2019年10月 4日 (金)

母の身体が引き起こしたハンガーストライキ事件【part3】民生委員の特命任務 It was a hunger strike incident caused by my mother's body.

 父とは違って母は女社長と周りの人々から呼ばれるくらいにしっかりした人でした。旧豊栄町の教育委員を2期8年勤め、更生保護婦人会のボランティア活動を若い頃から実行しながら我々兄弟姉妹3人を育ててくれました。Unlike my father, my mother was a strong enough person to be called by the president of the woman and the people around me. He worked as an education committee member for two periods and eight years in TOYOSAKA town, and raised three of our brothers and sisters while volunteering for the Rehabilitation Women's Association from a young age.
When it’s 20-years ago; my father died, my mother said, "It is not good for the Oyama family's property to be divided. The elder sister and the younger brother said, "The inheritance abandonment" was said, and it instructed the inheritance registration procedure of all Denchi-dennpata田地田畑fields and the house to me of the eldest son. More than 500,000 yen cost of registration. My father's savings were ZERO. (My mother inherited it from her parents' house and had a small asset, but it was not my father's property, so there was a history of it being left as it was.)
 今から考えると、この亡父の財産相続に関して相続放棄をさせられた姉夫婦と弟夫婦とは、何か釈然としない感情をいだいたのかもしれません。 母が老人ホーム:ドエルに入居を決めたとき、その時母澄子が保持していた預貯金の通帳と母澄子の健康保険通帳とは、姉の管理下に入ったのでした。・・・

続きを読む "母の身体が引き起こしたハンガーストライキ事件【part3】民生委員の特命任務 It was a hunger strike incident caused by my mother's body."

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2019年10月 1日 (火)

『どっちが北朝鮮?』民生委員の特命任務【part2】"The Special Mission Story of the Civilian Committee”

I remember that when I came back from volunteering for the Tohoku Earthquake. It was when i was interacting with my brother; Tomo, via cell phone and e-mail. As if Tomo had returned the palm of his hand, he said, "Delete that email. It was said persistently. Blog "Which is North Korea?" It seems to have thought that the article was unforgivable.
The meaning was ‘chimpun-kampun’ to me what was serious. "I honestly wrote about my interactions with my brother-in-law, which is North Korea? (It's not me, is it? And, it is said that it reaches the anger mind to the content which is asking the reader. I've been reminded of that time.
Because the younger brother insists, "With Sumiko mother, Hiro elder brother: YOU are advancing the thing", "It is an elder sister married couple to have put mother in the nursing home; Doel in the eldest son's being quiet while the eldest son is away.' It's my sister and I who are holding my mother hostage, and I don't think so, but what do you think? In the blog post, "Which is North Korea?" It was like buying ‘Hinshuku’ that I put the title.
"If you don't erase that article, you're going to have a golden circle with your brother. Incidentally, the category articles of adult fairy tales should be deleted" to the hard-line opinion, I was to be a tout (without knowing the meaning), and deleted those articles from my blog.
According to a story I heard from someone, my brother-in-law said, "My mother joined Doel, so I didn't need to go to Hou-you-en", and after that, I couldn't show my face to my home in Hou-you-en town. I cut it off and said, 'If my mother is happy with it,' I went to Doel every seven and a half or two weeks.
 ドエルの母さんの部屋には写真が一杯張り出されていました。その多数の家族写真中には、私(博一)が写り込んでいる写真が一枚もなかったのでした。《 いよいよ思い出して来たぞ》。その苦情を弟(智雄)にしゃべり、姉夫婦にとりなしを頼んだ直後の電話で、「博一兄さんは澄子母さんを人質に取っている」⇒「どっちが北朝鮮?」議論になったのでした。
Doel's mother's room was full of pictures. There were not a single photograph of me in many of the photographs. I'm finally remembering. The complaint was told to his younger brother, Tomo, and on the phone immediately after he asked his sister and his wife to take her mother, "Hiro is taking Her mother hostage" ⇒ "Which is North Korea?" It became a discussion.
It seems that mother complained to her sister and her husband. The is Hiro and. Even though she asked her to divorce Kumiko for me because you'll have a good person, Hiro said, "It's up to the couple to decide whether or not to divorce. Even if it is mother's hope, it is insisted that it is not possible to answer it. I can't put up with that bride. If I don't stay in this house, Hiro will do the maintenance and management of the rice fields and houses that follow from my ancestors. It seems to have complained to the elder sister married couple that it wanted to enter the nursing home before it was already fragile though it did not want to go out of here.
The elder sister married couple heard it, and "Let's look for the nursing home in Onomichi where we live" ⇒ "Onomichi is unpleasant. I want to move to a nursing home that is not far from TOYOSAKA town. Let's look for it, so i found Doel Higashi-shiwa at the end of my brother-in-law ran around. ⇒"This is good. I decided to move in of my free will." It was august 1st from now on.
The eldest son Hiro who was surprised contacted wife Kumiko who was separated, and it had been pulled up from Iwashi-island by the light truck of possession in the parents' house to TOYOSAKA by two people. However, it has become a divorce after all after one month. The signature of the meeting person of the Tsuchiya consumer committee was gotten to the divorce report. After my divorce, I developed my marriage nationwide and remarried. Mr. and Mrs. Tsuchiya were very pleased, and it was possible to have it to the remarriage celebration. Four years had passed since the divorce.
She was eleven years younger than me. I took him on a trip to Europe twice in a year and a half and thought, 'I'm not going to let this person go no matter what's there.' However, an incident occurred a month after they returned from an eight-day trip to Northern Europe, and four months later they divorced for the second time. The signature was gotten to the document of the divorce report at this time by Mr. and Mrs. Tsuchiya. "It's a mess. I'm not going to sign my third marriage report."
Nevertheless, Hiro continued his steady marriage to the present day with the aim of getting married for the third time. In the meantime, Tsuchiya Consumer Committee member and his wife also said, "If there is a good person, thank you so much for the matchmaker!" I continued to ask, "I'm sure Hiro will find a good remarriage partner" continue to believe!

