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2021年8月26日 (木)

相対性原理は政治分野でも成立。The principle of relativity is also established in the political field.岸田元政調会長は菅総理の戦略に敗れ、新内閣は秋の衆議院選挙で野党に敗れるのが大自然の必然!Liberal Democratic Party loses to opposition party in autumn house of represent atives election.メルケル首相は潔かった


【79】[ロンドン 17日 ロイター] - ロシアの報道官は17日、バイデン米大統領がプーチン大統領を「戦争犯罪人」と呼んだことについて、世界中の紛争で民間人を殺害した国の指導者による許しがたい発言だと非難した。米国が1945年、広島と長崎に原爆を投下した結果、約20万人が即死し、その後も多くの人々が被ばくにより死亡したことに触れ、「長年にわたって世界中の人々を爆撃してきた国のトップに、そのような発言をする権利などないということだ」と語った。


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 本日(2021/09/03 11:50)緊急報道がありました。「菅総理が次の総裁選には出馬しないでコロナ対策に専念する」とのこと。

【70】ドイツのメルケル首相は潔かったね。『次期、総裁選には立候補しません。現在の総理大臣の職務に邁進します!』って、早々と宣言するなんて、立派だ。小池知事も菅総理も岸田元政調会長も、あのくらいの覚悟をもって、政治を行ってほしいなあ。に、答える形の出馬断念の報道となりました。Today (2021/09/03 11:50) There was an emergency report. "Prime Minister Suga will not run in the next presidential election and will concentrate on measures against corona," he said. Unexpectedly, the last item [70]:
 German Chancellor Merkel was clean. "I will not run for the next presidential election. I will push forward with the current prime minister's duties!" It is splendid to declare it early. I hope governor Koike, Prime Minister Suga, and Former Chairman Kishida will play politics with that much determination. It was reported that he had abandoned his bid in the form of answering.

 少なくとも高校生たちは、そのように議論していたことでしょう。It is not too late for anything, but if the government had expressed its intention at the beginning of March this year to "concentrate on measures against corona, not run for the next presidential election," the public would have appreciated that he was a great chancellor comparable to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  At least that's how the high school students would have discussed it. Posted by Hiroshi Oyama on Friday, September 3, 2021 at 1:50 PM
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Topics 11月に行われる衆議院総選挙の結果を予想しておきましょう。 
外務大臣は、河野太郎殿 財務大臣は、蓮舫さん
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PS: この時間前後1時間に東広島市豊栄町で、時間当たり、50mmを超える雨量を観測しました。

その内容は「高校生たちの無邪気な議論会のふりをして、菅総理や岸田元政調会長をこき下ろしている。許せない」という意見でした。 お答えしましょう。
 When I bloged up an article called "Hiroshima Prefecture was a conservative kingdom," I received a voice of protest. The content was an opinion that "Prime Minister Suga and Former Chairman Kishida are lowered under the pretending to be an innocent discussion meeting of high school students. It is unforgivable". Let me answer.


 話の流れとして、 I was asked to give a lecture at the "Active Human Gathering" held today (August 27, 2021) at 7:00 a.m. The theme was "The result of the House of Representatives election in the autumn can be scientifically estimated by Einstein's principle of relativity". As a flow of the story,
[1] familiar relativity principle that everyone is convinced.
[2] Conspiracy politics by the LDP government.
[3] It will be as it should be (drastic measures).
[4] The ideal form of election promises that could put an end to the politics being developed with interests revealed in the Kawai-Anri Katsuyuki incident. I prepared the manuscript of the lecture.



抗議の声は、参考資料として準備した「広島県はなぜ、保守王国たりえて来たか」について書いたブログ記事に対してなされたのです。The protest was made in response to a blog post about "Why Hiroshima Prefecture came to the conservative kingdom" prepared as a reference material. Let me conclude first.



When there were three people on the boat, how do you capsize the boat? Einstein's first principle of relativity can also be used in political dynamics and global economic issues. As a result, it can be understood that it is natural for former Secretary-General Kishida to lose to Prime Minister Suga and the Suga Cabinet to lose to the opposition in the house of representatives election in the autumn. It was a reference material to convince the people who gathered to listen to the lecture.

Last night, there were two shocking news reports. The first is a report that a metal-like foreign matter was mixed in the coronavirus vaccine container. The second is reports that Former Chairman Kishida will re-challenge and run for president. Both, when examined on the principle of relativity, it was university that such a thing would happen and the inevitability, and the future convergence direction (the flow of nature).
First of all, let's explain the reason why "foreign matter like metal was mixed in the vaccine container". You've used a kitchen knife to cut vegetables and meat, have you? While using a kitchen knife, the sharpness will get worse and worse. You know thinly that small scraps of the knife blade are mixed in the dish.
Vaccines are also produced through ultra-complex manufacturing processes made up of metal piping. Since it is in the process of being produced in a large amount of hastily so that people all over the world can be inoculated, the ratio of metal foreign matter to be mixed can occur with a probability that the sharpness of the kitchen knife will be bad! It is.

