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2017年7月 4日 (火)

1φ指穴を覗くと光の曲がりが確認できるというアインシュタイン思想。物質の表面引力。重力場。Bending of light through 1φhole. Surface gravity.

Overview: show arranged in Fibonacci sequence rule relation of gravity and the black hole, while shows Einstein thought of the similar shape of the universe. Shows the rule of thumb that forward while bending light passed through the 1 diameter hole was going in the space; crumpled index finger space between similar figures, in late.
 Bend your index finger small hole as 1φ, making you look like. Bent concave effect in your surroundings and is visible. It is this phenomenon can be explained by Einstein's ideas. Today it is a story.

Stage for Let's radius of the center of gravity and black hole in the following table 1.

However, black holes in the table below is the schwarzchild RADIUS. You would like "black hole  schwarzchild RADIUS" and read the back.
Table 1: black hole R interim standard R gravitational sphere R
 月  0.00000011km center   36,000km
地球  0.000009km  center  2,900,000km
太陽  3 km    center  1km0.106Ly光年〕
銀河  0.2km center    〔700,000Ly光年〕
銀河団 200km    center   〔7億Ly光年〕 
どうやるか? フィボナッチルールの1つ:「最大値と最小値とを掛け合わせて平方根√を取ってみれば、答え(center)が出て来る」のでした。細かな計算は後回しにして、

The center? of this table is good, if you calculate the value. How do they work? One of the Fibonacci rule: "multiplied by the maximum and minimum values square root answer it, if you take (center?) Coming out "of it was. Detailed calculations are the first that as a result table.

Black_hole フィボナッチルールを使って、
最大値と最小値とを掛け合わせて平方根√を取ってみれば、答え(center?)が出て来るのでした。 まず、に関して(center)を求めてみましょう。
Using the Fibonacci rule, multiplied by the maximum and minimum values and the square root answer it, if you take (center?) It have come out. First of all, for the Moon (center?) Let's start by asking.
(0.00000011km x 36,000km) = 0.063km
From the center of the Moon r1 = 63 m (spherical position) is found halfway between the months.
When it comes to Earth?

(0.000009km x 2,900,000km) = 5.1km
Turns out that the Earth's RADIUS is 6378 km from this r2=5.1km is very near the center of gravity of the Earth.

地球の半径は6378kmなのですから、このr25.1km 地球の重心点の極近くだということが分かります。 太陽に関しても計算してみましょう。
 Let's try to compute with the Sun.

( 3km x 1,000,000,000,000km) = 1,732,000.km
 太陽の半径は70kmであり、水星の公転半径は5800 kmですから、太陽に関しての(center=r3)は、太陽表面を少しだけ離れた場所にあることが分かりました。
700,000 km is the radius of the Sun, Mercury's orbital RADIUS is 58 million km, with the Sun (center? = r3), found to be staying just a little bit off the Sun's surface.
 Similarly, the Galaxy (center? = r4) let's start by asking.

(0.02 billion km÷9,500 billion km/Ly x 700,000Ly)
( 0.2km÷95,000km/光年 x 700,000光年)
 = 1.21 Ly(
光年) = r4

(2 billion km÷9,500 billion km/Lyx700,000,000Ly)
( 200km÷95,000km/光年 x 700,000,000光年)
1214 Ly(光年)= r5 と求まります。
Of matter in Galaxies contains 1000 galaxies, (center? = r5) = 1214 Ly (light years away) and obtained more.Here's an interesting. Each column of table 1 see Division in the r1, r2, r3, r4, and r5 please.  Results line numbers like these.
 月  0.00000174  1.0  571,000.
地球  0.00000176  1.0  569,000.
太陽  0.00000173  1.0  577,000.
銀河  0.00000174  1.0  579,000.
銀河団 0.00000174  1.0  577,000.
こうなるように比例計算(相似計算)したのですから当然の結果だとも言えます。 最小値をブラックホールサイズとし、実質的な重力圏のサイズを最大値として、その間に標準的なフィボナッチ数列を当てはめたのです。《どの星や銀河に対しても、標準的なフィボナッチ数列単純比例で当てはめただけなのですよ。》
Within the error margin of the calculation are lined with the same number. Is to be proportional calculation (similarity) was, is a foregone conclusion.
Black hole size and the minimum value is substantial; gravity area size as the maximum value, applying the standard Fibonacci sequence during that time.
It is only applied in the simple proportionality standard Fibonacci sequence for how stars and galaxies.
 Using computed criteria is less than two.


