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2018年6月26日 (火)

エネルグトン・ウェーブトン・マトンちゃんはオタマジャクシ 【5-2】 energton, waveton and maton are tadpoles of universe.E=MC^2

52】科学童話「トン探検団」Fantasy narrative as a fairy tale. Please read the English version of the following Japan Japanese are not good at that.
Description: parent visitation day fairy tales with everyone "read" and decided that seeing the word tadpole cosmology. In series, but first of all, E = MC^2: Einstein's theory of relativity, is to portray. Hoping children so they can image the true nature of the universe and began writing.
E=MC^2 というアインシュタインの相対性原理を配役を選んで演じさせています。子供達が宇宙の真の姿をイメージできるようにと願いつつ書き始めました。

, waveton and maton-Chan are always playing with good friend 3-tadpoles. Tadpole energton is strong, but have a small tail, just did. Waveton is well always have extremely was an active boy tadpole.
 Maton-Chan is so a girl tadpole, which does not have a top-heavy, short tail.
Is always playing together three, at one time tried comparing their own tails’ length. Is the length from the tip of their tail once, stretched thin and wide from the center of the head for some reason was, together with three.
"That's interesting is the size of the head and so different, is the length of the tail along guys! Oh we have a tail the same length because it is our God made at the same time," and spoke of the maton-Chan did.

"It's funny, I somehow feel, I was going too far along the tail of the energton, and at energton’s  head, I have come back to I'm" and said was an active waveton.
¯∇¯;) HA HA HA. At that time I was watching it, but his tail is original only came back up to where it's going."
"but I went very far edge, it was where my tail original just had to come back where it was? I have no idea why? "
"I go I play rarely, but I went through the same at that time. I have realized I was going far enough and went source had come back to place on it. I wondered of it."
"God make us so become. It's because if you compare the length of the tail of all everyone looks all the same length.
( ̄∇ ̄;)ハッハッハ。あの時俺はその様子を見てたけど、自分の尾の先が元あった場所まで戻って来ただけだったのだぞ。ウェーブトンはそのことに気が付かなかったみたいだな」

"It's what do you mean?"
"Tell you the truth. Know where my own head just where may own tail, so if you run along to my tail, but you came back to just the place may head had been! I'm mean so you can come back here if it goes, running along the tail of my. Out otherwise, this tail of the range, or anywhere it flies it's not "
", I don't know yet. It's running so hard, went far. I'm back to its original location and it is why room? "
"Come to think of it is the Earth blowing bubble ball balloons, playing easy. And we don't have the same shape energiton, waviton and mamieton there are plenty they are bumming around in that balloon, but they don't play out that balloons out. And it's going to disappear, to back up in the balloon, and back and forth, sometimes was his first position, make sure that his ghost is. They are come back sometimes is a free to play around with anyway, they should be, so God established rules: Playing alone in a balloon, a kind, '
"I want to go once in a while we went to the outside of the balloon. How do I get to go? "
"Girl why such thinking can be dangerous for? come back after you do that, gone it's not?"

"But it's a story of the secret. It's opened only one small hole splashed like a soap bubble balloons, only one of you guys who barely pass. You can go to play outside of the balloon if there good lang."
"of how well the hole through which? Tell me!"
"The deceased's maton-Chan. You wonder to know such a thing, try you are sure maton-Chan. If you managed to escape, then in your back you can't get it. It'll be gone maton-Chan and Miss. You'd better no listen.”
"But I want to hear. I want to know it's'
"How did you know well, but rarely succeeds so didn't, hear Waveton. It's the secret or what not. I've said ago, the hole is very small. Open only maton-Chan's head barely passes or fails a small hole where the balloons only. Also turn fluffy and have a round-shaped balloons. I'm a faintest idea where is the hole?
 But certainly one is a hole to the outside of the balloon. You are going straight toward the hole. And it's that going forth into the rest of the world exactly when better to the wall of the balloon came to there, if the hole is open.

 "Ah, the relief. Can't it such a lucky thing happen? Worried that I was flying back and forth from accidentally into the hole just meet up, I. Listening to the description of the energton, I'm relieved. I've no need to worry about such a coincidence. Relieved.”
Maton-Chan is an appeal to pout. Energton secrets revealed has a cool look.

 That night thought while watching the starry sky waveton, "that star is I who between the Earth and there are a lot we're living in very thin like a soap bubble, and our God maton-Chan and I for sure do not go out. Open only one small hole in the film not seen the lang well there, and energton has told me that I'm able to go to the people in the world. A treetop level well if I were the one, I would, may be found the small entrance hole. Starting tomorrow look a little scary, but I was and "thinking so, stars of me" good night" so he said to them.

 Waveton was taking action immediately, the boy thought in mind. It is a world of quick running sore. Is that can fly at the same speed as light is best in the world.
 Oh and we during, went small Earth. Sun shining and glistening, went away in the back. Milky Way was used to always seeing big flows. "Galaxy is a Star group, isn’t it. Even the Sun is a smaller star one's' and thought waveton. Even tried to turn back to Earth were playing scared guys, and is in fact the Earth Sun and even he don't know where.
Maton-Chan at that time was about to give up on returning to Earth was playing with their suddenly energton’s saying; "straight ahead, then even when the original can come back to the place were you.Thanks for stipulates to not go out outside of God," it reminded him of saying.
"I said, go straight back to Earth. I'm back I'm sure. Thank you God,' and decided to go further and pray waveton. Even where was because it went too far.

