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2020年7月12日 (日)

広島参院補欠選挙に立候補して下さる方を募集中!I decided to run for the Hiroshima District Upper House by-election. I'll show you a model of the line leather. 掲示ポスターは白黒コピー ⇒ 選挙実費は10万円で済ませ得る!「金のかからない選挙がベスト」をみんなで実証してみせましょう!Know-Haw for Peace 2020/ 8/6(原爆の日)

 Thank you for your recommendation from the established political party! The adventure of the Light world. This is a proposal for the Hiroshima House of Councilors by-election following the expulsion of public office in the House of Councilors of Kawai.  2020/7/18 Modified

 河井案里参院の公職追放に伴う広島参院補欠選挙に関しての提案です。  2020/ 7/18 修正版
選挙公約(案) Election Promise (Draft)
《 公益特養に入居の必要が、あなたの家族に生じた時、[即時入居]を可能にしてみせます。》
[1] Verbal Implementation of Welfare Administrative Reform! When the need to move into the public interest special needs arises in your family, we will allow you to move in immediately. 》

[2] In the revision of the legal system of "mandatory all elections", we will realize the voter turnout of the national election: 95% or more!

【3】拉致家族を全員返してもらう代償として、現在の対北朝鮮経済封鎖はそのままの状態で、日朝韓(3国)相互不可侵条約(平和条約)の締結をしてみせます。[3] In return for all abducted families, we will conclude a mutual non-aggression treaty (peace treaty) between Japan, South Korea and South Korea (three countries) while remaining in place for the current economic blockade with North Korea. 
米軍は極東駐留の大義名分を失うので、自然の内に 沖縄基地を含めた全米軍基地の全面返還につながっていくでしょ。こんな事、ちょっと考えれば、小中学生だって納得してしまう理屈でしょ?
The U.S. military will lose its cause for station-nation in the Far East, so it will naturally lead to the full return of all U.S. military bases, including Okinawa bases. If you think about such a thing for a moment, it is a reason that even elementary and junior high school students will be convinced, right?
 コロナ騒ぎのお陰でやっと、太平洋戦争(第二次世界大戦)の戦後処理が終わるのです。この事に気が付かせてくれたのですから、その功労者:新型コロナウイルスに感謝しようじゃありませんか。(^o^)Thanks to the Corona uproar, the post-war process of the Pacific War (World War II) finally ended. Because this thing was noticed, the person of merit: Let's thank the new coronavirus.

  コメント(本文)Comment (Text)
"Elections cost money" and "Political party support funding seems to be common sense", but Mr. & Miss Kawai both received 150 million yen in funding from Abe (LDP), and not only the Liberal Democratic Party of Hiroshima Prefecture but also the entire Hiroshima prefectural people were laughed at and made fun of by people all over the world. 
公設看板(広島県全体で 8,158)に 選挙公約を大書した白黒コピーのA3チラシを張り歩くだけ に留めることとしては如何でしょうか。
It is a by-election due to the job loss of the House of Councilors. Here's the election campaign I recommend: How about keeping only walking through a black-and-white copy of the A3 flyer that wrote a large campaign promise on a public signboard (8,158 copies throughout Hiroshima Prefecture)?
案里克行事件に伴う補欠選挙なら、これが一番ふさわしい安上がりの選挙運動!』となるでしょ。白黒コピーは1枚10円ですから、8,158枚x10円≒8万2千円が選挙ポスターのコピー代です。これに📌画びょう📌代金を加えても10万円で出費が抑えられます! 先日、あなたも 国家からもらった10万円の範囲以内で、あなただって立候補できますでしょ
"If it is a by-election associated with the Case of Katsuyuki Anri, this is the most appropriate and cheap election campaign!" It will be. Black and white copies are 10 yen per sheet, so 8,158 sheets x 10 yen to 82,000 yen is the copy fee of the election poster. Even if you add the 📌 📌 price to this, you can reduce your expenses at 100,000 yen! The other day, you can run within the range of 100,000 yen that the nation gave you.

