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2018年6月26日 (火)

光は1秒間に円筒の周りを7回転半しか出来ない?【5-3】貴方の周りの時空間も曲がっている!"Light cannot only 7.5 turns per second around the cylinder? Have bent time and space around you too!

Description: easily described as Ticking time (t), bent time & space even around your time axis (T) is proportional to the length (L) of the space, that stretch the fact that elementary and middle school students can understand. Is happening really around your body that bends the light took the money and not looking for a space can be found.

"You can rotate around the Earth light during the second, what do you know?"
"It's common sense that. It's half past 7 turns. Because light travels 300,000 Km per second, the earth around 40,000 Km, and 30 ÷ 4 = 7.5 turns 7! "
" then, surrounded by Waveton, North Pole prepare the circumference of a radius of 1 Km, take turns along its circumference towards the light. Order once the answer is the number of times per second to get around on foot, many times we've got? "
"Since... the light proceed straight to the answer to that question."
“ Don't do that. About just around the globe 7 rotating half and you replied. He turned along the circumference of the equatorial plane is not? "
"Not fair Energton; you are. To me 300,000 Km/PI r^2 = calculations trying to stuff "

「そんなの常識だよ。7回転半だよ。地球は周囲が4万Kmであり、光は1秒間に30Km進むのだから、30÷4 = 7.5だから、7回転半だよ
「エネルグトンはずるいなあ。ぼくに(30Km)÷(2πr) = の計算をさせようとするんだもの」
"It's all modern people are mired in this paradox. They are not understand; Einstein so harp on about "that he bends the light, that stretch is the time and space, to say the truth modern physicist and astrophysicist,"
"but we (human) have been able to circulate around the Earth to the space station in reality. Say most scientists do not understand spatio-temporal elasticity is scolding might be not so? "
"Never be scolded. Also they are just ignorance, ‘Fibonacci boy was a foolish thing to say’, but they ignored. Answer in an instant "7 turns and a half!' What physicists do not come out I'm most "

"A rude thing to say, OK you?
Then, Energton, in the elementary and middle school students know why 7.5 turns, so that the answer you can give?"
"Of cause yes. Who can skate. Show doing? but in three minutes and I'll convince you."
"Interest I'm curious. I press the Start button on the stop-watch. Now please," and said cellular Maton-Chan did.

"During the question circling around the Earth; "run along the cylinder tear in the equatorial plane, that's. So he answered it is the shortest route from 7.5 turns. But you know. You can prepare the circumference of a 1-Km radius around the pole, flying many times per second?" Could only be calculated on the cylindrical surface hammered circumference of a radius of 1 Km in North-South direction during the question and there's no way you are. So the light is of instruction as a serious fly along the circumference of a radius of 1 Km. Answer the elementary school's answer to this is 7.5 turns, say. No similar calculations of "

「でも光りの走れるスピードは30Km/sec と一定なのでしょ。それがどの世界でも成り立つのじゃないの?」
" but is the speed of light can run 300,000 Km/sec and a certain right. Isn't it holds in any World.
"That's right. Step off the "principles of the constant speed of light C, did not. Suppose you are trying to go around the narrow cylinder around and just loose speed can't do. Otherwise the outside circumference of the flies in the direction of the tangent. It's that shrinking the time ticking time.”
"Indeed. It a moment thought, let us fly around the cylinder of this size, staff time proportional to the size and cylindrical, for shrinking. Deeply compassionate God!”
"Stemming from each question separately, each time stretch suit for the occasion, are compressed, and TAKS. So consistent all over the world as God creating light while at the same time directly proportional length of time & space (L) and time (t) and kept building. It is that the principle of the constant speed of light C.”


"It's over now? not yet elapsed minute can't. It has been puzzled by parents which seems convinced a lot of primary and secondary school students, but have come to parents' day. You say it again two minutes from the face what teachers say they killed."
“Yeah, parents visiting day is a world broadcast live nationwide on the contrary it is. You look it seems understood all the mathematicians, but still skeptical hard physicist, teacher who heads?"
"? so, butt naked, talking just a little? There is a social time, painted in a Mercator projection map. I like this map.


Mercator projection represented big idiot the continent of Antarctica. Also Greenland and South American continents as a feature is represented by the size. It is a map drawn with huge size and the Mercator projection in front of the classroom old elementary school, I don't know what it had been raised. Will you remember?
"It accurately be described the Mercator projection map by Earth tube in the shape of land projecting from the center of the Earth. Minimum directional light takes command of God, come around on this cylinder from not only the East-West direction. And a number of times per second while we departed from any location, all 7.5 turns that it is self-explanatory. That's why it runs along an arc of a radius of 1 Km in the center pole will proceed along the East and West of the map light's.”