The criminal search will be carried out thoroughly, but since it is an event that occurs with a probability of winning the lottery when producing in a large amount of hurry, it will be handled as well as the cause of the Shuri-Jo Castle fire in Okinawa. I also feel the smell that there are people who started the new coronavirus war and vaccine war.
The problem of the second problem is "The report that Former Chairman Kishida will challenge and run for the presidency again". In the first place, Former Chairman Kishida played the person in charge of Nishida candidate's support system (being intrigued by Prime Minister Suga, Secretary General Nikai, former Prime Minister Abe, and carrots hanging at the tip of the nose). However, Nishida was defeated by the opposition party recommendation candidate (contrary to most expectations including the press).
If Mr. Kishida had a sense of responsibility (at the same time as the Nishida election), he should have declared defeat while apologizing to the people of Hiroshima Prefecture, saying, "I did not understand the anger of the people of the prefecture. I will take responsibility and I will remove myself from the political world."
It is not available to say that it is surprised not only to remain in the standpoint of the Chairman of the Liberal-Democratic Party prefectural federation but also to challenge the LIBERAL-Democratic Party presidential election again without doing the ad too much. The people of the prefecture are absolutely unconvinced, not to say that the LDP executives are all right.
That's why it is certain that candidate Kishida will lose the LDP presidential election next month, and Prime minister Suga will eventually be re-elected. In the subsequent general election for the dissolution of the House of Representatives, the LDP, which pushed Prime Minister Suga again, lost to the opposition coalition (almost that's the way it will go)
The political situation will finally become confused, and the coronal disaster will fall into an out-of-order state. "Is there any good idea of re-death?" I heard a voice from some place. There are good things that the LDP can do to develop elections that it cannot lose.
 拉致された家族を全員返してもらう代償として、日本・北朝鮮・韓国の三国間で、米国の思惑に一切無関係に、相互不可侵条約を電撃的に締結してしまうのです。そうなると、アメリカは日本や韓国に強大な軍隊を配備しておくという大義名分を失い、極東から米軍が撤退して行くことになります。⇒ 軍縮・核廃絶につながっていくことに即、発展していきます!
【1】The issue of the families of the abductees.  In order to pay for the return of all abducted families, japan, North Korea, and South Korea will conclude a mutual non-life treaty in an electric way, regardless of U.S. speculation. Then, the United States loses the cause of deploying a strong army to Japan and South Korea, and the U.S. military withdraws from the Far East. ⇒ will develop immediately as it leads to disarmament and nuclear abolition!
【2】Treatment of contaminated water at Fukushima nuclear power plant. It is an absolute condition that reputational damage does not occur. Therefore, if the government is correct in its claim that it is safe if it is diluted and released, it is only necessary to dilute the contaminated water to the dam in the Kanto region which is the watering of Tokyo and release it. If this is the case, Fukushima fishermen will be convinced, and there is no reason for Tokyo residents to oppose it! It's the cheapest and it's a reasonable solution.
[3] Money politics issue.  We are in the midst of coronal disaster. At the same time as abolishing all political party support money by the state, it prohibits the total prohibition of street speeches and the prohibition of large and small gatherings such as individual speeches. Prohibition of promotional cars. The installation of private signboards is prohibited. Prohibition of posters on public bulletin boards (instead, those who receive requests from the government office put up posters for all candidates in bulk). [Candidates will be judged solely on their commitments and their ability to execute their promises]
【4】New coronavirus countermeasures.  Make all big data available and zero infection path unknown. At the same time as positive persons come out, the name and face photographs of all infected people and those with close contact can be grasped and utilized by the authorities. 【 Politicians in various countries should acknowledge the fact that the infectious explosions of China, Taiwan, South Korea, etc. continue to be suppressed by the first wave and the second wave. 】
If this [1] [2] [3] [4] is a campaign promise of the Liberal Democratic Party, it will be a story that the LDP can maintain power without losing to the opposition coalition, and even the permanent return of the United Nations will roll in.

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相対性原理は政治分野でも成立。The principle of relativity is also established in the political field.岸田元政調会長は菅総理の戦略に敗れ、新内閣は秋の衆議院選挙で野党に敗れるのが大自然の必然!Liberal Democratic Party loses to opposition party in autumn house of represent atives election.メルケル首相は潔かった: 光世界の冒険(大山宏)
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« 広島県が保守王国となり得た訳【2】被爆者保護法との関連性。Hiroshima Prefecture could have become a conservative kingdom. Relevance to the A-bomb Survivors Protection Act.(ご参考)岸田総理・湯崎知事・松井市長 | トップページ | アインシュタインの相対性原理から帰結される、秋の衆議院総選挙( 政治力学での結果予想 ) »