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フィボナッチ坊やが語る『オタマジャクシ宇宙論』の目次。Table contents of “Fibonacci Sonny talks about tadpoles’ universe theory”.

第一章 おたまじゃくし(素粒子:光の粒)宇宙がわかる。Intro. Fibonacci Sonny tadpoles' Cosmology. 
お勧め記事:子供にも分かるブラックホール内部世界の構造Structure inside of the Black Hole be understood by children.
Black hole Event Horizon, "Land's End" Ant let her inside the narrow tubes.
第二章 すべての生命体は、無限大と無限小との間で暮らしている[2-6] Definition of infinity Wikipedia's definition should be changed as soon as !
第三章 人工衛星の心?『自分は円弧に沿って曲がりながら進んでいる』とはちっとも思っていない。[3-1] come into sight and Einstein thought described the law of inertia, Appearance of the space.
第四章 は地球の重力圏内で遊んでいる[4-1] the elasticity of the arrow of time and gravity are the same thing (Earth gravity, solar gravitational sphere).
第五章 指穴から宇宙が見えるが曲がっているのが分かる[5-6] can "bend light" into a 1φ-finger holes and Einstein's ideas.
結論無限大の定義を間違えていたのが根本原因です!Conclusion: wrong definition of infinity is the root cause!
第二部 フィボナッチ数列と《原子周期律表》との関係。
COSMIC, CRUSTAL Abundances をフィボナッチ変換処理(時空間圧縮)してみたら、創世記第一章が物理学的に正確な記述である事が証明できました。Genesis chapter-of physics accurate description that could prove!
早速質問?『なぜビッグバンは2と言えるのですか?』Questions? "You can say why big bang is twice?'
1COSMIC, CRUSTAL地殻存在度 Abundances transfomed by Fibonacci Real sequence. フィボナッチ変換で分かる事-1 
2CRUSTAL, COSMIC宇宙存在度Abundances trancefomed by Fibonacci Real sequence. フィボナッチ変換で分かる事.-2
3】宇宙は本当に1"Universe only one?"です。フィボナッチ実数列で確認できる』Yes only one! Available in Fibonacci real.
4銀河の重心点大昔から未来永劫まで変化しないGravity point of the Galaxy from a long time ago does not change until eternity! "Singular point" "gravity in the galaxies" 銀河のブラックホール銀河の重心点に存在する(特異点)そのもの!
5電磁力って何?⇒「銀河は全て左巻き。それは横着な大自然の姿Galaxies are all left-handed. It is very lazy natures appearance.
6】時間軸を縮めるのは非現実的ではないか?"Shorten the time axis is not unrealistic?素粒子物理学者:村山斉殿/佐藤勝彦博士へご参考までに
7】「電磁石の実験で使う右ねじの法則を先に説明してよ」"explain right-handed screw rule in electromagnetic experiments,
8】「生涯最大の不覚!宇宙項は加えなくて良かったのだ」新解釈。Lifelong 'Greatest Imprudence" of enlightenment is correct! Staff put the cosmological.
9】「ちょっといじめ過ぎじゃない?」頑固率素直率宇宙論Little too much bullying not, Dr. Fibonacci? stubborn, obedient and cosmology?

10大西卓也さん「宇宙船の中で独楽回しをしたらどうなるか?実験して見せて」小学生からの依頼。"What happens if in the spacecraft top spinning? Showing the experiment," request from the elementary school in Japan.

宇宙も極宇宙も,あなた直感で理解できる。Chapter-1 Maximum space, small space, your intuitive and understandable.

宇宙最大のミステリーを解くカギ100年前にすでにあった[1-1] is the key to solve the biggest mystery in the universe were already 100 years ago.
ビッグバン仮説は大間違いであった[1-2] round-table discussion "big bang hypothesis was wrong.
5分でわかるE=MC^2 』『オタマジャクシ宇宙論』13"In 5 minutes you can see E = MC^2 ' tadpoles universe theory.
宇宙空間の次元解析2」「一人KJ心で悟る「光速C一定の原理」[1-4] "analysis of outer space-2" "solo KJ". Principle of relativity can consent for intuition
直感で納得できる相対性原理があるマンガで読む本の紹介付き)[1-5] in mind realize the constant speed of light C "principle"
[2-2] フィボナッチ坊やが「無限大宇宙~無限小宇宙」を語る
[2-3] 無限大と無限小の掛け算? 答えは?
[2-4] Fi数列のおもしろい性質「異次元世界は現世と相似形数学的な証明に成功!
[2-5] Fi計算式は、極微世界から〔超巨大世界:大宇宙〕までを貫く式
[2-6] 無限大の定義 ウィキペディアの定義は大至急、変更すべきです
[2-7] 川の流れのように宇宙は存在している」という不思議な一致。
[2-8] ブラックホールの内部構造は、我々の住んでいる世界と相似形なのですよ。特異点ってのが気になりません
 Chapter 2 Life forms are living between the infinite and the infinitesimal.
[2-1] [Atom] and real Fibonacci [Fi series] with a close relationship between the.
[2-2] Fibonacci boy "infinite space and infinite microcosm" says.
[2-3] multiplication of infinite and infinitesimal? The answer is?
[2-4] Interesting nature of Fi series "different dimensional world is the similarity of this world". I've succeeded to prove mathematically the correctness of this polygon!
[2-5] Fi formula from the microscopic world [super giant world: macrocosm] up through expression!
[2-6] Definition of infinity
Wikipedia's definition should be changed as soon as !
[2-7] a strange coincidence that the "flow of the Nile River in the universe exist".
[2-8] internal structure of black hole that is the world we live in and leaning on it. Specific-Point, for some care?

