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2019年9月28日 (土)

"未来への金曜日"のグレタさんへ。To Greta on Friday for the future. The brunt is different. It's bad for a similar non-scientist and a politician who's trying to take the initiative.  矛先(ほこさき)が違うのですよ。似非科学者とそれを利用して主導権を握ろうとしている政治家連中が悪いのです。

 Miss Greta, I heard your speech at the United Nations.  I respect your ability to act and execute. However, there is a slight difference in perception. "As the seawater temperature went up first, CO2 was later released into the atmosphere from the seawater!" is a scientific fact. In the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, European scientists were only deliberately trying to use false data for politics.
と、あなた(グレタ)さんは、叫び直せば良いのです!きっとあなたはそう訴え直して下さることでしょう。陰ながら応援しています。Hiro. Oyama
You'd better correct your claim a bit. It is only a politician who tried to move politics by the false science which misrepresented the cause and the result and the non-scientist should be criticized. "I want you to confess to the non-scientists who have plunged you all over the world into chaos, admit your mistakes and give you real political advice!" I'm rooting for you in the shade. Hior. Oyama
グレタ嬢へ  2019年9月28日 (土) 00時20分
小泉進次郎殿へ、CO2と温暖化、どっちが先? Which of the carbon dioxide (CO2) and global average temperature (T) changed first? It is a mistake of the cause and the result! 原因と結果の取り違えでしょ! http://oyamahiroshi.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/cat74144853/index.html

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2019年9月26日 (木)

民生委員の特命任務物語【part1】"The Special Mission Story of the Civilian Committee”

 One day, there was a small card in my mailbox. "I'm a civil commissioner in your district. If you have any problems, please feel free to call us. Yuko Tamori TEL:090-5267-xxxxx"
 ある日のこと、我が家の郵便受けに小さなカードが入っていました。「私はあなたの地区の民生委員です。何かお困りのことがありましたら気軽にお電話下さい。田森夕子 TEL:090-5267-xxxxx」
This card was then in my mailbox every month. "I didn't come, so...“; was accompanied by a scribbled note every time. I was grateful, and I liked it, saying, 'You're a kind civilian commissioner.'
 忙しく飛び回っている私(博一)だって、たまには自宅に居る時もある。(明るくて若い女性でもあり)会えた時には大いに雑談もはずんだ。私が書いた短編小説を渡して読後感想を求めた事もあった。 その不在カードは何枚も溜まっていった。
 I'm so busy flying around that I sometimes stay at home. When I met her, she was a bright, young woman, and she had a lot of chat. I gave a short story that I had written and asked for your impressions after reading it. The absent card accumulated many. One day I turned the phone number around.
"A person is in trouble, but I want you to come as soon as possible," the woman said, and after 30 minutes, the woman flew in.
“What's his name?”
"I can't say the name. In a case like this, are you going to call the police about that? "Depending on the case (I'll contact the police in some cases)," she laughs.
In the end, I didn't give the name. She was a civilian committee (it is made to wait in the car) putting her child of the physically handicapped person, and her both hands seemed to be a little inconvenient.
「ボランティアなんだろ。大変だね。もし私で良かったら交代してあげますよ」とも助言してあげた。何日後かには「あなたには民生委員のボランティアは無理だと思う。旦那さんやお子さんを大切にしてあげなさい」と電話で助言してあげたこともあった。 "You're a volunteer, aren't you? Looks tough. If it's okay with me, I'll take turns." A few days later, I said, "I don't think you can volunteer for the Civilian Committee. Take good care of your husband and your child."
 One day, the relationship broke out, and it became impossible to contact the civilian committee by phone. In spite of the emergency, no matter how many times I called, I couldn't connect. It was not connected still though it consulted the civilian committee in other districts, and it hung from the person.
A year and a half has passed since the phone call disappeared, and it was time for the reelection of the Civil Service Committee. I had offered the intention of the candidacy to the relational source, and it was asked at all, "Will you do the next civilian committee?" The contact (even if it waited for half a year) did not reach me at all. I thought, 'It is mysterious though the shortage of the assembly member and the chronic shortage of the civilian committee are nationwide.'
 私は立候補の意志を関係筋に申し出ていたのだが、一向に「次期の民生委員をやってくれないか?」という連絡は(半年待っても)いっこうに私に届かないのであった。『市町村議員の成り手不足、民生委員の慢性的不足は全国的であるにも関わらず、不思議だな』と思った。《 続く:continue the next.》

