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2019年2月28日 (木)

Black hole ブラックホールの正体 Identity. World consists of binary. 2進数[2進法]で成り立つ世界に我々は住んでいます。We live in the world consisting of Binary number of [base-2].


 Black hole has two definitions. One of them is [1] light even is truly black, small holes, called definition that cannot escape. The second one [2] is one thing within a radius of hole the size specified in the principle of relativity (the schwartzchild RADIUS) for convenience called black hole. It is always confused these two definitions used for generating controversy and confusion of the general public, has been.
For example, "3 Km is the radius of the black hole of the Sun. On Earth is the black hole of RADIUS 9 mm,... " that when black holes [2] by has been defined. However, the light also is truly black, said the small holes [1] definition that cannot escape a black hole does not exist. Also late hawking "black hole does not exist" in his later years and said he was.  This is [1] definition of black holes could. Let's
organize so today this issue know junior high school in Newton.

 Having the shape object always exists centroid point P. Each center of gravity point Pi also has numerous galaxies. Within the solar
system and on Earth, on the center of gravity. Now the center of gravity of the Earth and then P1, and P2 the gravity of the moon. And let P0 and the gravity on Earth and the moon. It is the Earth and the moon rotates around the P0. (1), to land on the Moon for the Apollo spacecraft to observe the Earth, and the Earth is spinning as the heart / center of gravity point P2 observed. (2), to observe the Moon from the Earth, and Moon is spinning as the global center of gravity point P1 is observed. However, observed both in a position away from both the Earth and the moon [observed by independent third-party], (3), and the Earth and the moon rotates around the P0 is measured is.

 Sounds like the seemingly contradictory, but so is in Newtonian mechanics. An early story is (1) (2) (3), mass (weight) of the Earth and the Moon were the same, and that you think will be pleasant!. Under this assumption, P0 = (P1 + P2) / 2 only and not you. (3) is not complaining right then (1) also (2) also is correct self-explanatory.
Fact that mass (weight) of the Earth is M1, M2 is mass (weight) of the Moon, [Party] in accurate observation and (M1 over M2 big), so moon orbiting around the Earth! and is observed.
 At this time, P0 is located at the very close of the Earth's center point (Center of gravity point P1). Very simplistic, and Einstein's theory of relativity explained. Here is pleasant?

  Now, consider the rotation of the Galaxy. It is one Galaxy is a lonely existence, alone and exist in large space, rigid if it were to exist in superior condition. "It's not' who go to the Observatory, please, listen to the story" does not arrive in the next Galaxy galaxies to measure as a single unit, and do not fly away thousands of times of the units and tens of thousands of times. That Galaxy is a lonely existence. "and answers.  Pair approached Galaxy pair well, number 10 million set millions pairs of several seen during the conflict there, it is a very rare condition and it is basically a solitary existence Galaxy will speak. Well, the Galaxy is a lonely existence, 's space alone with the self-righteous rotated quietly and think now.
 Let M0 and P0 the Galaxy's total mass (gross weight) gravity of the Galaxy. And suppose a galaxy of stellar mass (weight) to M1 and M2 with rest mass. [M0 = M1 + M2] is. And let's say gravity M1, gravity M2, P1, P2. Then comes done earlier and rotational movement of the Earth and the Moonsame story.  Namely, (1), by landing star M1 to observe galaxies M2 (= M0M1) and Galaxy M2 is spinning as the heart center of gravity point P1 stellar M1 observed.
(2) the observed stellar M1 from Galaxy M2, stellar M1 is spinning as the heart center of gravity point P2 of the Galaxy-M2 are observed. However, observed a little farther from the Galaxy is based on both [observed by independent third-party], (3) the measured Galaxy M2 also stellar M1 with rotating focus p0 is. And the collective millions too few 1 billion units contains a stellar Mi Galaxy M0, so in fact Galaxy M0 and M2 Galactic center of gravity point P2 centroid point P0 and the practically identical.  [M2
M0, P2 P0].
 Exactly the same as the rotational motion of "the Earth and the moon? Just talking about it?

