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2017年11月14日 (火)

建白書:東広島市 蔵田市長殿へ『市道路肩に太陽光パネルシステムを設ける事業の件』Petition:Set up solar panel system on the road shoulder business.

 I am a citizen; living 2463 Kiyotake, Toyosaka-chou, Higashi-Hiroshima City. Following sentence is a sentence of last year (2016) at the end of one of the local Alderman through City Hall approached. So it seems this proposal reach the ears of the Kurata Mayor propose again here.

 私は昨年(2016) 9月に家屋の屋根に太陽光発電システムを設置いたしました。総工費は 340万円であり、発電量は9.8Kw/Hr で、1ヶ月の売電料は3万円前後です。今後10年間で投資金は回収できる見込みであり、その後は3万円/月が、そっくりそのまま現金収入となるシステムです。
I (2016) last year in September on the roofs of the houses established for solar power generation systems. 3,400,000 Yen the total cost, 9.8 Kw/Hr, power generation is about 30,000 yen per month selling electrical charge. Next is a recoup investment money for 10 years and then 30,000 yen per month like cash income system as it is.

On the other hand, Ms. Seto Inland Sea climate of warm sunlight on its southern slopes, wide road, runs in front of my home in the East-West direction with lot of come. This slope was originally home field, it was a road expansion project there were land, which repeated the city bought land.

 この南向きの斜面のサイズは、巾が 1113mで長さが150m以上にも達するという南向きの広い斜面です。この斜面には現在草が生え放題であり(元の地主という関係から私が)毎年年3回草刈り作業を実施することが、半ば義務付けられているのが現状です。
The size of this South-facing slope, width 11 ~13 m is a South-facing wide slopes that reach 150 m or more in length. Grass now grows on this slope is unlimited (from the original landowner relationship I) mid-mandated to conduct work mowing three times every year, but it is.

〔この草刈り作業の総費用をざっと目算するならば、4x 3x 8,000.=96,000,10万円/という無料奉仕作業となっています。〕
[Total cost of weeding work over to a rough estimate, then 4 x 3 x 8,000. = 96,000, et al. and is approximately 100,000 yen per year free service work.]
 45 ° steep slope mowing work every time, 'you, without you this dangerous Scythe was happy?' and wanted free work every time.

 そのような状況の中で我が家の屋根に太陽光パネルエコシステムが設置されたのでした。エコシステムは南向き斜面に配置するのが最も効率的であることは論を待ちません。この好都合な南向き斜面が、12x150mという広大な面積として存在しているのです。通常1家庭では 3Kw/Hr 面積で 50㎡以内のエコシステムが一般的ですが、12x150mとは 3040軒分の発電が可能となる面積なのです。発電量に直せば 100Kw/Hr
It was in the situation like that was set up on the roof of my home solar panel eco system. Eco-system does not wait for the theory to be located on the South-facing slopes most efficient. It is this favourable South-facing slopes have a vast area of 12mx150m. Is usually at home in the 3Kw/Hr area 50 m² within the ecosystem is common with 12mx150m 30-40 is a minute power and area. Electricity in 100Kw/Hr!
Steep slope of the road was just mowing work dangerous to force locals to put solar panel system alone, without any weeding work better and better and as power rates continue to give birth about 3 million yen annual revenue! Do not hand this place missed. And "unprecedented (in 4/2017 of city representatives for the proposal's original color) ' of is out of the question to say do not allow business plan in.

 東広島市は降水量が少なくて青天の日が続くという地方ですし、中山間地としてエコシステムには最も好都合の斜面もあちこちに見受けられます。 道路の拡張工事などで出来た、山を切り崩した斜面も同様の効果が期待できます。(例えば国道375号線沿いの私の裏山を売却した広大な南西向き急斜面など。こちらの面積は100mx100m:200軒分の発電が可能)。
As mountainous ecosystem is most convenient in Higashi-Hiroshima City has less precipitation, followed by the bolt, that is, slopes are found all over the place. Effect of slope cut down the mountain that was able, for a road expansion, as well as can be expected. (Sold back for example 375 Highway of my vast Southwest-facing steep slopes, etc. This area is 100mx100m: capable of 200 minutes).

 話半分、否、1/3 と考えても、毎年1億円という収益が見込めるのです。
Such solar-ecosystem suitable as road shoulder in Higashi-Hiroshima City 100 place can easily find.
 Single 3 million yen/year revenue if promises 300 million yen/year of earnings in a total of 100 locations! It is a grain of salt, not 1/3 would also expect 100 million yen profits every year.
If implemented as a city which, will lead to improvement in Higashi-Hiroshima City finances. the third success no doubt have made business development as a sector.In conventional office job as "to rent only the road shoulder plane. The land rental facility fee poles ' that would not contribute, significantly to improve the city finances. ]
 Says "mowing work dangerous, so" as proposed by me, alone, is enough.
Hope of the Mayor of Kurata.
 739-2313, 2463 Kiyotake Thyosaka-Cho, Higashi-Hiroshima


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