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2018年2月24日 (土)

【1-3】『5分で分かるE=MC^2』『オタマジャクシ宇宙論』“Theory of Tadpoles’ Cosmos.”

Talking about The COSMIC World.
Theory of Tadpoles’ Cosmos. Hiro. Oyama

Overview: Conversational discussion with elementary, middle and high school students to understand, and to expand or contract the Spatio-temporal (TXYZ) are described. This is Einstein's general relativity E = MC^2 can be understood in an arithmetic means. It is all based on modern science, including the introduction of Non-Fiction Novel. Please take it easy.

「えっ、E=MC^2 という式が出て来る訳のわからない相対性原理のことだろう」
「お前、良く知ってるな。E=MC^2 って式を知っているだけでも大したものだよ。
"Einstein's theory of relativity, elementary school students in Japan" proved travellers understand anyone going "
" eh E = MC^2 mumbo jumbo comes out the expression relativity would "
", you know. E = MC^2 know that expression alone, big thing. Then principles of the constant speed of light C is on, do you know? "
"You have heard it. Is everything 'fast takes people in the elevator, to fast' was talking about."
" Mention it in modern style, "Dream Superexpress 'Shinkansen-Nozomi-Go.' to people on time, early or to have '?!. It's the interview today.”
 "See where are we going today?"
"Deep in the mountains of Hiroshima Prefecture, the countryside of Toyosaka, Hiroshima's. Visiting researcher named Fibonacci sonny that lives there.”
"so much out-of-the-way place located at the Institute??"
 "That it's almost time. Rumors that are dealing with the biggest in the world, even in the smallest Laboratory Research Institute. "

「またまた大げさな話だな。地球儀の中心と言えば地球の中心 という事だぞ。そんな大それた事を冗談半分で喋(しゃべ)っているのかい、そこの研究所長は?」
"Believe it or not! in the countryside is carrying the elephant to the Ant Institute are trying to now Toyosaka translation??"
 "It's so. Toyosaka-Cho in the center of Hiroshima Prefecture. On the map is a town in the prefecture. It's so much old umbilical Festival once held. "
" Me belly button navel is in the middle of my stomach that would? Never heard how such a bizarre name Festival. "
" It would be. Results mentioned in the NHK's all nothing from one. But, according to self-proclaimed Fibonacci boy, "Center of the world is on the globe. "It seems to be that. "
" Also is a story about a big. Speaking of the center of the earth being the center of the Earth! You are speaking to half-jokingly that outrage?, Director of research there? "


こんな雑談をしているうちに「豊栄町に到着だ。その豊栄町のど真ん中にフィボナッチ坊やの へその館 があるんだ。」
へその町:豊栄町のど真ん中にへその館 があるとはちょっと出来過ぎだな。まさか、エデンの園も、この豊栄町に実在した、なんてことは言わないよね」
 Toyosaka, reached out this chat. "There is the navel of Fibonacci in the heart of the town of Toyosaka. "
" Umbilical town: in the middle of Toyosaka, navel Museum and a little work too's. you are not saying that you believe it or not, the garden of Eden also existed to Toyosaka,? "
 "However, Garden of Eden also seems to be real Toyosaka, Hiroshima. Fibonacci sonny wrote a non-fiction novel "where was the Garden of Eden' is also the blog showing. "
" So silly! and if it was somewhere in the Middle East, Japan in the far East in the Garden of Eden, to talk about would be? "
 "The fact than fiction stranger, and is rather good. In the center of Hiroshima Toyosaka, and Toyosaka city center located in the navel. On the contrary, in the heart of the now and then East and West navel Museum exist seems to be.
 ... We saw the House behind. World's smallest space man Institute. "
… … …
「その通り。今年(2018)6月に70歳の誕生日を迎える自称:フィボナッチ坊や という研究者だよ。でもね。この研究者はブログ上では自称38歳で10年前から押し通して来ている。彼によると、『38歳の頃から忙しくて、歳を取っている暇がない』そうだ」
「現代世界で随一の宇宙研究者だ。あの若さがあればギネスブック更新 も不可能ではない」
"Fibonacci boy while wearing Pajamas on that winter's gown came out!. "
" So, wondering what the boys say, Sonny Boy attending elementary school in old man?. "
" That's right. Self-proclaimed Celebrates 70th birthday at the 6/16 of the year (2018): researcher named Fibonacci Sonny's. But. Researchers have on the blog in the 38-year-old self-proclaimed from 10 years ago, finessed come has said. He said, "have no time since the 38-year-old busy, taking years.”
"With that. "See also a joke!"
 "Ain't no joke. "Rather, has rejuvenated. Now elementary school fourth grader around of emotions ', talked about in the prior survey. "
" Where the real story was suspicious. Too bizarre to be. "
" In the modern world's leading space researcher. If you have that youth is the Guinness Book of records updated is not impossible. "

