« 多孔質化した《ダイヤモンド構造》の氷の結晶。炭素繊維のように丈夫でしなやかな水の結晶。Crystal waters as light as snow, carbon fiber with such strong and supple. | トップページ | 銀河内部では時間の進み具合は球の半径比例で伸び縮みしている!Within a Galaxy, that stretch in the sphere RADIUS proportional time progress! So space-time is curved. »

2018年6月 1日 (金)

村山斉先生、『アインシュタイン思想の解釈間違い』を何時まで続けられるのですか。 【3-2】 Interpretation mistakes of Einstein's thought. Confession!懺悔を!

Summary: in the elementary school classroom, talks about Einstein's thought. 1, [General Relativity] in nature things that stretch the time axis is proportional to the distance from (of gravity). 2, its correctness is rooted in your life through GPS satellite timing things. 3, black hole theory based on a misunderstanding [mocking hypothesis] in there. Gently talks about these three.

For Dr. Hitoshi Murayama, Katsuhiko SATO
 Wikipedia, already written clearly "lead-lag time in GPS satellite's gravitational potential impact" is not. It is now 20 years ago was disseminated essay "the New Static Cosmology" that Japanese physicists around the world.
 In the hawking recently papers called "black hole" does not exist in written that is likely. In its current state, Lawrence and SATO, Katsuhiko teachers now, fake dark matter / energy that discussion (theory) towards the public debuting is has. Not to say that it is infinitely close to criminal activity. Take this opportunity to a repentance and requests for both teachers.
Well ladies and gentlemen, today Einstein thought of the talk about is. You will have heard of black holes. Is that black holes are those using someone else invented 100 years ago by Einstein's theory of relativity, "black holes should be' someone else fancied.
"Light or even sliced would swallow' and from the black hole known, astronomers are desperately, looking for evidence that 100 years is still missing. Because it is about "black hole does not exist" he affirmed Einstein himself.

Question is? Here you are. "Physicist says Hitoshi Murayama was ‘huge 4 million times the solar mass black holes exist in the Milky Way Galaxy,’ it was written in the book. That is a lie?”
The book is that the book "universe really wasn't what”, isn’t it?

In that Book, "We cannot directly observe the black hole. However, turn to wonder through the next light. Not only considered when calculating how to turn and observed in detail, there a black hole. This is evidence that there are black hole.' It off grandly, he was talking. That is the big lie.
"Light is bent, proceed." and Einstein is claimed at first. That Einstein "black holes do not exist, again and again. But saying, "I'm bent light observed from black holes exist; "I claimed’ that Lawrence is illogical? Even with Dr. hawking recently as a physicist in the wheelchair you know? "The black hole does not exist' started and claim it is. Whichever you believe, than say Einstein & hawking and Lawrence argue?
"Sir, it is funny I heard. Great teacher ‘believe. Will be saved if you do,’ and believe in said. A little less with his head teacher has claimed that "do not believe" what of is not religion "
 Was taken this one! I say it is. I am sorry.