Study-1) Do you have a star with a mass so mired in even light on the gravity of the Milky Way M2 large? No!. There's a mass M2 ( M0) in corresponding Centre of gravity point P2 ( P0) just right.
Study-2) or stuck also shine in this story about a huge massive black hole was needed? (Need to posit the existence of black holes was none at all.)
『でもしかし、です、先生。村山斉教授に限らず、佐藤勝彦博士他、お歴々の世界中の物理学者が、太陽の中心には半径3Kmのブラックホールが存在する、数多の銀河の中には、太陽のブラックホールの何百万倍もの巨大なブラックホールがあるものもある!って、宇宙論の本の中に書いておられますよ。あれは寝言だったのですか?』という質問が飛び出して来ました。 お答えしましょう。
 "Even though the teacher. Regardless of Professor Hitoshi Murayama, Katsuhiko SATO, physicists around the world of the authorities is at the heart of the Sun black hole of RADIUS 3 Km exists, there is a huge black hole millions of black holes in the solar times in many galaxies, while others have!, They are writing their books on Cosmology. they were sleep? ' The question came out. Let's find out.
 We've been talkingthe Earth and the Moon? 〉〈Galaxy M2 and M1 startalks are the first definition [1] light and even in truly black, small holes, and that definition cannot escape the black hole wasn't needed. (There is) the theoretical physicist clans in the world a huge black holes exist, [2] of which corresponds to that number evolves the schwarzchild RADIUS using the definition
are huge (substance) ought to reside there! They are only said. Therefore, later told the late Dr. hawking "black hole does not exist anywhere, and the answer is.

 ちなみに、【2】の定義に基づいて[シュワルツシルト半径]を見積もってみると太陽には半径3Km 地球の中心部には半径9mmブラックホールがあると算出できます。天の川銀河にも巨大な【2】定義のブラックホール[シュワルツシルト半径]が[単純な質量比例計算]で算出できるのです。中学高校生の皆さんにも解るように、私はニュートン力学の範囲内で、【1】定義のブラックホールは存在しないことを説明(証明)してみせたのです。
 By the way, [2] of it estimates the schwarzchild RADIUS based on the definition, Sun is 3 km away, you can calculate is the
black hole of RADIUS 9 mm is at the heart of the Earth
. In the Milky Way Galaxy [2] a huge black hole of defining the schwarzchild RADIUS is determined under a simple mass proportional calculation, it is. As you can see in junior high school students, within the range of Newtonian mechanics I, [1] is defined black holes showed explained (prove) that does not exist.

 There are more interesting things. Bear with me a little bit more, you can listen to?
 There two major. One of these is "Galactic M0 is divided into equal mass (weight) and thinking". Another thing is [
: minus] explanation is that it is useful to assume substance with mass. The first is study thought the Galaxy M0 is divided into
equal mass (weight).

Study-3), It is clear that with a fraction of the Galaxy's size L distance Galaxy M0 into two, each of the center of gravity to the P1, P2, and (P1 and P2) none overlap. In other words, you can imagine far enough apart for two mass
(1/2)M0centroid points P1, P2, and exists. Can you imagine that even while maintaining that the P1, P2, turn. This was first discussed q assumed was the same Earth, Moon and mass we talk? with?  Two gravity points P1 and P2 is clear Center of
gravity point p0 of the original Galaxy spinning in the Center.  You can understand if you think the movements of celestial bodies split, in the center of rotation, the black hole does not require, that.
Study-4) [: negative] of useful assuming the matter with mass!
 Once again, talk about "assuming the Galaxy stellar mass (weight) to M1 and M2 for the rest mass ' is. [M0 = M1 + M2] is.
 And the gravity of the M1 with gravity M2, P1, P2. Center of gravity two points P1, P2, rotates around the centroid point P0 of the original Galaxy. I.e., for each plane stable keeps rotating. It reveals that faced small stellar M1 and a huge Galaxy M2 (= M0M1), comparable to being in rotation velocity movement.
 この運動の状態は、{ M1と同じ質量の恒星が、重心点P0の対象位置〈真反対側〉に存在していて、M1とバランスしつつ等速度回転運動をしている}として分析計算するケースと一緒です。
と同じだ!』ということになります。当然〔 M1(M1)=0 〕です。そして、〔 M1+M2 = M0 〕の式も当然、成立しています。
 Status of this exercise is with case analysis calculation and {target position of Center of gravity point P0 opposite-side that stars of the same mass as the M1, M1 and balanced rotation velocity}. It's "action was assumed to exist in the target location of the center of
gravity point P0 opposite-side [M1] had stellar M1' interaction research group called what 1 billion of Galaxy M2 (= M0
M1) as
a whole has had on the P1 position. And will be considered to be identical, that. Namely,
General force group called what 1 billion of Galaxy M2 (= M0-M1) as a whole has had on the P1 position "in the P1 position [: minus]"M1 quality of the negative "found
in the M1 with the same! ' to be said. Of course [M1 + (
M1) = 0] is. And [M1 + M2 = M0] of expression is, of course, exist.
 This logical, physical and mathematical, to psychology and philosophically very rich logical application considered. For
example, assuming a one world W0, you own W1 and non-split into two W2. [W2 = W0
W1] is. It is a world virtually closed W0, in W0 (W1 and W2) and even affect close interaction is. Under the assumption that all the General action of the W2 you in W1 [:
negative] will mean things supposed to be attached.