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2017年1月18日 (水)





悪い方に尾ひれが付いた方が うわさ話としては面白いと相場が決まっています。良い方向への話なんて、門口からちっとも出て行きませんが、悪いうわさ千里の道を走るのでした



それはね、長くなるからその内にお話しすることにしましょう。 今日はここまでです! renewal for you.
2020/ 1/ 3
 from Hiroshima H. Oyama

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2011年9月 1日 (木)

Adult Aesop 『キツネとタヌキの争い』 It is a story of the fight between the fox and the raccoon. ( 大人のイソップ )

There was a fox and a tamuki who were good friends. We usually play together, but sometimes we get into fights. Which do you think will win?
 The raccoon boy is educated, 'You can do something sly once or twice out of 10.' On the other hand,
the fox boy is taught by the parent, 'You can do a sly thing once or twice out of 100 times.'
は、5日毎に1回 ぐらいの割合なのでした。
 These two monks (fox and raccoon) are playing together, but suddenly they start a fight. The frequency was about once every 5 days.
The first one is made up apologizing by the raccoon boy, and it is playing with good friends again. In it will be a big fight. The raccoon boy does not forgive the fox boy. The fox boy was eventually kicked out of his playmates.
 The fox went away sadly, thought, 'It's good once in a while because I allowed you that much.' (Adult Aesop, END) Hiro. Oyama

  (大人のイソップ、おしまい)  大山宏

続きを読む "Adult Aesop 『キツネとタヌキの争い』 It is a story of the fight between the fox and the raccoon. ( 大人のイソップ )"

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2011年8月31日 (水)

スズメバチの駆除騒ぎ The removal of hornets (the true cause of the battle for the mother-in-law?)《 嫁姑争いの真因?》

At three o'clock in the middle of the night, my wife suddenly said, "Dad, let's get rid of the hornets." Sleepy. It thought in the consciousness which did not wake up. "I couldn't do it yesterday or the day before yesterday because of the heavy rain. Today I'm going back to Iwashi-Jima. Well, it's certainly best to get up now and get rid of it.

