President Obama 核宣誓への手紙 Letter from Hiroshima

2021年1月27日 (水)

金正恩に大義名分を与えれば核軍縮も拉致問題も一挙に解決。コロナ対策と経済再建に軍事費を振り向ける。If Kim is given a cause, nuclear disarmament, nuclear abolition, and abductions issue will be resolved all at once. along with the corona measures. Will turn military spending to rebuilding the economy.

Everyone wants a cause when they take down their theory. If you raise it to provide, real victory or peace will come true.
 What the United Nations has not been able to fully do in its efforts over the past few years: It is the novel coronavirus that has been able to perfect North Korea's perfect economic blockade.


∵ why∵ Kim Jong Un closed the Chinese border himself for six months and re-fore against all food aid and military supplies coming into his country. As a result, since the coronavirus occurred in Wuhan, China, north Korea's economic situation has been hit hard to the point where it can't be compared to other countries, and it has also fallen into food shortages.


That's why Kim Jong Un was recently forced to deliver a speech at his first party congress in six years in which he acknowledged the failure. From now on, it was possible only to force the people to live a self-sufficient life of making even food by themselves.


There was no way we could spend money on military expansion, including nuclear weapons, while keeping China's borders closed (without close trade through the web of blockades). (It's clear that we're just saying strength as we push forward with further nuclear development!)
So what does North Korea want from the United States and its adversaries?


Everyone wants a cause when they take down their own theory. "We finally won American imperialism. Now that we have achieved our objectives, we will respond to both nuclear disarmament and the abandonment of nuclear weapons. I want to say. I'm looking for a cause!


続きを読む "金正恩に大義名分を与えれば核軍縮も拉致問題も一挙に解決。コロナ対策と経済再建に軍事費を振り向ける。If Kim is given a cause, nuclear disarmament, nuclear abolition, and abductions issue will be resolved all at once. along with the corona measures. Will turn military spending to rebuilding the economy."

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2021年1月 8日 (金)

岸田総理殿,バイデン大統領殿,国連の事務総長殿...! 突然ですが、Suddenly, I received a message from Mr. A, an alien. 異邦人であるA氏より、メッセージが飛来!

2022/7/24 岸田総理殿、バイデン大統領殿、国連の事務総長殿を含む皆様へ。人は誰でも名誉ある撤退を望んでいるものです。あなた方が真の平和を望んでおられるならば、相手に逃げ道を設定してあげれば良いのです。古くは「孫氏の兵法」として語られ、新しくは「火の鳥の未来編」を通して手塚治虫が語ったように、平和への道は、相手に逃げ道を与えてあげる(名誉ある撤退の口実を与えてあげる〕しか、解決策は残っていません。〔死の商人〕たち、に理論で勝とうとしたってどだい無理なのです。名誉ある撤退の道を、与えて上げなさい、古今東西の先人たちはおっしゃってますよ。
投稿: 岸田総理殿、バイデン大統領殿へ 2022年7月24日 (日) 07時14分
for you: American again.

My best mention to the Republican senators of the United States.
それとも、米国民はベトナム戦争に敗れておこなった史上最大の撤兵作戦を,またまた実行する(演じる)つもりなのですか? It is clear that President Trump fueled terrorism. It would not be a western if the tea was muddied to the extent that "we will cooperate in transferring the administration." In the way you have been sentenced to history, a criminal was an immediate cruCion (Hanging) or an instant man's death. People all over the world laugh a lot if they forgive Mr. Trump because he's less than two weeks away.  Or are the American people going to lose the Vietnam War and carry out (perform) the largest withdrawal in history again?
 突然ですが、(Suddenly, )I received a message from Mr. A;an alien. Let me introduce you. I'm keeping the main points in the bullet point.

続きを読む "岸田総理殿,バイデン大統領殿,国連の事務総長殿...! 突然ですが、Suddenly, I received a message from Mr. A, an alien. 異邦人であるA氏より、メッセージが飛来!"