"We've got what you want to say Energton! is the number of times per second around Mercator map of any scale map is drawn at any scale, but together, you said it. But we can actually see it?"
"Speed forward, light for some reason they found it more than 100 years ago, various scientists I’m 300,000 it's didn't show up only as a Km/sec value. So Einstein is the speed of light but what a small world (or a galaxy of great world of) constant speed of hypothesis and stood by. As a result came out talking about was the theory of relativity."

「それを100年以上前に、様々な科学者が調べたんだけど、どういう訳か、光りの進むスピードは30Km/sec の値としてしか出て来なかったのだよ。そこでアインシュタインは光りの速度はどんな小さな世界でも(銀河のような大きな世界でも)一定のスピードだよって仮説を立てたのだ。その結果出て来た話が、相対性理論だったのさ」
"But wait a minute. What does it become if you move on a Mercator map, just North of?"
“See them later is not. After actually passing through the North-pole, through the South-pole, and then pass the original back to the starting point was. Earth per second 7.5 turns on north-facing light got to. No proper map, realized as seen in the following figure."

"Rotate just it, Energton, 90-degree show not only?"
"That's right. Map was created during the Pole-Shift has happened in the past and even felt. But of facts like this picture, and Arctic and Brazil and Indonesia as the Antarctic was spinning Earth age. I was talking about evidence looking after carefully doing the cylinder is touching the globe now, wrote Mercator map.
It's set to equally spaced vertical distance would break of this kind. According to this cylindrical light going down and in the Earth-7.5 turns per second that even elementary school children know what It means."
"number indeed, Earth could spin at the speed of light in the North-South direction and number around at the speed of light in the East-West direction and is together there.”

"Happens to reach the South-East direction straight from Japan?”
"See picture Oh and indicate its course often guys on TV better eyes. That picture shows the course of the space-ship. Because the space station have moved on like a Sine (Cosine) curve. That on the curve of the spacecraft is moving."
“If you go straight in the direction of the South-East from Japan to the South-East the equatorial plane and apply the cylinder, you think I'm"

"It's excellent. Light is made, reasonable it's from (it's kind of from), choose the shortest course and proceed. It means applied cylinder and its course along the arc curved course. It's observed by human turns its course, but It thinks; ‘going hard straight up' even for light"
"Along a circular course that according to certain rules that came the directive by God, and let fly, light that shit seriously flying around along the arc's doomed universe creation when God hovering in the intently. I see.
But I want proof that another one about one; time axis is directly proportional to the length axis, which expand or contract.”

原子核の周りを電子が飛び回っているって話しを聞いたことがあるだろう。あの電子は光りと同じスピードで飛び回っているのだよ。CL/t が一定なんだ。でなければ、光速一定の原理が普遍性を持たないことになるからね。
"Can't do that. Then another one introduces you.
Will be heard talking flying electrons around the nucleus. It is that electrons are flying at the same speed as light. I'm a constant C = l/t. I'll be otherwise does not have speed of light constant principles universality. Get out of range of atomic time (photons) e turns around the atomic nucleus, a whole lot of energy. So you're flying speed of light constant principles as according to orders, so small with similar time and space around the nucleus. Would God have a very caring?"

1秒間に円周軌道を飛び回らせると7回転半だと掟(おきて)が定められている。だから、アインシュタインなど当時の物理学者が相談して、物理現象が整数で説明しやすいように、電子は半回転のスピンスピード=(1/2)スピン で回っているという風に逆に定義したのだよ。そうすると原子や原子核の世界だけでなく、銀河系や銀河団の運行さえも、超正確に表現できるようになった。ただそれだけのことなんだよ」
"(1/2)spin, but I have heard of spin is the relationship between the spin and talk now?"
"Try to tell just a little more because the story wanted to talk next time, I guess. 7 turns to many places during the second circular orbits and are prescribed law. It's defined in reverse so consult a physicist at that time, such as Einstein, physics-based integer mentioned in, and easy-to-e half turn spin speed = (1/2) spin around in the wind. And to do so as well as the world of atoms and nuclei of galaxies and clusters of galaxies, even now can be expressed very accurately. But it's just that I'm."
"You also let the details. Talk of today should remember that what? "
"The contract while the spatio-temporal. And the principle of the speed of light constant "circular orbit circular orbit is specified and belonging of the arc light's not only 1-7 turns. That way your stretch time axis.’ Better keep in mind it's enough. Good night!”

 2016 8/17  Hiro. Oyama (広.大山)
" I finished in 3 minutes, Dr. Fibonacci?"
"Because the questions you and others rammed."
"I wonder; "Will teachers understand that description?"
"If their elementary-school's back. Students who are ‘teacher that's what,' they explain. Such an age that's so 21st century.” 2016 8/17  Hiro. Oyama (広.大山)


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« E=MC~2 素粒子( particle.光の粒 light-pieces )物語 【5-2】 Energton, Waveton and Maton are tadpoles of universe. | トップページ | 光が曲がる事実は簡単に確認できる。【5-4】光の波長と直進性の関係。夏休み宿題向きの理科実験? »