Nobel Prize ノーベル賞はあなたでも狙える。[二度とない人生だから]は私の辞書に無い。

2019年3月16日 (土)

子供のいじめ自殺の抜本的対策?Bullied kids curb the drastic measures of suicide. It is their adult nasty bullying to stop.大人各自が陰険ないじめを止める事。「喧嘩ごっこは、ほどほどに」 for Trump, Americans & all Adults.

米国民,Trump,大人たちへのメッセージ白板 Board I'll post it again as the top page for Stupid Trump and adults. Why do you love war so much? Do you want to fight against each other by pushing only your selfish claims to each other?  I can't help but remember the scene that was driven into the Pacific War through the assassination of the Iranian commander. Remember that you were just before the attack on Pearl Harbor, which led to the war on The U.S. Forces, which were driven economically to the United States and waged war on the overwhelming forces of the press, NHK (not commenting on it from a bystander's point of view) Remember. Isn't that the same as that? Don't you still learn adults? Americans are passing through wonders if they don't realize that westerns are still doing that folly again in the 21st century.
NHKの皆さんも報道関係者の方々も、経済的にアメリカに追い込まれて圧倒的な兵力を持つ米軍に戦争をしかけるに至った真珠湾攻撃直前の事を、思い出してくださいよ。あれと一緒じゃないですか。まだ大人達は懲りないのですか? アメリカ人は西部劇を21世紀の今も、またまたあの愚行をやっている事に、気が付かないのか、不思議を通り越していますよ。

続きを読む "子供のいじめ自殺の抜本的対策?Bullied kids curb the drastic measures of suicide. It is their adult nasty bullying to stop.大人各自が陰険ないじめを止める事。「喧嘩ごっこは、ほどほどに」 for Trump, Americans & all Adults."

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2019年2月25日 (月)

フィボナッチ坊やが語る『オタマジャクシ宇宙論』の目次。Table contents of “Fibonacci Sonny talks about tadpoles’ universe theory”.

第一章 おたまじゃくし(素粒子:光の粒)宇宙がわかる。Intro. Fibonacci Sonny tadpoles' Cosmology. 
お勧め記事:子供にも分かるブラックホール内部世界の構造Structure inside of the Black Hole be understood by children.
Black hole Event Horizon, "Land's End" Ant let her inside the narrow tubes.
第二章 すべての生命体は、無限大と無限小との間で暮らしている[2-6] Definition of infinity Wikipedia's definition should be changed as soon as !
第三章 人工衛星の心?『自分は円弧に沿って曲がりながら進んでいる』とはちっとも思っていない。[3-1] come into sight and Einstein thought described the law of inertia, Appearance of the space.
第四章 は地球の重力圏内で遊んでいる[4-1] the elasticity of the arrow of time and gravity are the same thing (Earth gravity, solar gravitational sphere).
第五章 指穴から宇宙が見えるが曲がっているのが分かる[5-6] can "bend light" into a 1φ-finger holes and Einstein's ideas.
結論無限大の定義を間違えていたのが根本原因です!Conclusion: wrong definition of infinity is the root cause!
第二部 フィボナッチ数列と《原子周期律表》との関係。
COSMIC, CRUSTAL Abundances をフィボナッチ変換処理(時空間圧縮)してみたら、創世記第一章が物理学的に正確な記述である事が証明できました。Genesis chapter-of physics accurate description that could prove!
早速質問?『なぜビッグバンは2と言えるのですか?』Questions? "You can say why big bang is twice?'
1COSMIC, CRUSTAL地殻存在度 Abundances transfomed by Fibonacci Real sequence. フィボナッチ変換で分かる事-1 
2CRUSTAL, COSMIC宇宙存在度Abundances trancefomed by Fibonacci Real sequence. フィボナッチ変換で分かる事.-2
3】宇宙は本当に1"Universe only one?"です。フィボナッチ実数列で確認できる』Yes only one! Available in Fibonacci real.
4銀河の重心点大昔から未来永劫まで変化しないGravity point of the Galaxy from a long time ago does not change until eternity! "Singular point" "gravity in the galaxies" 銀河のブラックホール銀河の重心点に存在する(特異点)そのもの!
5電磁力って何?⇒「銀河は全て左巻き。それは横着な大自然の姿Galaxies are all left-handed. It is very lazy natures appearance.
6】時間軸を縮めるのは非現実的ではないか?"Shorten the time axis is not unrealistic?素粒子物理学者:村山斉殿/佐藤勝彦博士へご参考までに
7】「電磁石の実験で使う右ねじの法則を先に説明してよ」"explain right-handed screw rule in electromagnetic experiments,
8】「生涯最大の不覚!宇宙項は加えなくて良かったのだ」新解釈。Lifelong 'Greatest Imprudence" of enlightenment is correct! Staff put the cosmological.
9】「ちょっといじめ過ぎじゃない?」頑固率素直率宇宙論Little too much bullying not, Dr. Fibonacci? stubborn, obedient and cosmology?