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2019年10月19日 (土)

個人情報保護法の弊害。スパコンはあなたの全てを把握してる。秘密なんてありえない時代ですよ!Evils of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. The supercomputer knows everything about you. It's an age when there can't be any secrets!悪法は即廃止に!人権擁護委員は駆け込み寺であるべき!

2020/11/10 「悪法捨てる会」発。TEL: 080-6559-6060 The "Association to Throw Away Evil Laws" was established. Mr. Hiro. Oyama will serve as chairman.
 Prime Minister Suga and Shigeru Omi : The spread of the new virus corona has entered its second phase in Japan. It was a shock to exceed 200 people in Hokkaido. "More infection measures are needed..." is not a turbid tea, but the limit of measures that excessively according to self-help so far should be admitted. The cause of the spread of infection is in the psychological state (mind) that everyone has little by little, "I don't want the world to know, I want to hide it, there is something I want to keep secret."

 投稿: 菅総理・尾身茂殿へ 2020/11/10 06:05
 More than 200 people infected in Hokkaido are at the level of occurrence in Europe and the United States. Once again, please acknowledge the evils of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, take up the revision of the law in the Diet as soon as possible, and remove the shackles of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. We think that we should revise the law to a system that dynamically utilizes big data at the same level as Southeast Asian countries.
  2020/10/08 追加コメント。
 菅総理殿へ。あなたはご存知だとは思いますが、『法律は出来た途端に悪者に逆利用されるもの』というのは文科系大学で教わるまでもない常識ですね。「個人情報保護法は百害があって一利も良いことが無い」という法律の典型例でしょ。大至急 国会で取り上げて、法律廃止にすべきでしょう。消費税を下げるよりも遥かに大きな経済効果を生じ平和にも役立つことでしょう。 It is common sense that the law is used in reverse by bad guys スパコンビッグデータとして我々の一挙手一投足をすでに把握しているのです。防犯にも防災にも役立つように活用すべき時代なのです。超党派で取り組むべき仕事として、お働き下さい。・・・

続きを読む "個人情報保護法の弊害。スパコンはあなたの全てを把握してる。秘密なんてありえない時代ですよ!Evils of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. The supercomputer knows everything about you. It's an age when there can't be any secrets!悪法は即廃止に!人権擁護委員は駆け込み寺であるべき!"

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2018年5月22日 (火)

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe(安倍総理殿)、your antenna is too low, should have more interest in the Japan public opinion! もっと日本国民の意見に関心を!

 2019 2/23 renewal Post Script.
 Shinzo Abe, Japan public opinion more concerned with should. Write a blog like this outrage is a very good reason is. I translate my blog the adventures in the light world with 2 languages, but it is visited from overseas has increased sharply in the coming three years ago.

 Number % language access recent data show. What is top access number from the English-speaking world. However, recently posted to articles highly news topical visits in English, if you kept the visits of more than 10% for about 2 months and then to 1.1% (native language, world language number ratio) decreased sharply goes.

  英語 ~13.8%~ 38.1%(2017/07)
 中国語  5.5%
  朝鮮語 ~19.1%~ 41.0% (2017/06)
 ロシア語 ~1.0%~ 6.0% (2018/03 & /04)
インド(ヒンディー語+タミル) 4.5%
 ジャワ語(インドネシア) ~3.6%
 日本語 0.7%~ 0.1%(2017/06) というお粗末さなのですよ。
  English ~13.8%~  38.1% (2017 / 07)
  Chinese ~5.5%~
  Korean ~19.1%~  41.0% (2017/ 06)
  France, ~3.1%~  7.3% (2017/ 05)
Russia language ~1.0%~ 6.0% (2018/ 03&/ 04)
India (Hindi + Tamil) ~4.5%~
 for Javanese (Indonesia) ~3.6%~ these visits in Japan, is the lack of, Japanese ~0.7%~ 0.1% (2017/06) is.

続きを読む "Prime Minister Shinzo Abe(安倍総理殿)、your antenna is too low, should have more interest in the Japan public opinion! もっと日本国民の意見に関心を!"