… … …

「今日はフィボナッチ坊や大先生に宇宙の話 を語って頂きたくてお邪魔しました」
"Laughing boy teacher Fibonacci from a little while ago, and I have seen while shaggy hair. Do a haircut ago many months? "
 "Nearly six months ago.?? say Einstein's hair style it is. You've not heard? "
 "Sounds are very similar to Einstein's tongue began speaking, photography. Are imitating you? "
 "Different. Do not have time to go to the Barber's. No time for sleep, and forget the contrary eat rice. This 'devotedly ', preoccupation with research in general people should be called. you did come by the way, you listened to what? "
 "Today in Fibonacci-sonny Professor universe story telling we wanted to, visited. "
" Oh, the story is. Come interviews, read a blog post yesterday decided to open up to you. "

「お話が上手いですね。E=MC^2 って式を聞いたことがありますか?
「その話です。そのE=MC^2 という式の意味するところを、小中学生にも分かるように説明して頂きたくって、すっ飛んで参ったのです」
「アインシュタインが相対性理論を発表してから以降の100年間 実証されなかった事を『ものの分で小中学高校生が理解し納得できるように説明して上げます』とは、何と幸運な時代に我々は生きていることか、と感動です。早速よろしくご指導ください」
‘"Is not the teacher demonstrated the correctness of Einstein's general theory of relativity. " That I've heard from people is that. It came rushing over, beyond time and space.
"the talk is good.
 E = MC^2 heard the expression? Although Einstein is derived from the principle of the constant speed of light."
"Is the story. E = MC^2 is rushing me, was dying to please explain so elementary and middle school students the meaning of the expression. "
" if it's Alley. In five minutes "I see ~ ', and I'll be satisfied. "
"From announcing the Einstein theory of relativity 100 years later proven not to "increase described in 5 minutes of elementary and junior high school students understand and convincing manner" during what lucky we live would be, is inspiring. So please advise. "
"OK. You know that tadpoles. "" Pond and rice's frog, messy and UJA UJA swim around in grooves of children.? the tadpoles and spoken from this general theory of relativity is what kind of relationship? "
"Well ahead of myself with everyone. It is actually universe, Galaxy universe and a micro-nuclear world, thinking in the world of any size, even in closely related Fibonacci real. And I can draw a picture to analyze and draw pictures, just tadpoles UJA UJA swim around like that. In the following illustration is a painting last month. When thinking now little good to [like a tadpole] I can draw is, just look at this.



 回りに沢山の数字が並んでいますが、宇宙存在度(COSMIC ABUNDANCE)という数値(宇宙空間中の存在量)を正確に計算し転記してあります。
"It seems that drawing in a picture of a White Lion monsters or space aliens, but than a tadpole. "
"This picture where the visible interface is protean, things of the mind as it is. Say this abstract painting (but is a little painful comment...).  Lot numbers can be found in the round, but that cosmic abundances (COSMIC ABUNDANCE) numbers [abundance in space] are mentioned, and then calculate exactly. Inside Japan language and English is the element name that corresponds to the cosmic abundances. "
"With elements such as iron, gold-silver-copper and Platinum lead and is likely, but Allied nickel or cadmium-pollution countries Xenon Kingdom is buying something. "
"Will be where that character was able to remember in 1 shot. It is a curious effect of this picture. Big pictogram painted on a word processor attached to my home PC, so this was the best.
 I'll show more clean "space drawn of the tadpoles' later, so now please be patient in this. Area figures; is derived from the analysis of the amount of atoms in the universe and the cosmic abundances fell down to the Earth's surface meteorite.
 An honest investigation from about 100 years ago, got, dictionary of chemistry. Data match the number of elements, such as hydrogen or carbon, that is, on the other hand, to elemental isotopes there is, for example carbon C12 to C13 and C14 in. Can redraw the periodic table as the nuclear element of 238 types to distinguish between its isotopes."