 It is looking for all over the world who can understand the thought of Einstein's theory of relativity was 100 years from now, but there were only very few to understand. People misled by that strange painting is not believed. It is noticed in Schwarzchild people do the math based on the principle of relativity and the funny thing. And its funny that "RADIUS cannot escape the light with the speed of the 300,000 Km/sec to be? In the Sun, the size is calculated and 3 Km in RADIUS" that is calculated. So is the Schwarzchild announced in the papers of science academy. This is the term ‘black hole’ was born came out is a first. However, black hole was a ghost (delusion).
『ニュートン力学では、半径R 質量Mの星に向かって無限遠から自由落下させた質量mの物質の運動エネルギーmV2/2は、GmM/RGは重力定数)と等しくなるとされています。等式を変形すると、R = 2GM/V2 でありこれによりその星からの脱出速度がVの時の半径R が求められます。Vを光速度Cとすると、R = 2GM/C2 となります。実は、この式はまさしく一般相対論より求めた、光も脱出できないとされるシュバルツシルド半径となります。不思議なことにニュートン力学と一般相対論からの解が同じになるのです。
 Kinda hard to talk about, from elementary school and beddy and please. During the "cosmology of mistakes", black holes really exist? and there are sentences entitled. Let's post the first few lines. "And exercise energy mV^2/2 of Newtonian mechanics, was free fall from infinity toward the star of RADIUS R and mass M and mass m is equal to GmM/R (where G is the gravitational constant). To transform the R = 2GM/V^2, and this prompts the RADIUS R of v is the escape velocity from the star. V to the speed of light C, R = 2GM/C^2. Schwarz SLD RADIUS and to tell the truth, this expression cannot escape light just asked for more on general relativity. It is mysteriously become the same solution from Newtonian mechanics and general relativity. "As this is written. It is a misunderstanding of people around the world began from this point on. This
misconception that 100 years is continued even today.
 分かってしまえば当たり前!という言葉がありますから、先に私の結論を書いておきます。『光速度はC=(2GM/R) ですよ。脱出速度はV=(2GM/R)ですよ。これはニュートン力学でも相対論の立場でも一緒です!』ということなのです。
Obvious once you know!" there are words from before I write my conclusion. "The speed of light C = (2GM/R) is. Escape velocity is V = (2GM/R) is. This is also in the standpoint of the theory of relativity, in Newtonian mechanics together!' It is said that.
 その事にアインシュタインは後で気が付くのですが人々の誤解と混乱の様子を示す続きの文章 を転記しておきましょう。
 Keep posting the shows people's misconceptions and confusion is that Einstein later noticing more. "As often as described and it's a coincidence. However, in Newtonian mechanics, the speed of light C is a special meaning is not faster than C that is even available until infinity. But reaches the speed of light in relativistic kinetic energy becomes infinity, never not exceeded this speed. Is there such a decisive difference between the same results is quite funny story.... '
 式で書くと、 VL / t … (1)  です。
Later, "and reach the speed of light in relativistic kinetic energy becomes infinity, never not exceeded this speed" is a wrong perception. Speed V is dividing the time spent traveling distance L moved to t. Write formula is V = L/t  (1).  It is long as L and t are oscillating in direct proportion to the speed V and C is observed as a constant value. It is just as it was.

 あらまあ、『小学生は寝てなさい』って言ったのに、フィボナッチ坊やは起きて聞いていたのですか。 まあ、それは良しとしましょう。小学生にも分かる形で違いを説明してあげます。
"By asking the teacher to do. Distance L moved and moving time t is proportional to it's natural you are not. Newtonian mechanics and [General Relativity] with is where is the difference?"
 Do Fibonacci boy awake and sleep are elementary school students, he said, was listening. Well, it's good. I'll explain the difference in elementary school children can see.

It is Newtonian mechanics does not expand or contract the time axis. Is a time axis that expand or contract [General Relativity] is.
We'll talk more specifically. Using a ruler and measure when you measure what? Think of equally spaced scale has been where is the Newtonian mechanics. On the other hand [General Relativity], it is thought that stretch the length and time are proportional to each other.

 例えば銀河宇宙を考える場合には、銀河の重心点からの距離に比例して時間軸の矢が伸び縮みしていると考えるのです。 電子顕微鏡でしか見ることが出来ない世界では、その原子1個の重心点からの距離に比例して時間軸の矢が伸び縮みしていると考えるのが〔一般相対論〕なのです。
 これに対してニュートン力学では、銀河世界であろうと、電子顕微鏡でしか観察出来ない世界であろうと、どんな異次元世界であっても同じ一定速度の時間が流れていて、時間軸が伸び縮みするなんてことは全く考えない力学 なのです
For example, it is thought that stretch the arrow of time, when thinking about the Milky Way space is proportional to the distance from the center of gravity of the Galaxy. Is proportional to the distance from the center of mass of one atom in the world cannot be seen only with an electron microscope, and to stretch the arrow of time axis [General Relativity] what is. Takes the same constant velocity flows in the world in the Galaxy world, in Newtonian mechanics, and cannot be observed only with an electron microscope, and even in different dimensional world, and to stretch the time axis is the mechanics do not think at all.

 Still face "clear as mud". It is of course. Einstein himself got his thought experiment from [General Relativity] in essence did not initially understand facts and stretch the time axis is proportional to the distance from it. It is of course that you won't believe.  Evidence was clear; Everybody heard my information "from your watch is fast so just fix I've' towards people who live on the ground GPS satellite. Wikipedia already written clearly and "lead-lag time in GPS satellite's gravitational potential impact' and so there is.