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2016年10月 2日 (日)

International strategy 「国連の常任理事国入り」戦略「新三本の矢」⇒ 2020/ 9/16 the new SUGA Cabinet can expect this much results in one year! 菅新内閣は1年間でこれだけの成果が期待できます!

2020/ 9/16 二階幹事長・菅官房長官・麻生太郎副総理殿、新内閣の閣僚人事御苦労様でした。これ以上の人選は望めませんでしょう。これなら1年で十分な成果が出せますよ。
Mr. Nikai; Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga; Deputy Prime Minister and Mr. Taro Aso; Minister of The New Cabinet, had a hard time with the appointment of ministers. You can't hope for more people. You'll get enough results in a year.

The results of the new corona measures will come out if you leave it to The Minister of Economy, Trade and Revitalization Nishimura and the Oomi Shigeru Corona Countermeasure Team. However
The evils and disabilities of Japan's Act on the Protection of Personal Information were too intense. There will be a need to work on this law in a bipartisan way. (All you have to do is do it without saying four or five.)

Next year's Olympic Games will be canceled out of ten, but if we leave it to the course, it will converge. There are more and more important things. Here, let's list the results that kan's new Cabinet can produce.


The Japan-North Korea summit meeting will be realized soon, and all abducted families will be returned.

In return, Japan, South Korea, and North Korea signed a mutual non-aggression treaty.

In return, Japan, South Korea, and North Korea signed a mutual non-aggression treaty. [6] Under the leadership of the United Nations, the United States and North Korea have signed a mutual non-aggression treaty, and the withdrawal of the most important U.S. troops who have been in Japan and South Korea for 75 years will begin.
Denuclearization and disarmament will advance around the world, military spending will be turned to the peace industry, and the world's economy will stabilize.


In Japan, "amendment of the law to make election mandatory" and "constitutional debate to transition to a presidential system" become active.

Japan's permanent member of the United Nations opens the way. (Greeted by thundering applause from all countries around the world)
 The following is a blog post I wrote four years ago (2016/10/02). I advised Prime Minister Abe four years ago that he would be a permanent member of [9] if he did so.

 以下の文章は、今から4年前(2016/ 10/ 02)に書いたブログ記事です。安倍総理に対して『【9】の常任理事国入りは、こうやったら実現できますよ』と4年前に助言したものでした。
 お楽しみください。 Enjoy it.

続きを読む "International strategy 「国連の常任理事国入り」戦略「新三本の矢」⇒ 2020/ 9/16 the new SUGA Cabinet can expect this much results in one year! 菅新内閣は1年間でこれだけの成果が期待できます!"

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2016年9月19日 (月)

オバマ大統領へ「核の先制不使用宣誓を断念するならノーベル平和賞を返すべきです」President Obama "to abandon the nuclear predecessor no swearing if you should return Nobel Peace Prize"

Description: letter addressed to Obama, President Obama planned "Pre-emptive nuclear-free oath that as one of Hiroshima citizens to please, is.
 Obama last month, the President to be assassinated, prepared on courageously Hiroshima welcome us. I am one of the Hiroshima City in Hiroshima Prefecture. English speech you bring excitement and hear, eyes became heated. The forceful hugs greetings settlement with survivors of the sincerity of your came through. Thank you very much.

 You was brought seeking to have an extraordinary desire for world peace, particularly nuclear disarmament, from shortly before he became President eight years ago, as President. Dangers in the country by the assassination of President Lincoln, President Kennedy, also assassinated was enough, but still you visit Hiroshima, atomic bomb anniversary of 8/6 was "threatening world peace how nuclear weapons?' about the world. I thought at that time was to "Says Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for work with the mission and you played". It is felt as that.

Becomes a personal matter, I 8/13 ~ 22, eight days went with his wife to travel to three countries of Northern Europe. It was one week after President Obama visited Hiroshima's departure. It is a fjord landscape after the Oslo, President Obama has found a photo when you were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


続きを読む "オバマ大統領へ「核の先制不使用宣誓を断念するならノーベル平和賞を返すべきです」President Obama "to abandon the nuclear predecessor no swearing if you should return Nobel Peace Prize""

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2016年9月 7日 (水)

オバマ大統領が「核先制不使用の宣言を断念?」。See“Declaration of a nuclear first strike without giving up?" Both President Obama and United States citizens is wrong.安倍総理が取り下げろと言った?

