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2019年7月12日 (金)

「投票を棄権すると罰金を取る」ように憲法改正しては如何ですか?"To abstain from voting and fine to take the" constitutional amendment to how do? Voter turnout was 48.8%. More than half of all people have abandoned the duty Wonderland! 投票率が48.8%だった!?全国民の半数以上が義務を放棄している不思議な国!

  Topics 2019/ 8/28

 Politics, "Tara is carried (subjunctive past tense)" is was swept Clinton in the presidential election impossible, Clinton, playing cards, and fought if in the United States vote are mandatory was if it is.  And plunge into the depths of anxiety world, assertive three years Hitler like Trump policy is obvious to did not run the United Nations.
 This should vote mandate (fine policy) highlights of the next election both the United States and Japan as big reflective material would. Our United States people think "I need to visit to the polls than Clinton to win' the foot did not carry to the polls and find out what great remorse. We'll make obligatory vote YOU.
Hiroshima Oyama
 これを大きな反省材料として、米国も日本も、投票の義務化(罰金政策)を次の選挙の目玉にすべきでしょう。『私が投票所に足を運ばなくてもクリントンは勝利するだろう』と思って投票所に足を運ばなかった米国民の皆様、大反省をして下さいね。懲りたでしょ、投票を義務化しましょうよ。 Hiroshima Oyama
 Don't get a certain amount of votes is a candidate for junk fees (3 million ¥? ¥ 6 million?) System to pay is in the Constitution of Japan. "Take the fines and to abstain from voting, the election law, it is the centerpiece of the constitutional reform debate would? A constructive debate to be much discussion of raising the consumption tax to 10 percent, not raise more than. You can also become political rationalization.
要旨 2019/ 7/23 参院選の投票率は、48.8%
Editorial 7/21 election turnout was 48.8% is unlikely. Half of the voters who 100 million: 50 million people not coming to vote for. I felt so focused on the justification and justify abdication of responsibility of the people who were talking earlier, voter turnout was low in the current affairs of NHK public opinion, why I did not vote for. Citizens ' rights is the right to vote and at the same time obligation that Japan people wont have forgotten! "not only in the NHK's editorial board that such a pedantic critic is the moment".
令和元年 7月23日 (ひろおおやま:大山宏)
 It would be good to change the country Japan the system "take the fine if you do not participate in the elections" as described in the following. If it don't need to amend the Constitution, should avoid in the revision of the election law. With the upcoming House of representatives election polling day even in the last 10 minutes.  I don't think to ask that people have abandoned the duty of the election's "one vote difference are three times as unconstitutional, that discussed earlier. Feel comes in the first scene of the next House of representatives election made a long queues at polling stations.
  2019 July 23, Hiro. Oyama
詳細 令和元年7月21日は参院選の投票日です。皆さん、投票所に足を運びましょう。『どうせ行ったって無駄だよ。時間の無駄!』とか『棄権するのも国民の権利!』なんて屁理屈を言ってないで『実質的に人殺しの戦争駆り立てられないであろう方向に少しでも近い政党』へ投票しましょうね。白票(何も書かないで投票する事)でも大いに意味があるのですよ。
、『投票所に足を運ばないと、課税される』という制度を敷いた場合には、投票率は一気に、 95%~99%にまで向上する様子です。
 It seems quite there country "take the fines and to abstain from voting," and look on the Internet. "Take the fine and not vote for the current Government" system "holds true to the polls and be taxed' case is not democracy, that is how to improve dramatically, up to 95-99% turnout.


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 投票率を上げるために罰金制を設けるにも法改正が必要らしいですね。消費税を上げる法改正と比べて、どちらが効果的でしょうか。 ⇒ 罰金制を設ける法改正の方を、一般市民は大歓迎!するのです。
 It is to provide fine control to raise the turnout seems to be needed is the revision of the law. Compared to the revision of the law raising the consumption tax, which are most effective? ⇒ General citizens are welcome to provide fine control law,! is for you.