 やおら夫は起き上がって スズメバチ駆除 の準備を始めた。身体はまだ眠っている、意識もまだ布団の中にある。 トイレ・煙草を済ませ、厚手の服・手袋・メッシュ付き帽子・・と、探し始めた。
My husband got up and started preparing to clean up the hornets. The body is still asleep, and consciousness is still in the futon. I finished the toilet and the cigarette, and began to look for thick clothes, gloves, the hat with the mesh.


The memory of the former mayor of The Former Town, who died after being stabbed by a hornet a few years ago, remains vivid. I tell myself that I have to be careful and ready to be careful, and look for thick clothes. My wife says that rain feathers-ware are good. "Rain ware (Ama-Gappa) should be in the poor house.'


My wife "I should have borrowed the chicken from my parents' house" husband "I can't go to pick it up in the middle of the night." Don't talk about things that don't matter! I thought, but i didn't say it.  Husband "thick gloves!" and wife "This is good!" and pass the sheer rubber gloves. I want to put a military hand under it. My wife held out a pair of women's rubber gloves and a sheer female hand. "Well, that's all right," he compromised.
 たわない(届かない) のじゃない?」
答えるのは面倒であった。梯子を伸ばして蜂の巣の付近に掛け、登って行く。真夜中ではあるが、巣の周りに数匹の蜂が既に動めいている。 妻は無防備のまま、その直ぐ傍で懐中電灯を照らしている。
夫「 危ないから、離れて居ろ!」 妻は数歩下がる。
夫「もっと下がれ!」 妻は2、3歩後退する。
My husband begins to carry the ladder. It was troublesome to answer my wife, "It's not a ladder, it's not reached." The ladder is extended, it hangs near the beehive, and it climbs. It's midnight, but there are already a few bees moving around the nest. My wife remains defenseless and lights up a flashlight right next to her.  My husband says, "It's dangerous, so stay away!" The husband "Go back more!" wife retreats two or three steps. "Stay away from me more and more," she says, taking a flashlight.
1000円もした蜂取りスプレー缶は、あっという間に空 になった。『土壁の巣口を塞ごう』と思った。駄屋(だや)に戻り、ガムテープを探す。粘着力の弱いテープしかない。

My husband fumbled and sprayed it toward the nest of the dirt wall. Some bees were already flying around. The bee spray can, which lasted 1,000 yen, quickly emptied. I thought, 'I'm going to close the nest of the soil wall.' I went back to the poor house and looked for gum tape. There is only a tape with weak adhesive strength. "Is the gum tape?" to the wife" husband "It is weak in the adhesive power". The gum tape is the only thing that my wife has to do.

 一段落して「もう一度寝直そう」ということになった。妻は布団に潜り込む。煙草を吸い終えて『 さあ、消灯して 』と思ったら、スズメバチが一匹部屋の中を飛び回っている!
「スズメバチだ。大きな蜂だ!」 妻が疑いの眼(まなこ)で起きて来た。
It became "Let's go to bed again" by one paragraph. My wife dives into the futon. After smoking and thinking ,'Now, turn it off', and a hornet is flying around the room! It's a hornet, it's flying. It's a big bee!" said my wife, who woke up with a suspicious eye. "Stay away from me. Go away!  The spray cans for the hornet are already empty. In the end, he knocked down the hornet flying around with a fly.

真剣勝負の真っ最中に、妻が天真爛漫の振る舞い を付近でする。結婚以来数十年間、それは変わっていない。「これが離婚騒動(嫁・姑争い)の真因なのだが、・・・」
 外に出て煙草をふかしていると、朝6時を告げる村のサイレン が鳴った。

My husband didn't sleep. I got up, caught a cup of plum wine, and smoked again, but I couldn't sleep. In the midst of a serious game, my wife is in the vicinity of innocent behavior. For decades since marriage, it hasn't changed. The siren of the village which told six o'clock in the morning sounded when going out and smoking though this was a true cause of the divorce riot and the mother-in-law fighting. August 28, 2011

続きを読む "スズメバチの駆除騒ぎ The removal of hornets (the true cause of the battle for the mother-in-law?)《 嫁姑争いの真因?》"