P.S. 2: In the Century of Turmoil (NHK), the fact that "Prime Minister Abe instructed him to say, 'Give up the declaration of no first use of nuclear weapons'" was exposed. As the only country to have suffered atomic bombings, I was once again surprised that President Obama of the United States gave up his oath of no first use of nuclear weapons with his truly pathetic opinion. "Because we maintain the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty and have a piece of the United States, we are being targeted for nuclear attacks, and because the U.S. bases are located in Japan, Japan land will also Japan be targeted by nuclear attacks.  It is incomprehensible why countries that have the illusion that this is [protected by a nuclear umbrella]do not know.



It seems to be "abandoned and nuclear first strike without declaration" said Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is the heart of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Prefecture do not know at all. He "would you teach how to create world peace?"  
 TV ahead of the "Declaration of non-use nuclear first strike gave President Obama" NHK news. The abandoned reason seems to be that "the declarations of no first strike if, in Japan or Korea or anxiety could give" the joke also wants moderation. You not only become a logical switch. Both the Japanese and the Koreans are "pre-empting the biggest nuclear powers, wants to keep his promise, and Declaration" of is. Don't think only succumb to quibble "in Japan and Korea could give anxiety, it's enough to know that even though I, as well as President Obama, Americans are crazy.

《 本文 》

Abstracts: Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed, the more corrupt cities do? Are you kidding us? Should read Bible purports you United States people who profess yourselves more diligently. Have the anger that the road to peace does not exist beyond the declarations of no nuclear first strike, is suing.


 先ほど(2016年 9月7日)

続きを読む "オバマ大統領が「核先制不使用の宣言を断念?」。See“Declaration of a nuclear first strike without giving up?" Both President Obama and United States citizens is wrong.安倍総理が取り下げろと言った?"

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2016年9月 6日 (火)

泉代表殿、立憲民主党がなぜ負けたのか、KJ法で探ってみるべきです。2021 / 12 / 02 Shigeru Ishiba should win the Prime Minister definitely. 2022/ 6/ 08 性懲りもなく(無反省に)立憲民主党は、勝てない戦術で自爆型政治を展開か?

2022/ 6/ 08 性懲りもなく(無反省に)立憲民主党は勝てない戦術で自己満足で自爆型の政治を展開?
2021 / 12 / 02


  大山宏 2021 / 12 / 02
2016年9月に蓮舫さんや安倍総理あてに書いたブログ記事が元ですが、時代の流れをよく捉えていたと思いますので、2023年9/16 に再度トップ記事とさせて頂きました。

続きを読む "泉代表殿、立憲民主党がなぜ負けたのか、KJ法で探ってみるべきです。2021 / 12 / 02 Shigeru Ishiba should win the Prime Minister definitely. 2022/ 6/ 08 性懲りもなく(無反省に)立憲民主党は、勝てない戦術で自爆型政治を展開か?"

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2016年8月 3日 (水)

オバマケア(Obama-Care). Modern has prompted the willingness to think about things.柔軟に物事を考えるという姿勢が必要では?

Justification exploring us missing, President of  Trump protectionism.  Contrary to the expectations of many people in the world, playing the new President was born. Trump said sprang up during the election campaign period, who has let discussed in the political dynamics of exploring us protectionism and the legitimacy here.

Policy successes and exploring us President Obama did in eight years, which in Japan is that the national health insurance (NHI). Try that Trump's new President proclaims general idea from President Obama that discomfort is of course is natural.  I also play cards Mr. mean unlimited in action who are tired of that, but when it comes to exploring us since it said "most so ' and I thought.  It's like "what's good"? and of opinion happened to you will. Let me explain.

続きを読む "オバマケア(Obama-Care). Modern has prompted the willingness to think about things.柔軟に物事を考えるという姿勢が必要では?"