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2019年9月17日 (火)

蜘(くも)の糸にからまった赤とんぼ。I found a baby dragonfly stuck in a spider thread.

 寝床の中で気になった、先ほどから台所の方で何やら音がする? 蛾や蝶のような大きな音でもないし黄金虫の音とも違う。『気のせいか』と思いながらそのまま惰眠をむさぼっている内に忘れてしまった。I was worried about it in my bed, I heard some noise in the kitchen from the other day. It is not a loud sound like a moth and a butterfly, and it is different from the sound of the golden insect. I forgot it while i was devouring my sleep while thinking as 'Is it because of my imagination?'
しばらくして『遅い朝飯でも食べようかな』と思いつつ台所に行き、朝飯の準備を始めた。『やっぱり、気のせいではなかった、物陰に何かがいる!』 物音を頼りに探している内に、赤とんぼがバタバタやっているのを発見した。After a while, I went to the kitchen thinking,' and started preparing breakfast. "After all, there is something in the shade that was not because of my mind!" I found a red dragonfly fluttering while I was looking for a sound.
 カエルやバッタの侵入には慣れっこだが赤とんぼは初めてであった。面倒だが付近の物を取り除いて赤とんぼの羽をそっとつかみ、からまったくもの糸を丁寧に取り除いて、逃がしてやった。・・・It was the first time for a baby to invade a frog or grasshopper. It was troublesome, but I gently grabbed the feathers of the baby dragonfly to remove the stuff in the vicinity, carefully removed the thread from it, and let it go.・・・

続きを読む "蜘(くも)の糸にからまった赤とんぼ。I found a baby dragonfly stuck in a spider thread."

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2019年9月14日 (土)

公益特養:豊邑園の謎. The mystery of TOYOSAKA-Garden

 Hiro sings, "The petite old woman who is sitting there and listening is the person who has seen somewhere recently. Who was it?’ he thought, but he couldn't remember it right away. It was a consolation performance in which 12 songs were sung together. Because it was the annual HOUYUUEN consolation performance, most people's faces were familiar. It recalled, 'Ah, that is the wife of the former mayor' by chance between the songs. "I'm sure she's 103 this year. She was 98 years old at the time of the municipal assembly election four years ago, but she was a very active and energetic old woman who walked around the town calling for support for her eldest daughter! It recalled.
"Even so, her expression is stiff. Is she looking at us without going with Nikkori-smile? Hiro continued to sing while wondering. Strangely enough, the old woman was not there at the handshake meeting. 'She pulled it up early. Later, he thought, "Let's stop by at home to say hello," but it was as it is. It was recalled by chance, and He cut the steering wheel to the left. The young wife came out when the doorbell was pushed.

続きを読む "公益特養:豊邑園の謎. The mystery of TOYOSAKA-Garden"

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2019年9月12日 (木)

限界集落内にて「電動車いす事故」発生。 An electric wheelchair accident occurred in a marginal village.

