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2018年7月 9日 (月)

第3章 人工衛星の心?Artificial satellites in mind and the mind?" … Their curves and bends along the arc going' not going at all.

[3-1]重力圏? 慣性の法則をアインシュタイン思想で説明すると,宇宙の姿が見えて来る! Gravity? To explain the law of inertia in Einstein's ideas come into view is the appearance of the space. 


It is can be explained just by using that space and time are curved centrifugal force directed power Word without the artificial satellite around the Earth at a constant speed around.  Is using the word "gravity" "bent time and space" the fact alone, could explain the movement of celestial objects. Let me explain. Earth star, so delays around the time go proportionally to the distance R from the center of the Earth is oscillating.
This is a fact has been confirmed by GPS satellite clock lead-lag.
1 satellites in two parts, let's turn our attention. Divide the hemisphere close to the Earth and distant hemisphere is given.

1, Center of gravity in terms of closer hemispheric let R1 and distance from the center of the Earth.
2, From the gravity of distant hemisphere R2 the distance to the center of the Earth.
 Artificial satellites in mind and the mind "at constant speed V, to straight up where fly ' as is going to be.  But it is in fact orbiting around the Earth at constant speed V. I could explain it in that space and time are curved? It is easier. I want to do.

ですから、1秒間に進む距離をLとすると、L1R1VL2R2V となるので、近い半球の進む距離L1は、遠い半球の進む距離L2に比べて少しだけ短くなります。
  L1R1VL2R2V と言う具合に、LRに比例しているので、結果的にこの人工衛星は半径R(R1R2)/2 という半径の円周軌道上を進んで行くことになるのです。人工衛星本人はあくまで真っすぐ進んでいるつもりなのですから、不思議ですね。
Einstein thought [bent time and space] and say gently, "the progress of time stretch the distance R from the center of the Earth in direct proportion" that is. Therefore forward near the hemisphere becomes the distance traveled per second to the L and L1 = R1xV, L2 = R2xV, so the distance L1 will be just a little bit shorter than distant hemisphere go the distance L2; right? That has hanging around is actually two separate satellite hemispheres and then bends close to the Earth hemisphere as a whole satellite. It was the length of circumference 2 π R. It is L1 = R1xV, L2 = R2xV and so the l is proportional to R, so ultimately this satellite will go ahead a circular orbit of radius of R = (R1 + R2) / 2. Satellite identification are going are going straight at the end of it is so strange.
Whether it is. Without using the term ‘Gravitation and centrifugal force and directed mind power’ and using only one “directly proportional to the distance R from the center of the sphere, and the stretch on the progress of the time. Space-time is curved so that”; that you could explain the premise alone.
This description is together within a gravity centered on the Sun. It's also within the gravity centering on the black hole at the center of the Galaxy. In short, progress around the time of the contract with radii proportional. This "space and time are curved’ Einstein thought under the centrifugal force is towards power, hero. The word gravity, gravitation, even is it ends without a description of Celestial movements. Were convinced that space and time are curved?
 Is the question?
Here you are. It is "etc. Apart from artificial satellites orbiting around the Sun, Saturn or Jupiter satellite orbit portrays in is not?" question.
 It is a look at point (perihelion) the satellite closest to the Sun, that if you talked about above. The slowest speed of the fastest speed to pass perihelion, Aphelion pass through. Turns out or becoming into hemisphere close to the Sun at perihelion passage and far from the solar hemisphere and, given the elliptical orbit, or to a parabolic orbit, or become a hyperbolic orbit. However, troublesome calculation is professional physicists to guess Let's leave it to the teachers.

先ほど、「人工衛星に があるとして、その心は『一定速度Vで、どこまでも真っすぐに飛んで行こう』としているつもりになっている」というお話しをしたでしょ。その のことですよ。慣性の法則とは、「外から力が作用しなければ、その物体の運動は等速運動を続けます」という法則です。等速運動とは一定のスピードで動き続けることであり、円運動している物体ならば、円軌道上を半永久的に回り続けるということを意味しています。
 One more question?
 "What is the law of inertia?" It is the question. Earlier, "satellites in mind as their hearts" at constant speed V, to straight up where fly ' as is going to be "say I talked. With that in mind. The law of inertia is a law stating that "unless force is applied from the outside of the motion velocity continues to". Continue around the circle orbit semi-permanent objects keep moving at a constant speed and velocity, and the circular motion if that means.

