« 光速一定の原理と惑星楕円軌道との関係。 Correctness proof "the existence of negative Sun","principle of the speed of light constant'"★dark-star★ in the Ⅱfocal point of elliptical orbit". | トップページ | ドプラー効果には2種類あり!Doppler Effect in the two !!, at parent's day. 父兄参観日にて。 »

2018年9月12日 (水)

電場も磁場も時間軸Tが伸縮したもの!Discovered; electric field, magnetic field, are distortion concerned about time T, similar to the gravity field completely! 重力場の歪みと完璧な相似形!

どうしてそんな大それた事が言えるのか』という意見を頂きました。お答えします。 It was both electric field and magnetic field had stretched the time axis T. She came clear a perfect similarity with the gravity distortion! 'So why say anything?' "says! The answer.

 The electric field ± charge exists, in the magnetic field ± magnetic charge that is there. However, that in the gravitational field so far "not only the original weight (mass: positive-mass: + Sun). And that the gravitational field is spreading to the distant galaxy?? " Dilemma that the now and then East and West (world famous) is a physicist who was struggling coming in. 今回、負太陽(negative-mass:-Sun)の実在性が証明/確認できました。これで重力に関しても正負(±)が存在することが分かり、電場、磁場と数学的に全く一緒になる!と分かってきたのです。それどころか、これまで電子(電荷)や素粒子の動きは電磁場の中で論じられてきていたのに代わって『重力場の一部として、電場や磁場が重畳しているだけではないか』とまで考えられるようになってきたのです。 今日は、この「物理学の根幹を揺るがす」ようなお話しを中学/高校生向けに父兄参観日形式で、やさしく語ってみましょう。
This certificate / check was negative Sun (negative-mass:Sun) reality. In polarity (±) for gravity, electric field, magnetic field and mathematically be all together! and is known to have. To the contrary, so far e (charge) and particle movement in the electric and magnetic fields been discussed was "as part of the gravitational field are superimposed electric and magnetic fields are not alone? ' and, on behalf of until is has been considered.
Today, this "shakes the Foundation of Physics" as talking about junior high school and high school students parent visitation day form at the Let's talk softly

First, the following picture seen in elementary school science textbooks. What is this picture?
"Yes, Sir. Pictures distributed the iron from the top, put the paper on the magnet it is.'
That's right. In this way, is the magnetic field have something called flow. Departs from the N-pole of a magnet, flowing toward the S-pole, the term commitments (rule); Then, the following picture is what?

"Yes, Sir. It is the effect around its charge when it was only one charge, depicted in the manga.
 That electric field, wasn't it??"
 You are right. This is a picture of the electric field. It is radiating in all directions ranging effect of charge. But charge + and
will be painting like: and there are two types of charge.
これって、最初の磁場の絵「磁石の上に鉄紛をばらまいたときの絵」と一緒ですね。一方で、(電場/磁場に対して) 重力場っていうものがあります。
 This is picture of the magnetic field first told "when a magnet on iron powder scattered across paintings". On the other hand, there is one's gravitational field (electric and magnetic fields for). It is where going off when you threw things into a parabola that gravity works. I had linked the Earth gravitational field from a moon orbiting around the Earth.
Figure 4 (Fig-4), electric field and magnetic field and gravitational field of Confocal scanners second curve plane, confocal scanners quadratic curved surface concept using the together I.
 Confocal scanners quadratic curve: two foci (F ', F) oval to share and hyperbolic features: each Oval shape and each Hyperbola and is always orthogonal.

共焦2次曲面作り方 Quadric with focus to make
回転楕円体が4枚完成! 図では楕円が4本あるので
1) Oval: to rotate each ellipse centered X-axis 180°. Completing the four rotational ellipsoid. Because the figure is an ellipse four, 4-" time aspects (equivalent-time-closed-surface)" you can get.
2) Hyperbolic: with Y-axis as the rotating axis, each hyperbolic 1 ° per step in to rotate. 360 x 4 = arrows of time vector (T) 1440 curves you can. Each arrow curve of time vector (1440 curves) completed all 4-"equivalent-time-surface" is orthogonal!