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2016年8月 2日 (火)

メキシコ国境に万里の長城は経済として成立。On the Mexico border to completion feature is the Great Wall of China. It is true as the economy.

 Gentlemen, for a long time. Worked well, it work of the Japan right-wing, the Trump Administration was inaugurated. People all over the world are daily to its words and deeds. But think about it. It does nothing to waste from the new President is economics. It is his measures are purely based on economic principles.
If you think about it, he either in its "how nuclear weapons are expensive and not at all for the American public, ' that he will understand.
Patiently the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Prefecture decided to wait.

 Well, yesterday Trump new President signed “Mexico country to pay for the construction costs and building the Great Wall of China on the Mexico border.” However, Mexico State decides to pay construction costs eventually. As the economy Trump think nothing there in the heart of Mr.

続きを読む "メキシコ国境に万里の長城は経済として成立。On the Mexico border to completion feature is the Great Wall of China. It is true as the economy."

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a CATIA 裏技 Intuition Know-how, arcane secret, cheat sheets.相対性原理の真髄 a Wegener's大陸プレート瞬間強制移動説 continental drift theory plate tectonics a プルーム説に異議有. ちょっと考えれば分かる事! a プレート・テクトニクス⇒ 新地球物理学・新地学の創設へ a 地球整形手術の跡」ヒマラヤ山脈もマリアナ海溝も痕跡 a 太平洋プレート瞬間移動の証拠を発見 a 惑星の軌道は楕円』第二焦点の位置に見えない星が存在している! a 断面図でごまかされた「プレートテクトニクス」の嘘 Lied cheated in the section "plate tectonics" a 隕石くらいじゃ恐竜は滅ばない。Meteorite hit much, not about the destruction of dinosaurs. a. 地図(場所)当て遊び。Lied cheated in the section "plate tectonics"(うそ) a. 地磁気⇔プレートテクトニクス⇔見かけのポールシフト a・スノーボール全球凍結は嘘(うそ)空論! a・・ 種の起源と大陸移動説 B エゼキエル書にはUFOがいっぱい!ウソ記事を見分ける方法。ダニエル書~マラキ書 Bible in Acts:使徒行伝の中で天使とUFOを探そう。Search Bible in Mark マルコによる福音書を科学の目で読み解く。Scientific Analysis Bible・・「ヨシュア記」 Bible・・「出エジプト記」 Bible・・改悪された「ルカ書」 Corrupted History・・LUKE Bible内で天使(宇宙人)とUFOを捜せ・・GENESIS、EXODUS B・「マルコ書」新約聖書に在る奇跡の数々。日本語1955版 B・・・天地創造の物語~ヨセフ B・創世記1章~20章、天地創造 Collapse of the Tower of Babelを砂場遊びで確認 CRUSTAL〔地殻存在度〕COSMIC〔宇宙存在度〕Abundances CURL 境界層内での粘性流体計算法:超高速計算理論 d 水銀と白金は金の成り損ね。