 ∵ 何故なら ∵
∵ because ∵ [1] is even is unobtainable objects to paying tax, but go to the polls even if the pay is fine. (Cast blank or pay the fine. )

消費税を8%から10%に上げるよりも、遥かに効果的に税収が見込める! こんな計算も出来ないほどに、「政治家は開きめくら」なのでしょうか?
[2] Law to fine a vote every four years, for example take 5,000 yen for now with voter turnout if 5,000 yen x 4 x 100 million times is their half = 10,000,000,000,000 Yen annual revenue is expected. To raise sales tax from 8 percent to 10 percent more than the tax revenue is expected to effectively! So cannot calculate such a open blind politicians??

【3】『罰金を取られては大変だ!』と大騒ぎになって、人々は我先にと投票所に向かいます。投票所に出向けない人にはあらゆる援助の手が差し向けられます(現状でも十分な体制が取られています)ので、その結果、新たな税収10兆円は得られませんが、投票率は一挙に, 95%以上に激変するでしょ。
[3] "It's tough being distracted by the fine' fuss, people will go to the polls and scrambling. (The present ample framework has been taken) are sent every helping hand to people going to the polls is difficult because, as a result, cannot be achieved with new revenue 10,000,000,000,000 yen, but turnout is rapidly changing in one fell swoop, the 95% or more!

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 Use scissors and stupid and tells the nut of the administrative reform's quickly that can be resolved between the. Migrating to a presidential system, passing constitutional amendments in Constitution to do that. If so,
[1] Constitution article 9 issue Japan to send troops overseas need to disappear, disappear, and [2] all the family abduction come being returned from North Korea. [3] leaving U.S. troops from Okinawa--to realize that!


 That is something you can do. To move the political system to reflect the voice of the people they take the step right? Only 100 discussions than execution of one! Agree to compulsory voting and the fine-! Try changing presidential system to Japan National Constitution or not!
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『見つからなければOK. 見つかったのが悪かった』という現場教育を実行していることは明白! 子供教育の議論以前に改めるべきだ、と考えます。
In the revision of the road traffic Act, just the Kinda careless violation of 7000 Yen is ¥ 9,000 is taxed (fine). Terrible story "put an unmarked patrol car, speed is not allowed in, trying to secure the tax revenue" run Government what a dirty hand. "Not OK. Was found "that doing the teaching is clear! I think should be revised ago the discussion of children's education. Mandating the voting idea, is very much agree!
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誰に投票すればいいのか判断が付きかねる人は白票を投じればいいのです。 白票を投じれば罰金は払わなくても済む。白票は立派な投票行動です。白票がもし50%にでもなれば、各立候補者へ強烈なアピールになるでしょ。日本の政治が大変革への一歩を踏み出すはず、とは考えられませんか?

  投稿: さとなお(佐藤尚之)様へ | 2019/ 7/23 (火) 23:56
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人生何事にも、無駄は一切ない』という確信を、いよいよ深めることが出来ました。 大山宏

 投稿: 白票を投じても意味あり  2019年7月22日


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 高校や短大に仮設投票所を設けれる効果は、18才~20才の若者に政治に関心を抱かせる大きなチャンスになることを、覚えておいて下さい。 ∵何故なら∵少なくとも自分が投票した人がどうなったか?という事には少なくとも関心を持ち、テレビや新聞の報道に耳を傾けることになるのですからね。
 人民は政治家が思っているほど馬鹿ではありません。民意がダイレクトに反映する政治体制が出来上がるのです、一滴の血を流すことなく成立する無血革命が、ここ1~2年以内に日本で起こるでしょう! 大山宏

投稿: 「投票の義務化」で無血革命が起きる。 | 2019年7月24日 (水) 14時49分

 これを大きな反省材料として、米国も日本も、投票の義務化(罰金政策)を次の選挙の目玉にすべきでしょう。『私が投票所に足を運ばなくてもクリントンは勝利するだろう』と思って投票所に足を運ばなかった米国民の皆様、大反省をして下さいね。懲りたでしょ、投票を義務化しましょうよ。 Hiroshima Oyama

投稿: 米国も投票義務化すべきです! | 2019年8月21日 (水) 23時07分



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