これは非常に楽観的な推測ですが、何方かがこの選挙公約を掲げて無所属で立候補表明をなさるなら、公明党を含めての野党各党が「我が党はこの人を推薦します」と言って来る可能性があります。その結果、★ this is an objective guess, but if some people make a candidate with this campaign promise, the opposition parties, including the New ‘Komeito’ party, will say, "My party will recommend this person." As a result,the ★ election is likely to be a battle between the LDP nomination candidate and how many people. Who do you think will win?

 With regard to the election promise, how about appealing the following three points?
[1] When the need to move into the public interest special care becomes a child,etc., we will make it possible to [immediately move in]. 《The current situation is six or seven years long, and there are many people (cases) who are unable to move in even if they apply. 》
することで、国政選挙の投票率が 95%以上!を年以内に実現してみせます。
[2] Mandatory all elections! If you don't know who to vote for, you don't have to be fined if you vote for a white vote. For instance,

The effect of adopting a system of "unconditionally fines of 5,000 yen for those who abstain from voting" is comparable to measures to raise the consumption tax by 3%, if the voter turnout remains about 33% of the current level!  However, the voter turnout will jump to more than 95% at a time because all the people say, "I can't wait for a fine" and I'm going to pack into the polling station!
The U.S. will lose the cause of keeping troops stationed in Far East Asia, which will lead to the full return of all U.S. bases, including Okinawa bases. Not only will the abduction problem be solved immediately, but the Okinawa base problem will be carried out within a few years!


住所:〒739-2313 東広島市 豊栄町 清武 2463番地
This is a campaign promise proposal that I (Hiro. Oyama) thought about. It is a proposal to aim for peace that is not biased to the insistence of any established political party. ★ With regard to the new coronavirus-related system, "the evils and barriers of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information" are clear, so in order to remove this adverse effect, I think that it is necessary to lead the revision of the law in the Diet. Hiroshi Oyama (Family Register: Hiroo Oyama) Hirooyama Born June 16, 2011 (72 years old) TEL:080-6559-6060 (for mobile) Address: 〒739-2313 Kiyotake TOYOSAKA-cho, Higashi-Hiroshima City 2463

 大山宏の略歴  Hiro. Oyama's biography
【1】広島大学 理学部 物理学科 卒業。

Graduated from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Hiroshima University.

Engaged in research and development at Ushio Electric Co., Ltd. for more than 10 years.

After transferring to Stanley Electric Co., Ltd., he worked on research and development and Internal Reform "Internal Revolution" for 28 years. Highest position: Chief Engineer (Director's Treatment).

When I was 46 years old, I went on a bicycle trip (2,600Km) across Europe. The achievement was also introduced in the "Hero & Heroine of Our Company" section of the ‘KYOUHOUKAI (TOYOTA)’ newspaper.


The blog "Adventure of the Light World" is being developed in bilingual.  [Total access: 540,000 records available.] Most of the readers are foreigners, and comments are sent in the local Native language.〕

 It's safe to leave it as a flyer to hand out to everyone!" I received guidance from the Murabayashi police officer of the criminal division which was caught the election violation by the Higashi-Hiroshima prefectural police. (Prefectural election TEL: 082-513-2605, Higashi-Hiroshima
     Prefectural Police

続きを読む "広島参院補欠選挙に立候補して下さる方を募集中!I decided to run for the Hiroshima District Upper House by-election. I'll show you a model of the line leather. 掲示ポスターは白黒コピー ⇒ 選挙実費は10万円で済ませ得る!「金のかからない選挙がベスト」をみんなで実証してみせましょう!Know-Haw for Peace 2020/ 8/6(原爆の日)"

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2020年7月 9日 (木)

