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2018年10月 4日 (木)

Continuation. 木星の大赤斑の原因とは? Jupiter's great red spot causing? Succeeded in integrating science and astrology. 自然科学と占星術との融合。

続き》木星の大赤斑の原因とは?Continuation. Jupiter's great red spot causing?
『木星の大赤斑が6日に1回転する訳をハッキリと教えて下さい。どう考えたら6日で大赤斑が一周するのですか?』という催促の手紙が舞い込みました。お答えしましょう。 "Please tell me clearly to Jupiter's great red spot turns once in 6 days. Do you think it's OK to great red spot around 6,? ' DUN said the letter was inundated. Let's find out.

 Earth is one time in a 24-hour rotating against its axis Jupiter is one in ten hours. At 0.4, caused the great red spot on Jupiter itself and we do not related is the great red spot rotation and that should be the way to slow movement of rotation on the 6th. , Explains 'why does he like that movement?' for junior high school science and math within.
x7.8Km÷1.5Km46.4分≒45/603/4 hour(時間)です。この間に木星は公転しているし自転もしています。ですから(端的に言えば)、その効果分だけ『大赤斑は西に移動した様に地球人には見える』ということです。
From the Sun out will be heard 8.3 minutes take to emitted light reaches Earth. The distance between Jupiter and the Sun is 780 million Km. 150 million Km is the distance of the Earth from 8.3 minutes x7.8 billion Km ÷ 150 million Km=46.4 min ≈ 45 / 60 = 3 / 4 is the hour (time). During these orbiting Jupiter, which also rotates from is that great red spot as moved to the West on the Earth who see only its effects.
 木星の会合周期は398.88日です。約400日かけて太陽の周りを1回転しています。一方、自転については9時間56分≒10 hourで一回転していますから、3/4 x 24÷101.8日分だけ大赤斑は西に移動して行きます。 公転速度に関しては、地球が360°回転する間(1)に木星は(1/400)だけ回転していますから、1.8÷400 x 3601.62日分だけ西に移動していくことになります。即ち、12年という年月が経過して再び木星と地球との位置関係が同じになって見ると、1.6日分だけ、大赤斑が1.6日で1回転(移動)している様に観測されたことになります。
 Meeting period of Jupiter is 398.88. About 400 days, has one rotation around the Sun. On the other hand, on rotation 9 hours and 56 minutes ≈ 10 are spinning 1 hour from 3 / 4 x 24 / 10=1.8, only going to move to the West is the great red spot. While in terms of orbital speed, the earth rotates 360 ° spinning(1-day), Jovian is (1/400) and then 1.8 ÷ 400 becomes the only x 360=1.62, by moving to the West. Namely, over 12 years, as the positions of Jupiter and Earth and see again turned the same 1.6 days, great red spot is 1.6 days and will be observed 1 rotating (moving) as shown.
 "Jupiter's great red spot in the 6th, 1, rotating it to Wikipedia was written it's not. 1.6 on the teacher's one-third? '  I came up the voices of children. That's the point. Remember the elliptical orbit of Jupiter. The Sun is the primary focus, since the negative Sun is located at the secondary focus. And the Sun out so I could then shone a light reflection on the surface of an elliptical orbit four times to finally come back near the starting point of the Sun's surface.
 スタート地点を大赤斑の位置から考えてみてごらん。オリンピックが4年に1回開催されるのと同じ様に、4倍の距離を走って初めて出発地点に戻れるのでしょ。光が無限大の速度を持っていたならば、1回反射も4回反射もほとんど時間差は感じられません。しかし、1回分の距離を走る間に1.6日分の見かけの回転が起きている場合には、4回《オリンピックサイクル》では、4倍の効果があるでしょ。だから、1.6x 46.4日!だとなって、木星大赤斑の周期6日が出て来るのでした!質問した人、納得ですね。
 From the position of GRS. consider starting point. You can return to the starting point for the first time, ran 4 times the distance as the Olympics are held once every four years. Even if you had the speed of light is infinite, one reflected four times felt too little reflection time difference. However, if while running one-minute rotation of the appearance of CS 1.6,, there 4 times? s Olympic cycle.", 4th. From the 1.6, x 4=6.4,! said, because coming out of Jupiter great red spot cycle 6,! people questioned, convinced it is.
 Let's summarize. To the movements that the great red spot of Jupiter's large eye was about, one rotation on the 6th day. This strange eye movements [1] had been caused for the Sun, and Jupiter was spinning as a binary.
2】時空は曲がって(歪んで)いますが、光速一定の原理〔C≡⊿L/t const.〕を使うことで、木星が楕円軌道を描くという事が証明されました。太陽から放射状に出射された光は一旦第二焦点で実像(負太陽)を結んだあと、再び第一焦点にある太陽に舞い戻って来ていたことが分かりました。そのように、時空間は曲がっているのでした。
 Curved Space-Time is the (distorted), speed of light constant principles [C Delta L / Delta t = const.] and has proved that can draw an elliptic orbit with Jupiter. From the Sun to radiate out we found that had come back to sun light emitted once signed a real (negative Sun) in a secondary focus, and then once again the primary focus. Because space-time is curved so that it did.
 Rather than teaching the parents visit this mysterious movement of large spots of Jupiter (by internal causes of Jupiter) is caused by factors outside of our solar system, it becomes clear at the same time " In the 11-year cycle becomes active sunspot activity "that yielded a clear conclusion that" Sun spots on maps of the eight planets' phenomenon, too.
2018 09/17 Hiro. Oyama(
 These, [1] [2] [3], could present to visibly bend space-time (distortion).  If you applied this principle of relativity (spherical geometry), also different dimensional Cosmology a small extremely will work together as a big different dimensional space theory and with the cosmology. Thank you very much for your attention for a long time. 2018 09 / 17 Hiro. Oyama