メンデレーエフ氏が整理したのは化学の性質を社会に役立つ(利用し易い)様に整理したのですから、その目的にはそれがベストの選択でした。 しかし、世の中が進展してきて、キュリー夫人が『ウラニウム鉱石(Pitch-blende)がどうやら放射能を発散しているらしい』と気が付いた頃から世の中は変わってしまいました。
"It is said to have made his dream in Mendeleev's periodic table is. Arranged by atomic number so far, but I didn't. "
"Is the norm.
 Help social nature of the chemical by Mendeleev arranged [accessible] so is arranged for that purpose was the best choice. But the world has changed since being developed there, Madame Curie with care "the uranium ore (Pitch-blende) apparently radioactivity emanating seems to be'.
 It is Madame Curie won the Nobel Prize in the nature of the radioactive substance is her own radioactivity curse (curse), who died of radiation exposure. Then Einstein appealed to United States President "should build the atomic bomb faster than Germany's, and the situation is worse [more than] is said.
 End of the Pacific war, [because Germany had to surrender] Japan's Nagasaki and Hiroshima and the atomic bomb effect [human experimentation]. United States of America. It is, of course, Einstein who feel keenly the inhumanity of the atomic bomb, the peace movement was "too late".
 Currently nuclear-armed countries, eight countries?, and its nuclear weapons [atomic / hydrogen / neutron bomb...] is, continue to threaten other countries, add up to nearly 10,000 rounds a treasured and well everyone of you know is a story.
 If you like this story Ah, within five minutes tadpoles universe theory is not talked it will.
 Let's hurry. The following figure is like a container, pear-shaped space, painting is. Similarly, painted with scientifically precise measurements of cosmic abundances.
"It certainly has a pear-shaped. It is now cosmic abundances in the middle line, which is made by atomic weight around the mean. Uranium abundances and abundances of hydrogen and as it is kinda strange...? "
 As you'd expect it for reporters. Good thing we noticed. It is corresponding with uranium and hydrogen by utilizing the nature of Fibonacci numbers in geometric progression, and to analyze and understand came.