 相対性原理で物事を考察してみると、こんな事実も分かって来るのです。面白いでしょ。 この続きは次のお話で!。Hiro. Oyama(ひろ.おおやま)
 W0 is the entire terrestrial world, thinking only in Japan is the street and assume functions have been established.  W0 is the Milky Way Galaxy, formed to assume the contrary, W0 is the entire solar system, and assuming also W0W1 = W2 (world you just removed) you is that it is:W1 affixed to the physical / mathematical is built. Come know and study the things in the principle of relativity, this fact is. Funny, isn't it? Hiro. Oyama  continue to the next blog
コンピュータの内部計算は2進数(binary numbers)計算であり、コンピュータは馬鹿正直に上記の計算を実行しているだけなのです。実質的に世界を〈囲碁勝負の世界〉に限定すれば、プロ棋士を打ち負かす囲碁のゲームソフトが出来るのです(実際に、囲碁さえもコンピュータが連勝するようになりました)。株の世界でも同じです。世界平和が関連する全ての情報を入力してやれば、世界平和ソフトが出来上がって来るのは想像に難くありませんでしょ。21世紀って、そういう時代なのですよ。2018/08/23
PS. Calculations within one computer (binary numbers) count, only the computer running calculations above on the throne. We
beat the Grandmasters? Q world of ‘GO’ game" limited the world substantially” if you ‘GO’ game (actually, ‘GO’ and even now to win the computer). World stocks are the same. World peace soft need, type all information related to world peace if it is not hard to imagine isn't it?  21st century what that age is. 2018/08/23
衛星の一般軌道は楕円だぞ。天体現象の一般的な説明にはなってないじゃあないか』という抗議の声が届いて来ました。 お答えします。
"General orbit's ellipse. General description for Astrophysics is not good,’ that voices of protest have received. The answer.
 As reality, and the distance of the Earth ± 5% to evolve, as you say is planets and moons orbit. It is further, Halley's Comet was quite thin elliptical orbit. Is dare to gently explain within knowledge of elementary and middle school students in circular orbit [constant distance between the star and the star] is then explained. If you assume an elliptical orbit, gravity-defying motion should be assumed. This is something of a higher difficulty? It was initially declined with Newtonian mechanics but in descriptions avoid acceleration, yet it's orbit. Still, correctness of description (certificate) will not change.
 If you replace the words that will stick in an elliptical orbit, then draw "orbit P0 to the No.1 focus" word "orbit" in the body of the completely intact, right in the physics articles.  Please consider.  Thanks to you who ask, I was good.
 勇気を出して抗議/意見を述べてくれたこと、本当に感謝しています。 大山宏
 There is that had worried until Copernicus's death. The trouble and "Aristotle epicycle (Ptolemaic) calculation is a precision higher than calculations based on the Copernican theory was. Believe it is including the Copernicus who "draw a perfect circular orbit planets' suspects, is due not to. Description of this blog is to explain is why combined the epicycle Ptolemaic theory calculations, than the Copernican theory prevailed accuracy? Would be interesting as a brain teaser thinking this, too. Courage that you said protests and opinion, really appreciate. Hiro. Oyama
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a 惑星の軌道は楕円』第二焦点の位置に見えない星が存在している!」カテゴリの記事


"In the epicycle was winning navigation prediction value of planets calculated precision???" I found the reason. If you are thinking in the principle of relativity certainly can be expressed by the combination in a circular orbit elliptical orbit from it. Will Copernicus's worried very much to this fact. It is pleasant. That dark era still Christian to the ruin (of religion) in the confirmed to have broken away large deployment of Copernicus! and is called significant.

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