 Discussion 議論 Discussion
 "Question for the great red spot of Jupiter. 350 years ago, was located in the North than the plane of Jupiter's equator. It is now located in the South than the equator. And in recent years, its size is getting smaller, and it was. Do not let the things happen for these phenomena, the teacher? '

 I understand. The answer. Maybe is the great red spot has been moving to the South from the North, but Jupiter's ecliptic plane is (criteria) of the solar system rotate plane angle to have just a little bit, I think. 1.3 degrees inclination that comes to Wikipedia. Is a slight angle in relation to the distance and the size of the Sun and Jupiter and look, "indeed. Position to be sure, big red in recent years of transition and changes in size can be explained ' that will be revealed in future to come. You could try validate?
"Sir, is the question.
Written, according to Wikipedia, in a period of 6 days, spinning is the great red spot is the math teacher and came out 6.4 days. Is the Celestial movements yet why so much changing cycle? '
 それはね、第二焦点に光が集まるっていっても、元々太陽や木星は大きさをもっているでしょ。楕円鏡のどの辺りで反射するかによって、第二焦点に出来る実像の大きさが異なってくるのが最大の原因なのです。ですから第二焦点に出来た実像は富士山の様に周囲にすそ野が広がった実像になるのです。その光を木星が受け取ってもやっぱり周囲がぼやっとした像になるでしょ。像の大きさとしては倍ぐらいになっているのかな? だから太陽を点光源として計算した6.4日よりも、少し小さ目の数値6日として観測される模様です。この6日に1(日曜日)を加えると7日なので、大昔の人(宇宙人:エイリアン)が「一週間は7日」だと決めたのじゃないかな?
 You also say it is a secondary focus light together originally have large sun and Jupiter. It is the most common cause of different size can be a secondary focus or around an elliptical mirrors which reflect the realities of. That is why reality got in the secondary focus becomes a reality as a wider spread around like Mt. Fuji. It is also receives its light on Jupiter I did around the head in the clouds? Is approximately twice as long as the size of the image? So it seems more than 6.4 days calculated as a point light source Sun, a little bit small for number 6, as observed. 6 days to 1 day (Sunday) and 7 days, so ancient people (aliens: aliens), 7 days 1 week and decided maybe it?
 Yes, now I remember. Another interesting thing I noticed. Do you hear me? Olympic cycle before numbers were 1.62, isn't it? This was four times as the 1.6 was 6.4 days. Mysterious is that came out was 1.62. Is this 1.62 number looks like numbers at somewhere not?
"Oh, I see. I'm similar to the number 1.618, came out in the Fibonacci sequence and to rounded!1.618 1.62's!. '
 It is a good memory is inside. Right. During the real treat of the Fibonacci sequence, with a large number (1.618...), come out smaller Fibonacci number and the dividing. Reverse the small number (1.618...) had come out larger Fibonacci numbers, more and more. It is not for teachers during the period of large spots of Jupiter, and the Fibonacci sequence rules and there the wonders of the universe, it seems.
