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2018年2月25日 (日)


"The big bang hypothesis was wrong!" Steady-state universe [do not expand or shrink space] stir it right.
Happened came from the insistence of universe equation created Einstein cosmological value is zero, from the cosmic equation should be humming around the world Beehive utter confusion. Good two has a debate about the truth of this mess. Removing paragraph space immediately, which mean that edged out Big Bang universe expansion hypothesis.

「お主 知ってるか?『アインシュタインの宇宙項がゼロだった。宇宙項は不要だ!』ということが証明されたって話。」
"Hey you! you know?Einstein cosmological was zero. Universe section is unnecessaryit so it's not proven that." "I know. Would the cosmic equations Einstein figured 100 years ago.Adventures in the light worldit seems was written on the blog."
"Oh, you’ve been having good tears. Became difficult, didn’t it?"
" It's what's great? is
‘Dark matter and dark energy’ does not exist in the worldthat was scientifically proved to be just that. Will not be a big deal.”
"It's a big problem indeed.
Cosmological becomes unnecessaryconclude as astronomical observations and be automatically 'expanded universe is also, not even shrink.' That steady-state universe was disputed Einstein was right! At that moment the big bang hypothesis is going that edged out! "

「どうもこうもないよ。遠くにある銀河や銀河団は、どれもこれも、我々の住んでいる地球や天の川銀河系からどんどん猛スピードで遠ざかって行くように観測されるんだよ。遠くにある銀河ほどより速いスピードで地球から遠ざかって行くように観測される。ということはだな、⇒ ビデオの逆回転のように過去にさかのぼっていけば、137億年前には、小さなから大宇宙が始まったことになる。⇒ その小さくて高密度の点が爆発し拡散していって現在の宇宙が出来たというのがビッグバン仮説だったのさ。」
"Why do vanish until the big bang I'm? from 100 years ago challenged the big bang, 'from now on 13,700,000,000 years ago, space was born explosively and is currently still growing' we the general public as Octopus can hear told the came's no. Would not mean "actually was a Lie, that is why?" "It will ‘actually was a Lie' proves that it is."
"It's such that in theory, what's?"
"Thank you so much, this is not. It's been observed go away at breakneck speed fast, this is our Earth from distant galaxies and clusters of galaxies is going none. Go away from Earth at a fast speed, the more distant galaxy to be observed. It's great that.
will you backwards projection film retrospective, 13,700,000,000 years ago, from small universe began. hypothesis that it spread explode is ‘that small, dense, was able to present space, was the big bang hypothesis. "

「それがどうだって言うんだい?宇宙項と どういう関係にあるんだい?」
"If it's say?? cosmological and what's not?"
"Galaxy and moving in all directions anywhere in the universe looking for what (each Galaxy or approaching the Earth and will, in all directions) cosmic equation devised by Einstein himself, if you move all the way [cosmological], he did not need to add.
 Einstein is a hardened up on, but he was misunderstanding that strongly, believing in 'no space to shrink and, no zoom', and he expects his cosmic equation and indicate that the universe is contracting. It doesn't collapse so that energy exists there should be [cosmological] that's added to sense energy constant. "

当初アインシュタインは、宇宙が収縮するのを防ぐために〔宇宙項〕を設けた。しかし、宇宙観測技術が進歩していくに従って、宇宙の拡散速度が極端に大きくなっていったんだね。量子力学の粋を集めて計算すると、その量は 10^56 倍以上というべらぼうに大きな値として見積もられるに至った。この値は理論学者がはじき出していた。目に見えないエネルギー体ということで 暗黒物質・暗黒エネルギーと名付けられた。」
"Can you say, Oh, yeah. Do not know what the energy constant [cosmological] that was. Initially, Einstein's universe is shrinking to prevent [cosmological] established. However, according to the space observation technology progresses, universe expanding faster ageing it once. And to calculate the quantum mechanics of that amount (10^56) is absurdly large values estimated, was. It was priced theorists. It be invisible energy body, called dark matter and dark energy. "

