« It’s now Trump President, North Korea had detonated America first principles to reality. トランプ大統領、北朝鮮が水爆実験を行った今こそアメリカ第一主義を現実のものとする時です。 | トップページ | Sanctions, the Security Council should be resolved a complete economic blockade. You should take advantage of Sun Tzu's art of war! 北朝鮮制裁 安保理は完全な経済封鎖を決議すべき。孫子の兵法を! »

2017年9月 6日 (水)

北朝鮮の核問題に関しての中国政府の本音。⇒完全経済封鎖を実施する方策。The intention of the Chinese Government on the nuclear issue in North Korea. More information, see ways to implement full economic blockade.

Abstract: North Korea's successful H-bomb test. Skeptical of the route that has been trying to hold a UN emergency meeting, a new sanctions resolution, China and Russia should be focusing on dialogue. Truth is another. Repeated hundreds of times to discuss consequences reach a consensus. Are elaborated based on the past history about Trump regime should take this blog to get unstuck. Due to this policy, China and Russia agreed, to achieve a complete economic blockade. North Korea to the United Nations, will be the unconditional surrender.

 Even North Korea successfully detonated still tumultuous passive stance further United Nations sanctions against the Chinese Government. Russia also said "even without making any economic sanctions North Korea endured hunger in the weeds would stop nuclear weapons development". Russia rabbit as a square, the Chinese Government why there until North Korea aid continue to be? If you think the reason is a little junior high school knowing that is not he has noticed how Trump President and the American people. Today let's talk about the political dynamics.

 It is a country after the fall of the Soviet Union was defeated, Russia is fighting hegemony and American in recent years in Russia. He is learned from bitter experience that was defeated by the imperialism policy dominated the world in the power struggle in recent years, he has tired to American imperialism. North country like a spoiled brat is waging war under the 'overthrow, U.S. imperialism' in desperation, as Russia does with "a pleasant thing”, but wouldn't.

 The following are Chinese. Too many times in China has a long history of trying to dominate the world as the imperialists themselves and come to experience at the same time, in recent years, opium war, was at the expense of imperialism in other countries many times. That is why, while still a desire ambition that his country wants to rule the world (imperialism), maintaining its limits is a Chinese Government knows. Quit Chan and knows that the Chinese Government is.

 It was a country for America is a young country does not have a history of less than 300 years, and holding weapons in recent years, the world's largest country, but truly do not know the Illuminati, warlike incorrigible even very painful times. Did also defeated in the Viet Nam war, the Iraq war, the Gulf war, Afghanistan war, and of country experience, still, just repeat the stupidity of the imperialist policy of the United States.

 North Korea has been trouble all over the world and currently has out of the Korean war took place after World War II is the country came. Claims were raised during the Korean war, with North Korea if "overthrow American imperialism", that since Shrike-I and consistently insist, just keeps fighting to come. It is the country of North Korea. So, as well as of North Viet Nam assisted by Chinese Government Chinese Government behind North Korea economically, that is. It is impossible how America is going to bother the pressure to at least the Chinese Government stop help from North Korea. And the course of history of course only to the North is Russia tacitly endorse. It is humanity came repeatedly hegemonic and imperialist war.

 If the weapon is sword, spear, or guns and cannons around "and it's no help. Like war is man's original family name of ' and were able to see through it is. However, since the invention of nuclear weapons, this human life: "managing to kill opponents in their advantageous position”, can become impossible. North Korea has realized this thing is. And got the technology bomb to drive in other countries.

 In the East, "and die. Killing others, rather than surrender to die himself, brought in the form of a tie. Death, to claim their own justice." It is thought. For Westerners to understand thought, but now Korean is running good, bad and another, means "to stand firm, risked death' would be.

 Claims that North Korea has changed at all over the past 70 years, not. It is the claim of "overthrow American imperialism". Will is no exaggeration to say that the resistance movement against the hegemony and trying to dominate the world by force. That is the biggest reason why North Korea upset China and Russia, even in dangerous situations by the firing of the nuclear world is doomed! "in this area.

 Unlike the United States, China is a country with a 6000-year-old. And China is taxing drastic measures for future lessons of past history. A familiar example would be "one-child policy". "Human overpopulation on Earth. should reduce the number of human beings. kill people in other countries, but not the one-child policy in first order with their humans. "It is a country can put into practice the ideas.

 Recognition that the "world is ruined and the weapons used in the war, the Chinese Government has seriously considered, development," nuclear first strike with no oath '.  It was laid out sweeping measures that "at a minimum, it avoided is not'. In the five major nuclear powers, only China is it has run the nuclear first strike with no swearing. By pre-empting the nuclear States, must use no nuclear war. It is undeniable fact over North Korea's nuclear threat. The United States should realize this fact that more.

 For China to actively participate in a United Nations resolution that "America does not use nuclear weapons first towards other countries. Not to attack even if North Korea had fired nuclear weapons even in the nucleus. So the Chinese Government nor the Russia Government to complete economic blockade United Nations-led, please ' and is approached. This approach China is an immediate answer to our will should be. Russia, Britain, France, should be "of no nuclear first strike we swear an oath" do agree with the suggestion of American courage and at the same time. It is this moment in "ready is a complete economic blockade against North Korea". There is no way which in addition to China and Russia join a complete economic blockade.

 North Korea is not stupid. "Victory we won on American imperialism" that would not, but at the same time for the United Nations "achieved the goal, so North Korea abandoned nuclear weapons permanent. Accept the nuclear inspectors ' and should be sending to. "If North Korea abandon nuclear weapons permanently, and do not send. Then do complete economic blockade by the United Nations only. I don't know other countries, but in Japan say this "starve out", was frequently used in the warring States period. It almost seems the carrying of "unconditional surrender" and will be in six months. It is a complete economic blockade, and caring from the fight would end. Will Trump the President, you would be names recorded in world history as the person who made the courageous decision to permanently. Congratulations to.
  2017 9/6 Hiro. Oyama

  2017 9/6 Hiro. Oyama


« It’s now Trump President, North Korea had detonated America first principles to reality. トランプ大統領、北朝鮮が水爆実験を行った今こそアメリカ第一主義を現実のものとする時です。 | トップページ | Sanctions, the Security Council should be resolved a complete economic blockade. You should take advantage of Sun Tzu's art of war! 北朝鮮制裁 安保理は完全な経済封鎖を決議すべき。孫子の兵法を! »

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« It’s now Trump President, North Korea had detonated America first principles to reality. トランプ大統領、北朝鮮が水爆実験を行った今こそアメリカ第一主義を現実のものとする時です。 | トップページ | Sanctions, the Security Council should be resolved a complete economic blockade. You should take advantage of Sun Tzu's art of war! 北朝鮮制裁 安保理は完全な経済封鎖を決議すべき。孫子の兵法を! »