 It is looks similar to figure 4 place the paper stick magnets on iron filings sprinkled on Figure 1 (Fig-1) and electric lines of force distribution figure 2 (fig-2) very well, but in fact, a picture of the gravity field. Add a little description.
F',Fof the pulsar is spinning at high speed at the (sibling stars) is. And is a figure around (all directions), releasing a lot of particle and photon (photon). It is a precisely drawn by expanding from 5 billion 10 billion light-years away looks to pulsar. "Or say why?" What you thought in your mind you. There are acceptable in intuitive ways. What to do?
もっというと、図の+と-の距離を無限に大きくしたならば、⇒ 図2が、
F',F間の距離を限りなくZEROにした絵()と同じ形になるのです。F',Fyou figure if the distance between the zero close, from the Star (pulsar) radiating light dissipate has become. This is the closest to figure what a closest to any of the above figure 1 figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 and actually wrote the sign of the cross during the red circle on the left side of Figure 2.
Rather more, and Figure 3 + andof the distance to infinity if,  ⇒ Fig. 2 shows Figure 4F',Fdistance between infinitely to ZERO in the picture (fig. 4) and the same form is.

"Sir, is the question.
What was the pulsar? I forgot it. Do you speak again?' That's ok. Pulsar is a large mass (weight) of Sun-like stars two extremely close distance, brother star each other turns at high speed around the opponent. It is too fast, because looks like a star in the distance. However, variable light intensity changes half times between stars and stars open just a little bit away from observing with a telescope from Earth, and that it is. In Figure 4 because it F',F for open distance. So let Starlight's when the Brothers star in Earth, darn it. So, reduces the amount of light reaches the Earth during the overlapping and to grow. Pulsar, by such an explanation?
"Sir, thank you. Reminded me of it. In class the other day, Jupiter is in the location of the Sun, because a pulsar respectable teacher did that. Roger.'
 Now, ladies and gentlemen, and in Figure 3 + stars and
stars left half of the picture infinitely large, the distance between the stars and Figure 4F',Fof the distance with the infinitely small, the figure in the picture together would talk as much, and then back to picture 4 picture (picture of the gravity field).
 In Figure 4, there are two unfamiliar words. "Arrow of time" and ""equivalent time" that is unfamiliar. Course is unfamiliar, I coined the term without permission it is (laughs). First, "and time" that explain words. This is the thin layer like the skin of an onion. Easy is to talk about taking a case to the Earth we live? Thickness ± 1 Km, maybe. But compared to the distance from the Earth's equator to the Arctic 10000 Km, ± is a thin layer of about 1 / 10000. "More than the skin of an onion more and more thin!". So in that layer, lead-lag time is not at all feel.
 It is compared with the layer of orbiting GPS satellites, on the other hand, obviously, different and getting along with your time on Earth. Time of orbiting GPS satellites are obviously we are different from the people who live on the Earth. GPS satellites are monitoring the progress of the time adjust, me to we is. It is like the skin of an onion that GPS satellites are orbiting a thin layer and layers, such as the skin of an onion in our lives during the thin layer of myriad, overlapping.
"Teacher, say so, Figure 4 is a picture of the Brothers star called a pulsar. Earth, etc. in time terms is covered with the skin of an onion is too much difference between painting and can't imagine is the?'  The question I hear from somewhere. Let's see. So let's talk about the center of gravity point P let me.
 地球の重心点P0は唯一ひとつしか存在しませんね。そこでこの地球を真っ二つに分けて半分の重心点をP1とし、もう一方の重心点をP2とします。すると、P1P2の丁度中間地点がP0 になってますね。そして、そのP0を中心として玉ねぎの皮が球面状に何層にもわたって(何千層にも何万層にも)重なっている!って考えて下さい。

 Center of gravity point P0 of the earth does not exist but the only one. So this earth into two more half of Center of gravity point P1 and P2 and the center of gravity in the other. Then the points P1 and P2 exactly halfway between P0 is in it. And P0 that mainly the skin of an onion in spherical layers over (in thousands to tens of thousands of layers) overlapping! you think. The (each) onion skin is a perfect sphere, isn't it?
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On the other hand, also shown in Figure 4, the distance
F',Fsupposed to be infinitely small to the ellipsoid surface and was wondering what a complete sphere, globe onion skin become the same.
Even though the Earth into two, two brothers stars, is the distribution of "equivalent time" will be exactly the same shape.
 We are that thin "equivalent time" of is living in the skin. You're then speeds away.
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« 光速一定の原理と惑星楕円軌道との関係。 Correctness proof "the existence of negative Sun","principle of the speed of light constant'"★dark-star★ in the Ⅱfocal point of elliptical orbit". | トップページ | ドプラー効果には2種類あり!Doppler Effect in the two !!, at parent's day. 父兄参観日にて。 »

a 『惑星の軌道は楕円? 第二焦点の位置に見えない★星★が存在している!」カテゴリの記事






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« 光速一定の原理と惑星楕円軌道との関係。 Correctness proof "the existence of negative Sun","principle of the speed of light constant'"★dark-star★ in the Ⅱfocal point of elliptical orbit". | トップページ | ドプラー効果には2種類あり!Doppler Effect in the two !!, at parent's day. 父兄参観日にて。 »