豊栄診療所内にて院内感染発生!It was clear that it was caused by the mistake of the A nurse with a bad mouth (lack of recognition) that nosocomial infection occurred in TOYOSAKA Clinic. 口の悪いA看護師のミス(認識不足)が原因であったことが明白でした。Know-Haw for Peace 2020/ 8/6(原爆の日)

Emergency Report: I will add the telephone number of Mr. Yasuda of the Higashi-Hiroshima City Health Division. If you hang it on TEL082-422-6911, "Yasuda-san" will come out. However, because it is a government office work, it will respond only from 9:30 to 5:00 in the morning. Even if it is an emergency call, we will not be contacted on weekends and holidays. The public health center system in Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture is poor even though the corona is in the midst of the commotion. (2020/ 7/9 16;16 Append)
東広島市保健課の安田さん の電話番号を追記します。TEL082-422-6911に掛けると「安田さん」が出てくれます。但しお役所仕事のため、朝9時30分~5時までしか対応してくれません。緊急通報であっても土日祝祭日は連絡が付きません。コロナ騒ぎの真っ最中なのに広島県東広島市の保健所体制はお粗末の限りです。高垣市長よりの御指導が必要と思われます。(2020/ 7/9 16;16追記)

 過疎化が進んだとは言え、私が住んでいる豊栄町には 3,500人の住民がいます。しかし現在、医者が一人も在住していないという限界集落なのです。 その中で私(大山宏)は、日々ボランティアの草刈作業をやっていました。
 De la medious is progressing, but there are 3,500 people in TOYOSAKA, where I live. However, it is a marginal village that there is no doctor living now. Among them, I (Hiro. Oyama) was doing the mowing work of the volunteer every day.  One day in June, I rubbed it with a band of the waist and the skin of the belly turned over. The pain became intense while wielding the mower for two to three days as it was, and the first aid was put on two Band-Aides.

 When I went to see him at the only TOYOSAKA clinic in the town, he had an open operation because the size of the little finger size was yellow-green pus. A purulent drip was also given. The teacher said, "Please come to NOBUHARA Clinic tomorrow at NOBUHARA Clinic, which is 16km away from my house."
When I came to the hospital, I was given a drip that day, and the gauze was covered with a wide, large waterproof tape. "The bath is not good, but it is OK to take a shower."

 Because it was summer, garbage and bacteria flowed into the red muge affected area which turned over with sweat. Volunteer mowing is also quite busy. I put a towel in my belly and worked for two whole days, paying attention so that the sweat flowing would not be covered with waterproof tape. As time went on, I knew that the pain would come off and I would surely get well.
That evening, while taking a shower in the bath, I washed my body with soap and said, "Thank you, doctor. I'm cured."
  This is the problem. 


 I was laid on the examination table, and I was kept waiting for the doctor's examination for 30 minutes with the affected area open. The teacher who had been busy with the visitor saw the affected area which was almost cured, was instructed to do the treatment afterwards briefly by the nurse, and returned to the visitor correspondence.  By the time the nurse finally completed the treatment, the affected area, which was about to heal for 40 minutes, had been exposed to the air in the examination processing room. The cleaning of the wound is also "Did you really do it?" State. "Don't you forget to apply the coating?" In response to the question, "I put it on the gauze! I had no choice but to distrust a certain kind of person in reply.

 The pain became more and more intense in the middle of the night. At three o'clock in the middle of the night, I removed the gauze, and the yellow-green pus of the little finger size spread to the affected area, and the blood was blurred in the surrounding incision area (Outer Ring Mountain). I wiped the pus and blood at the edge of the removed gauze, applied medicine to the affected area with my fingers, and waited for the dawn of the night. The pain gradually eased.
 At the same time as the opening of the hospital at 9:00 a.m., I ran into the NOBUHARA Clinic in ZOUKA. The because it was the day when the clan teacher who operated on me was examined at NOBUHARA clinic. 《 I didn't want to go to TOYOSAKA Clinic again with such a lazy nurse.》

 It was at the beginning when the surgery of the 19th century started that the infectious disease was recognized by the doctor when the big book called "Science large picture book" which had been borrowed by chance in the library was turned over. It was written that it was the cause that the germ which drifted in the air entered the wound. The nurse who did not know ABC's A character of the surgery was acting with a big face and a great appearance in The TOYOSAKA Clinic. It's no wonder you're angry.
What did you do after that? That's the question.


