N 72.2W、地磁気南極は 80.0S 107.8E
 After a long time is good news. Was the axis of the Earth's magnetic poles, coincided with the Pacific plate moving vector rotation axis.
North Pole is 78.6 N 68.8 W,
 South pole 78.6 S 111.2 E
1990-geomagnetic North Pole is 79.1 N 71.1 W
  South pole 79.1 S 108.9 E
2005-geomagnetic North Pole is 79.7 N 71.8 W,
 South pole Is 79.7 S 108.2 E
2010-geomagnetic North Pole is 80.0 N 72.2 W,
 South pole 80.0 S 107.8 E
 Turns out that year to geomagnetic pole is moving, but in recent years hundreds of years between the latitude 80 ° West longitude 70 ° about sits. Latitude 80 ° West longitude 70 ° and North of the province of Quebec in Canada [West Greenland], located in the Arctic circle. South geomagnetic pole is the point symmetry.
Turns of some substance as a center line, the line connecting the magnetic poles, the magnetic field magnetic base is. Wikipedia says "the theory has not been clarified". By the way. It is was what coding the perfect magnetic center line. Please look at the following illustration.
この図は、各プレートが現在どの方向にどの程度の速さで移動しているかを示すデータです。拡大してみて頂くと分かる通り、一番大きなプレート移動は太平洋プレートの動きで年間10/Y で動いています。この矢印()を辿っていくと、まるで人工衛星が地球の周りを周回するコースの如くの曲線が分かります。
Indicates whether this figure, each plate is currently in any direction how much travelling at a velocity that is. As we try to grow the biggest plate moving by the movement of the Pacific plate moving in year 10 cm/Y. Can you curve like the course will follow the arrow () and
were orbiting around the Earth artificial satellite.

続きを読む ""Axis of the Earth's geomagnetic field"「地球の地磁気の軸」は太平洋プレートの移動ベクトル回転軸に一致!Match the Pacific plate moving vector rotation!"

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