Mercury, Platinum : detracts from made of Gold. East 東広島 豊栄 News East 東広島 豊栄 News-1 East 東広島 豊栄 News-2 easy Baseball の曲がり方の研究 bends the way research. easy やさしい相対性の説明  easy フィボナッチ実数列。Real Fibonacci numbers easy フィボナッチ数列・Fibonacci sequence real easy 数占いって不思議 easy 算術フィボナッチ easy 簡単な相対性原理説明 easy 音は縦波 光も縦波です electron spin-time Bode's law 電子スピン時間」ボーデの法則」独楽」音階」 F black hole・GPS衛星・時空間・アインシュタイン思想とは f Fibonacci 坊や sonny f Top 独楽 ブラックホールblack‐hole big-bang-mini f 亡霊の正体 f 原子核の周期律表 f 曼陀羅2次元 f 核融合 sonny f 球面幾何学 spin f 竹内薫 ファインマン f 衝突断面積 氷惑星 etc. fake Dark matter dark energy 暗黒物質 ビッグバン嘘空論 g Arrow of time 時間軸の矢 Equivalent-surface of time : 等時間面 Gravity field 「重力場」 Galaxies colliding.(NASA) Gravity 「重力圏」 schwarzchild Gravitation Heat-island 建白書 Phenomenon. Drastic measures against, Emergency Report K1「氷惑星」目次 K2・灼熱の氷惑星(二章) K3・灼熱の氷惑星(三章) K4・灼熱の氷惑星(四章) K5・灼熱の氷惑星(五章) K6・灼熱の氷惑星(六章) KⅡ氷河・海水準・海進・海退 KⅡ海溝・海嶺・海山・断裂帯 kⅢ・・氷惑星の謎 第Ⅲ部 K・・・氷惑星の解説 LED H/L ヒートシンク」熱対策」 Light 光技術の話・・01-20・「光りと光線はどう違うの?」「楕円」「放物線」「双曲線」 Light 光技術の話・・21-40・「灯具内で光が曲がってる?「演色性・立体角・疑似光源」 Nobel Prize ノーベル賞はあなたでも狙える。[二度とない人生だから]は私の辞書に無い。 o God(神)が最初に吐き出した言葉⇒大和ことば o 「ひらがな・カタカナ」と「ABC」/アラビア文字 o 「ヘボン式分析」アラビア語 French Germany English Chinese Jomon o 「大和ことば」「縄文時代のことば」口承伝説に文字は不要 o 「音声意図学」ヘボン式分析 o ・「アイヌ学」は間違い。日本語にもっと自信を持とう! o. ダビンチコード⇒シュテファンカイザー Political dynamics 政治力学 to give up nuclear weapons President Obama 核宣誓への手紙 Letter from Hiroshima R. ソクラテスの妻・新科学対話 Post Script..あとがき追伸 R・・ 3トン探検団・・宇宙・童話 R・・「楽器達のお昼ね会にて」 S 超能力者 Esper PK 念力 T 哲学・心理学物理学の融合 T 哲学:異常気象の扱い方:心が物を動かしてる物理学 T 心の科学 言霊 音霊 Words; soul; spirit; dwells wavelength T呪殺,言葉で相手を殺す。脅迫。幸せへのノウハウ秘訣 UFOを見る家系, 澄子の回想 U・・田舎の生活・・大人の童話 V・・ギリシャ神話 「ユダヤ人」「トルコ人」(漫画)・・手塚治虫 V・・・業務改革「猫の鈴作戦」 W ヨーロッパ縦断の旅(前編) W ヨーロッパ縦断の旅(後編) W・ヨーロッパ縦断自転車の旅「僕の前には道はない」(写真) x. 同棲・週末婚・結婚生活 x. 婚活ノウハウ x・・・ボランティア記 x・・東北大震災ボランティア記⇒署名活動(中間報告) Y ジャイアントインパクト「エデンの園があった場所」 Y 古墳の科学的分析、昆虫記 Y 短編 「切腹の美学」「奴隷の手」「時空間疾走(Time-Slip)」 z 「へその館」;高樹のぶ子評 z 「奇妙なゲーム」:Henry Morton Stanley 技術革命 z 「新 ガリバー旅行記」 z てるてる坊主」網戸」 『金権政治さらば会』とは? おすすめサイト ひろしま政経フォーラム-1 ひろしま政経フォーラム-2 ひろしま政経フォーラム-3 ひろしま政経ホーラム サイエンス作家 竹内 薫 宗教と科学を考える会-2 宗教と科学を考える会‐1 年初未明より突如、各省庁/市町村役所/警察庁内で行革がスタート 心と体 成長の限界 the "Limits of Growth" 文化・芸術 旅行・地域 日記・コラム・つぶやき 時間Timeが進む回転方向と、Timeが遅れる回転方向。 核廃絶・平和への必須条件 横山光輝「史記」 民生委員」介護師」看護師」保健師」目指すべき未来 澄子の部屋 福祉行政改革と大統領制への移行提案 童話:浜辺のキツネ 趣味 音楽