It is not at all thought and heart of stars located in the gravity of the Sun have pulled into the Sun in their mind. "To straight up where he going forward and then going straight up ' and he think it is. This is the law of inertia on Einstein's ideas.
One more question? "What's a gravity?" is the question. Within a clearly different compared around the time lead lag so in a nutshell, that is. Earth has a gravity and the Sun and the Milky Way Galaxy has a gravity. Think alone within Earth's gravity when considering the motion of the moon has been campaigning within the gravity of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon, and is enough. You better not think of gravity area of solar and Galactic gravitational sphere that is!
Yet "?' is it?

による周りの時間の進み遅れ具合が支配的な場所が月の重力圏なのです。アインシュタインは『重力現象が、時間軸の伸び縮みということに1:1対応で置き換えられる』ということを発見したのです。 今日はここまでにしましょう。 2017 5/20 Hiro. Oyama
Please remember when working within the gravity of the Moon in Apollo. There was no need to consider that the gravity of the Earth and that the gravity of the sun while doing their job, right? Lead lag so in around moon’s time a dominant place on gravitational sphere is. It is found that the "gravitational phenomena that the elasticity of the time axis 1:1 response will be replaced with" Einstein. Today so far.
PS. この勢いなら「暗黒物質や暗黒エネルギーが机上の空論だ」と証明するまでに、あまり時間はかかりませんね。
Not take much time to prove if this momentum, "dark matter and dark energy's discussion is fake".

discussion ディスカッション 3-1-1 Discussion

        投稿: | 2017527
 From Hiro. Oyama: I found that can explain the movement of all celestial objects, including galaxies and clusters of galaxies do not use the term "centrifugal force and directed mind power" at all, or? Even this understanding from the heart, something like "dark matter / energy, force create is good. So far, future historians laugh at you looking for dark matter and energy, using the State budget of trillions of yen. It is around the Milky Way space and time are curved and are producing a convex effect. By: | 5/27/2017 (Saturday) 5:41
ドラマでスタートレックというシリーズがあり私は子供の頃の宇宙大作戦などを夢中でみていました。USSエンタープライズ号のファンでした。あとNHKでやっていたタイムトンネルも好きな番組の一つです。ブラックホールや超新星などの極端な存在がまだ謎に満ちていますが、実験屋と理論屋の双方が納得できるような結論が導き出されたら良いですね。 投稿: miyamo | 2018117
 This story can be totally agree. Physical phenomena in the universe are voicing precisely.  Whence he progresses in a linear fashion, the last well coming back from behind their behavior can be explained. Proven recently, Higgs particles have mass, or solve problems with gravity wave astronomy discoveries that followed. As the man lay in physics and mathematics, while interesting watching coverage to resolve mystery every time exciting. This is who I am totally clueless to the literature department from the hard science problems in mathematics and physics feels romantic. In SF drama series called Star Trek I Star Trek in childhood, such as crazy, was. Been a fan of the USS Enterprise. It is like a time tunnel later did at NHK program. It is good if such convincing both experiment and theory building is extreme, such as black holes and supernovae are still full of mysteries, but the conclusion is derived. By: miyamo | 1/17/2018 (Wednesday) 18:01
問題:「Y=aX+b の実験式が理論的に組み立てられていました。詳細な実験を行なったところ、b0.0000000000000000001という具合の限りなくゼロに近い数値が、bの推定値として得られました。あなたは回答用紙に『b0』と回答しますか。それとも、ゼロの個数を数えてb10^-19』と答案用紙に記入しますか?」
 ましてや、b=0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 という結果が実験の結果得られた場合では、ゼロの数を忙しい試験の最中にチェックするのが馬鹿らしい、と気が付くはずでしょ。
 この馬鹿々々しい間違いに気が付かず、世界中の物理学者が胸を張って『b10^56 』だとか、『b10^-120』が正しいのだ、と大激論を数十年間戦わせ、数兆円の国家予算をかけておられるのですから、お笑いを通り過ごしているとは思いませんか。
それともこれはノーベル賞級の発見なのでしょうか? 投稿:宏大山 | 2018120
 Of course, put the breast with b = 0, will you answer. This is the correct answer as the answer to science. "b = 10^-9 ' and if you write as the mathematical answer will answer as science exam answers right fail the examination as a "Big mistake".
 And b = 0.0000000000000000000000000000000 result experiments resulting in the
 Number of zeros that stupid check in the middle of the busy exam, and you should find you.
 Greate mistake without noticing, physicists around the world proudly "b = 10^-56 ', say" b = 10^-120 ' because it's correct, and intense debate pits over the last few decades, and that they spent several trillion yen State budget for, you don't think having a road comedy. they don't think not have realized this mistake, which even in recent Cosmology books and scientific journals just over dozens of books published only in Japan, but because having the street wonders? It is fun in currently teaches that have taken prestigious physicist and teacher who first "misunderstanding" notice.
 It is found in the Nobel Prize class of? By: Hiro. Oyama | 1/20/2018 6:54

