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2020年5月24日 (日)

託児所,幼稚園,小中高,,での3密回避は愚策!感染した小学生6人の親を徹底的に調べよ。Three secret avoidance in day care centers, kindergartens, elementary, junior high and high schools, and so on is a fool!. 日本はコロナウイルスとの共生に成功したか??? Know-Haw for Peace 2020/ 8/6(原爆の日)

チャット速報》 2020/ 6/17
これを明らかにせず、全国の幼稚園児や児童生徒に,マスクを強要し続けるのは 大間違いです。

Kitakyushu citizens said, "It was him and him who sent coronavirus to elementary school!" And know thinly. It is a big mistake not to clarify this and to continue to force kindergarten children and children all over the country to wear masks. The moment the Corona team entered Kitakyushu City, you should have found out the source of the infection.

Even the students said, "That's him. His parents A, their elementary school parents B, and their parents C sent the virus to elementary school." It is a big mistake to hold it while leaving it in “Uya-muya” with the personal information protection law as a shield, and to force a mask to all the children in the whole country to the last, and to continue to avoid three dense. Adults who are feeling thin about infection should refrain from going to school with their children.

Corona Carriers are two main. [1], Cabarets, Nightclubs, etc., people who are in and out of the entertainment district at night. [2] People engaged in medical and nursing care work.
2】の子供たちこそ、特別に大切に扱ってあげたいものです。その子供たちはマスクをしっかりして《 胸を張って 》小学校に行って下さい。

Children of [2] want to treat it with special care. The children should go to elementary school with a solid mask. Children in [1] should have their parents refrain from going to school (for some other reason). No way, "There is a great possibility that this child is carrying coronavirus. Please don't come near me." You'll be bullied quite a bit, in elementary school! Contribute: Kitakyushu citizens know the source of the infection. 2020/ 6/17 (Wed) 08:04
 投稿: 北九州市民は感染源を知ってる 2020/ 6/17 


 日本はコロナウイルス対策に成功した模様です。最大の功労者は尾身茂副座長とその対策チームです。おめでとうございます。授賞理由を列記してみましょう。 Japan seems to have succeeded in the corona virus measures. The greatest contributors are Vice President Shigeru Omi and his response team. Congratulations.
 Let's list the reasons for the award.

【1】クラスターが「3密状態」で起こる危険性が最も高い事を発見し、それを全国民と全世界に向け示唆した事。 We discovered that the cluster was most at risk in a "three-state" state, and suggested it to the whole nation and the whole world.
He specifically proposed a plan to prevent coronavirus by shifting the peak back when he was in a hurry to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics. In Japan, where the Information Protection Act is flawed, we have been able to promote measures and successfully suppress corona, and set a role in the world.  《 情報保護法が不備の日本国で、その対策を推し進めコロナ抑え込みに成功し、世界のお手本を示せた事。》
The first in the world to propose a new concept of "coexistence with the new coronavirus."
 特に【2】の「ピークを後ろにシフトする」という2つの栄枯盛衰曲線をテレビで示した案は、コロナ感染者のピークが 2020年の夏あたりに来ることを意味していて、『2020年夏の東京五輪は延期か中止に追い込まれますよ』という先見性を東京都知事と政府機関に示唆していました。
In particular, the proposal that showed two uphill and declining curves of "shifting the peak behind" in [2] meant that the peak of the corona infected person would come around the summer of 2020, and suggested to the Governor of Tokyo and the government agency the foresight that "the Tokyo Olympics in the summer of 2020 will be postponed or canceled."
The people with a good intuition applied the scale under those two curves to the horizontal axis. And, it was prepared for the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics for one year in an instant. And
『来年の夏頃に感染者のピークが来るので、2021年の東京五輪は結局、中止になるであろうと、悟ったのでした。When I drew a growth curve in my head that the number of people infected in countries around the world was drawn up, I realized that the 2021 Tokyo Olympics would eventually be canceled because the peak of the infected people will come around next summer.


That's all there is to the winners and the reason for the award.  Next, let's list the reasons for the "worst-5" to be reprimanded.

 Corona's Blunder (Worst- 5)
In anticipation of the lack of masks and medical equipment, the country and the people (merchants of death) who used it as their own first principle (selfishness) strategy occurred.

The existence of a politician who blamed only the other party's non-, and increased the danger to the Third World War (nuclear war) further.

【3】3密を避けている真っ最中に、バーやキャバレーやキャバクラに出入りした政治家が、至る所の国々で発生した事。In the midst of three secret encounters, politicians who went in and out of bars, cabarets and cabaret sat in and out of the country occurred in every country. Especially in Japan, i went out to the big fool dripping which went out with Koso-koso to the betting Mahjan (entertainment mahjong). "Because the pachinko parlor is open", and compared with the people who went out to pachinko parlors in other prefectures, the sin of the people who made the bet Marjan can be asserted that it was a blunder that is not comparable.

It is dogmatic, and there is no need for politicians with economic and science-deaf ness who have issued a request to take a leave of absence at elementary and junior high schools, daycare centers and kindergartens.
There are actually helpless politicians who can't apologize for their mistakes and continue to paint their shame. The prime minister, because of what he said, is that he wears a small mask on his big face and goes on TV every day. Since he has become a laughing stock from all over the world, this prime minister will be handed down to the naked king and future generations.
Who are you talking about? Is that a question? Think with your own head. The person who applies to [1] is also self-explanatory for elementary and junior high school students. This fall, there will be a House of Representatives election, but he feels a cloud of shame when he is defeated. (^o^)


« 『大学は出たけれど…』が復活する21世紀。The 21st century is where "University is out, but... " is resurrected. The time has come. コロナ騒ぎをチャンスと捉え、退学するのも称賛される時代が到来!Know-Haw for Peace 2020/ 8/6(原爆の日) | トップページ | 「澄子の部屋」プロジェクトチーム立ち上げのお願い。梶永部長・細谷課長様へ。Know-Haw for Peace 2020/ 8/6(原爆の日) »

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« 『大学は出たけれど…』が復活する21世紀。The 21st century is where "University is out, but... " is resurrected. The time has come. コロナ騒ぎをチャンスと捉え、退学するのも称賛される時代が到来!Know-Haw for Peace 2020/ 8/6(原爆の日) | トップページ | 「澄子の部屋」プロジェクトチーム立ち上げのお願い。梶永部長・細谷課長様へ。Know-Haw for Peace 2020/ 8/6(原爆の日) »