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2017年6月25日 (日)

村山斉殿へ『点にしか見えない銀河や星が放つ十字光が暗示するものとは?』 重力レンズ効果。偏光。十字輝線。Cross light. Gravitational lensing. Polarized light.. Cross line.

Description: a huge cross star stands during a NASA photo of the light from distant galaxies. Light mysteries are solved by Polarized light effects and gravitational lens effects connected with the huge cross. Gravitational lensing of the Earth and the solar system there is.
A giant NASA photos taken with the telescope, and shows a surprising things.


Because air density of the Earth is shaken, and learned of glittering stars when I was a kid. It was once the star becomes small when it peeps into the telescope. "A little bit strange?' That is what I thought. Because "of the density fluctuations in air to look too good, because if the stars themselves left and right back and forth swaying?' And is wanted in the child's mind.
Observatory photo technology has improved, even the amateur photographer, pictures of the universe precisely can take now. The halation said it seemed that are actually galaxies, supernova explosions after gas spread to, halation of old images and changed a lot came on. Photo: NASA offers got let me used in teaching other parents visiting day photo [enlarged view of] is.
    図2:部分拡大図 Fig.2:enlarged view of Fig.1

図1:銀河衝突現場。Fig.1 Galaxies are colliding.(NASA)
Photo この写真で、暗黒物質らしき亡霊
In this photo, from Dark Matter confirmed shade (pale blue football-shaped) are two such. It seems a lot of information to other distant stars thanks for showing us. One of these is, there is the star which shines in the cross. "Though it is called diffraction phenomena by the cross is called the cross line, with reflective telescope secondary mirror support Struts and only in 'bright star, ' then how to breathe it's kinda shame. Let's examine the characteristics."
You have the shape of a giant cross. It is a wonder that teachers have undertaken to dark matter doesn't seem to wonder about.
 "What is strange or?' Is the question.
Had no growth in the light of this huge cross this out [in the heart] is a common emitter is giving a small spherical symmetric glaring at Q stars, galaxies.

Please see the compare in Fig.1. Right along with the blurring of the luminous body it is distributed around the story of if without a huge cross!》
"Maybe only stars in part expansion Fig.2 special?' When searching the original figure 1 think there is a star in the crosshairs here. Part expansion Fig.2 [top map] to go back and look at the top-left corner. Cross shines its light-emitting body, right? And two white cross star at the top, on the right side there is a Red Cross Star one.
 There is a small white cross star's right under the Red Cross Star. It is found only in the larger picture, 5.

☆、If you snoop before Fig.1, you should find plenty more.
★、the tilt angle of the light of the luminous body of cross match at 20 degrees, is interesting. Then listen neck suddenly realized their wits ' end. It is thought "a cross-reflection Ray saw somewhere!'.
It was a sight on the coast of the sunny morning and squinted at the reflected light from the Sun. It is like cross stars in many reflected that shined brilliantly. "That sight and looks just like ' I thought. The light was stretched in the vertical and horizontal cross-shaped. Of grains of light of the same cross is observed even at sea level if you recall the sun setting and flutters in the wind pond Lake, still the same jumps.
On this earth we very naturally to cross to see the light and the stars came all the way from distant space images [cross image] may overlap so that. From the center of the star to radiate out of there was material that reflects the light emitted from the reflected light to the tip of a thin needle reaches the Earth, right? Maybe the number μ to dozens µm particles thinner surrounds the star from going on reflection would have arrived on Earth.
It is ultra-thin surround from the star's photosphere tens of times at hundreds of times the size the particles are. And thick concentration near the center of the periphery concentration of thinner should be. Its scope, "this area extends are fine!" And suggests the end of you.


でも、十字星はそのハレーションに加えて針のようなシャープな十字線光 が伸びているのです。
"Not only the direction of the cross, in that case, should be stretched radially around.  No doubt should be cross-shaped ', and I thought you'd. It is a part like halation of light spread on the sphere that you pointed out that the smaller surrounds its star Dim. You look at what stars are so vaguely defined light-emitting body. However the cross has expanded the halation, plus needle-like with sharp cross lines light.
Enlarged photo of a long cross Ray, is very rare. Cross Star is found near the few compared to the size of the light bulb is so no longer. Many stars are just vaguely thin halation (Halo) round just is. It is sharp and long cross Ray, as seen in the NASA photo cases are really rare.
Without fear of misunderstanding, let's say of my reasoning. Galaxy is rotating. Specter appeared to be a football-shaped dark matter is rotating. It is when the rays go out toward the axis of the rotation center point is just headed to Earth to happen seems to be observed this cross.
"Try was not observed only rarely cross star with a long needle. A rotor happened to be headed towards Earth is rare, they say. However, now, has become the reason for not only in the direction of the cross I think not ".
 It is pointed out like this. To explain it first grains of the rays of the morning Sun [reflected cruciform] of, I've been talking about.

Look cross-shaped grains of light reflected in the Asahi evening sun why? Seems that from happening it is polarized. Says Brewster or called did you know? In each part of the gravity within walking distance of the luminous body in the polarization phenomenon apparently distant universe (Star, Galaxy) seems to be happening! Decomposed into a shallow jump toward the axis of rotation of stars powerful light reflected and refracted light comes out after internal refraction, but should be perpendicular to the linear polarization between the two.
Come to cross heavily polarized light arrives at the Earth. It [Earth or the Sun or Galaxy] of is through the polarizer that one's gravitational field, and only part of the big cross-observed as a pass.Will has fold polarizing filters that the gravitational field of the Sun if you cross light inclination 20 ° is at right angles to the ecliptic plane. Don't become galactic rotation have fold parallel if it acts as a polarizing filter Galactic gravity. [I'm cross line. Diffraction phenomena by cross in telescope secondary mirror support Struts, and the assumption is put beside], is under a bad check? How do?
There is another interesting thing. Light crossing to cross in the enlarged view Fig.2 growth in the horizontal line-a little thick for left and right asymmetric that is. Seems to match the glaring expanse of yellow background. This chunky asymmetrical white may be the lens effect of the Earth's atmosphere. That seems to imply that is most important on this blog during the gravity at a distance inversely fine material is distributed in and so cross needle tips per substantially gravitational sphere (gravitational) is the thing.
, has a rotating Galaxy and the neutron star. the mighty cross star would appear, if its axis of rotation is just consistent in the direction of the Earth that is not or. a little out of position and orientation, is buried into of halation of the stars (Halo), extremely short length of the needle of the cross.


« 重力圏と重力場との違い。月と地球は連星?逆さ富士のすそ野。Difference between gravity and gravitational field. Moon and Earth's triple? The foot of upside-down Mt. Fuji. | トップページ | 村山斉殿へ「間違いだらけの宇宙論」を読んでホーキング博士は「ブラックホールは存在しない」と主張し始めた様ですね。”The New Static Cosmology”佐藤勝彦殿、船久保公一殿。 »

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« 重力圏と重力場との違い。月と地球は連星?逆さ富士のすそ野。Difference between gravity and gravitational field. Moon and Earth's triple? The foot of upside-down Mt. Fuji. | トップページ | 村山斉殿へ「間違いだらけの宇宙論」を読んでホーキング博士は「ブラックホールは存在しない」と主張し始めた様ですね。”The New Static Cosmology”佐藤勝彦殿、船久保公一殿。 »