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2019年9月17日 (火)

蜘(くも)の糸にからまった赤とんぼ。I found a baby dragonfly stuck in a spider thread.

 寝床の中で気になった、先ほどから台所の方で何やら音がする? 蛾や蝶のような大きな音でもないし黄金虫の音とも違う。『気のせいか』と思いながらそのまま惰眠をむさぼっている内に忘れてしまった。I was worried about it in my bed, I heard some noise in the kitchen from the other day. It is not a loud sound like a moth and a butterfly, and it is different from the sound of the golden insect. I forgot it while i was devouring my sleep while thinking as 'Is it because of my imagination?'
しばらくして『遅い朝飯でも食べようかな』と思いつつ台所に行き、朝飯の準備を始めた。『やっぱり、気のせいではなかった、物陰に何かがいる!』 物音を頼りに探している内に、赤とんぼがバタバタやっているのを発見した。After a while, I went to the kitchen thinking,' and started preparing breakfast. "After all, there is something in the shade that was not because of my mind!" I found a red dragonfly fluttering while I was looking for a sound.
 カエルやバッタの侵入には慣れっこだが赤とんぼは初めてであった。面倒だが付近の物を取り除いて赤とんぼの羽をそっとつかみ、からまったくもの糸を丁寧に取り除いて、逃がしてやった。・・・It was the first time for a baby to invade a frog or grasshopper. It was troublesome, but I gently grabbed the feathers of the baby dragonfly to remove the stuff in the vicinity, carefully removed the thread from it, and let it go.・・・

 我が家には冷房装置がない。網戸の隙間をぬってしょっちゅうが侵入してくる。出来る限り殺さないで、『もう入って来るなよ。命を大切にしろよ』とおまじないを掛けつつ、窓から放り出すのが習慣になった。We don't have air conditioners in our house. The insect often invades the gap of the screen door. Don't kill him as much as you can and say, 'Don't come in anymore. Take good care of your life."
 以前は、そうではなかった。この’どくそ田舎’(恐ろしいほどの田舎)に帰って来たころ、蛇を見かけて殺し,その場に放置していて姉に叱られたことがあった。あの1,2年後の離婚をきっかけに、命を大切にするようになった。山道でへびが通せんぼをしていても邪険に追い払うのではなく、「私が帰って来るまでに、どこかに退散していなさい」と優しい声をかけつつ通り過ぎるほどになった。Previously, it was not. When I came back to this 'darn countryside', I saw a snake, killed it, and left it there and was scolded by my sister. A year or two later, after their divorce, they began to cherish their lives. It came to pass while a gentle voice was made, "It was possible to dissipate somewhere by the time I came back" instead of driving away to the evil even if the snake; ’Hebi’ was passing in the mountain path. 2019年9月17日 記

His companion was hospitalized by the accident. I met an old man who was at a loss.

「・・・、最近連れ合いが骨折入院してしまい、途方にくれているんだよ。毎日の見舞いや自分が炊事から洗濯で天手古舞状態だ。退院して帰って来ても、俺が介護してやらなきゃならない。・・・」I stopped by DIY called Comeri to buy a concrete block. Then, it became a match with the grandfather in the next village. The old man complains. "Well, I've been in a broken hospital lately and I'm at a loss. It is a state of the heaven-hand old dance’Tentekomai’ by washing from the visit of every day and me cooking. Even if I leave the hospital and come back, I have to take care of her. ・・・」
"That's tough. It's better to just sign up for the HOUYUUEN garden in the public interest. They've been waiting six or seven years, so I can't make it. In fact, there are rumors that the number of beds in HOUYUUEN will be doubled soon. Then, all the applicants will be able to move in immediately at once."
 “That's stupid. Can't believe it.”
"Actually, I've been working with people to make it happen for a year. In the last month or two alone, he has appeared twice in the social welfare section of Higashi-Hiroshima City Hall and has expressed his opinions to the manager and the chief of staff. It seems to have begun to think positively. I can't believe it. It's a public office job anyway. I can't guess.
"I think it's going to be a priority for 50 people who are quick to sign up, saying, 'I'm sorry to keep you waiting.' It would be better to submit an application form for staying in HOUYUUEN in the original." “You should called the civilian commissioner in the neighboring village, where I was indebted to this talking.
I called the civilian commissioner in the neighboring village where I was indebted to this later. "I met an old man I knew in front of Comey. It is a person of The Valley certainly. He complained that his wife was in the hospital because of her injuries and was in trouble. "There's no excuse, because you're always scolded for being so light-spoken. Oh, he's a man your friend knows very well. You know what I mean. Yes, sir!
After a while, I tried to call her, and her husband said like that, "the member of the public service( she) had prepared our grandson and her husband's dinner. And it was like going out."
The Member of the Public Affairs Committee is a volunteer. Normal work is eight hours of restraint, but as a volunteer, they have to move around 24 hours a day. It is unpaid and it is taken care of every day of the year. People who are in regular employment related to welfare feel the need to give great remorse, and at the same time, I feel once again the difficulty of the ideal way of welfare administration.
            2019年9月17日 記


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