"Sir, is the question. What is gravitational potential? "
Gravitational potential is a potential energy that is. Let me illustrate with the solar system. Beyond Neptune will have 8 planets of mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in the solar system, and beyond that, the threshold from stars is not at all. Is star-like
Star no light over the course of a year, also ran. Light over the course of 4 years ran so hard, It(the light and you) just finally finds a planet of Centauri stars and Stardust. Is it universe is a lean condition.
 Energy of the lean State standards [0: zero] is, you calculate the potential energy in the solar system is called gravitational potential. Usually
the is displayed with numbers.
 良い質問です。 そのイメージとは、逆さ富士イメージなのです。富士山の周りに5つの湖〔富士五湖〕がありますが、その湖面に映った美しい「逆さ富士の写真」は、みんな見たことがあるでしょう。あの逆さ富士で重力ポテンシャルをイメージするのが最も適切です。

It is a "teacher, the gravitational potential tell with the image' good question. And the image is upside-down Fuji image. Around the Fuji five lakes [Fuji] will be reflected in the Lake, beautiful upside-down Fuji Photo that everyone saw that. Image to that of Mt. Fuji of the gravitational potential is the most appropriate.
However it is thought, is the foot of Mt. Fuji in the widely spreading in the Kanto region around. It is more greedy people who think "upside-down Fuji’s SUSONO (the foot of Mt. Fuji) spans halfway around the world crossed the Equator'.

  2017 7/1  0: 2 Hiro. Oyama
 Ah, chimes were ringing.  Let's summarize today's lesson.
Einstein figured [General Relativity] in essence, things that stretch the time axis is proportional to the distance from a star ( gravity center of the mass ).
means its correctness is rooted in GPS satellite timing during your life.
black hole theory based on a misunderstanding [mocking hypothesis] in there.
 It is sufficient if you three remember me.
  Thank you 2017 7/1  0: 2 Hiro. Oyama


« 多孔質化した《ダイヤモンド構造》の氷の結晶。炭素繊維のように丈夫でしなやかな水の結晶。Crystal waters as light as snow, carbon fiber with such strong and supple. | トップページ | 銀河内部では時間の進み具合は球の半径比例で伸び縮みしている!Within a Galaxy, that stretch in the sphere RADIUS proportional time progress! So space-time is curved. »

fake Dark matter dark energy 暗黒物質 ビッグバン嘘空論」カテゴリの記事


 佐藤勝彦先生へ。小学生向けの記事でしたが、この観点に立ってみれば『佐藤勝彦先生が量子力学の知識を駆使して提案されたインフレーション理論は、苦し紛れに考え出された巧妙な空論(マジック)だ』と小中学生が納得してしまう屁理屈でしたね。 先生が命名されたインフレーションという言葉自体がそれを示しています。Katsuhiko Sato. It was an article for elementary school students, but from this point of view, it was a quibble that convinced elementary and junior high school students that "The inflation theory proposed by Dr. Katsuhiko Sato using his knowledge of quantum mechanics is a clever aerial theory (magic) that was conceived in a bitter way." The word inflation, named by the teacher, itself indicates that.
インフレーションは日本語では『インフレ』と略して呼びますでしょ。「最初は速度がゆっくりだった。その後、急激に(指数関数的に急激に速度を増していく」ということでしょ。そんなに持って回らなくたって良かったのですね。光速一定の原理に基づき量子力学自体を再構築して下さいますね。宇宙論からも撤退されることを表明して頂ける事を祈り願っています。Inflation is called ‘INFULE’ for short in Japanese, isn't it? "At first the speed was slow. After that, it increases the speed exponentially. I'm glad you didn't have to take it around that much. The quantum mechanics itself is reconstructed based on the principle of the speed of light constant. I hope you will announce that you will be withdrawn from cosmology.

投稿: インフレーション理論は巧妙な空論? | 2019年8月30日 (金) 21時22分




この記事へのトラックバック一覧です: 村山斉先生、『アインシュタイン思想の解釈間違い』を何時まで続けられるのですか。 【3-2】 Interpretation mistakes of Einstein's thought. Confession!懺悔を!:

« 多孔質化した《ダイヤモンド構造》の氷の結晶。炭素繊維のように丈夫でしなやかな水の結晶。Crystal waters as light as snow, carbon fiber with such strong and supple. | トップページ | 銀河内部では時間の進み具合は球の半径比例で伸び縮みしている!Within a Galaxy, that stretch in the sphere RADIUS proportional time progress! So space-time is curved. »