What did you do after that? That's the question.
【1】I went to report on the situation to Miss. Yamanaka, director of the Northern Area Comprehensive Support Center, who is always friendly. I asked him, "Isn't that a bad-mouthed nurse a jerk?"

[2] "A nosocomial infection occurred at TOYOSAKA Clinic. We are in the middle of a new coronavirus disturbance. I would like to thoroughly disinfect the inside of the hospital as soon as possible, and at the same time, we would like to ask for strict attention and re-education to the nurses in question," called Mr. Yasuda of the Health Division of Higashi-Hiroshima City (Public Health Center).
最後の質問です。This is the last question.
[1] What kind of activities do you think Yamanaka Public Health Nurse at the Comprehensive Support Center has been involved in since then?
[2] What kind of action did Mr. Yasuda of the Higashi-Hiroshima City Health Division take?
 I should guess and know, and I dealt with it. I imagined that if it was a public health center in Tokyo, immediate action would be made、、。 In order to know the sadness of the residents of the countryside and the non-medical village, I was allowed to raise the problem. 

続きを読む "豊栄診療所内にて院内感染発生!It was clear that it was caused by the mistake of the A nurse with a bad mouth (lack of recognition) that nosocomial infection occurred in TOYOSAKA Clinic. 口の悪いA看護師のミス(認識不足)が原因であったことが明白でした。Know-Haw for Peace 2020/ 8/6(原爆の日)"

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2020年7月 8日 (水)

AIから視た学問の相似形。I would like to ask for the creation/promotion of the study of "fusion of philosophy, psychology, and physics (Tetsu-Shin-Butsurigaku)." 佐藤勝彦/村山斉/小澤克彦先生「哲心物理学」という学問の創設/推進のほど、よろしく御願い致します。Know-Haw for Peace 2020/ 8/6(原爆の日)

While watching the TV report of the heavy rain disaster, I suddenly thought, "It's similar to meteorology and economics." What's going on from the bush to the stick? That's the question, isn't it? Think about it. It is meteorology that flies a weather satellite, places a thermometer and a hygrometer on the ground to gather information from the entire earth, and emits the weather forecast today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.
Economics, on the other hand, is economics that gathers as much information as possible about the distribution and movement of money around the world, and foresees the economic condition of an hour, three months, or 30 years from now. When it came to AI (supercomputers), it looks exactly the same. Computer AI thinks it's quite similar mathematically.
Many countries exist, and the economic condition corresponds to various economic conditions, and in meteorology, the topography corresponds to various things.
The more detailed the information you collect, the better the prediction accuracy will be. The more detailed data is collected in economics and meteorology, the more time it takes to calculate, and tomorrow's weather forecast will come out the day after tomorrow, because both economics and meteorology are the same.
There is little difference between the weather forecast after an hour that a professional meteorologist predicts by intuition and the forecast that the computer bursts. There were a lot of things that intuition forecast got the right thing, too. This is a mathematically similar form because a professional stock price forecaster anticipates the stock price of a featured stock after one second and responds very well to gambling.
 Let's look at other disciplines.

続きを読む "AIから視た学問の相似形。I would like to ask for the creation/promotion of the study of "fusion of philosophy, psychology, and physics (Tetsu-Shin-Butsurigaku)." 佐藤勝彦/村山斉/小澤克彦先生「哲心物理学」という学問の創設/推進のほど、よろしく御願い致します。Know-Haw for Peace 2020/ 8/6(原爆の日)"

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