10大西卓也さん「宇宙船の中で独楽回しをしたらどうなるか?実験して見せて」小学生からの依頼。"What happens if in the spacecraft top spinning? Showing the experiment," request from the elementary school in Japan.

続きを読む "フィボナッチ坊やが語る『オタマジャクシ宇宙論』の目次。Table contents of “Fibonacci Sonny talks about tadpoles’ universe theory”."

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2016年6月24日 (金)

「二度とない人生だから」は私の辞書にはない。"Again not because Life" is not in my dictionary. Spree in night-talking.

概要:爆笑問題さんとの酒宴を通して .大山の人生劇場を語ってみました。小説を地で行く人生の一端を感じ取って頂ければ幸いです。あなたでもノーベル賞は狙えるのです。『転んでもただは起きぬ』『この世に無駄なことは一切無い』と信じて生きることが大切です。
"Again not because Life" is not in my dictionary. Spree in night-talking. Description: through the Spree with a lol issue tried said Hiro. Oyama(.大山) life theatre. If you feel part of life in the novel. It is you aim for the Nobel Prize. It is important to live "also fell down and just put" believe "no is useless in this world'.

This is the report of last night's dinner party (party). "No Hi, has been to the tadpoles of the earlier. Continue as of tomorrow, here is the party place. Earlier NRDC ^ ^ [and blurred] please tell us the story. "Jehovah's witnesses [even Watchtower] are you why hospitality?, Please let the story come. From your help.”
"This is a side is also visited by the trouble to visit Jehovah's witnesses also that he thought "don't want to do a' on
the inside."
"Telling is commonplace,
bumped the stone at the door and were driven out!』I also often hear that."
“In the shins.
Hurled stones in factor you also likethis eating and hosed the salt!』I've heard stories like that?"
"So until then over to relentlessly in what of home visits again again do they?"
Do to you. All over the world, this thought that preach it. And is written in the Bible because It."
"or just running from there? It just leap to winner (rush) is that
Not stupid or think at all!"
"In recent years just so there's no. Jehovah's witnesses missionary work in recent years to 100 years is unfolding history of Christianity, and at the missionary of that home visits, crazy Christian who remembered the 2000 years. "
Isn't just a Christian. Soka Gakkai Buddhist but running home missionary temporary No Buddha on the altar is behind you. I burn it in the gardenor were burned in the ancestral altars, said' I I've heard the story."
"It's Muslimsidolatry is will of Allah God contrary to.or of blowing up through the giant Buddha say, historical heritage and ain't much
difference either. I'm funny. It is somewhere mad"
"such as religion.
In the Christian Bible and in the Quran, God is my one. Shouldn't be worshiped other Gods,and says sure. So got to run suicide bombers because missionary work like crazy, and destroy large Buddha statue with historical value and take the Bible and
believe in your cause. Could Mahomed also Jesus Christ in heaven is though he lamented, was present for.