[3-1] 慣性の法則をアインシュタイン思想で説明すると、宇宙の姿が見えて来る。
[3-2] アインシュタイン思想の解釈間違い』を何時まで続けるの?懺悔を
銀河同士の衝突事件の真-1 父兄参観日にてフィボナッチ女史が語る。
[3-4] 銀河同士の衝突事件の真-2 暗黒物質の正体とは?父兄懇談会にて)
 剛体重心点からの距離比例で時間軸の出射GPS衛星による時間調整システム明確です35 An arrow of the time axis is emitted by the distance proportional from the center of gravity

Chapter 3 Artificial-satellite heart? ... "Their curves and bends along the arc going' not going at all.
[3-1] come into sight and Einstein thought described the law of inertia, the appearance of the space.
[3-2] Interpretation mistakes of Einstein's thought. Confession!
[3-3]-1 the truth of the collision between two Galaxies. Fibonacci's talk at parent visitation day.
[3-4]-2 the truth of the collision between two Galaxies, and the identity of the dark matter? (At parents meetings)
[3-5] from rigid body Center of gravity point distance proportion in exit arrow of time axis!
GPS satellite time delay.
[3-6] the size of the black hole can be calculated by arithmetic in elementary school! Schwarzschild radius, Minimum time units in the GPS measurement system.

[4-1] 時間軸の矢伸び縮みと重力とは同じもの(地球重力圏・太陽の重力圏)。
[4-2] 月重力が及ぶ範囲(月重力圏の大きさ)。スウィングバイ航法。宇宙旅行。
[4-3] 銀河の重力圏?『フィボナッチ宇宙のおもしろさ』 12の相乗平均?
[4-4]時間軸の矢」は“等時間面( 球ねぎの皮 )”に必ず直交している!
[4-5] 重力場と重力圏の違い。月と地球とは連星? 逆さ富士のすそ野イメージ

[4-6] 銀河の重力が及ぶ範囲(重力圏)銀河団・超銀河団の重力が及ぶ範囲
Chapter 4 Playing moon within Earth's gravity!
[4-1] the elasticity of the arrow of time and gravity are the same thing (Earth gravity and solar gravitational sphere).
[4-2]-gravity range (Moon gravity area size). Swing-by navigation. Space travel.
[4-3] gravity region of the Milky Way? " Fibonacci space interest '
1 and 2 mean?
[4-4] "time's arrow" "and time aspects (bulb onion peels)" to always perpendicular!
[4-5] difference between gravity and gravity.
 Moon and star as the Earth? Wider image of Mt. Fuji.
[4-6] The range of gravity (gravitational circle) with respect to the Galaxy.
[5-1] 音階」に秘められているフィボナッチ実数列の不思議
[5-2] E=MC^2 素粒子(光の粒)物語エネルグトン・ウェーブトン・マトンちゃんオタマジャクシ
[5-3] 科学『光は1秒間に円筒〔円柱〕の周りを7回転半しか出来ない!』
[5-4] 小話1『光が曲がる事実は簡単に確認できる夏休み宿題向きの理科実験』
[5-5] 小話2表面引力はあなたの身近で観察できる
[5-6] 1φ指穴を覗くと“光りの曲がり”が確認できるアインシュタイン思想。
[5-7] ソクラテスの妻:朝食を食べながら宇宙の姿/を論じる、Socrates’ Wife.
 あとがき PostScript.

  Chapter 5 finger holes visible universe. You can see that the light is bent out of shape.
[5-1] real Fibonacci word "scale" kept wondering in Musical-scale.
[5-2] science fairy tales "ENERG-ton Wave-ton Mutton Chan are tadpoles '( particle. light-piece )
[5-3] science" Light second cylindrical [cylinders] of 7.5 turns around, it! '
[5-4] anecdote1 "that bends the light for summer vacation homework science experiment
actually easy to see.'

[5-5] anecdote 2 "surface attraction is your familiar, can be observed!"
[5-6] can "bend light" into a 1
φ-finger holes and Einstein's ideas.
[5-7] Socrates's wife: discuss the appearance and shape of the universe while eating breakfast.


付1) 佐藤勝彦殿、ビッグバン仮説から手を引き,真の量子力学を展開すべき!Dr. SATO Katsuhiko, withdraw from the big bang hypothesis, and should deploy true quantum mechanics!
付2) 村山斉殿、間違いだらけの宇宙論」を読んでホーキング博士は「ブラックホールは存在しない」と主張し始めた様ですね。The New Static Cosmology
付3) 相転移宇宙論を語ることはナンセンスです!懺悔を!Murayama Hitoshi, the Minister talk about cosmology in the transition is nonsense! Confession
おすすめ宇宙最大のミステリー2 [なぜ左巻きばかりが多い?] Universe's biggest mysteries 2. In this world why left-handed but more? 電子は(:陰電子)ばかり存在。陽電子無理矢理作らないと出来ないのは何故?負時間は地上の何処に存在しているのか?虚数時間の前に負時間の世界を探すべき!E (-: negatron) just there. Of the Positron is forced to make impossible? or negative time is where the ground? Should find the world of negative time, imaginary time before! I found it.
Topics: like FM radio waves (electromagnetic waves) are longitudinal. Light is a kind of electromagnetic wave. Were "light is refracted longitudinal wave" is it! You should believe what you sawFM電波(電磁波)はどう見たって縦波です。⇒電磁波の一種でしょ。だったら光も縦波ですよ!あなた自分の目で見たもの信じるべきです


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