 山間の故郷に帰って来たのは今から10年前であった。その時父は既に亡くなっており、残された母が先祖伝来の土地と建物とを維持管理してくれていたのでした。その母も今から8年前に遠く離れた老人ホームに転出し、一人宏は人家がまばらになったその村に取り残されて久しい。 It was ten years ago that I came back to my hometown in the mountains. At that time, my father had already passed away, and my mother had maintained the ancestral land and buildings. His mother also moved to a nursing home eight years ago, and he has been left behind in a village where his family has become sparse.
 Fortunately, the grandmother lived next to it, and it lived energetically though it was a considerably big residence whether there was 500 ‘tsubo坪’ of this if the back mountain which also served as ‘tsukiyama(Garden-mountain)’ was included. It was Hiro's pleasure to be able to talk with the old woman and the people in the neighborhood who had become few.
 There was a deep gap between the Home next door. The grandmother next door recently purchased an electric wheelchair! The small, active old woman went out to the field of the rice field in the other side happily and the field in the back mountain every day in the electric wheelchair.
 One day, Hiro. started to worry about the long, deep ditch in front of his home. Hiro. thought, 'If grandma's wheelchair rammed into this ditch, it was not sorry for free'. It was Hiroshi's character to put it into action at once when thinking.
 宏はホームセンターから縦30x横60x厚さ10㎝ のコンクリートブロックを90枚買い込んで来て、長さ数十メートルも続く道沿いの その深い溝に蓋(ふた)をしたのでした。「これで大丈夫だよ」とお婆ちゃんに話すのを楽しみにしていたのですが、どういう訳か、お婆ちゃんの姿を急に見かけなくなったのでした。
 Hiro. bought 90 concrete blocks of 30x wide 60x thick 10cm from the home center and put a lid on the deep ditch along the road that lasted tens of meters in length. I was looking forward to telling my grandmother that this would be all right, but for some reason, I couldn't see her suddenly.
It was not seen, and it was time when it had passed for as much as one week or suddenly the aunt of the relative who lived in the pass side visited, and it was said, "The next grandmother is not able to exist though it is a reward lecture tomorrow, and the temple is made to fly the next house and to go to you. I'm going to do that." Did something happen to you, or did you get sick or have an accident? Even if it heard, it was not possible to teach it.

続きを読む "限界集落内にて「電動車いす事故」発生。 An electric wheelchair accident occurred in a marginal village."

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2019年9月10日 (火)

HAYABUSA2(はやぶさ2)が持ち帰る石の分析結果から明らかになる事。will be revealed from the analysis of the stone brought home. It will also be evidence that the celestial body M exists.天体Mが実在する証拠にもなることでしょう。

 With 10-years, the success of Falcon 2 is a feat and a blessing. However, even if the stone less than 1gr brought back hard is analyzed, it is expected that the mystery of the origin of the life will only deepen.
 For some reason,


 Even if a large amount of the stone of the moon was brought back by the Apollo program and it analyzed it, there was not a big difference from the crust material of the earth. There was no difference in the generation age. Countless meteorites should have fallen on the moon, but no trace of life has been reported.

 There is no atmosphere surrounding the moon. There is an atmosphere on the earth, and "The countless meteorites which have fallen on the earth since ancient times were exposed to terrible heat" all of which should have been exposed to great heat. The condition is much worse than that of meteorites that have poured into the earth, compared to meteorites that have fallen on the moon.

 Let's say that a long carbon chain that suggests the origin of life was discovered from the stone brought back from Falcon 2. The carbon chain needs to make a soft landing on the ground without being exposed to the high heat of atmospheric entry, but modern scientists have yet to find a way to do it. Will the mystery only deepen?

I want you to remember there. Shouldn't we recall the prophecy of "Ice Planet M: Heavenly M" and "The Scorching Icy Planet" nearly 50 years ago? It is an ice planet that intersects the earth's orbit in a 3,000-year cycle. In the course of the operation, hydrogen and oxygen are collected, and the surface is covered with ice shells. You should be carrying a large amount of meteorites collected in the middle of the operation in ice. And, the heavenly body M is likely to have been left on the surface of the earth with water and ice.

 We hope that the carbon chain, which seems to be the origin of life, will be confirmed in the rock that falcon 2 sends to earth.  At the same time, it was also a sign that the ice planet had repeated lysis with the Earth at a rate of about twice a million years.
 I think it's time to recognize the reinstatement of Mr. Minoru Takahashi....

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