まだ皆さんにはお話していませんが「ボーデの法則」っていうのがあって、天王星海王星冥王星・・・が発見されるきっかけになったのでした。あの「ボーデの法則」も、フィボナッチルールで整理すると高精度化が図れて、惑星の予測精度が増す みたいなのです。面白いでしょ。星占い(占星術)とか数占いには馬鹿に出来ないものがあるのですよ。蛇足でした。
 Still talk to you that does not "Bode's law" was that the Uranus Neptune Pluto... was to be found. Precision fiduciary that "Bode's law" also to organize in the Fibonacci rule is like increase the predictive accuracy of the planet. Funny, isn't it? It is silly not into Numerology or Astrology (astrology). This was the icing on the cake.
"One question then can be used. Saturn and Jupiter, outside, sunspot is the projection of the planet was. Projection of the medial than Earth orbiting mercury and Venus are affecting Sun's surface so great? "
 Yes. Should have given. However, when observed from the Earth, in observation is almost impossible to exist on the other side of the planet itself. But, mercury and Venus enters between the Sun and Earth, black clear. Small-as I have pictured. Solar sunspot observation photo look better. Sunspots doesn't clear the 'boundary (line)', but in 'boundary (line)' was clearly in black there planets without going in the Sun, and small-as it shows.
 2018 09/17 Hiro. Oyama(ひろおおやま)
Will be many questions, including you are still, but since this time, in this area we will end parents-Parents' class.
 A great many thanks. 2018 09 / 17 Hiro. Oyama


« オタマジャクシ宇宙論:音声意図学と「数占い」の不思議』の目次。「ヘボン式分析」「アイヌ学」「縄文言葉」「大和ことば」 | トップページ | The effect of planets for extreme weather events.異常気象に対する惑星の影響。木星・土星・小惑星の影響が大きい。Jupiter Saturn Asteroids impact Great. »

a 『惑星の軌道は楕円? 第二焦点の位置に見えない★星★が存在している!」カテゴリの記事


 You succeeded in integrating science and astrology.
 Was a great report! you are the correctness of the principle of the constant speed of light [Stardust, in the Galactic System and all the planets exist than the hundreds of billions of stars] in drawing an elliptical orbit has proven to be. It is clear that in this alone (big a Copernican revolution).
 At the same time the "sunspot why ∵ variation in the 11-year cycle∵", that was demonstrating mathematically why. Sun spots are outside the planet (Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune...) of us prove that the projection is!
 Great meeting happen on Earth eons ago from cataclysmic (say in a recent abnormal weather phenomena), and planet [when Jupiter and Saturn are particularly close to the Earth] and that much has been known. As a so-called astrological and calendar come is told to the present day.
 サンキュー。2018/10/05 Jupiterより。
 Let me tell me if you did prove the correctness of the horoscope in science (relativity), it is. You find the space science textbooks, as well as most of the junior high school science textbooks would do everything to come. Congratulations to. And we sincerely want to give thanks to the God of nature. Thank you. From 2018 10 / 05 Jupiter.

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