『実際に、どの位のエネルギーが観測されたのか』を最終的に見積もったところ、予想値に対して、( 10^56分の1 ) =
‘0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001’ 以下というエネルギー値でしかない事がわかった。そこで‘宇宙最大のミステリーだ!と言い合って、世の物理学者が今も必死にその理由を考えている、というのが実情だった訳だ。
 そんな状況が50年以上続いていたが、つい先日フィボナッチ坊や〔Hiro. Oyama〕が、『光速一定の原理を正しく使えばその値はゼロでいいのですよ』と証明し公開したのが、あのブログさ。その噂(うわさ)をお前も風の便りに聞いたのだろう。」
"That's right. Observation up to dramatically improved astronomical observation techniques, on the other hand, the experiment scientists also struggled at the end of the Galaxy in the universe is limited to come. "Estimated final or indeed, how much energy has been observed so far, against the expected value (10 ^ 1/56) =
it’s proved nothing less than the energy value that, Where ' is the biggest mystery in the universe! '  Quarrelling with the physicists of the world still thinks that's why desperately, that the situation was going. Such a situation had more than 50 years, but just the other day, Fibonacci boy (Hiro. Oyama) is proving "is if you use 'speed of light constant principle' properly, its value should zero', published by his blog. Will the rumor you heard the rumor. "


"If that's the way it was. "Oh, I see. Something was wrong in the theory, a fundamental mistake that was! ', so they should admit as ‘we were wrong’, isn’t it? "
 "It is not so. Face utterly lost it. For more than 50 years between, ‘Dark matter and Dark energy’ it certainly exists. The value space (3/4) accounted for ', and they will continue to fuss about, and have published numerous books. There's no reason so soldiers can defeat it.”



"It would debate that eventually settles. Let's go back to the first story. It been changed, why the Big Bang ‘was certainly exists’ to vanished (disappeared), why? "
"I have spoken already or not. ‘If using principles of the speed of light constant properly, its value should zero! ' they say it. I'd actually kept stable steady-state universe in it. "Speed of light constant principles", C the speed of light is constant everywhere in the universe! "principle, right?. Using the principle of the Einstein theory of relativity assembled, devised the space equation in the theory of what was? "



"That's right. However, Einstein also inadvertently make mistakes. Cosmological view that energy carelessly and in addition to the cosmic equation at all. He woke up later, "the universe is expanding!" in during the world has rather springing up "not I, honest mistake was. It was not the cosmological. Unpublish. However, expanded universe, not even shrink. It seems just "eHHI he dare to say then ‘Please pick the teacher,' and he kicked that could! The sentiment you know?”

「この話は、ブログ“光世界の冒険”に、フィボナッチ坊や(Hiro. Oyama)が1年ぐらい前に書かいたんだけどね。そしたらね『そんなこと、アインシュタインは言ってなかったぞ』って抗議の声がコメントで返って来た」

"Hmmm. So quiet "in my life was a failure of' friend secretly told of being"
"was ‘any declaration of defeat and even Einstein', so the friend thought within his mind, isn't it? "
"This story's in blog "the adventures of the light world", Fibonacci boy (Hiro. Oyama) written about a year ago he was. Then it’s going, do you think? ‘Einstein didn't say like that’ the protest came back in the comments on blog.”

"So if answered the main blog Fibonacci Sonny?"
"Einstein hadn’t not had a feel ‘of space-time is distorted is’ Never to sour, to claim would he not. It's bent the light passing near the Sun during a solar eclipse (people incredulously), they measured small angle just as predicted and observed. So they led to believe even though people "that it indeed bend light if it passes near a large mass such as Oh, Sun, that kind of special theory of relativity (continue with doubting).


"Einstein's tongue in heaven with laughing, it floats on my eyes. 100 years later, finally made the restoration of honor of Einstein's. Good, good! "
"Peace of mind will be still be early. Because people do not understand at all mean ‘principle of the constant speed of light’ is. It's not otherwise, Big Bang is unavoidable, even Dark matter and Dark energy what is born into this world come from? "
"the mean ‘principle of the constant speed of light’ is ‘the light speed is 300,000km/sec (no more and no less!)’, right? But it would be? "

 2018 1/27 Hiro. Oyama
"Towards the end of the book of ‘manga’ (written by Mr. Susumu Shindo) in the theory of relativity read, "is there that light travels faster than 300,000km/sec?' Discussion and is depicted in the cartoon chick. His answer is "there is! Because everything is relative, that would be a principle of relativity.
 So there is the Light that can travel faster than 300,000km/sec and Light can travel slower than 300,000km/sec" and answered, that he finish painting read ‘manga’ in the theory of relativity. Borrow and read the book "Read ‘manga’ in Relativity."
Discussion of the Big Bang was a great Lie, discussing with you and I is the end here.
  See you again on the next page. Bye bye.


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« 【1-3】『5分で分かるE=MC^2』『オタマジャクシ宇宙論』“Theory of Tadpoles’ Cosmos.” | トップページ | 宇宙最大のミステリーを解くカギは100年前にあった。「宇宙項の値はゼロだ」と認めましょうよ。【1‐1】 The key to the universe's greatest mysteries was 100 years ago. You should admit value of the universe is zero. »