 The atomic weight of [total number of protons and neutrons], right?. For example hydrogen's Proton 1 H1, oxygen [8 protons + 8 neutrons: O16 is. In this world the heaviest element is uranium, this uranium is represented and the U238 [total number of protons and neutrons that uranium 238]. Number is an integer. Neutron is 0.5, or, that Proton was 0.1, which it's not.
 Famous numbers lined up one more thing, only integer values. It is a Fibonacci sequence, will be now heard "all world are Fibonacci relationships and said' I. Fibonacci numbers and 1-atomic nuclei to exist up to 238 (238 species) are inextricably related. [Cosmic abundances of the atomic nucleus and the Fibonacci numbers, but also is in an inseparable relation] that is, I realized. Let's get on with the description.
ウランU238の原子量238 という数値を r = 1.0082 という定数で順次割算していきます。どんどん小さな数字になっていきますが、終いには、238 1個になっていきます。
 割算して出て来た数値は小数点以下1桁目を四捨五入して整数化するのですよ。U238r = 1.0082で割ると236です。〔237の原子核は、実際に存在しません。〕
もう一度r = 1.0082で割算すると234です。236234の原子量を持つ物質はトリウムThとして存在します。
U238 uranium atomic weight 238 number will gradually dividing by a constant of r = 1.0082.  That's fast becoming a small number, but 238 become one.
 Came out, then dividing the number is rounded to the first decimal, integer of. Dividing by r = 1.0082 U238 is 236. [237 nuclear does not exist in reality. Key again to dividing by r = 1.0082 is 234. A substance with atomic weight of 234 and 236 as thorium Th exists in this world.
 It is going side by side folowing numbers like this. However, some continue to individualiy and... 160, 159, 158,... So as the one decreases the number. And the Division to continue..., 60, 60, 59, 59, 58, 58, and the same integers are two each and will line up, and the Division to continue..., 31, 30, 30, 30, 30, 29, 29, 29, 29, 28,... It is a condition and lined with the same integer value by 4. Then reach up to 133 the number 1 would be rounded to the nearest integer. It is born the same number is 133.
Can be ascertained even elementary school children from this is the continuous calculation of simple division. 
原子量が160の近辺では100%の確率でその重さの原子核ができるように宇宙を定めておられる。 更に、原子量が60の近辺では、200%の確率でその原子核が生まれ出て来る。
原子量が30の近辺では、400%の確率で生まれる。 原子量が 1(すなわち、水素H1)は、天地創造時点では13,300%の確率で生まれ出て来ています。
 This means what?  Put together so far, and it looks like this. It is suggested that the rule governing the universe God, as was that God is using the Fibonacci rule atoms made,. In other words, is make heavy nuclei like uranium and thorium ratio is likely to be be set 0.5 and then comes an number one place. Atomic weight is around 160 in 100% of the nuclei of its weight can be set space. Further, atomic weight by 200% in the vicinity of 60, and come out its nucleus was born. Atomic weight was born in the vicinity of 30, 400%. Atomic weight 1 [i.e. hydrogen H1], at the creation of heaven and Earth, 13300% as real born come out. Like this [that there is a mysterious rules] because he came.
(LIGHT WORLD光世界)は、宇宙存在度の数値を使って描いてあります。
 First "tadpole"(LIGHT WORLD light world), I, painted with cosmic abundances of numbers. For "pear-shaped universe figure", multiplied by the atomic weight cosmic abundances [weight ratio] to convert the shows. Heavy Atom does not exist only a few. Know at a glance as one of them is that there are a number of light atoms, so [intuitive] are designed so that you can compare.
「ちょっとこだわりますが、原子量の開きは、1238 でしょ。宇宙存在度の水素とウランの開きを埋めるには程遠いのではありませんか?“ひょうたん型宇宙図”を見ると、
"I committed, but open and atomic weight is 1-238, right? To fill the open space abundances of hydrogen and uranium far do not? " Pear-shaped universe figure "I ordered numbers, with a comparable precision in the middle. "
 It is the sharp thrust. It is as you say.  1:01 to be the atomic weight of each element and the Fibonacci sequence is, in fact, each XYZ-space coordinates and Fibonacci real columns and 1:01 capable of is. It is a translation of Fibonacci I discovered this was. (^o^).
 "That is that that was a pear-shaped universe figure number Fibonacci correction through over three times?"
 "What is not even strong intuition about you looking for anywhere else in the world.
You are right. Made of pear-shaped universe chart above, Fibonacci correction (Fis-coef treatment) additional adjustment in three directions in space XYZ. By the way, also at the top of let.