"On modern man afloat, is no match for that. Now they do not. I'm glad they should rather get hit in the stone."
"I'm glad is why stone was hit? Whatever quibbles there? "
"Umbrella stones, after being slaughtered
Oh, my Jesus Christ and are taking the same test. It's inspiring. I can enter Heaven with this! Body can be touched.It's for them the hardest things are ignored. Ignored eroding a cult activity that is most afraid of."
"Became a fairly radical review Committee cannot be handled by NHK's Bakusho Mondai wonder this topic".
"So, talking with Session! It of is what. Secret Bakusho Mondai."
"Continues after you deploy what? great to live?"
"I have no words to say you’ve said what I should speak almost everything.
 But, so the show assembled a theory's trick of Fibonacci. Yeah, this is what is."
"Please speak soon though!. Fibonacci great teacher."

続きを読む "「二度とない人生だから」は私の辞書にはない。"Again not because Life" is not in my dictionary. Spree in night-talking."

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2016年3月29日 (火)

ノーベル賞は狙える。ノーベルさんの苦悩。戦争をしたい人々。元寇、東方見聞録. Hiro. Oyama


続きを読む "ノーベル賞は狙える。ノーベルさんの苦悩。戦争をしたい人々。元寇、東方見聞録. Hiro. Oyama"

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2015年8月13日 (木)

"The Nobel Prize is you can (part II)"「ノーベル賞はあなたも狙える(後編)」。常識中の常識=極秘中の極秘 ; common sense = sense in secret in secret.

2019/ 5/05 修正⇒bilingual by Hiro. Oyama
・・・ 続き Continue ・・・
BA-BA-' it was. Until what you say is a good thing. OK, Hiroshi Nobel Prize winning plan to quietly tell. He's to win this prize in physics, I'm. Expertise is physics, the most difficult. Well, if you're 100 years ago still "楽fun & easy" was in, but he don't take, aimed at the slightest personal effort and now is keeping. To write the article and submit as Obokata Haruko like ganged poking the bottom of nitpicking and quibble, just be crushed. And the clever scientist who shall then, straight face, "I this could prove STAP cells exist, and like it!" It's going to talk about what came out of the paper, subjected to the evaluation of the world to deploy. Everything is not all the facts to delve into history and many, many things. "
 第一、時空を超越した存在の者を、誰がとっ捕まえることが出来るというんだね。イエス・キリストを今更捕らえて茨(いばら)の冠(かんむり)を被せられるか? マホメットをとっ捕まえて、みんなの前で跪(ひざまづ)かせることが可能か?
 空海や親鸞聖人が目の前に現れて来るかも知れないが、彼らを縄で縛って、自分勝手な主張を押し付けた人がいたか?これこそ『 釈迦に説法 』だけどね。」
Gi兄-brother-‘ see also issues said. Dangerous dangerous".
BA-BA-' worry is useless to me.  I'm violin fairy, witch, too, because he got caught, not now it's burned at the stake. Being able to exist beyond the first, space-time, who catch him. Caught now and Jesus Christ, and that he wore a Crown of thorns?  Muhammad caught the capacitors bow in front of everyone? May come up in front of ‘Kūkai’, ‘Shinran’, but they tied with a rope, had pressed person claims an egotistical? but it's "preaching the choir'."
 知ってるか? ネイチャー投稿の為には、年間購読料が50万~60万円かかるんだよ。大学や研究機関に属していれば、その組織が購読料を払ってくれているから投稿できる。しかし、宏はボランティア乞食(無給)だから、そんな購読料なんて馬鹿らしくて払えないわな。 そこで次に考えたのはノーベル医学賞だった。
Gi姉sister-"I heard the violin's story, deception (deception). Emotionally without talking, listen to."
BA-BA-" it was like. It's next to impossible to submit a physical paper don't mean Hiroshi has now is receiving the prize for physics, but seats on the University. I'm Haruko-Obokata; she belong to a research institution contribution in nature. Do you know? Nature posted to the annual subscription fee is 500,000 ~ I'm 600,000 yen. Can post you belong to universities and research institutions, the Organization pays subscription fees. However, the trap could not pay, such subscription fees! 馬鹿’baka-rashikute’ from Hiroshi volunteer (unpaid) beggar. So we then thought was Nobel Prize in medicine. I'm Hiroshi was used consciously willed I recently (about a year ago), but because my body back from a high school sophomore, intentionally is limited to that."
バ婆「また横道にそれるのか。 まあいいか。
『 先生、私の病気は治らないじゃあないですか。一生治らないような気がしてきました。先生は治療方法を間違えておられるのではないですか?』って聞いたんだ。
Gi姉sis.- "that's what made?"
BA-BA-"get sidetracked?, I guess it is. Graduating from junior high school ago it Hiro. were informed that conjunctivitis is sick from the village ophthalmologist. High school, it was decided in goddess of mercy high school in Hiroshima City lodgings are all real high schools near everyone in a real town, already knew. That's why he continued to go to the famous ophthalmologist Tanaka town-hospital, Hiroshima City for the treatment of conjunctivitis. Look in the county unit, look at the country-level, Super famous ophthalmologist was wait more than one hour each time I'm. It's a serious burden for week 1 or the high school annual. he got red eye conjunctivitis that kept going every week or so its ill not heal at all.” Its Hiroshi held distrust these towards the doctor one day. "Sir, my disease is incurable are not. It does not cure life as is. Is to have mistaken method of treatment he's not?' I've heard. The Doc.; he take too little worried as ‘benkei’, looks to the world famous Tanaka eye clinic Dr. spoke calmly to Hiroshi.