Black hole is the schwarzchild RADIUS. The calculation criteria and GPS satellite clock lead-lag with [elapsed time 1 sec, and if you actually 0.33 seconds slower was] that I've had are defined at a distance.
For gravitational sphere (gravitational sphere), the range would affect is relieved the following minimum unit: 0.000000000001 sec of 0.000000000445 sec(GPS-satellite-clock), decided and gravity. In this condition, had figured out each number of black holes and gravitational sphere RADIUS. With respect to the other one.

(3),太陽のブラックホールシュワルツシルト半径〕の半径が3Kmであることです。Black hole of Sun [schwarzchild RADIUS] is 3 Km in RADIUS.
3 Km and the size of the black hole of other stars to calculate mass ratio. It was at the same time, for each star was calculated by mass gravity. (You apply the law of universal gravitation is proportional to the mass only).
 And they make sense, "does not contradict the photograph data of the large-scale structure of the universe, it was confirmed last week.
 So someone doing verification calculations are the same results [table 2] is obtained.
(Recalculate) checked to be sure of incorrect calculation of the figures in table 1. Conclusion so far, let's list of examination results. 

Black_hole_2  さて、これから人差し指で作った小さな穴での時空間の曲がりに関して検討しましょう。 極わずかな曲がりであって、光を閉じ込めてしまうほどの強烈なブラックホールではありませんが、わずかに光の進路を曲げるくらいの影響があるのです。
For the bending of space-time in the small holes made with your index finger from this now, let's take a look. It is not a very slight bend as would confine the light so intense black holes, slightly bend the light path as affected.
Table 2: 1.0 is the halfway point between black holes and gravity.

2:ブラックホールと重力圏との中間点は1.0 です。
 月moon  0.00000174 1.0  571,000.
地球earth  0.00000176 1.0  569,000.
太陽 Sun  0.00000173 1.0  577,000.
銀河galaxy 0.00000174 1.0  579,000.
銀河団   0.00000174 1.0  574,000.

  Clusters of galaxies
Table 2 than 1 mm hole near the finger holes doughnut (torus) and 0.00000174 1.0 574000. The can be presumed to have become sort.

    0.00000174  1.0 574,000.

Geometrically similarity exist regardless of the mass from is this finger holes doughnut (torus). However, Dent black hall(fake?) degree with finger holes donut is really small, and would finger hole donut gravitational sphere is getting smaller.
10 mmを最大値とし、1/10 mmを最小値とする範囲に限ってみましょう。
これ以上小さい世界は異次元世界だ、これ以上大きい世界も異次元世界であって、指穴ドーナツの時空間には無関係の世界だとしてローカル時空間を考えてみるのです。 この時空間の中間点は1.0 = 1mmでしょ。
更に極端に、2 mmを最大値とし、1/2 mmを最小値とする範囲に限ってみましょう。それでも、中間点は1.0 = 1mm です。
Let's only if 10 mm and maximum and minimum values to 1/10 mm range. Smaller than this world is different dimension world is larger than this dimensional world, world independent of in the space between the finger holes doughnut is the local space and time to think. Midpoint of this space-time 1.0 = 1 mm, right? Let us only, 1/2 mm to the minimum and maximum 2 mm in the extreme range. Still, the midpoint is 1.0 = 1 mm.
(0.5, 0.5), (1, 1), (2, 2) です。( , )の最初の数値は距離に関する半径矢(r)であり、0.5, 1, 2 と並んでいます。( , )2番目の数値は時間軸の矢(t)伸び縮みする度合いですが、これも0.5, 1, 2 と並んでいます。これをグラフ上にプロットしてご覧なさい。45°の傾きを持った直線が引けるでしょ。これを接線と呼ぶのですが、そんなことはどうでもいいです。時間軸の伸び縮み具合⊿tと半径rとが正比例の関係にあるのが時空間の性質(宇宙の真理)』ということを説明したかったのです。これがフィボナッチ数列ルールの最も基本的なものなのです。
Here are the coordinates of the three. (0.5, 0.5), (1, 1), (2, 2). The first number is the arrow on the distance RADIUS (r) and are side by side with 0.5, 1, 2. The second number is how stretched and the arrow of time (t), which also lined with 0.5, 1, 2. This visit plotted on the chart!. You draw a straight line with a slope of 45 °. This tangent line as it is called, but never matter is. "Temporal elasticity condition Delta is directly proportional relation between t and r the RADIUS and is the nature of space and time (the truth of the universe), that explained that is. It is this is the most basic of Fibonacci sequence rules.