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2011年8月30日 (火)

原罪とは?( 大人のイソップ )

 原罪とは、相手の立場に立って考えることが出来ない,悲しい人間の性(さが)のこと を言います。 この性(さが) は、現代人の誰もが多かれ少なかれ持っいる性質であり、歴史をたどれば、『カインがアベルを殺した兄弟喧嘩(旧約聖書)』に行き着きます。
 この性質(血:DNA) が、それ以降現代まで連面と引き継がれている模様です。それをキリスト教世界では』 と呼んでいるらしいのです。

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2011年8月19日 (金)

誰が真犯人かは、刑事は直ぐに目星が付けられる!The detective is immediately stared at who is the true culprit!

The detective is immediately stared at who is the true culprit! For the first time in months, my wife and husband lined up pillows and went into futons.
My wife, "..., that was caused by Hiroshi-san." "The cause of the mature divorce turmoil is in my husband Hiroshi!" And darkly, you're also saying.

夫「・・・、テレビの刑事物語でね、刑事は直ぐに犯人の目星を付けるだろう? 誰が真犯人か、刑事には瞬間的に分かるんだ。複数犯であっても瞬間的に目星が付けられるのだけど、分かる?」
husband said, "...in a TY detective story, will the detective immediately stare at the culprit?" Detectives know in a moment who is the real culprit. Even if it is multiple crimes, eyes are attached moment momentary, but do you understand?"
wife "I do not understand. Why?, why?"

husband, ”If you think about who got the most after an incident when an incident occurred, and who got it, the suspect can narrow it down moment momentally."
wife, ”Oh, I got it. HAHAHA”

husband said, "I haven't eaten wasted rice in 63 years. I've been with you for 38 years. I'll say it again. Come after me. I'm not going to make it bad.
wife said, "I'm relieved to hear that. Good night."
husband, “・・・silent. No word ・・・ ”