 Continued to fly at or ran for several days, continued to fly for several months he don't know. At that time, prior to the straw hat wearing a familiar star appeared. Is Saturn. "If that's Saturn, that shining glare of Sun says. Again should reach Earth soon' and while he number PMKFA days and Miss Earth suddenly appeared in front of him, and he was that between went into the Earth.

"Everywhere you went was for!" Maton-Chan's angry, calling out to the wave tone came. "Where's the far-far away. I came to the place where the Milky Way appears clear and more adventurous "
"Worried for you. You would suddenly stop being what "
"Came back?" And energton’s voice to prevent another has.
"Right now. I could come back to everyone if you energton say; going straight. Also glad to see."
"It seems you went very far. Well, nice come back safe and sound.”


"By the way energton, bubble film, such as verge "out of here is not' that wasn't anywhere. That story was a lie?"
"No, it isn’t a lie. That's why right now, we are thus talking here.'
"Oh, it's what?"
"In the past, three tail of us we had compared the length of the length of them. At that time each other's tail was right compared to the shortest length of tail we have. Came this time traveling waveton of tail was just came running around the long piece of mine."
"We don't know why. Tell us about it. Explain"
"Our tadpole’s tail, it is the bubbles in spreading overall. And here is the head and tail, too. Post also located here, but this tail was is spread thinly in the soap bubble is I'm. Earthlings, thinly spread where there is nothing, so is just called "vacuum". And pointing to where the head "material [M] there" and just are calling."

"Learning' you. Place the vacuum, and the Earth is calling that overlap tail I (maton-Chan) and energton’s tails and the tail of the waveton are overlapped"
“You are right. He can feel a part of our heads but can’t feel splashed over the world. In low-dimensional."
"Live in the US and the same dimension not of Earth people?"
"People who live on the Earth and bio's. They are aware of only four-dimensional space. But they imagine there is no way I'm. Not be forced small world measure with the measure of 4-dimensional scale and even the position of the head of our grasp precisely. It's so unfathomable to the length of the tail of our also become hard and inexplicable quibble said the uncertainty principle acceptable, said the telescope means more over the Milky Way to measure increases the digits only, but also that."
"It is not unreasonable, because it is tied to the 4-dimensional world, are living. BTW energton, but said "there are small holes much pass through membranes of the limits of the universe, such as bubbles, mamed in his head' ago that hole is really? I tried a little adventure to find it" "is it's. Is certainly one.”
 "You'll tell a little bit more."

 Think about energton from formal occasions and began to speak.
"Waveton is what "light" to tell the truth. It should be called Photon. I'm speaking in terms of the world ‘Earth’, is in the wave and solid at the same time also that. With broadly cannot create the world, because God, C the speed of light in Earth words [of 300,000 Km/sec.] and He determined. So, I have little energy on the Waveton lent, then Waveton is quickly that he could out of the Milky Way instantly."
“ It is the film limits its limitations of the soap bubbles like that."
"You are not supposed to answer yet, ‘open only one hole’. It could open somewhere if I reach the hole, right? Tell us, because it’s not rarely happen in rare cases, you said before.”
"Alright, I'll tell you. It's just free flying. And you are looking forward to when by chance discovered the hole toward the hole in the intently (without hesitation). It's proceeding at speed of light God gave to us. Just turn off even for a moment, and it bent even if you are going straight away, and you were back to your original location. Talking with my experience at that hole has moved in multiples of 4-year cycle. So multiples of 4, i.e., 4,16,64,100 years, 400 years, 1000, 2000, 4000 years every, in the same location around come back seems to be.

 2016 7/26 大山宏
 In certain areas of Earth, but passage of the hole like a surface intersects the path. In its place, 16 it's every frequent phenomenon of miracle and wonder. Anyone know, "Oh, there's the hole' have left many earthlings record comes to that particular place and then carefully read the history books. So, you shouldn't go around and serch for the hole, and you wait in multiples of 4, where the hunting."
"Such talk if, find someone who'd be done! I wonder if in time, who found herself?"
"Interest is curious"
"late today and then continue also to that now. Good night."
 2016 7 / 26 Hiro. Oyama


 この3者の間には、E = MC^2 という関係が成立しています。
 For you parents and brothers, who are interested in the universe.
This talk series is purely based on modern science, is assembled. For example, it is made by intuition you know to the children that you are always wondering who is consistent with principles of the speed of light constant Einstein and "general relativity", such as in fairy tales.
 For the names of the characters leave a little comment.
Energton is a leading energy child. Usually the [E] is represented by a symbol.
the wave [wave child] of that. The end may say the photon. Speed usually forward of this photon is [C] that is represented by the symbol.
Girls maton-Chan
substance [Matter] are represented. Symbol [M] is.
 During this three-way, E = MC^2 that have been.
Please be comes to such as energaton waviton Mommy-ton.., characters other than the initials represent the nature of the child.
 I believe this fairy tale, series sequential, delivered in trying.
 from Hiroshima in Japan, thank you.


« 宇宙最大のミステリー2 …この世にはなぜ左巻きばかりが多いのか?Universe's biggest mysteries 2. In this world why left-handed but more? | トップページ | 光は1秒間に円筒の周りを7回転半しか出来ない?【5-3】貴方の周りの時空間も曲がっている!"Light cannot only 7.5 turns per second around the cylinder? Have bent time and space around you too! »

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« 宇宙最大のミステリー2 …この世にはなぜ左巻きばかりが多いのか?Universe's biggest mysteries 2. In this world why left-handed but more? | トップページ | 光は1秒間に円筒の周りを7回転半しか出来ない?【5-3】貴方の周りの時空間も曲がっている!"Light cannot only 7.5 turns per second around the cylinder? Have bent time and space around you too! »