So it had come out a reasonable gravitational sphere does not contradict astronomers try estimate the Earth's gravitational sphere, try estimate the solar gravitational sphere, try estimating the gravity zone on galaxies and clusters of galaxies.

If and when there is a mass of only 10 gr, its size was 1 mm, space-time near the Poles [~ 2 mm] say substantially distorted by the interval. It might be called 10 gr gravitational sphere is 2 mm. 10 gr gravitational effect that extends until the end of the distant universe that can be (is). This can be calculated in the law of universal gravitation that reaches the edge of the Sun's gravity far universe together things that are.

Back to finger hole Donuts. 10 gr is that doughnuts made with the index finger of your mass (weight). And, it was assumed the finger hole size is 1 mm. The torus in from wall (1 mm) toward the hole time axis arrow shoot out is. You can slightly distort the space-time near the 1 diameter hole is a few things not only about 0.5 mm. Because Delta is in a straight line with the 45 °inclination with RADIUS r and t is directly proportional to, and draw a graph in the vicinity.
 For light is the honesty, of space-time and warp seriously affected was all crooked. Or so light that passes through the finger holes, there were small concave is to turn, look so.

Is the question? Here you are. "So far's gravitational sphere of stars or galaxies, in a spherical mass talk would have been. But you suddenly has switched to the story of gravity area of the torus (donut hole of fingers). I think it and this will be discussed in the same row.
 ごもっともな意見です。そんな質問も出るだろうな、と予測して、先月のブログで、表面引力のお話」を小学校の女の子の質問に答える形でご説明しておいたのです。 通常、表面引力とは『星の表面で感じる重力』という具合に議論されます。例えば地球上では、1G = 9.8 m/s2 という風に説明されています。しかしこの表面引力はあなたの指の周りにだって発生しているのでした。それを分かって頂くために、先日「表面引力はあなたの身の回りでも観測可能」という記事を書いておいたのです。女の子は無事「ああ、ガラス管の内面には断面が富士山型をした引力場があるんだ」って納得していたでしょ。ガラス管を輪切りにして、トーラス面(ドーナツの形)を作っても内壁に同じような(断面が)富士山型のローカル引力圏(引力場)が出来ているのです。

 2017 7/4 Hiro. Oyama 大山宏
Is an opinion, you're absolutely right. Even ask such a question would explain as predicted in last month's blog, story of the surface gravity of elementary school girls to answer questions is kept. Usually, and surface gravity will be discussing "feel on the star's surface gravity, and so on. For example on Earth, is documented in the 1 G = 9.8 m / s2 is the wind. But was the surface attraction happens in around your finger. Was writing a blog the other day "surface attraction is even in your everyday life observations possible, because we know it is. You girls had successfully convinced coz I have a gravitational field Oh, did Mt. Fuji types section on the inside of the glass tube. A similar inner glass tube and slice make a torus (doughnut-shaped) to type local gravitational sphere (gravitational field) that are made up (cross section). Its shape (Donut) huh that resembles the shape. "Cheated. In good original ' and thought, hunched over your index finger, 1φ hole make a sneek peek look!. You'll see small, clear views of the surrounding. The finger hole just a little quietly move it vertically or horizontally.
Transit Ray is bent like almost 1 dia. hole to deflate is installed or the fact that you can check with your own eyes. 2017 7 / 4 Hiro. Oyama = Oyama Hiroshi.
 PS, plastics or paper or metal plates about 1 diameter hole to open, take a look, deflate the same effect can be observed. You peep hole 1.5 mm and 0.5 mm in the center of the bent light practically doesn't look like.


« 村山斉殿へ『アインシュタイン思想の解釈間違い』を何時まで続けるのですか。懺悔を!Interpretation mistakes of Einstein's thought. Confession! | トップページ | 表面張力と表面引力の違いは何?クーロンの法則=万有引力の法則!Difference between surface tension and the surface gravity? Coulomb's law = universal gravitation law. »

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« 村山斉殿へ『アインシュタイン思想の解釈間違い』を何時まで続けるのですか。懺悔を!Interpretation mistakes of Einstein's thought. Confession! | トップページ | 表面張力と表面引力の違いは何?クーロンの法則=万有引力の法則!Difference between surface tension and the surface gravity? Coulomb's law = universal gravitation law. »