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a CATIA 裏技 Intuition Know-how, arcane secret, cheat sheets.相対性原理の真髄 a Wegener's大陸プレート瞬間強制移動説 continental drift theory plate tectonics a プルーム説に異議有. ちょっと考えれば分かる事! a プレート・テクトニクス⇒ 新地球物理学・新地学の創設へ a 地球整形手術の跡」ヒマラヤ山脈もマリアナ海溝も痕跡 a 太平洋プレート瞬間移動の証拠を発見 a 惑星の軌道は楕円』第二焦点の位置に見えない星が存在している! a 断面図でごまかされた「プレートテクトニクス」の嘘 Lied cheated in the section "plate tectonics" a 隕石くらいじゃ恐竜は滅ばない。Meteorite hit much, not about the destruction of dinosaurs. a. 地図(場所)当て遊び。Lied cheated in the section "plate tectonics"(うそ) a. 地磁気⇔プレートテクトニクス⇔見かけのポールシフト a・スノーボール全球凍結は嘘(うそ)空論! a・・ 種の起源と大陸移動説 B エゼキエル書にはUFOがいっぱい!ウソ記事を見分ける方法。ダニエル書~マラキ書 Bible in Acts:使徒行伝の中で天使とUFOを探そう。Search Bible in Mark マルコによる福音書を科学の目で読み解く。Scientific Analysis Bible・・「ヨシュア記」 Bible・・「出エジプト記」 Bible・・改悪された「ルカ書」 Corrupted History・・LUKE Bible内で天使(宇宙人)とUFOを捜せ・・GENESIS、EXODUS B・「マルコ書」新約聖書に在る奇跡の数々。日本語1955版 B・・・天地創造の物語~ヨセフ B・創世記1章~20章、天地創造 Collapse of the Tower of Babelを砂場遊びで確認 CRUSTAL〔地殻存在度〕COSMIC〔宇宙存在度〕Abundances CURL 境界層内での粘性流体計算法:超高速計算理論 d 水銀と白金は金の成り損ね。Mercury, Platinum : detracts from made of Gold. East 東広島 豊栄 News easy Baseball の曲がり方の研究 bends the way research. easy やさしい相対性の説明  easy フィボナッチ実数列。Real Fibonacci numbers easy フィボナッチ数列・Fibonacci sequence real easy 数占いって不思議 easy 算術フィボナッチ easy 簡単な相対性原理説明 easy 音は縦波 光も縦波です electron spin-time Bode's law 電子スピン時間」ボーデの法則」独楽」音階」 F black hole・GPS衛星・時空間・アインシュタイン思想とは f Top 独楽 ブラックホールblack‐hole big-bang-mini fake Dark matter dark energy 暗黒物質 ビッグバン嘘空論 g Arrow of time 時間軸の矢 Equivalent-surface of time : 等時間面 Gravity field 「重力場」 Galaxies colliding.(NASA) Gravity 「重力圏」 schwarzchild Gravitation Heat-island 建白書 Phenomenon. Drastic measures against, Emergency Report K1「氷惑星」目次 K2・灼熱の氷惑星(二章) K3・灼熱の氷惑星(三章) K4・灼熱の氷惑星(四章) K5・灼熱の氷惑星(五章) K6・灼熱の氷惑星(六章) KⅡ氷河・海水準・海進・海退 KⅡ海溝・海嶺・海山・断裂帯 kⅢ・・氷惑星の謎 第Ⅲ部 K・・・氷惑星の解説 LED H/L ヒートシンク」熱対策」 Light 光技術の話・・01-20・「光りと光線はどう違うの?」「楕円」「放物線」「双曲線」 Light 光技術の話・・21-40・「灯具内で光が曲がってる?「演色性・立体角・疑似光源」 Nobel Prize ノーベル賞はあなたでも狙える。[二度とない人生だから]は私の辞書に無い。 o God(神)が最初に吐き出した言葉⇒大和ことば o 「ひらがな・カタカナ」と「ABC」/アラビア文字 o 「ヘボン式分析」アラビア語 French Germany English Chinese Jomon o 「大和ことば」「縄文時代のことば」口承伝説に文字は不要 o 「音声意図学」ヘボン式分析 o ・「アイヌ学」は間違い。日本語にもっと自信を持とう! o. ダビンチコード⇒シュテファンカイザー Political dynamics 政治力学 to give up nuclear weapons President Obama 核宣誓への手紙 Letter from Hiroshima R. ソクラテスの妻・新科学対話 Post Script..あとがき追伸 R・・ 3トン探検団・・宇宙・童話 R・・「楽器達のお昼ね会にて」 S 超能力者 Esper PK 念力 T 哲学・心理学物理学の融合 T 哲学:異常気象の扱い方:心が物を動かしてる物理学 T 心の科学 言霊 音霊 Words; soul; spirit; dwells wavelength T呪殺,言葉で相手を殺す。脅迫。幸せへのノウハウ秘訣 UFOを見る家系, 澄子の回想 U・・田舎の生活・・大人の童話 V・・ギリシャ神話 「ユダヤ人」「トルコ人」(漫画)・・手塚治虫 W ヨーロッパ縦断の旅(前編) W ヨーロッパ縦断の旅(後編) W・ヨーロッパ縦断自転車の旅「僕の前には道はない」(写真) x. 同棲・週末婚・結婚生活 x. 婚活ノウハウ x・・・ボランティア記 x・・東北大震災ボランティア記⇒署名活動(中間報告) Y ジャイアントインパクト「エデンの園があった場所」 Y 古墳の科学的分析、昆虫記 Y 短編 「切腹の美学」「奴隷の手」「時空間疾走(Time-Slip)」 z 「へその館」;高樹のぶ子評 z 「奇妙なゲーム」:Henry Morton Stanley 技術革命 z 「新 ガリバー旅行記」 z てるてる坊主」網戸」 おすすめサイト 年初未明より突如、各省庁/市町村役所/警察庁内で行革がスタート 心と体 成長の限界 the "Limits of Growth" 文化・芸術 旅行・地域 日記・コラム・つぶやき 時間Timeが進む回転方向と、Timeが遅れる回転方向。 民生委員」介護師」看護師」保健師」目指すべき未来 澄子の部屋 福祉行政改革と大統領制への移行提案 童話:浜辺のキツネ 趣味 音楽