続きを読む ""The Nobel Prize is you can (part II)"「ノーベル賞はあなたも狙える(後編)」。常識中の常識=極秘中の極秘 ; common sense = sense in secret in secret."

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2015年8月11日 (火)

"The Nobel prize you can (part1)"「ノーベル賞はあなたも狙える(前編)」短編-6:後日談。フリ-ズ。事実は小説よりも奇なり。Short-6: later stories. Freeze. The fact than fiction stranger.

2019/ 5/01 bilingual ⇒ Top page by Hiro. Oyama
"Elementary and junior high school students you can aim at the Nobel Prize' thing suits discussed the navel Center instruments were. The examples are specific. Home I raised as first story of Reiwa era. Please enjoy.

"World's blue LED Nobel Prize" have clearly won, but with Mr. Nakamura, one of the winners don't know, nobody is talking about phone number 10 years ago, and h. a. I know that he probably forget to Nakamura's own." And, BA-BA-(violin Auntie) speak of love, I. Today, too, Monica [navel Museum] in great storytelling group is doing.
 For the guys in the spare time, are in trouble is just tiring guitar sister nor brother guitar story for says. “See what time it is around the where of it?" And the Gi兄bro.
BA-BA-' do you remember that Hiroshi was a professional light? Have you already forgotten?, Gi兄bro. is an expert of forgetfulness. Just during this time, the story of the motor show, will was from Chicago with Cisco (San-Francisco) to talk to senior officials of the Government of Australia ‘okama’ dug so that when I'm.
"Gi姉sis." would laugh at, but I forgot and that the blue LED and the Director again? "

BA-BA-"got to begin with, what are you doing to the United States, companies who let Hiroshi papers?"
Gi姉sis-"What? After Cisco's masterpiece was worrying, I forgot, is the continuation of the story of ‘okama’ made in undermined?"
BA-BA-" That's no show had to do with Nobel Prize in lofty talk from now on, but a lot. I guess it is. I talk about who breathe from you."

有名観光地ではあっても、アメリカの真夜中。しかも、港町だよ。流石の宏もちょっと考えたね。まあタクシー拾ってからが問題なんだよ。 何処に連れて行かれて身包み剥がされるか、分かったもんじゃないからね。下手すりゃあ殺されて、海の中にポイと捨てられかねない。  何時だったか、
"So, how composed out of hotel?. At midnight it was?”
" See 11:00 too much into Fishahmensworf (on the waterfront) hotel walked all alone, from that fray's time out hotel is naturally, and late-night. It's 12:30. It's on the waterfront. Famous tourist destinations, but the United States at midnight. Moreover, it's port. Even though Hiroshi kinda thought. He's picking up well cab from a problem. Was taken to where the ’migurumi’(身包み;all-the-wearing) peeled, not from it. Goin bad Oh, killed in the sea could end up abandoned and POI. Or what time it was or was not even tourism in "frozen (put your hands up), but you didn't know he was shot dead with a rifle case."