E=MC^2 で説明しましょう。単位を合わせるのです。
仕事とは、『ある力(=Mα)で、ある距離()だけその質量Mを動かした時、その仕事量』のことを言います。ここでαとは加速度のことです単位としては(/T^2) です。
ですから、E=MC^2 の恒等式は、
〔E〕 = 〔F・L=〔M・L/T^2・L〕=〔M・(L/T)^2〕≡〔M・C^2〕だとなって、 = MC^2 という式が恒等式(どの世界でも成り立つ式)であると分かったでしょ。」
 You will find that are tight and pear-shaped containers. It is that, actually, narrow and constricted entrances which lead to the infinite universe. It is also connected to infinite microcosm at the same time. "
"Come I do not know the translation of the description, but more plainly, would you talk?' "Would be good to talk of dimensional analysis. For example it is called dimensional analysis in the sense used in the shipbuilding industry. Not sure in advance when building large oil tankers and cruise ships, but we can't. Investment number 10 billion yen and hundreds of billions of Yen to take a chance on is building on an ad hoc basis and eyes can't.
 It was so bad you say, making the model blindly, to experiment. When this water tank experiment, to exert very is the method of dimensional analysis. E = MC^2 explain. It is set in. Use the unit of work from E is energy.
 And work "when the mass M distance with some force (F = M 
α), (L), amount of work ' of says that. Where is the acceleration and α. As the unit (L/t^2) are. So, E = MC^2 identities are [E] = [F L] = [M L/t^2 / L] = [M, (L/t)^2] [M C^2] said, E = MC^2 expression identities [physical how world formula] in proved to be right. "
= M C^2 の正しさはそうやって正しいことが証明出来るんだ。
Mが各辺で共通してあるので、このMを両辺から取り除いてみると、C≡L/T となるので、光速がどの世界でも一定であるならば、どのような極大世界にいっても、長さ〔L〕の変化率と時間〔T〕の変化率とは常に一定であることを示しています。
「それが光速一定の原理ですか。ぐうの音()も出ませんな。 (あき)れて果てて、ものも言えません!」
"Hmmm I wonder. E = M C^2 is so it can be proven correct. It is pleasant. Gatten! gatten! "
"It is too early yet to convince. Well watching the expression of dimensional analysis in here. M is common to each side, so this m away from both sides and C
L/T what maximum world to say the speed of light is constant in what the world, so if length [L] the rate of change with time [T]  The rate of change shows that constant at all times.
 Namely, using the principle that the speed of light constant Einstein have adopted "Time in the world in the world the length has shrunk, [T] also shrink ' is that will is. It is in this way, Einstein was sure that the correctness of the principle of relativity. "
" It is the principle of the constant speed of light. A no guu-sound. Amazed, what to say! "

とは質量のことですが、それに比重〔重さ比:密度〕を掛ければ重さ〔〕という単位になります。逆に言えば、重さ〔〕をその占める体積〔^3〕で割り算したものは密度です。 即ち、 〕≡〔/^3
ですからE=MC^2 の式は、≡[W/L^3]^2 となるので、フィボナッチ坊や(私のことですよ)は、宇宙存在度を〔重さ比〕で表現すると同時にフィボナッチ標準補正を3回ほどこして、上記の「ひょうたん型宇宙図」を完成させたのです」
"Is there still more. [M] "Let's break down the unit. And M is the mass that is it specific gravity [weight ratio: density] multiply weight [W] of units. Conversely, weight [W] the total volume [L ^ 3], density is a Division. In other words, [M] [w/l ^ 3] this expression means what do you know? "
"Please explain. Thank you "
"Speed of light is constant in the world, length [L] time [T] with stretch in proportion and at the same time, mass [M] length [L] of that into 3 squares, stretch in the form of inversely.
 So E = MC^2 equation is E
[w/L^3] C^2, so Fibonacci sonny (I'm) a cosmic abundances [weight ratio] in wrest Fibonacci standard compensation three times to represent at the same time above " Pear-shaped universe figure "is completed.
 2016  6/17  Hiro. Oyama
"... Somehow, background was pear-shaped universe figure was just a little bit. Even though it is. So I grab the clouds is still talking, still do not understand in the body."
"Yes oh so. Is only a very small number of people who can understand the lectures of dimensional analysis, faculty and graduate school lecture is. Once I easily spoke to it, but you just know, you are so far surpass an excellent physicist of the University that mean."
" Words of praise, is impressed. Increased motivation. There is a suggestion, but tonight we stay that "thatched roof House, is it possible? And tomorrow again, Fibonacci Professor ' tadpoles universe theory "of the calculation process, and would like to hear-and-?"
"I'm not bothered. Included, but not from yourself and your toilet is of bedclothes bedding complete with Tearoom. Supper so tonight me cheers beer with the leftovers in the fridge that [supper: Dinner] do let "that the visitors two became a lively dinner party, along with photographers and staff parties in.
 2016  6/17  Hiro. Oyama


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