 投稿: miyamo | 2018120 0943
 Blessed with the luck of the third planet of the solar system the Earth's various and full of life today. Is oxygen's distance from the Sun, temperature, water, in the air, almost like miracles. Tired of tribes that humans are at the top of the food chain just to eat, live, began to study mathematics and physics.  Various mysteries was solved by them, human beings evolved civilization. You do not need to worry about any of these issues, if only just to live. However, I feel like a Wonderland filled with romantic universe and mathematics. Despite problems such as hunger and poverty, on the other hand a huge laboratory using money. I think lucky to be born in Japan is a rich country. In doing so, have been investigating various mysteries is the history.  Is out of date, but I majored in European history at the University of B.C. from used math. Science has evolved, it is now classical physics and Einstein, is a contemporary of quantum mechanics. Has a thirst what mystery is revealed while I'm alive, it's exciting.
        By: miyamo | 1/20/2018 9:43

コメント感想ありがとう。確かに「量子力学全盛の現代」です。でも、このブログの記事を「間主観性〔相手の立場に立って物事を考える〕の立場」に立って、読むべき人が読んでくだされば、『量子力学の専門家が宇宙論に大変な出しゃばった発言をした』事を大反省されることでしょう。最新宇宙論がひっくり返るのは、miyamoさんとしても、わくわく、ドキドキされる事件となることでしょう。 大山宏より
 Thanks for the feedback comments. "Quantum dynamics of contemporary" indeed. But this blog post "between subjectivity [standing in the standpoint of the person, thinking about things] of position" in will be great remorse, everyone should read the "quantum mechanics expert in Cosmology dared remarks hard" thing did. Tipping the current Cosmology will be as miyamo's exciting, pounding the incident. From Oyama Hiro.
 大山殿へ 一つ質問させて下さい。
| 2018122 1437
 Please make one question to Oyama. Today's talk was that "can be explained just by using that space and time are curved and artificial satellite around the Earth at a constant speed around' the Earth there without even bent for the same spatio-temporal location, That satellite will continue the rotation velocity? By: | 1/22/2018 14:37
| 2018122 1459
 You are right.  Detailed description is also the opportunity, let me explain briefly. The black hole in the center of the Earth. (Earth is there no), artificial space between strain associated with the black hole RADIUS is the size of a 9 mm, but even if they keep the velocity of rotating satellites.
 Light even higher microorganisms cannot escape a black hole, since it mounted satellite Earth [you're], I can't see. But is that early time and how it is directly proportional to the distance from a black hole in [this is the distortion of time and space]. That is why satellite can continue the rotation velocity. Think satellite heart is just straight up velocity and continue that (he feels) is. Strange, isn't it?
 Post from Hiro. Oyama: | 1/22/2018 14:59
[3-2] アインシュタイン思想の解釈間違い』を何時まで続けるの?懺悔を
銀河同士の衝突事件の真-1 父兄参観日にてフィボナッチ女史が語る。
[3-4] 銀河同士の衝突事件の真-2 暗黒物質の正体とは?父兄懇談会にて)
[3-5] 剛体重心点からの距離比例で時間軸の矢が出射!←GPS衛星の時間遅れ
[3-6] ブラックホールの大きさは、小学校の「算数」で算出できる
[3-2] Interpretation mistakes of Einstein's thought. Confession!
[3-3]-1 the truth of the collision between the Milky way Fibonacci's talk at parent visitation day.
[3-4]-2 the truth of the collision between the Milky way and the identity of the dark matter? (At parents meetings)
[3-5] from rigid body Center of gravity point distance proportion in exit arrow of time axis!
GPS satellite time delay.
[3-6] the size of the black hole can be calculated by arithmetic in elementary school!


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easy フィボナッチ実数列。Real Fibonacci numbers」カテゴリの記事


1)速度が30万Km/sec の移動物体〔光ですよ〕は、完全な円軌道になります。《この辺りを飛び交っている光は地球には永久に届かない!》

投稿: Oyama | 2018年5月25日 (金) 01時53分





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