バ婆「そこで撃ち殺されて、海の藻屑と化していたなら、そこでこの話はすべてお仕舞いだよ。 上手く対処して無事、サン・フランシスコ空港近くのホテルに辿り着けたのさ。主人公が宏だからね。 波止場からシスコ空港までは タクシーで30分~40分はかかるのだよ」。
Gi姉sis-“', had such a thing happened. To such experiences, Hiroshi?"
BA-BA-' He's being shot in there if he's into the sea and were turned into there was all this talk about knock off. To cope, Lovely hotel near the San Francisco Airport. Hiroshi is the main character from it. From the wharf by a taxi to the airport for Cisco 30 minutes-it's takes a 40-minute."
"You talk clean to excuse, It also will be left unfinished.

 タクシーに乗り込んで、まずは、『 自分が、酔っ払ってはいないゾよ』という演技が必要なんだ。
"It was once, talk of Nobel Prize, finally walk, be careful in be a BA-BA-liability issues. He would have to change the title. Getting in a taxi, first, "Drunk myself, and not zo!" that he need acting. Then a "(often come to this, because I'm drinking at the wharf), on the road to the airport hotel until more ' that things alluded to in English, the atmosphere's contact shall. He had 10 hours ago in stock information. From the bus sufficiently slowly if it observes it came, not doing. Only 1 times saw the cliff just sounds. By bus airport-take over one hour to the filter port. He was slowly coming."

Gi兄bro-"Fast, you talk to the next".
BA-BA-' it's just. He could cheat successfully landed at the hotel door. It's just like that."
" A ~ I, it's boring. He jumped into the spatio-temporal tunnel, to avoid a crisis almost as expected. Soooo, I. "
Gi姉sis-", say-No! Gi兄bro, and irresponsible. Master (Hiro.) was even safe! Good!"
後日談があるんだよ。帰国してから当然、社内外の友達にこの話をするだろう?それを聞いたある悪友が、宏に向かって、『 宏、それは失礼なことしたな。そこまで相手に金を使わせたのなら、別に減るもんじゃ無いんだから貸してやれよ。それが国際サービスというもんだぞ」と、宏に指南・指導したとのことだったとさ。」(中学生以下は分からんでよろしい!苦労するんだよ映倫カット対策には)
"I got a story at a later date. Returned, of course, friends of both internal and external to this story would?, but One-bad-friend heard the story, he said, "Hiroshi, it's rude that was a. Lend you because it's not, if he used the money to far less in another. It's international service's", in Hiro, teaching and was coached." (Beats junior high school students or younger in may! I have a hard time to film classification cutting.)
Gi姉sis-" It’s still not enough. Anyway's novel from, murder or robbery because make no good."

"Irresponsible to say not so. You just a master like Hiroshi is your safe, good!, even though he was thrilled. You guess it is.
But the story's now. Long ago, Keizou-Takahashi; announcer said had it (NHK radio!), there was a program that always start talking, "The fact than fiction It and the odd'. Crazy & I believe it tell you exactly, even the bizarre things that don't get any. So ", also, it is ' and it's weakening the incident seems to be within the novel, writing, all writers are harassed or at the it's true. I don't dare think, come out sexy, intriguing and show interest. "Yes please" slammed firmly examine it hurled vomit if I. So h. bad you guess. Ten years later (20 years from now), he died at his young age of 50. And current Affairs Division."

Gi姉sis-"that's the real story?"
BA-BA-' Ushio over the phone and ask, "Yes, certainly such a person, as though, and when they say, Was truly unfortunate situation.' is talking from. Think you got a little cooler?? "
gi兄bro-"Cool too, but I'm BA-BA-. Cold! "
Gi姉sis-" of really to incidents in and around Hiro. Strange, since ancient times. Scare me Oh!"
BA-BA-"doing that lay untouched and you two finally woke up like, leaving Grandpa fiddle and harp's grand Ma because, Let’s start the moving story of the Nobel Prize".


