« 村山斉様、銀河の重力が及ぶ範囲(重力圏)、佐藤勝彦様、【4‐6】 The range of gravity (gravitational circle) with respect to the Galaxy. | トップページ | 宇宙最大のミステリー2 …この世にはなぜ左巻きばかりが多いのか?Universe's biggest mysteries 2. In this world why left-handed but more? »

2018年6月12日 (火)

銀河の重心点は大昔から未来永劫まで変化しない!Gravity point of the Galaxy from a long time ago does not change until eternity! Singular point itself is the center of gravity in gravity of galaxies and black holes in the Galaxy! 銀河のブラックホールとは銀河の重心点に存在する重心という特異点そのもの!

もの凄く断定的な言い方 でブログを書き始めましたが、これは物理的にも数学的にも正しいと証明できるのです。簡単です。中学高校生にも分かるようにお話しましょう。
 The center of gravity of the Galaxy from a long time ago does not change until the forever! From ancient times is from the time of creation. Forever and never does not change 10 billion years ahead, 100 billion years and 999 billion years as its characters, that is. What is provable and began writing a blog in a very assertive way, but physically and mathematically correct this. It is easier. As you can see in the junior high school students want to do proof.

2)質量:M1と質量:M2 という2つの破片に分裂した場合でも、作用反作用の法則で考えてみれば明らかなように、M=M1+M2 の重心点Pの位置に変化は生じませんね。
3)同様に、時間差を置いてM2⇒M3+M4に分裂しても、移動中のM2の重心点P2に変化は生じません。⇒従って、M=M1+(M3+M4) = M1+M2 の重心点Pに変化は起きない!
4)更に、Mが5つに分解しても、50個に分解しても 500個に分解しても、M重心点Pに変化は起きません!
Before discussing the Galaxy first, think about the explosion of the neutron star.  Question: "neutron star explosion before impact centroid point p, after?' Answer is no [No!] is.
1) just split in half if in the opposite direction away from the center of gravity point P at uniform velocity.
makes no changes to the centroid point P.
2) it if it thinks in the law of action and reaction, even if divided into mass: M1: M2 mass two pieces is clear no change in the position of the center of gravity point P of M = M1 + M2.
3) put the time difference as M2
split M3 + M4, M2 moving Center of gravity point P2 no change. Therefore, change does not occur in the center of gravity point P of M = M1 + (M3 + M4) = M1 + M2.
4) break 500 M further apart for five and the separation of 50, Center of gravity point p of M change happens!
split into a neutron star or large debris (Stardust) [explosion], no change to the center of gravity point P of M. "Neutron star explosion earlier, after no change in the center of gravity point P ' that was proved.
銀河は島宇宙とも呼ばれています。銀河は何千億個以上も大宇宙内に観測されるそうですが、ほとんどの銀河は孤独 なのです。中には衝突中の銀河もあるにはありますが、この衝突中の話は後回しにして、小宇宙空間に島宇宙がたった一つだけ存在しているケース ほとんどですから、このケースに関してまず、考えてみましょう。
 Secondly, moving on for the Galaxy. The Galaxy also called Island universe. Observed in the universe billions more than the Galaxy is the Galaxy of the most lonely. The Milky Way collision in located in microcosm space in island universe is only one case is almost to talk during this conflict, then let's first, regarding this case.
[1] case Galaxy microcosm space exists only one island universe in Center of gravity point P. That gravity should be a giant black hole!" that has become. Many galaxies are running swirling, apart from the discussion of whether or not the black hole.  In a State such as thin disk rotating. Passed 10 billion, 100 billion, while turning in stars act on each other, in the middle of the coming year. Make a neutron blast on the way star also. However, its center of gravity point P2 is the Galaxy's central [Center of gravity point P] go gradually got near. (In this Einstein "bad! seemed to add to the cosmological', seems to be thought that it is).
 兎に角、1,000億年も 9,999億年も、という長い年月が経過する内には、銀河の重心点Pの小さな領域に島宇宙(銀河を構成する諸々の恒星)は一極集中していくのです。
 如何ですか、暗黒物質や暗黒エネルギーという言葉を使わないで、ミニビッグバンが論理的に語れたでしょ。(^o^) 。ビッグバンは大嘘ですが、銀河の再生や中性子爆発では、いわゆるミニビッグバンが語れるのです。
 It is in anyway, 100 billion years expires 999 billion years is a long time in a small area in the center of gravity points P Galaxy Island universe (to configure Galaxy of stars) 1 concentration and will. And, finally, that converges the smaller energy body is suddenly caused the explosion, but a new era of curtain open did.  It is this referred to the so-called "Creation". What is dark matter and dark energy term without big bang mini has logically made? (^o^). Is the big bang is a big lie, but playing for the Galaxy and neutron blast that talk about the so-called big bang mini. Meanwhile It was did not change gravity points P Galaxy. Creation does not change gravity points P Galaxy (before the creation too), since it is.
[2] each of the center of gravity was P1, P2, and there exist only two island universe case Island space U1 and U2 Island universe and. Island universe exists only one [1] of can be to evaluation criteria there is no example, Center of gravity point P have inertial motion is no island universe becomes two, inertial motion capture in the principle of relativity. In other words, can write and present velocity vector V1 Island universe U1 and U2 Island space speed vector V2, to inertial motion vectors V1, V2, but their center of gravity points P1, P2, and is.
 This is a picture of ship collision. And because the shape of the ship is similar to the vector example, easy to understand. Is there risk of collision between the ships have inertia, if such positions, the collision probability is very small that is preventable. If the ships is talking on the plane on the sea. Space Island one is unlikely because if you each have a inertia has vertical deviation (offset), stellar, planets, and galaxies collide.
 "Easy-to-hit from work between the island universe U1 and U2 Island universe, gravitation is not?" that question? Universal gravitation works between the steel and steel ships. However, the "ships Act, led to a crash! ' I heard the story! Is it the smaller gravitation.
 数千億個の銀河を調べてみて、高々数十枚の衝突現場写真が見つかっただけの話でしょ。衝突確率を計算すれば、数千億÷数十 =百億 なのです。1億円の宝くじに当たる確率(1千万人に1人ぐらい?)よりも遥かに小さいじゃないですか。
 Question, "are many photographic evidence, that the galaxies will collide Magazine listed it's not?'? Check out the hundred billion galaxies, we found dozens of crash scene photos were. Calculate the probability of collision. 500 billions ÷ 50 = 10 billion is. Probability of winning the lottery of 100 million yen (10 million people around one?) Even better is not it less far.
 「銀河衝突事件の真相」というお話をしました。覚えていますね。銀河はスカスカ なのです。宝くじに当たる確率で銀河同士が偶然に衝突したとしても、お互いの身体の中を亡霊の如くにエネルギー体がすり抜けて行くだけって皆さん納得してたじゃないですか。
 "I'm a huge galaxy. Funny and neglect have found dozens of cases that large galaxies are colliding, to discuss the new ' that is the protest.
 To say the truth of the Galactic collision, you remember. It is a lean of the Milky Way. Like ghosts through each other's bodies have clashed with the milky way each other by chance with probability of winning the lottery, it's only ride through energy body is what everyone is convinced you are not.