"Ukulele boy don't call?"
"Let him freely, anyway not marginal in the Nobel Prize he is."
"?-,-? That we have a chance? we two Nobel Prize thing?"
"It's so. If you are little head, you prize can take. Have you bothered to listen to BA-BA-the Sorcerer's? Do you then it start? You listen to really serious! It’s a question first of all. What the Nobel Prize or give a. "

続きを読む ""The Nobel prize you can (part1)"「ノーベル賞はあなたも狙える(前編)」短編-6:後日談。フリ-ズ。事実は小説よりも奇なり。Short-6: later stories. Freeze. The fact than fiction stranger."

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2011年8月26日 (金)

Kim and Mun CHEONG 金正恩とムン大統領が一緒にノーベル平和賞を受賞する秘策。 Get the Nobel Peace Prize together!  拉致家族の完全返還と日朝韓3国相互不可侵条約締結へ

2019 02/152020 06/26 Top-Page again for you
金正恩とムン大統領が一緒にノーベル平和賞を受賞]する秘策があります。あなた方はきっと耳を傾けて聞いて下さると思います。例によって要点を箇条書きにしましょう。[Kim and Mun CHEONG with the Nobel Peace Prize awards to secrets. I asked, you'll listen. The bullet points.
1金正恩の方から『拉致家族全員を即、お返しする用意がある。それと同時に日本と平和条約を電撃的に締結したい』という意志を《ムン大統領経由で》日本政府に伝えるのです。From Kim's "kidnapped family members give back immediately, but be prepared to. At the same time want to conclude peace treaties with Japan blitzed "that is to communicate to the Japan Government, via the Moon President."

続きを読む "Kim and Mun CHEONG 金正恩とムン大統領が一緒にノーベル平和賞を受賞する秘策。 Get the Nobel Peace Prize together!  拉致家族の完全返還と日朝韓3国相互不可侵条約締結へ"