 This [2] is a summary of the section. Island universe had existed several pieces and even the island universe of their respective inertial motion velocity of just the direction vector (V) does not change at all.
―― お答えします。
〔3〕Is the question "tell me about the relationship between gravity points P Galaxy and black hole'?
―― The answer. Always black hole in the center of the Galaxy. Is generally shown in the Schwarzchild RADIUS is the size of a black hole, but millions of times the Sun black hole size, 0 times, size range is from.  Directly proportional to the mass of the Milky Way, black holes exist, that are recognized in the academic world. On the other hand, "microcosm galaxies over time, converge toward the center of gravity point P at suddenly to explode and repeated ups and downs ' that has been the story.  However, during that time, have inertial motion velocity of Center of gravity point P is just that.
 The following table is the table showed the Schwarzchild RADIUS,
black holes and Galactic gravitational sphere sizes and Jonny.

 地球のブラックホール(シュワルツシルト半径)は9mmであり、地球の重力圏の半径は約300万Kmです。地球が身近で分かりやすいですね。ブラックホールってこの位:0.000009Km、小さいのですよ。《 太陽の質量になれば(その質量比を掛け合わせれば)太陽のブラックホールサイズが3Kmだと算出できます。》
 Black hole Sun (the Schwartzchild RADIUS) is 3 Km, radius of the solar gravitational sphere is 0.106 Ly (layer). Black holes in the Earth (the Schwartzchild RADIUS) is a 9 mm, about 3 million Km is the radius of the Earth's gravitational sphere. Earth is close at hand, it is easy to understand. Small black hole this place is. "You can calculate it if the mass of the Sun (its mass ratio if) Sun black hole size is 3 Km."
 地球の半径は 6,370Kmであり、その地球のブラックホールのサイズはわずか9mm=0.000009Kmという小ささなのですよ。その同じ比率でもって、銀河・銀河団・超銀河団ブラックホールが存在しているのです。
 Also in the milky way, galaxies also, supercluster of galaxies, even black hole size to this extent is small.  Again,. Smallness is just 9 mm is the size of the black hole of the Earth is the Earth's RADIUS is 6370 Km.  Black holes in the galaxies and Galaxy-supercluster of galaxies exist in the same ratio, it is. If you disagree, the center of gravity of the Earth mainly 9 mm radius sphere envision the look.. "It's practically the same and gravity!"  You think that he can afford to.  Galaxy is the same no matter and black holes in the Milky Way Galaxy Center of gravity point in it is! Let's say more clearly. That was the singular point itself is the center of gravity in gravity of galaxies and black holes in the Milky Way is.


« 村山斉様、銀河の重力が及ぶ範囲(重力圏)、佐藤勝彦様、【4‐6】 The range of gravity (gravitational circle) with respect to the Galaxy. | トップページ | 宇宙最大のミステリー2 …この世にはなぜ左巻きばかりが多いのか?Universe's biggest mysteries 2. In this world why left-handed but more? »

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« 村山斉様、銀河の重力が及ぶ範囲(重力圏)、佐藤勝彦様、【4‐6】 The range of gravity (gravitational circle) with respect to the Galaxy. | トップページ | 宇宙最大のミステリー2 …この世にはなぜ左巻きばかりが多いのか?Universe's biggest mysteries 2. In this world why left-handed but more? »