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a CATIA 裏技 Intuition Know-how, arcane secret, cheat sheets.相対性原理の真髄 a Wegener's大陸プレート瞬間強制移動説 continental drift theory plate tectonics a プルーム説に異議有. ちょっと考えれば分かる事! a プレート・テクトニクス⇒ 新地球物理学・新地学の創設へ a 地球整形手術の跡」ヒマラヤ山脈もマリアナ海溝も痕跡 a 太平洋プレート瞬間移動の証拠を発見 a 惑星の軌道は楕円』第二焦点の位置に見えない星が存在している! a 断面図でごまかされた「プレートテクトニクス」の嘘 Lied cheated in the section "plate tectonics" a 隕石くらいじゃ恐竜は滅ばない。Meteorite hit much, not about the destruction of dinosaurs. a. 地図(場所)当て遊び。Lied cheated in the section "plate tectonics"(うそ) a. 地磁気⇔プレートテクトニクス⇔見かけのポールシフト a・スノーボール全球凍結は嘘(うそ)空論! a・・ 種の起源と大陸移動説 B エゼキエル書にはUFOがいっぱい!ウソ記事を見分ける方法。ダニエル書~マラキ書 Bible in Acts:使徒行伝の中で天使とUFOを探そう。Search Bible in Mark マルコによる福音書を科学の目で読み解く。Scientific Analysis Bible・・「ヨシュア記」 Bible・・「出エジプト記」 Bible・・改悪された「ルカ書」 Corrupted History・・LUKE Bible内で天使(宇宙人)とUFOを捜せ・・GENESIS、EXODUS B・「マルコ書」新約聖書に在る奇跡の数々。日本語1955版 B・・・天地創造の物語~ヨセフ B・創世記1章~20章、天地創造 Collapse of the Tower of Babelを砂場遊びで確認 CRUSTAL〔地殻存在度〕COSMIC〔宇宙存在度〕Abundances CURL 境界層内での粘性流体計算法:超高速計算理論 d 水銀と白金は金の成り損ね。Mercury, Platinum : detracts from made of Gold. easy Baseball の曲がり方の研究 bends the way research. easy やさしい相対性の説明  easy フィボナッチ実数列。Real Fibonacci numbers easy フィボナッチ数列・Fibonacci sequence real easy 数占いって不思議 easy 算術フィボナッチ easy 簡単な相対性原理説明 easy 音は縦波 光も縦波です electron spin-time Bode's law 電子スピン時間」ボーデの法則」独楽」音階」 F black hole・GPS衛星・時空間・アインシュタイン思想とは f Top 独楽 ブラックホールblack‐hole big-bang-mini fake Dark matter dark energy 暗黒物質 ビッグバン嘘空論 g Arrow of time 時間軸の矢 Equivalent-surface of time : 等時間面 Gravity field 「重力場」 Galaxies colliding.(NASA) Gravity 「重力圏」 schwarzchild Gravitation Heat-island 建白書 Phenomenon. Drastic measures against, Emergency Report K1「氷惑星」目次 K2・灼熱の氷惑星(二章) K3・灼熱の氷惑星(三章) K4・灼熱の氷惑星(四章) K5・灼熱の氷惑星(五章) K6・灼熱の氷惑星(六章) KⅡ氷河・海水準・海進・海退 KⅡ海溝・海嶺・海山・断裂帯 kⅢ・・氷惑星の謎 第Ⅲ部 K・・・氷惑星の解説 LED H/L ヒートシンク」熱対策」 Light 光技術の話・・01-20・「光りと光線はどう違うの?」「楕円」「放物線」「双曲線」 Light 光技術の話・・21-40・「灯具内で光が曲がってる?「演色性・立体角・疑似光源」 Nobel Prize ノーベル賞はあなたでも狙える。[二度とない人生だから]は私の辞書に無い。 o God(神)が最初に吐き出した言葉⇒大和ことば o 「ひらがな・カタカナ」と「ABC」/アラビア文字 o 「ヘボン式分析」アラビア語 French Germany English Chinese Jomon o 「大和ことば」「縄文時代のことば」口承伝説に文字は不要 o 「音声意図学」ヘボン式分析 o ・「アイヌ学」は間違い。日本語にもっと自信を持とう! o. ダビンチコード⇒シュテファンカイザー Political dynamics 政治力学 to give up nuclear weapons President Obama 核宣誓への手紙 Letter from Hiroshima R. ソクラテスの妻・新科学対話 Post Script..あとがき追伸 R・・ 3トン探検団・・宇宙・童話 R・・「楽器達のお昼ね会にて」 S 超能力者 Esper PK 念力 T 哲学・心理学物理学の融合 T 哲学:異常気象の扱い方:心が物を動かしてる物理学 T 心の科学 言霊 音霊 Words; soul; spirit; dwells wavelength T呪殺,言葉で相手を殺す。脅迫。幸せへのノウハウ秘訣 UFOを見る家系, 澄子の回想 U・・田舎の生活・・大人の童話 V・・ギリシャ神話 「ユダヤ人」「トルコ人」(漫画)・・手塚治虫 W ヨーロッパ縦断の旅(前編) W ヨーロッパ縦断の旅(後編) W・ヨーロッパ縦断自転車の旅「僕の前には道はない」(写真) x. 同棲・週末婚・結婚生活 x. 婚活ノウハウ x・・・ボランティア記 x・・東北大震災ボランティア記⇒署名活動(中間報告) Y ジャイアントインパクト「エデンの園があった場所」 Y 古墳の科学的分析、昆虫記 Y 短編 「切腹の美学」「奴隷の手」「時空間疾走(Time-Slip)」 z 「へその館」;高樹のぶ子評 z 「奇妙なゲーム」:Henry Morton Stanley 技術革命 z 「新 ガリバー旅行記」 z てるてる坊主」網戸」 おすすめサイト 年初未明より突如、各省庁/市町村役所/警察庁内で行革がスタート 心と体 成長の限界 the "Limits of Growth" 文化・芸術 旅行・地域 日記・コラム・つぶやき 時間Timeが進む回転方向と、Timeが遅れる回転方向。 民生委員」介護師」看護師」保健師」目指すべき未来 澄子の部屋 福祉行政改革と大統領制への移行提案 童話:浜辺のキツネ 趣味 音楽